Ahh, Sleep.

How I love thee.  I seriously slept until 10:30am this morning, which is the first time in a looooong time.  I love days where you get to turn off the alarm, and just sleep until your body is ready to get up.  Sleep is so crucial, and I let my body have as much as possible at every opportunity.  As soon as I woke up I headed to the YMCA for a meeting about a promotional day that we are doing to help raise money for the Strong Kids Campaign.  I am so excited, because we get to plan another Spin-A-Thon similar to the one we did for Haiti Relief .  It is May 03, and I will have tons more information coming soon.  Any bloggers semi close wanna come out that day???  I will give you the royalty treatment, if so.  😉

After the meeting, I headed home to eat breakfast…which seemed odd…seeing as how it was noon.  Sleeping in = heart.  Missing an early breakfast = not so much heart.  It was time to make an old favorite from Trader Joe’s.  The best flippin’ pancakes in the world!

I tend to make a mess.

The recipe on the pancake box calls for butter and whole eggs.  I left the butter out completely, and just used an egg white.  The Chia made the batter so thick!  I am loving these little seeds!

Into the pan they went, with a spritz of Organic Pam!

While these little beauties got brown, I went to the fridge for some inspiration on a “sauce” to top these guys with.  Yesterday after spin class, my dear friend Matt was nice enough to give me a jar of HOMEMADE organic pumpkin butter.  How amazing are my friends!?  I decided to make a little mixture with that and some AB

Then it was time to flip the cakes!

I chopped up a big Granny Smith Apple, and plated the cakes.  Topped with the Pumpkin Butter sauce, with some walnuts on top for good measure. 😉

It was pretty good.  😉

Sam patiently waited.

(and was thus rewarded with an undocumented mini size Pancake just for him!!!)

After I enjoyed this yumminess, I whipped up a protein shake to take to work with me tonight.  I teach KidFit and Total Body HIIT on Thursdays, and I am always in the need of a good shake between classes/gyms.

It’s gonna by yah-mazing.  Trust.

Now it’s time to prep for my classes tonight, and answer some emails.  Here is your daily dose of dog lovin’.

They have their moments.  😉  Later bloggies!  Catch ya after class(es).



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11 responses to “Ahh, Sleep.

  1. You food alwasy looks so dang good dangit.
    I wish I could sleep til 10:30! It’s impossible for me to sleep past 8. I don’t think my body ever wants to miss breakfast.

    • It’s the camera, I swear. lol I normally can’t but since I have been getting like 4 hours a night this week…my body put me into a soap opera style coma. All I needed was someone standing by my bedside weeping, as they longed for me to awaken. haha Slightly less dramatic, though.

  2. abbynormally

    Those look so good! I think Almond Butter and Pumpkin butter miz sooo well! They are my favorite oat topping combo! Yummy!

  3. Ashlei

    Sam is so cute!!! More info please on the Spin-A-Thon! That’s right around finals time but I’d LOVE to come out of course!!!

  4. I ❤ pancakes 🙂

    I think you should send me some of that mix…

  5. Amazing look pancakes 🙂

    I have a question about the protein shakes. I see the one there is whey protein. I am a little confused about what kinds of protein powders to buy. Does it matter if it is “whey” or not? I have a couple powders I wanted to try, so I got a sample pack. It’s called spiru-tein (has spirulina and protein). I am just not sure what kind to buy and don’t want to wind up with a gigantic $15 tub that I can’t use….

  6. Don't Fight the Apple, Eve

    your breakfast looks a-friggin-mazing!!! It totally just made me crave some yummy breakfast too. I’ve been needing to make a shopping trip too. My fridge is bare, and will definitely be picking up some chia seeds on my trip to WH. Have a great rest of your day!


  7. i’m so glad to see this mix works well with almond milk because i just bought a box to make tomorrow morning (with almond milk, obvi.) can’t wait!

  8. Penny

    I love you doggies!
    I love your pancakes!
    I love your blog!

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