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Ra Ra, Ahh Ahh Ahhhhh, Romaaaa, Roma, Maaaaah!

Well folks.

I just survived my first Lady GaGa concert.

It.  Was.  Amazing.

Our day started EXTRA early….check out the TIRED but very excited blogger boy getting ready to embark on GaGa’ness…

as we loaded up the van, with all the essential goodies…

…..Including a dozen of these beauties.  Carol really knows how to travel! 😉

Don’t worry, it wasn’t ALL donut related…

Talk about a deal!  .69 cents for this beauty, when it is usually $3.00 +!  Whoever this manager is, I would like to personally thank them.

Kristie had the healthy snacks, too!  Girl after my own heart!

Along with the essential Starbucks liquid fuel!

After laughing hysterically for 4+ hours, we had arrived in Louisville, KY!  Can I just say that the only questionable part of this trip was the DISGUSTING bathrooms along the way.  *shutter*  I think I am going to have nightmares about the things I saw in those places.

We managed to stop by Ruby Tuesday for a delicious salad!

These croutons were to DIE for.  They were still SOFT!  Wow.  I had forgotten about how much I loved them until I posted this picture.

I was really impressed with this place.  Check out the side options:

VERY impressive line-up, considering most other places offering 3 styles of potato as their only side options.

Kristie and I split the Tilapia…..my portion…


Moving on. It was quite clearly almost GaGa time!

We had made it!

It was time to prepare for GAGA!

The “Yum Center” was really, really nice.  People had already started piling in HOURS before the doors were opening.

We saw hundreds of people in full costume.  Lets get down to it.  If you are a true “little monster”, and a real fan of the GaGa….you have to dress up.  It is almost a requirement.

Before we knew it, it was time to head in!

Did I mention we were literally 20 ft. from the stage?!?!?!  Talk about some amazing seats!

The following MAY be GaGa overload, but I got some amazing pictures…so just stay with me…


This woman can put on a performance.  Not only does she sound amazing live, but the whole show is not just a concert….it is a SHOW.  She continues to amaze me.

At the end of the day, this is a girl who never felt like she belonged.  She always felt like she didn’t fit in, and eventually…her talent emerged, and she has become what she is today.  Unlike most celebrities, I think that LG embraces this story, and makes it her mission to make EVERYONE feel included.

She just makes you truly feel like you can be/do whatever you want in life if you just try.  She is also very loyal and giving to many charities, alot of which she spoke about between songs.

Just a very inspiring woman.  I respect her much more now, after seeing her live!  She just seems real.

Chaos quickly ensued when we tried to leave…

…..and we stopped at WHITE CASTLE of all places on the way back to the room.  That being said, where else can you find people like this eating casually at a fast food joint?!

Only at a GaGa concert, my friends.

Well, after one of the GREATEST yet longest/exhausting days evah….time to wrap this up.  So go put on ya Poker Face, will ya?

Goodnight. 😉



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Sometimes, pizza is a must.

You heard me.

Sometimes, you gotta do it.

After two CRAZY classes tonight (awesome job, btw, to both classes!  We packed em out!) I was beyond starving…so Steph and I split a pizza from chefs!

Steph and I managed to inhale the entire thing.  It wasn’t pretty.  Chefs always customizes it for us!  They forgot the spinach, boo.  Other than that, it was perfection.  It has whole wheat crust, which TOTALLY justifies the entire thing, right?!

This is my face pre-pizza…

Check out my Vogue office wall art.  GaGa of COURSE!

Speaking of GaGa…..guess where I will be in 4 short days…….

I have FLOOR tickets to see the one, the only, LADY GAGA!!!!!! I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to quite describe the excitement that is brewing inside me!!!!!! EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!  I am stoked beyond words.

(I find it completely hilarious that Lady G is playing at a place called the KFC Yum Center, but heck…I would follow her anywhere!)

To top off the night….

Pizza, Prunes, & Lady GaGa?!?!  We are off to a good week, folks.

Until next time…..I’m out!  I have a bed that is calling my name.  More like screaming at this point.  Does anyone else out there look forward to going to bed as much as me?!  Maybe I am not alone in my craziness.

Sweet Z’s…


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Ahhh, Saturday!

Happy Saturday folks!

How is everyones weekend thus far?  Mine is peachy.  I am currenty sitting at Panera….do you think I have enough stuff spread out?

Just came from the Y-taught RIPPED (all weight class) and had a great turnout!  Burned out some shoulders today, and I am already feeling it!

I wanted SO bad to get Zumba pics/vids last night but my Flip cam was acting up!  Depression!  Managed to get a shot of Holly teaching the Dance Central class which is a Zumba style class for the kiddos.  Can you say adorable?

When it was the adults turn…we shook it.  And shook it.  And shook it.  I also got to lead my favvvvvvorite song with Holly in a dance off!  Eeeeek!  It was alot of fun though!

Check out the duds…

Bracelet of the century?  I think so.

If you have not tried Zumba.  Stop reading this blog right now, go find a class……and GO.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.







See.  Wasnt that fun?!?!

In all seriousness Zumba is an amazing Latin dance inspired cardio workout that will leave you DRENCHED in sweat.  Our instructor choreographs all of her own moves, and also does alot of hip hop style dances.  It is absolutely awesome!

My friend Sharon was there last night, and had NEVER tried Veggie booty.  Luckily I keep a stash in my office.  I always have to be spreading the word about my Veggie Booty!  It is my drug of choice! 😛

I think I hooked another person on the booty!  Have you guys tried it?  Thoughts?

After Zumba I came home, and collapsed.  Can we talk briefly about odd cravings?  Being that Zumba was so late, I didn’t necessarily get to eat dinner (I know, I know…but I was so tired!)  This however, left me waking up at 2am STARVING.  I don’t know why it seemed appealing…but this is what I went for:

Pears?  Really?!?!  My body is so weird at times.

So fast forwarding past the 2am pears, got up to teach RIPPED this morning, then quickly downed my protein shake…

And some coconut water, which you MUST read about here.

And now here I sit!  Since technically the shake was my breakfast post class (I cannot eat before a class, my stomach goes crazy!) I am enjoying a nice brunch @ Panera…while reading up on GaGa in the latest Vogue…

Jalapeno Bagel with Veggie Cream Cheese anyone?!

Pure, carby, goodness.

This should be more than enough to get me through the day!

I am going to a wedding tonight and need a fancy outfit.  Coming from the guy who wears workout clothes to WORK, I am obviously a little behind in the dressing up department.  Any tips on what to wear??? I’m going to hit the mall on the way home and see if anything strikes me.  I hate dressing up, but weddings mean one thing….CAKE.  For that, I am willing to wear anything. 🙂

I also foresee a nap in my future.  Exciting, eh?  Have a great Saturday guys!  ❤



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Rainy Day French Toast

what goes better with a dreary day (MONDAY might I add) and rain more than a comforting breakfast?  French Toast was on my mind the instant I woke up.

Theres something about French Toast that really hits that “comfort” button in me.  The eggy/slightly sweet batter with the bread…mmm!

Time to griddle the bad boys up!

Presentation is everything, we eat with our eyes as much as our mouths!

There may have been a dark chocolate chunk or two that found its way into the breakfast. 😉

This was the perfect breakfast to fuel my rainy Monday!

Blogger Boy Healthy French Toast


  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 2 TBSP. Fat Free Half & Half (Skim Milk can also be used here!)
  • 1 TBSP. Pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1 TSP. Pure Almond Extract

(Whisk this liquid until smooth and pale yellow…then comes the bread…)

  • 2 Slices of your favorite bread!  Mine is a natural wheat bread with added fiber

Spray your pan or griddle with a little organic olive oil spray (who needs to drown it in butter!), and grill on both sides until crispy and brown.  I paired the toast with a sliced banana, and topped with some dark chocolate chunks.  These can be left off if you are behaving on this particular instance. 😉  I also topped mine a drizzle of maple syrup.  I never understood why people DRENCH their french toast/pancakes in syrup.  Not only does it pour on the calories and fat…but it takes away from the flavor of the french toast!


When driving to work, I was presented with this lovely weather…

Luckily when it was time for a caffeine pick me up, my friend…and fellow Dunkin Donut Blog Challenge star Ginny was able to maneuver the storm!

I was able to somehow avoid the donuts, and went with my usual Iced Coffee with Skim Milk!  Instant winner in my book.

Hello, my name is Tyler Ramey…and I have a coffee addiction. Heck, the first part of the problem is ADMITTING to it, right?!?!  🙂

Come on, who can say no to that adorable cup?!?!?!?  Not me, I tell you.

After the caffeine had kicked in, and I was ready to wage battle on my Monday….I eventually headed back to work and had a pretty boring lunch as far as lunches go.

(my office is currently looking like something out of the set of Hoarders…so please forgive me.)

Went for a Subway sandwich, and some of my new favorite “chips”:

Who needs chips when you can have brown rice crisps?!

PS, did anyone notice the new Lady GaGa video in that first lunch snapshot?  She debuted her new video for “Born This Way” today!  Eek!!!

Check it…

What do you think?  Are you a die hard fan like me, or one of those people who are completely confused by her? 🙂  Honest answers, please.

More working occured later in the day, as well as planning for tonights Spin class.  I am in a complete NEED OF NEW MUSIC.  Help me, fellow readers/bloggers!  Any new/old/whatever jams that are currently raging your replay button on the iPod?  This blogger boy needs some new tunes!

On tonights Spin list….

The ones that got left off….

  • Animal – Neon Trees
  • Stereo Love – Edward Maya
  • Because The Night – Cascada
  • Faithfully – Glee (Cooldown)

Fellow Spinners…..what are some of your favorite tunes from your classes?

In closing I leave you with a random snack of the day that is slowly becoming a staple with me.  It combines two very odd ingredients…

Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt anyone?!

Now get out there, and kick Mondays tail!  Make sure to leave me some song feedback!  My class needs new jams! 🙂








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Rahhhh, Rahhhh, Ooh Laa Laa!

Well, my first run back today went great.  Absolutely NO knee pain!!!  More in just a bit.

Since it is Sunday…it meant only one place for breakfast!

Cracker Bizzle!  Nothing like a big bowl of their oats (plus pecans and a sliced nana) and their lovely Bran Muffin.  Who says you can’t go somewhere like this and eat healthy?!  Met Heather there who is going to apply for our city’s version of Biggest Loser (I get to be the trainer..but not the mean kind.  😉 )

She even brought a notebook to get all the information on applying, etc….talk about dedication already.  Heather, you are going to rock it girl!!!

Fast forward to lunch where I totally regressed back into my elementary days.

Almond Butter and Peach Jam sammie with a hugh jass apple, and some veggie stix.

Deeeeeee-licious.  Sometimes (or always) it is nice to embrace the inner child.

Dearest Sunday,

I love you because you are part of the weekend, but MUST you put me in misery with weather like this:

I swear that Garden Gnome keeps moving closer and closer to the door.  Which just HAPPENS to be right in front of MY room.  *shutter*  And why is he randomly doing the Nazi salute?!?!  A) Who makes these things and B) Why does my mother buy them?!?!?!

After lunch it was time to start prepping for my Running Program that I am coaching at my other gym.  This program gears participants for an annual 5K in the area, and is divided up into three groups.  Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced.  I was stoked to finally be able to gear up in full running attire!

It was a smidge rainy, but I didn’t let that dampen my spirit.

I was nervous initially because this was my first run since my second Half Marathon, when my knee problem was at it’s roughest.  I completed the race, with a good time…but could barely walk when I finished.  I saw a Physical Therapist when I returned home, and we discovered that it was actually a weak left hip that was causing my knee issues.  Total bummer.  Could have been alot worse, though.  After giving me a strict regimen of hip strengthening exercises, and taking a whopping *3* weeks off from running….I was more than ready to get back into the swing of things.

I was with the beginner group today, and it was SO awesome to see all these people ready to learn how to run.  They were so excited, and a bit scared.  I think runners often times forget how intimidating running can truly be.  I remember when I first started running.  It seemed like this big impossible thing, that I was never going to be able to do, and especially not enjoy.  I remember breathing so hard that I literally thought a heart attack was imminent, and approaching at any second.  You just keep going though, adding on a bit each time.  Speeding it up, running longer…becoming stronger.  Running then somehow transforms from being this dreaded, hard, bad thing….into a therapeutic, enurance building, awesome ride.  I think if everyone knew the feeling of a good strong run, then 99.9% of the population would be running on a daily basis.  *THAT* is why I did this program.  To show these people how to turn it into a positive thing.

All that being said, I think the group did amazing today!  We had over 60 people with very little advertisement, so it is sure to grow!  We do group runs every week, and give our groups homework which they complete during their week on their own.  This can range anywhere from documenting runs, to cross training, etc.

I definitely got my workout in!  I would speed up and try and motivate the people in the front….then run back to the middle…and the back.  After doing this several times, I had worked up a nice sweat!  Boo yah.  Also, NO KNEE PAIN.  Granted, I certainly wasnt out there today to bust out records or even run at what would be considered my “normal” pace….but I did alot of running, and no pain.  I was/am elated.  PS, everyone in my group completed the full 3 miles today without stopping.  Rockstars I tell you, they are rockstars!!!  I cannot wait to help them see improvement over the next 6 weeks.

After the run, I was starving and in need of some veggies for dinner.  Stopped by the store on the way home to try and get inspired, and decided to go for a pasta dish!

Sautéed some veggies in a pan with a tablespoon of oil, and some salt/pepper:

Once they were good and soft, I added some broccoli and spinach to the party:

Combined it with what is now my official favorite spice:

This “spiked” it up (ba dum chiiiiiiii) when I added the pasta.  Transfer to your favorite dish…and perfection!

Mmmmmmm. Passssstaahhhh.

Sam was eyeballing the pasta as I inhaled it.  Jealous pup?!?!?!  Yes…he got a bite.

On that note….the weekend is over.  How does it always happen so fast?!

Two positive notes to end the weekend on:

A) You still have 4.5 hours left to enter the Endangered Species Chocolate Giveaway that I am hosting.  Full rules/information can be found HERE!

B) Guess whose birthhhhhhday it is?!?!?!?

Raaaaaah, Raaaaaaah, ooh la laaaaaaa!  It’s GaGa’s BIRTHDAY!!!! Gina had to remind me, does that make me a bad superfan?!

Here is a nice megamix of three songs, JUST to get you in the GaGa spirit.

Happy Birthday, GaGa!!!!!  This Blogger Boy heartttttts you.  You always leave my class in sweaty messes, groaning in what is sometimes audible exertions of pain, and for that…I thank you.  😉


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