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Random Recap!

Hello bloggies!  Time for a random weekend recap (plus some!)

What better way to get things rolling than half price sushi?!?!  This made an excellent preview for the weekend Friday night!

Dynamite Roll (shrimp, crab) x 2 plus a Veggie Roll

Personal note to self.  I ALWAYS get two dynamite rolls and never eat both of them.  I then take it to go, and throw it away the next day.  STOP DOING THAT!

Ok, moving on.

Lets talk about random fact #4,563 of mine….I ❤ salvage grocery stores.  These stores somehow get their little hands on items that are close to going out of date, and sell them at ridiculously low prices.  The point of this story is that on rare occasions, you find GEMS like this…

BARNEY BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the price… (get the jealous hat on)

$1.25?!?!?!  Yes, please.

With this star ingredient, it was time to prepare some overnight oats for an extra early 5:45am Spin class the next day…

Theres just something about the PB/Jelly combo that makes me want to go back to elementary school…

This could quite possibly be my favorite way to make oatmeal!

Equal parts oatmeal/skim milk…plus toppings.  Stick it in the fridge, and then enjoy the next morning!  Overnight oats = success.

When I grabbed the oatmeal out the door I also baggied up a scoop of protein for the day.  Ever since I went meat free last year, I have become super dependent on my protein powders/supplements.  Even though I have incorporated meat back into my diet, I still do not get as much protein as I should…which is why powders are always nice to have in a pinch!  Current flavor…

Cookies & Cream!  Mmmmm…     (protein shakes make awesome snacks.  They taste great AND fill me up, which is always a nice combination.)

With it being a close friends BDay, I knew an edible gift was a must.  Stopped by my fay-voh-rite place and picked up a dozen bday donuts….look how cute!

Though it was hard, I managed to save all these for the birthday girl….and the blogger boy went without the donuts.  Sad day.

They smelled as good as they looked.

This was also apparently the weekend of delicious breakfast treats!  Saturday I had two tough classes back to back…so I powered up at Panera!

Power breakfast sandwich with bacon instead of ham…small OJ, and a wonddddddderful coffee.  I had forgotten how amazing Panera coffee is.


Between Friday morning and Sunday I had taught 4 classes and taken 2!  It was a Group Exercise mini-marathon weekend!  🙂  Gotta love those.

Today also marked the first day of the Foot RX/Wellness Center 5k training day!  This is where Group Ex instructors from my other gym get together and do an 8 week training program building people up for a 5k!  It is SO awesome working with new runners, and this is a great chance to meet some awesome new running folks.  If anyone is in the area, and wants to attend the training program come on down!  It is free, as long as you register for the race!  We have a variety of groups, from folks who have never ran before in their life, all the way to people who are running 8:00 and under miles!  We meet at the Wellness Center in JC on Sundays at 2:00pm!

Considering I slept until 11am this morning (!!!) I combined breakfast/lunch with a stop at the Cracker Barrel!  It has been FAR to long since the Barrel and I have spent some quality time together…   😉  I was stoked to see a new menu item.

Six Grain – N Granola pancakes?!?!?!  I looked no further.

These babies were loaded with granola, raisins, and almonds!


Well friends, another weekend comes to an end.  I am moving into my new house this week…so it is bye-bye apartment.  I will be munching on some random foods because I am putting off a huge grocery store trip until I come back!  What a pain!

How was everyones weekend?




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Ahhh, Saturday!

Happy Saturday folks!

How is everyones weekend thus far?  Mine is peachy.  I am currenty sitting at Panera….do you think I have enough stuff spread out?

Just came from the Y-taught RIPPED (all weight class) and had a great turnout!  Burned out some shoulders today, and I am already feeling it!

I wanted SO bad to get Zumba pics/vids last night but my Flip cam was acting up!  Depression!  Managed to get a shot of Holly teaching the Dance Central class which is a Zumba style class for the kiddos.  Can you say adorable?

When it was the adults turn…we shook it.  And shook it.  And shook it.  I also got to lead my favvvvvvorite song with Holly in a dance off!  Eeeeek!  It was alot of fun though!

Check out the duds…

Bracelet of the century?  I think so.

If you have not tried Zumba.  Stop reading this blog right now, go find a class……and GO.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.







See.  Wasnt that fun?!?!

In all seriousness Zumba is an amazing Latin dance inspired cardio workout that will leave you DRENCHED in sweat.  Our instructor choreographs all of her own moves, and also does alot of hip hop style dances.  It is absolutely awesome!

My friend Sharon was there last night, and had NEVER tried Veggie booty.  Luckily I keep a stash in my office.  I always have to be spreading the word about my Veggie Booty!  It is my drug of choice! 😛

I think I hooked another person on the booty!  Have you guys tried it?  Thoughts?

After Zumba I came home, and collapsed.  Can we talk briefly about odd cravings?  Being that Zumba was so late, I didn’t necessarily get to eat dinner (I know, I know…but I was so tired!)  This however, left me waking up at 2am STARVING.  I don’t know why it seemed appealing…but this is what I went for:

Pears?  Really?!?!  My body is so weird at times.

So fast forwarding past the 2am pears, got up to teach RIPPED this morning, then quickly downed my protein shake…

And some coconut water, which you MUST read about here.

And now here I sit!  Since technically the shake was my breakfast post class (I cannot eat before a class, my stomach goes crazy!) I am enjoying a nice brunch @ Panera…while reading up on GaGa in the latest Vogue…

Jalapeno Bagel with Veggie Cream Cheese anyone?!

Pure, carby, goodness.

This should be more than enough to get me through the day!

I am going to a wedding tonight and need a fancy outfit.  Coming from the guy who wears workout clothes to WORK, I am obviously a little behind in the dressing up department.  Any tips on what to wear??? I’m going to hit the mall on the way home and see if anything strikes me.  I hate dressing up, but weddings mean one thing….CAKE.  For that, I am willing to wear anything. 🙂

I also foresee a nap in my future.  Exciting, eh?  Have a great Saturday guys!  ❤



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Update Overload!

Hello Blogworld!  I have been running around like a proverbial grass-fed free range chicken with his head cut off the past 2 days!  Prepping for the interviews tomorrow for Eight To The Eights has been INSANE, but so much fun.  We have had an overwhelming response, and I wish we could take each and every team that applied.

Rewinding to yesterday…..I now present you, a day in the life of Oli (the boxer pup):

Pretty exhausting, eh?  😉

Sam manages to be a bit more elusive, but always shows up when there is food involved:

Speaking of sweet potato fries, that brings me to my fabulous lunch from yesterday!  Tried a new Gardenburger this time around…

So I took a wrap, sprinkled some cheese, sprouts, spinach, and the chopped “burger” on top…

Layers -o- joy!

This is where the sweet potato fries came into play (beautifully!)

After lunch/email/blog stalking 😉 It was time to prep for my KidFit class, and Total Body HIIT.

KidFit was hilarious as always.  They love doing sprint relays, and love even more when I time them to see if they can improve their times.  We basically ran the whole 45 minutes…..score!

Total Body HIIT was a sweat SESSION.  I don’t know if the gym was hotter than normal or what, but by the first working song (squats) I had sweat dripping from my elbows!  TMI, but totally needed to get the mental  image going, huh?  After class was over I ran down to the Chop House to meet with the team to go over the applications for Eight To The Eights.  Had a random, but lovely, dinner…which included a massive salad:

(see, there was totally work going on in between bites….we had a MASSIVE stack of applications to review!)

There was also my second round of sweet potato lovin’ of the day:

Do you see that massive dollop of cinnamon butter love?!?!  I tried to pick it off, but it was too delcious.  😉

Good food, good friends, good times!!!  Plus, we got alot of work done for the program!

After dinner I had a much needed movie date with Maggie.  Can I just confess my love for our little local movie theatre???  This is not the main one in the mall, but one located near it.  It is small, quaint, and adorable.  The ticket prices are super low ($5.50 a movie!!!) and the staff are so nice.  We got there a little late for the movie, but just for the fun of it, they put us in our OWN theatre….and started it over.  How amazing is that?!?!  They also may or may not have GIVEN us a tub of popcorn the size of a small bathtub.  That bad boy went undocumented, I’m afraid.  Use your imagination to picture the devouring of corn that commenced.

I hit the hay the instant my head hit the pillow, and awoke a short 5 hours later for 5:45am spin!  Did I mention that I picked up two more 5:45am classes at the YMCA which means I now teach an early class EVERY weekday.  What am I thinking?!?!?! I will be doing a Total Body HIIT on Tuesday mornings, and an Interval Circuit class on Thursdays until one of our instructors comes back from maternity leave.

After Spin, major carb replenishment was needed, and what better place to serve that then the Barrel!  Started with a gallon or so of the good stuff:

Then moved on to more delicious options….aka pecan pancakes!!!

See that giant BLOB of butter in the background?!?!  I was able to fend it off, unlike the cinnamon butter love on the sweet potato from earlier.  Topped with da best syrup evah!


After breakfast, I worked on calling applicants for Eight To The Eights, and scheduling interviews.  We will be having 10 minute blocks to interview each team/individual, and I get to be on the judging panel!  We had to turn alot of applicants down right away just because we do not have time to interview them all.  Sad day.  It breaks my heart, and I wish we could take EVERY person.  *sigh*

I now sit here at Panizzle, blogging, eating, and relaxing…before work calls my name again at 4:30.

Their veggie sandwich is thebomb.com!

Later bloggies.  Have an AWESOME Friday!  Did I mention that in a mere 24 hours I will be heading to Knoxvegas to see KATHY GRIFFIN LIVE?!?!?!  Eeeeeeek!!!!  🙂


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Live in 5….4…..3…..2……..1.


Today has been non-stop, but I heart that.  Come on people…hectic is good!

Started out with a breakfast parfait -o- joy.

Who knew they even had puffed millet cereal?!?!?!  My love for millet grows by the day.  Started off this parfait with a bed of Greek Yogurt (Dannon, Strawberry)

Next went the millet-love!

And then finished off with a sliced nana, some Gourmet Granola (Millet, Oats, Chocolate Chips, Other deliciousness that currently escapes my exhausted mind.)

Also topped with ch, ch, ch, chiiiiia!  🙂  Layered yumminess.

This was the perfect “on the go fuel” to get me started early with my Elementary kiddos, and some KidFit Yoga!

Today the kids were extra cute, and quite frankly…a little drained themselves as it was the last day of their TCAP testing.  For those of you who don’t know what TCAP testing is, it’s basically a huge formal exam at the end of the year that the kids drill for constantly.  There is way too much pressure/weight put on the results, and the Teaching Major in me hates it with all my being!!!!  Boo for standardized/high stake testing!

That being said, we took it easy today.  We did some nice relaxing poses, and I let them just de-stress.  Hey…even elementary aged kids have alot on their plates.

After Yoga, I sped like a madman to the YMC-izzle for a back to back combo of Spin/RIPPED.  RIPPED is like my Total Body HIIT class, just minus the cardio.  I really liked teaching these two classes back to back!  I also love subbing classes, because I get to see a completely different group of people.  Today we did a lower body/upper body/ab combo, and repeated with different moves.  Amazing sweat session!  Gotta love the P90x push-up/oblique chopper! Rawr!

After class it was finally time to go on the NEWS!  Eeeeeeek!

Met my girl Natalie, and we were off to the news station to promote Eight To The Eights.

I have totally decided that TV anchorman is in my immediate future…this place was so cool!

Managed to steal a pic with Sara Diamond, before we went live!

Once she went on, it was almost time for us!  By this point, I kept adjusting my clothes/mic/fidgeting anyway I could.  Nervous wreck!!!

Here was the studio where we were interviewed:

So.  Much.  Fun.  Seriously, as soon as we were “on” it seemed to go by in like 10 seconds!  I managed to pull it off without slipping and/or any awkwardness.  Video coming soon guys, I promise! Hopefully we got the word out a bit more about the program, I am stoked to see what happens from here.

After the interview, Natalie took me to an amazing lunch spot that I had never been before!

This place is a salad lovers dream come true!

The “Super Salad” gave options of three pre-prepared salads to top a huge bed of romaine lettuce.

They also have a ton of brewed and fruity teas.  We went with the raspberry.

Did I mention how much I love my runnin’ buddy, race plannin’, scooter drivin’ (Thats right…she drives a pink scooter around town…get jealous!), big sis Natalie?!?!

Now bring on the salad!!!

I got the pasta salad, wild rice and cranberry, and oriental!

I don’t mess around.

We amanged to avoid the desserts…but trust me, it wasn’t easy.

After a fantabulous trip to the news, and and even better lunch…it was time to keep on keepin’ on…and back to the school for High School KidFit…followed immediately by my 5:30pm spin!

New CD tonight (tracks coming soon!)

Currently obsessed with this jam.  And this one.  Annnnnnd…this one. (Yes….more Bieber.)

Also…thanks to Jeremy, I am now obsessed with this gal…who is very GaGa-esque!

After Spin, it was time for dinnnnnnner.  Headed to Panera because I was famished…and it feeds my face nicely.  😉

Half veggie sandwich, half fuji salad…..whole apple.  😉

And now here I sit at the bizzle….contemplating life…blogging, and planning out the rest of my classes for the week.  Life is good!


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Two Part Breakfasts.

When I am forced to wake up at 4:30am and open the YMCA….to things tend to brighten my morning.

A) Coffee.  Lots.

B) Breakfast!

Started out with a couple (hundred) cups of coffee..and breakfast, part 1!  Some Optimum Slim cereal with dried kiwi, almond milk, and a nana.

As much as I despise the initial waking up part of the morning, once my feet hit the floor, I am good to go.  There are several aspects of early mornings that I do find quite groovy, including the potential for productivity which was surprisingly accomplished today!  I worked on the blog for Eight To The Eights as well as planned my Total Body Class tonight (we are doing the Accumulator which is basically a backward pyramid style workout).  Before I knew it, it was time for breakfast part 2, which I started preparing last night after seeing this sad sight:

Almost empty jar of Almond Butter = Overnight Oats In A Jar time!!!!  🙂

This baby contained:

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1/2 Cup Almond Milk
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • 3 TBSP Chilean Raisins
  • Handful Chopped Walnuts

The key to these oats is to prep the night before, stick it in the fridge…and forget about it overnight.

What starts as this:

Turns into…

So creamy and good!  I love it cold, but you can always heat it up.  Whatever rocks your world.  😉

Also…since I was at work until 9:30pm last night, and back at 4:45am…I didn’t really have ample time to blog.  Needless to say, here is a brief recap of last nights dinner shenanigans.  Panera, my wallet curses you for being so close and/or delicious.

Fuji Apple salad, complete with whole wheat baguette bundle of joy.

Hello little millet seedlings in there…I heart you.

Love, Uncle Tyler. (Which technically makes me a cannibal considering I was eating my “nephews”, but thats beside the point.)

Also…found out some amazing news this morning, courtesy of our President! 😉

Buried deep in the health care legislation that President Obamasigned on Tuesday is a new requirement that will affect any American who walks into a McDonald’s, Starbucks or Burger King. Every big restaurant chain in the nation will now be required to put calorie information on their menus and drive-through signs.

Read more, here.

What do you think about restaurants (especially chain/fast food) being forced to list their calories, even on the drive-thru menus?  I am personally ecstatic, and can only hope that some of those numbers will “scare” people into choosing healthier options.  Do you think it will make a difference?


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Hello, Normality.

Is it just me, or was this Monday particularly hard to adjust back to?!?!  Darn you holiday weekends…why must you end so quickly.  *sigh*

It has been freakishly (and amazingly) warm the past week or so, therefore I went with a colder option for breakfast.  Cereal bowl time!

Annie’s never lets me down.  I started my bowl-o-joy with 1/2 cup of this cereal, and then diced up a nice big red pear, and a nana.  Topped the cereal with the fruits, then added a big dollop of Greek Yogurt, and some drizzle-tastic Almond Butter:

Once it was all mixed, the pretty factor had escaped.

Cold…crunchy…fruity….almond buttery.  Cha-chiiiiing!  Perfect fuel for a day full of meetings and working out!

Headed to the YMCA to teach Express Sculpt.  It’s a 30 minute weight class where anything goes.  Last week we focused ALL on lower body, so this week…it was upper body time!

  • Chest Press with Bar + Resistance Band Wrapped Underneath
  • Bicep Curls with Bar (Various Counts/Holds/Pulses)
  • Abs (V-Crunches, Around The World Crunches, Scissors)
  • Shoulder Press/Squeeze Combos, Lateral Raises (with 10 second holds as we rose to parallel), No-Weight Arm Circles (100 one direction, 100 the other…OUCH!)
  • Tricep Kick-Back’s, Skull Crushers, Windshield Wipers

Good times!  I am already feelin’ the burn!

Right after class I headed to Panera for a meeting about “8 To The 8’s” which is the Biggest Loser style program our city is hosting, and I get to help train!  So stoked.  Lunch was the standard half veggie sammie, and fuji apple salad:

YUM!  Perfect meal on this abnormally (but amazing) hot day in Tennessee!

One meeting down…one more to go.  Then back to the YMCA to teach Spin at 5:30 (new and hardcore CD I am trying out…NO climbs…it’s all about speed tonight…cannot wait to see what everyone thinks!)  We are also getting our Yoga on, and then practicing for the Lady GaGa Telephone dance!!!  Rah, rah, ooh la laaaaaa!!!!  😉

Random cuteness of the day:

Whats on everyones Monday agenda?


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That’s the current temperature/setting outside.  Absolutely gorgeous, and in the upper 60’s!!!  Sah-weet.

My day was jump started off to an early start with 6:00am Spin class.  We had 10 people!!!!  I was so excited.  I have been trying so hard to build up that new class, and it is hard being at a gym where I really don’t know anyone yet.  So much easier to have more energy when the bikes are full.  Can I get an instructor-leujah?

Snacked on this beastie pre class.  Omega-3 waffle with home made pumpkin butter (Thanks, Matt!)

Came home and made the classic.  Chia oats.

Topped with a glorious drizzle of Almond Butter, plus 2 TBSP of my Mocha Madness Trail Mix.  YUM!

I also stopped by Ingles on the way home to pick up some produce.

Yet again, I got the eye roll from the cashier complete with the “Well YOUUUUUU eat healthy.”  Bah.  I take it as a badge of honor and it really doesn’t bother me anymore.  Needless to say she was clueless when it came to ringing up the starfruit.  “What IS this?!?!?!” followed by a gross look.  People are so weird!!!!  Why is healthy eating taboo????

Also, a mysterious event occurred early this morning.  The two pups were actually NEAR each other, and still enough to be photographed.  This photo is as elusive as a Bigfoot snapshot!

Does anyone else “name” their dog, but then call them 4,500 different names in differing voices?  The boxer is Oli, yet I always end up calling her:

  • Weirdo
  • Weird One
  • Weirdest of Weird
  • Weirdy.

Also the black pomeranian, Sam…becomes:

  • Biscuit
  • Booska
  • Wittle Wittle
  • Sum Sum
  • Criscuit

(Don’t even ask, lol)

Point it, do you have a “language”/voice for your dog?  Do you normally call them by name, or nickname?

I give you, the future of the blogging world:

Lunch was glorious, and since it was so pretty, Steph and I decided to walk down to Panera from the YMC-izzle.  The choice should be no surprise:

Half the Veggie Sammie on Honey Wheat….half Fuji Chicken Apple Salad…sans the chicken, yo.

Blogging outside, GaGa shades on, does it get much better?!?!  Enjoy this day, bloggies.  I am!


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