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Deformed Squirrel Cookies FTW!

Today has been specifically focused around some new and delicious treats!

Since I Spin twice on Wednesdays, I always snack like a maniac.  Here was my pre-spin goodness…this one was pretty epic.  It used what will most certainly be my new BFF:

This spread + hot Millet toast =

Yep…..it was pretty much as amazing as it looked.  Dear.  Sweet.  Lord.  I have a new obsession, and it’s name is Millet Cake.  I swear it was like the best frosted cake you could imagine, in Millet form…and healthy!  Plus the whole snack was only around 170 calories!!!  (I used half a serving of the spread)

Headed to Spin for an AMAZING sweat session.  I love my 30 minute class because I really crank up the intensity so we can get a full hours worth of effects into 30 minutes.  They were moanin’ and groanin’ after song #1!

Worked the floor for a couple of hours when I was finished with Spin, where Kim was gracious enough to feed me a new bar to hold me over until lunch:

This was able to fend off the hunger demons until I got to go home and have a fantasmic lunch…and prepared dinner for later at work!  (treated Krucker to dinner tonight!)

This lunch was quick, fruity, and delicious.  Much like me. 😉

The cereal base was Annie’s Fruit Puffs and Brown Rice Cereal, mixed with a Pomegranate Chobani.  This was topped with strawberries/bananas, and sprinkled with cinnamon/chia seeds.  Can’t forget the Almond Butter blob!  So good!  The plate sums up how the dish tasted:

Also quickly got to work on a sandwich lunch!  I was hankerin’ for some grilled cheese action.  Started with Ezekiel Bread, and added some Jalapeno Hummus:

Then added some roasted asparagus (sheet pan, oven 375*, salt/pepper) and some natural provolone:

Time to grill!

Melty cheese goodness.

These barely made it to work, accompanied with some sweet potato fries!

Kim also stopped by Panera and got us our favorite soup!  Veggie with pesto, and a Hugh Jass wedge of whole grain baguette!

She also managed to sneak in a delicious bunny cookie!  Of course, it looks more like some sort of mutated flying squirrel.  But hey, you drizzle some icing over a cookie of any sort…and you could shape it like a Windex Bottle and I would be in lurv.

Had half of this cutie:

Thanks, Krucker!

I also may have saved a Koala.

You can win FREE Endangered Species Chocolate by entering my contest here! It is simple, and runs until Sunday night at midnight!



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Mystery Bizzle!!!!!!!!!

Thats right…it’s time to finally see what is inside of the mystery box!!!!!!!  Who is excited?!?!

For starters, is is Monday…and boy do I know it.

Got up extra early and did some Power Pump’age at my other gym this morning, because quite frankly I am still feeling the guilt from the MASSIVE amounts of cake I consumed last night.  (See my last post for all the gory details.)  For those who haven’t taken or heard of Power Pump, it is a 60 minute class that works each muscle group for a period of time, usually 4 minutes, with a 1 minute break in between to change out equipment.  This involves anything from decreasing/increasing weight, to switching from bar to dumb bell, etc.  Great class, and a super way to get in your weight workout for the day.

Chugged my protein shake (half before…half after), and then headed to do Yoga with the kiddos.

I am loving this Yoga/Cardio sponsorship program through the YMCA and the local schools!  School is almost over for them which is depressing.  My Monday’s will feel so different without them!

Have I mentioned how much I missed these guys this weekend:

I promise…she’s not dead.  She’s just comatose.

Needless to say at this point it was 8:30 and my body was in NEED of some breakfast.  Enter my classic.

Chia-Oat-Goodness!  This bowl was extra special and topped with my last (depression) blob of Trader Joe’s Almond Butter, and my new glorious Trail Mix I picked up at Fresh Market while in Georgia this weekend!

Chia oats are always, allllllways a big winner in my book.  I nuked the nana ahead of time and got it nice and melty, then cooked it WITH the oats.  Who needs to sweeten oatmeal when you have a banana!?!

After breakfast I collapsed into a mini coma, and woke up just in time to get my class together for my Lunch Sculpt class.  Snacked on a classic as I dashed out the door..

2 pieces of millet toast, with homeade pumpkin butter….flax seed….and cinnamon

Yumminess.  I’m not even sure if this snack made it from the kitchen to my car.  That good!

Went and taught Express Sculpt and incorporated some new killer moves for the booty!  Gotta love some pelvic thrusts, while back planking on a ball, with a weight on your hips!!!  Sounds fun, yes?!?!

I was/am in desperate need of groceries and some basic items, but I was on a major time crunch…so I had to go to the Wal*Mizzle.  I have to say, I was very proud of Wal*Mart today.  Not only did they have a ton of great produce, but alot of it was on sale!!!  Score!

The strawberries were $1.98 a carton, the mangoes were .98 each….and then I saw the items that literally produced a girl scream from my mouth WHILE in the store.  I was that excited.

ALMOND BUTTER AT WALMART?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Did I mention these were $3.78 each?!?!?!  I was literally in shock.  Plus, I had never even SEEN the Dark Chocolate Spread!!!!  So excited!  Seriously, I think I almost lost it in the aisle.  People were staring.

Seriously though, I was stoked at all my nice finds, and surprised!

Came home famished with lunch on the brain…

Threw together a veggie burger on Arnold’s Thin, with Laughing Cow Swiss, spinach, and some ketchup.  Was also craving veggies like whoah, so I got to roasting the Sweet Potatoes and Asparagus.

Topped the veggies with nooch (nutritional yeast), and plated with some Veggie Pirate Booty (aka CRACK!)

Dessert was a serving (minus one) of my new Chocolate Cookies that Ashlei lovingly gave me! 😉 Sandwiched with raw honey goodness.

With a full belly, it was time to FULL DISCLOSE THE MYSTERY BOX!!!!!!!

Did anyone guess it?!?!  Let’s see.

When the amazing people over at Endangered Species Chocolate contacted me, I could have pretty much exploded with blog-citement!!!!  My favorite chocolate wanted to do a giveaway for my readers?!?!?!  Seriously, amazing!  They also may have sent me some to taste test as well.  😉

Heres what the lucky winner will receive:

3 oz. Bars:

1.4 oz. Bars:

Milk Chocolate Treats:

Can you say WOW?!?!?!?!

How do you win this amazingness?!?!       Check back tonight.   😉


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Mondays are insane!!!!  My Monday actually began last night, when I got some advice from Jill about what to do with my new Chia Seeds:

As I see the chia pudding post above, you HAVE to do it and put it in your oats; 1/4 cup almond milk and 1 tbsp chia seeds. wisk and let set on counter for 20 min, then pop in the fridge overnight. Add to your oats in the morning and they will be super creamy, and full of Omega 3’s!!

Soaked those babies in the Almond Milk, and stuck them in the fridge to work their magic overnight!

Did I mention that I pink fuzzy heart Almond Milk?!?!

Please overlook the outfit.  I was dressed for bed, ok?!?!?!?!

So while I slept, the chia worked it’s magic powers.  Woke up this morning early and headed to my first of four (yikes) classes of the day!  Yoga was first, and the kids were adorable, as always.  We are really getting into some complicated/tough poses for an adult, let alone elementary kids…they are doing great!

Came home to find that the chia/milk mixture had thickened beautifully!

I added this mixture to my friend, Mr. Quaker:

Coincidentally, these were not your everyday oats.  I had an almost empty jar of Almond Butter, which meant only one thing!  Oats In A Jar!

It was the normal oat process.  With added dried berries for yum factor.

Made the oats, and then I added them to the AB jar…plus the Chia mixture.

YUM-tastic.  Just when I thought oats couldn’t get any better!  The Chia seeds gave the oatmeal such a creamy consistency, it was fabulous!  Bravo, Jill.  You know your stuff sister.

Did I mention that my house is slowly becoming overpopulated with pups?!?!  My brother is in town, which means his Boxer, Abby, is staying with us!  Check this big girl out:

She is adorable.

She fits right in with the rest of the crew.

Poor Sam just keeps to himself, and tries not to get trampled by the dinosaurs

After I finished breakfast, and tended to the pack of wild beasts…it was off to the YMCA for Express Sculpt.  I try to incoroporate a full body workout in 30 minutes using basic equipment.  Here was todays agenda:

  • Heavy Bar Squats
  • Heavy Bar Chest Press
  • Leg Lifts (with tons of holds and circles)
  • Bicep Curls with Medium Bar
  • Walking Lunges with Medium Bar
  • Overhead Press/Sqaut Combo with Medium Bar
  • NO Weight/Equipment Arm circles (shoulders…killllls after 100 or so)
  • Abs/Cooldown

’twas nice.

After class I came home and threw together a Mexican inspired lunch!  Started out with a whole wheat mini pita pocket, sliced her open…

Then added some beans/salsa/cheese:

Baked those babies until they were crisp.  In the meantime, I steamed some broccoli/cauliflower to have on the side.  Once everything was browned and steamed, I plated up the open face Mexican pizza, and then veggies smothered in Salsa and Nutritional Yeast:

Finished off with an Attune and a big green pear!

Well, it is time to go do some High School Yoga, and then rush over to the YMCA for Monday night Spin.  Made a new CD, I will give ya the tracks tomorrow.  Some good jams going down! 😉

Oh yea, who wants free yogurt?!?!?!

Thanks so much for voting, and a big thanks to Stonyfield/OIKOS for making this giveaway possible.

Remember, the winner receives:

A free OIKOS tote bag, complete with 4 coupons for free 5.3oz containers of Yogurt, plus a coupon for a free 16oz container!

The winner!  (via random number generator)


Please check out Julie’s blog.  She has me laughing hysterically on a daily basis.   Congrats girl!

Well, off for Yoga and Spin…fun times!  Hmmmm, whats for dinner…


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Hello bloggies, I hope that everyone is having a funtabulous weekend.  Mine got started out GREAT today!  Many reasons added to this feeling of joy, one of which being breakfast…

Mixed those two lovies, and then added some Yogurt…

Which, coincidentally, is the same yogurt you can win for FREE by entering here.  You get 4 free small containers, 1 free large container, and a super cute tote bag!  Enter, enter!  Voting closes midnight Sunday!

Cereal + Yogurt + Nana + Cinnamon = perfect start ‘o the day.

Raise your hands if you are jealous of the cheetah bowl.    ……..   thought so.

After I was properly fueled I found another reason to be excited:

This is honestly the most gorgeous day we have had all season!  Almost feels like spring time!  Felt good getting that Vitamin D!  Thank you, spherical ball of heat.

Headed to Johnson City for spin class, and was expecting the worst on the ole knee with two spin classes to teach back to back.  I was a good little Physical Therapy patient, and did all my stretched beforehand (those suckas take like 20 minutes!) and had NO knee pain in class!

One down, and one to go.  I was still a little nervous on the way to Spin #2…but my GaGa shades helped me conquer my fears…

Rocked it O-U-T in my second spin class.  Full, hot, sweaty, 110% effort.  Seriously a spin class for the books.  Yet again…NO knee pain.  It was incredible.  Friday morning I could hardly walk it hurt so bad…and after only 2 or 3 rounds of deep stretching/strength exercises for the weak hip, I had no pain!  I was elated.

After spin I headed down to Pan-izzle to pick up lunch to take back to work.

I got half the veggie sandwich…half the fuji apple chicken salad (no chicken!), and a whole grain baguette.

Oh bread, how I love thee.

So yummy.  Here is my short rant on Panera.

It is one of the few places I *trust* that I would consider fast food.  Not that long ago (in my carnivore days) I was eating only Chik-Fil-A as my “fast food” source thinking it was somewhat healthy.  Even the “healthy” options are loaded with sodium and preservatives.  Big let down.  While I know that Panera is not 100% organic, they do try to incorporate a multitude of organic items and their website has a nutritional calculator that is far and beyond any other I have found.  You can see all the ingredients plus SUBSTITUTE items, which I do very frequently.  Today I did a different bread and cheese then the normal sammie, so it was nice to get an accurate calorie count, while being picky.  😉

Dessert was involved, of course, and included my favorite dried fruit…Kiwi!  (a piece or two of mini Hershey’s may have somehow fallen into my mouth as well)

I worked away for a couple of hours, and now here I sit…enjoying my Trail Mix bagel with Natural PB (see, another reason to ❤ Panera)

What can I say, 2 hours of spin class really works up an appetite.  Although, I rarely need a “reason” to stuff my face with carbs.

Get out and ENJOY this lovely day people!  It’s a good one!

Enter in for that free yogurt, too!


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Knee Update.

Well, while I thought my knee was doing semi “ok” it has flared up in a maaaaajor way this morning, almost to the point where I couldn’t finish spin class.  I have bitten the bullet, and am going to the doctor (Physical Therapist) today to have him look at it…so wish me luck!  I am hoping beyond all hopes that it is not something that requires me to take “time off” because working out = Tyler’s paycheck (or lack there of).  😦  We shall see.  On to more inspiring news…such as the mini clif I inhaled at crack thirty in preparation for 5:45am spin.

Headed to spin, felt fine for the first 40 minutes or so, then the knee began killlllllling me.  It is the only time I have ever been counting down the minutes until class was over.  Depressing, blah.  Theres no swelling, and the pain is below the left knee…but it feels like it is deep inside.  I can only describe it like a piercing feeling that just jabs harder when I put pressure on the foot, go up or down stairs, or do the pedaling motion in spin class.  Sad times indeed.  Hopefully the Doc can tell me what is going on later.

Came home and prepared a breakfast that made me almost completely forget my knee pain.  Yep, it was that yummy.  Started with the Millet-lovin’

Then made a nice bath for it to swim in, pre-pan.

Soaked the bread in the egg mixture, and then put those babies in the pan!  (forgot to add the massive amounts of flax seed to the above picture. )

While the French Toast browned on both sides, I chopped up some strawberries and a huge mango:

Also heated up the STAR ingredient in the microwave…

Ashlie gave me this bad boy last night in class, and I could not wait to use it (obv. 😉 ) It is so fun to finally meet a blogger.  Crazy that we lived so close.  We are already planning Tampa trips (your coming too, Krucker and Emily) and visits to Earth Fare!!!  She also has a VitaMix that we get to play with!  I am so stoked!  Back to the toast. 🙂  I browned it up, and smeared the heated coconut butter on top.  Are you drooling yet???  Because I am, and I have already EATEN it.

Dear.  Sweet.  Big Bird.      This was amazinggggggg!  I have to get a big jar of that coconut butter, stat.  Hurry up and get back from Florida, Ashlie…we have some trips that need to occur. 😉  Sad times followed when I realized my mini jar was already gone!

I’m tempted to do the world’s smallest “Oat’s In A Jar” with this. haha

Also, Sam was craving a mango.

And yes, he got it.

Ahh, to live the lives of dogs.  Look at them!

On that note, it is time for lunch.  I am meeting my dad at one of my favorite Mexican places, Salsaritas!  I refer to it as a “Mexican Subway” because it is basically a build your own burrito joint.  Totally yummy.  Check it out, here.

Also, remember…the OIKOS Greek Yogurt giveaway is still on!  Enter in this post by commenting, telling why you want to receive the Greek Yogurt.  Make sure to provide a contact (i.e. Email)  Winner will receive 4 small containers, one large container, and a super cute tote bag.  One vote per person, and voting ends Sunday at midnight!  😀  Happy voting!

Time for lunch, and then the doctor.  I am still five years old and despise the doctor.  Maybe I can get a sticker or candy out of it.  😉  Wish me luck!

Also, for the Survivor fans out there.  Was that Tribal Council last night awesome or what?!?! I love me a good blindside.


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Craezy Thursday!

Thursdays are nuts!  With KidFit at 4:00 and Total Body at 6:00, I am running around like a mad man!  Where did I leave off….oh yes, lunch!  😀  While prepping for my classes I decided it was a fruity sort of day, and listened to what my body was craving/screaming.

I started my cereal/fruit bowl by mixing the “wet” ingredients, which were the natural peach jam, AB, and Greek Yogurt (hmmm…like my Giveaway???  More on that at the end of this post)

I then added my diced fruit… (strawberries/nectarine)

Topped with my cereal(s), mixed, and bathed it all in some cinnamon. 😉

Who wouldn’t want to eat this for lunch, may I ask?!?!

Got to work on some new moves for Total Body HIIT, and then headed to Johnson City for KidFit!  We had a ton of kids and it was super fun.  I had them run lots of suicides, needless to say they were red-faced and sweating.  Mission accomplished.  Before class (and still not running because of the injured knee) I tackled 30 minutes on my beast of choice, the elliptical.

Chowed down on this between gyms:

Oh, Nutz Over Chocolate….you are simple, yet still my favorite.  Although your cousin Peppermint Stick comes in a close second, so watch your back, ya dig?

It was then time to head to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT!  Was totally stoked because another local blogger, Ashlie was coming!!!!  She is super sweet and I adore her blog!  Here was the agenda for class

(pardon the chicken like scratch handwriting.)

Everything should be self explanitory except for “Baby Makers!”  hahahahaha.  This is a KILLER move where you take a resistance band/strap, loop it through the risers of the bench…secure it to your feet, and then lift them straight in the air.  We would take them down and up slowly, and hold high pulses.  They killlllllllllll the inner thigh, it is fun times.  This is the most “groan” worthy move for sure.  Try it out, and tell me what you think!  Here were some random class shots!

Here is Ashlie and I in post-sweat glory!  Is she not adorable?!

And she came bearing gifts!  LOOK, the elusive Coconut Butter!

SCORE!  Does she know me well or what??  I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  YOU ROCK ASHLIE!

Also, another veggie (no blog 😦 ) friend was kind enough to bring me DINNER when she came to class tonight!  Check this out:

I love homemade goodies, and having this quick and easy dinner right after class was perfection!  I headed to the Holiday Inn to visit some workin’ pals, and enjoyed my dinner right there and then.

Check out all the Quinoa goodness…

The soup was amazing as well!

And the best thing about visiting friends at the Holiday Inn….COOKIES!!!!

This little cranberry/oatmeal gem was the perfect end to a delicious dinner.

From meeting Ashlie, to her coconut butter gift, to a FREE veggie/delicious dinner, and a cookie courtesy of some good friends…..today has been an awesome day.  I have been GIVEN everything today, now it is YOUR turn to receive!

Entries start NOW for the Oikos Greek Yogurt Giveaway!

My friends at Oikos are giving one lucky reader 4 of these beauties (any flavor!)

And one of these big beauties:

You also get this cute tote:

All you have to do is comment, in this post.  Tell me why you want to win Greek Yogurt, and provide your email so that I can contact you once the giveaway is over.  Also, since the theme of this post has been gifts/kindness…tell about the best thing you have ever given/received!  😉

Good luck bloggies!  I will keep voting open until Sunday at midnight, at which point I will use a random number generator to choose a winner!  One post per person, please! Happy voting, and good luck!

Spin class at 5:45 tomorrow morning, which means it is most certainly sleepy time for this blogger boy.  Later days!


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I miss Florida!!!

The Gasparilla Official Pictures are up!  Check out yours truly giving the classic pose first and foremost:

Then I had to get down to some serious running business. 😉

Look, there is Emily!!!!!  😀


Looking at those pictures makes me seriously miss Florida like crazy.  We had a blast, and I cannot wait to go back when it is hot and summer and… *drools*  Yea, enough day dreaming……look who I found to eat breakfast with:

Mr. Quaker!  How I have missed thee.  Todays creation went a little something like this:

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1 Smashed Nana
  • 3 TBSP Flax Seed
  • (nuked 2:30)
  • Choco Trail Mix
  • Almond Butter

I purposely bought a SMALL container of this stuff so I wouldn’t gorge myself, and so I could save it all for oat toppings!

I mean, is there a better way to start the day?!?!?!

Oh I know….how about a free GIVEAWAY!!!!!  😀

I was recently contacted by my friends at Stonyfield/OIKOS Greek Yogurt and they have offered to do a giveaway for a lucky reader!!!

Here are the goodies:

Four of the 5.3 oz containers.  You get to choose the flavors!

One 16 oz. container, again…flavor of your choice! 😀

Also, you get this awesome OIKOS tote bag!

Pretty nifty, eh?

What do you have to do to win???  Check back tonight and find out!  😉


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