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Foot RX 5K!

Wow, can I just tell you how good it felt to RUN in a race this morning?!  This was my first competitive race since the Florida Half Marathon, where I was battling some major knee issues.  After some Physical Therapy….stretches…and some major time off from running, I am slowly getting back into it…today being my first race!

This was actually the race that my running group has been training for for the past 6 weeks!  I was the beginner coach, and it was so amazing see my runners progress over the weeks.  Decided that I was going to run the race at a fast pace…and then I could always go back and finish up with some of my group!

Started the day with some pre-run fuel!

Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Nana, Chia Seeds, and Almond Milk

(note to runner’s racers…..milk is glorious, and super delicious.  I love my cereal with a big bowl of skim milk, HOWEVER….race day…it may prove to be your enemy.  Dairy products have a tendency to cause panic in your digestive systems when running on a full stomach.  So on these days, opt for some Almond/Soy/Hemp/Rice milk instead of the cow stuff, k?)

Chia goodness, I tell ya.

What a day for a race!

Weather was perfect!  It was way more crowded than I expected.

Then it was go time!!!

This course is a tough one.  Pretty hilly, and the hills just keep rolling on and on!  There are two especially rough ones at the beginning, and right before the finish line.  Ouch.

It felt amazing to run back at my old speed/pace.  For short races like this I try to do at least an 8:00 minute mile, or better.  I didn’t have my Garmin with me today…so I just ran as fast as I could on the knee.

Not going to lie, this race kicked my booty!  This was the first time I had run “fast” since Florida…and my body knew it!  Bad part was, I kept seeing friends/co-workers along the course….so I felt the extra pressure to perform.  😉

When I turned around the last massive hill, I saw my time….22:08!!!!!  I was stoked!

Also, my dads birthday was a couple of weeks ago…and as a present, I registered him for this race.  He has been slowly running more and more, and I knew he was itching to do an “official” race.  He rocked it out with a 33:20 time!!!

Steph also was along for the ride, and volunteered to help out on the course!  She also got a free shirt, and snacks after.  Not bad for a days work, eh?

Once we had gotten home, and I checked the official chip times/results online…I was shocked!

Male 20-24
Place O'All Name                      Bib# Age City            St Time    
===== ===== ========================= ==== === =============== == ======= 
    1    35 Tyler Ramey                226  24 Kingsport       TN   22:08 
    2    88 Nathan Bowers              291  24 Johnson City    TN   25:17 
    3   103 Logan Russell              164  23 Johnson City    TN   25:57

The top three of my age group, and I had placed first?!?!?!  Whaaaaat?!?!  😉

(I do believe there was a mistake….because it looks like there was one other guy who beat me and wasn’t included on this list….but hey…I will take first OR second!  😉 )

Apparently I get a trophy!  SAH-WEET!

What a day.  Smile people, it’s SATURDAY!



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Have you ever been in a movie so awful….so terrible….so mind-numbingly bad that you asked for a refund?!?!

Well, it happened last night.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” was hands down the worst movie I have ever had the mis-fortune of watching half of.  Now, I can horse laugh at “stupid” comedies with the best of them.  Hello, I adore “Dumb & Dumber” but this was just taken to an extreme.  Nudity, the f bomb every other word…just a plain awkward movie to even sit in!  It was raunchy, un-funny…and had no plot.

Now, I am a pretty laid back guy 98.4% of the time.  I can easily let things go…go with the flow, etc, etc.  This was just plain AWFUL!  Emily and I kept looking at each other throughout the movie commenting on how horrible it was, til I eventually got up and asked about the refund policy.  We now have refund tickets to see a, hopefully, not horrendous movie.


There, off of my soap box.

To counteract the negative movie non-sense…here are some positive Sunday vibes…Cracker Barrel style!

There was also some liquid energy consumed to fuel a full day of workouts:

I came home and went on a mini-OCD induced cleaning rampage post Barrel.  I think the coffee sparked me to be so productive.  I am actually moving in about 2 weeks, and have not even started to think about packing.  I still live with the rents (go ahead…chuckle now) so I don’t have *that* much stuff to move, but it will still be a pain!  I am so excited though!  Having my own house will be a complete and utter shock to my system, in a great way!

Cleaning worked up an appetite…and another Veggie Burger was high on the list of things to eat. 😉

Gardenburger with swiss, red pepper flakes, and spinach on what proved to be a deeeeeelicious new bread I picked up recently:

Lunch at the computer always proves to attract jealous on-lookers.

On the agenda today:

  • Spin Class @ 2:00pm (I am going old school and using one of my very first CD’s just for fun!)
  • Running Program @ 3:30pm (Fun times!!!  I love coaching people on how to *love* running)
  • Fun Times with Maggie!  (Indian food…shopping……more running?!!?  Who knows.)
  • Earth Feezy Trip (I am dangerously low on fruit/veggies/random items of joy)

Well….Sunday is calling…get out there, and get it crackin’!!!!

What is the WORST movie you have ever seen?


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2 Buck Booty.

My fay-voh-rite snack, Pirate Booty was on sale at the Earth Feezy today for 2 bucks.  Is it sad that things like this not only MAKE my day, but prompt my blog title?!?!?!  If so, I completely embrace the pathetic-ness up front. 😉

Firstly…lets back track.  Today was the first day of running in 3 weeks thanks to the bum knee, so Steph and I set out on our favorite 5 mile course!

She was totally enthused to have her picture taken, let me TELL you. hahahaha  She also wants the blog world to know that she isn’t completely pigeon toe’d as the picture would have you believe.

I, however, am always ready with some sort of cheesy pose.

Rocked the 5 miles at a slow and steady 9:00 pace.  My knee started hurting around mile 4, but I was stoked that I made it so long without pain!  Stretched a TON when we got done, and it feels back to normal!  Normally this knee pain is HARDCORE and lasts a while, so I was happy to not be feeling it shortly after.  I am hoping that means I am somewhat ok.

After the run it was time to replenish the carbs….pizza anyone?!

This place is so fun!

My choice was a no brainer.  Mega Veggie!  I got the smallest one (which was still giganohughnormous) so I could have leftovers for work later tonight:

My portion for lunch (x2)

See, she doesnt always have that odd look on her face:

Did I mention that the crust is my absolute FAVORITE part?!?!

After lunch we headed to the place that warms my heart:

Don’t you love that BESIDE the Earth Fare is a friggin’ Donut Shop?!?!  Irony at it’s finest.  I think Steph and I were most excited for the bulk fooded, of which we sampled muchly.

I didn’t even make it to the car before I tore into the bags:

I adore dried/unsweetened pineapples!!!  Check out the loot (including the 2 buck booty!)

I still have to make a fruit/veggie run tonight, but I got the basics while at the Feezy.  Look at these containers of joy!

Then headed to work where other employees decided it was random photoshoot time for the blog:

Can anyone name the booty in the background?!?!  She is mentioned frequently in the blog.

Melissssssaaaaah! 🙂

Snackage was a yummy combo of Granola and Chobani:

And dinner was leftover pizza!

Which was even better cold, believe it or not.

And you know I couldnt go a night without saving an animal.  I mean come on…the butterfly was calling my name hardcore.

It was awful.  AWFUL.  😉  Ok………awful = gone instantly.  So much for “savoring” the chocolate.  I eat my food like some crazed lunatic, and then wonder where it went when it’s gone.

Well, another Tuesday gone.  Spin class is calling my name at 5:45am.  I am using a new CD, can’t wait to see what they think of it!

Do you exhibit crazy like behavior while grocery shopping like I do?!?!  Do you typically make lists, or just kind of go and grab?


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Chocolate Winner!!!!

Yep.  We have a winner.  Read on to find out who it was!!!!  (And don’t just quickly scroll to the bottom you naughty bloggies.) 😉

Sorry for the lack of update last night.  I went from Express Sculpt, right to a meeting, right to KidFit, right to Spin, and then right to Yoga.  Aye yae yae!  (I’m not entirely sure how to spell that phrase, but I am assuming it is at least somewhat correct.)

Moving onnnnnn.

Breakfast this morning WAS going to be:

These guys looked alot different than my normal oats:

I looked on the back, and these suckas take 25 minutes to cook…..FAIL!

I will have to cook these beauties when I have more time.  Went with the always classic standard:

Made my classic banana/chia base….and added some mixed dried berries, and a drizzle of AB on the top:


Steph and I are going to run shortly…and this will be my first run since  the Florida Half!!!!  Darn you Physical Therapists and making Blogger Boys take off *3* weeks from running.  Ah well, my knee seems to be completely healed, so I guess he knew a thing or two.  😉  Also stopping by my happy place, aka Earth Feezy…and getting some lunch!  What a perfect day!

Wish me luck on the run, I am a nervous wreck about the ole knee.

Now…….lets remind ourselves of what the chocolate winner is going to receive:

3 oz. Bars:

1.4 oz. Bars:

Milk Chocolate Treats:

Can you say WOW?!?!?!?!

So who was it?!?!?!?


Oh yea!!!

Lucky number 14……Ian!

Congrats, Ian!  Shoot me an email (Tramey1@gmail.com) with your shipping address, so I can send out this little box of joy!

Thanks so much to all that entered and especially all the cute animal pictures!!!  The folks at ESC were so thrilled with the participation and enthusiasm!!!

Well…off to tackle Tuesday head on starting with a run!  Have a great day bloggers!  Today involves alot of “me” time……my question to you is:

What do you do with your “me” time?  When do you get the most of it, and why is it important to you?


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Rahhhh, Rahhhh, Ooh Laa Laa!

Well, my first run back today went great.  Absolutely NO knee pain!!!  More in just a bit.

Since it is Sunday…it meant only one place for breakfast!

Cracker Bizzle!  Nothing like a big bowl of their oats (plus pecans and a sliced nana) and their lovely Bran Muffin.  Who says you can’t go somewhere like this and eat healthy?!  Met Heather there who is going to apply for our city’s version of Biggest Loser (I get to be the trainer..but not the mean kind.  😉 )

She even brought a notebook to get all the information on applying, etc….talk about dedication already.  Heather, you are going to rock it girl!!!

Fast forward to lunch where I totally regressed back into my elementary days.

Almond Butter and Peach Jam sammie with a hugh jass apple, and some veggie stix.

Deeeeeee-licious.  Sometimes (or always) it is nice to embrace the inner child.

Dearest Sunday,

I love you because you are part of the weekend, but MUST you put me in misery with weather like this:

I swear that Garden Gnome keeps moving closer and closer to the door.  Which just HAPPENS to be right in front of MY room.  *shutter*  And why is he randomly doing the Nazi salute?!?!  A) Who makes these things and B) Why does my mother buy them?!?!?!

After lunch it was time to start prepping for my Running Program that I am coaching at my other gym.  This program gears participants for an annual 5K in the area, and is divided up into three groups.  Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced.  I was stoked to finally be able to gear up in full running attire!

It was a smidge rainy, but I didn’t let that dampen my spirit.

I was nervous initially because this was my first run since my second Half Marathon, when my knee problem was at it’s roughest.  I completed the race, with a good time…but could barely walk when I finished.  I saw a Physical Therapist when I returned home, and we discovered that it was actually a weak left hip that was causing my knee issues.  Total bummer.  Could have been alot worse, though.  After giving me a strict regimen of hip strengthening exercises, and taking a whopping *3* weeks off from running….I was more than ready to get back into the swing of things.

I was with the beginner group today, and it was SO awesome to see all these people ready to learn how to run.  They were so excited, and a bit scared.  I think runners often times forget how intimidating running can truly be.  I remember when I first started running.  It seemed like this big impossible thing, that I was never going to be able to do, and especially not enjoy.  I remember breathing so hard that I literally thought a heart attack was imminent, and approaching at any second.  You just keep going though, adding on a bit each time.  Speeding it up, running longer…becoming stronger.  Running then somehow transforms from being this dreaded, hard, bad thing….into a therapeutic, enurance building, awesome ride.  I think if everyone knew the feeling of a good strong run, then 99.9% of the population would be running on a daily basis.  *THAT* is why I did this program.  To show these people how to turn it into a positive thing.

All that being said, I think the group did amazing today!  We had over 60 people with very little advertisement, so it is sure to grow!  We do group runs every week, and give our groups homework which they complete during their week on their own.  This can range anywhere from documenting runs, to cross training, etc.

I definitely got my workout in!  I would speed up and try and motivate the people in the front….then run back to the middle…and the back.  After doing this several times, I had worked up a nice sweat!  Boo yah.  Also, NO KNEE PAIN.  Granted, I certainly wasnt out there today to bust out records or even run at what would be considered my “normal” pace….but I did alot of running, and no pain.  I was/am elated.  PS, everyone in my group completed the full 3 miles today without stopping.  Rockstars I tell you, they are rockstars!!!  I cannot wait to help them see improvement over the next 6 weeks.

After the run, I was starving and in need of some veggies for dinner.  Stopped by the store on the way home to try and get inspired, and decided to go for a pasta dish!

Sautéed some veggies in a pan with a tablespoon of oil, and some salt/pepper:

Once they were good and soft, I added some broccoli and spinach to the party:

Combined it with what is now my official favorite spice:

This “spiked” it up (ba dum chiiiiiiii) when I added the pasta.  Transfer to your favorite dish…and perfection!

Mmmmmmm. Passssstaahhhh.

Sam was eyeballing the pasta as I inhaled it.  Jealous pup?!?!?!  Yes…he got a bite.

On that note….the weekend is over.  How does it always happen so fast?!

Two positive notes to end the weekend on:

A) You still have 4.5 hours left to enter the Endangered Species Chocolate Giveaway that I am hosting.  Full rules/information can be found HERE!

B) Guess whose birthhhhhhday it is?!?!?!?

Raaaaaah, Raaaaaaah, ooh la laaaaaaa!  It’s GaGa’s BIRTHDAY!!!! Gina had to remind me, does that make me a bad superfan?!

Here is a nice megamix of three songs, JUST to get you in the GaGa spirit.

Happy Birthday, GaGa!!!!!  This Blogger Boy heartttttts you.  You always leave my class in sweaty messes, groaning in what is sometimes audible exertions of pain, and for that…I thank you.  😉


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Well, here goes nothing.

This is my last post before I run 13.1 miles for the second time ever!!!!!!!  Eeeeeeeek!!!!!!

We headed over to Kim’s brothers house where his wife had the perfect pre-run carb fest for the runners!!!

The “Greek” salad was about as legit as it comes.  She is Greek!

Enough of that green nonsense.  GIVE ME THOSE CARBS!

Pure, un-adulterated carb festival IN MY MOUTH.

Sometimes I think a long run is just an excuse to eat like a maniac and feel justified about it.

Stuffed Shells, Greek Salad, Potato Salad, and a hunk-o-bread the size of Rhode Island.

Sugar was also required in the form of an amazing strawberry/banana/angel food cake Trifle.

Wipe up that drool.  Thank you.  IT WAS AMAAAAAAAAAAAZ-AH-EENG.

Spent some cuteness time with Kim’s nephew Ryan…

And then promptly sped home to attempt sleep.  Wake up call is 4am, so we can get there by 5…and race at 6:00am!!!!!!!!!


Ok…..just gotta breath.  I hate these pre-race nerves!!!  What do you guys do to calm them? I swear that last 10 minutes standing there waiting to start is the worst. 10. minutes. of. Tyler’s. life.

Well, ready or not…it is time to do this thing.  I am hoping for the best with the knee, and prepared to push through the pain and rock this bad boy OUT!

The OCD in me had to prepare my outfit…complete with my new FITNESS pack (ok…it is totally a glorified fanny pack) which I can carry my CAMERA in.  If I am feeling froggy, there will be IN RACE pics!  Score.

See you guys at the finish line.  😉


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Early Hump-Day

Good morning Blogville.  Is everyone groovy today?

I started my day off EARLY with a 5:45am Spin class!  At the last minute, Emily dashed in…so I went from being tired/un-motivated, to Super-Tyler (patent pending) in 2.5 seconds, thanks friend!  Did I mention we fly out for Florida in like…24 hours?!?!?!?!  Insanity.

Well, as I was rising from the dead this morning at the very cold and dark hours of the morning, I had a small bowl of cereal as some pre-spin snackage, it was the last of my Trader Joe Berry O’s.  😦


Taught spin with my newest CD, which has this song, which I am now fully obsessed with.  PS, keep those song suggestions for the Half coming, I still need some great ones.  I have downloaded several of your choices!!!  I will post the final playlist tomorrow!

On my way home, I was day dreaming about this guy:

Today’s Batch:

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk
  • 3 TBSP of Flax Seed (I cannot get ENOUGH of this stuff in my oats)
  • 1 Truvia Packet
  • (Nuked for 2:50)
  • Diced Nana
  • LAST of my Trader Joe’s Indulgent Trail Mix (Seriously…depression worthy)
  • Drizzle of Almond Butter

That, my friends…is a bowl of oatmeal.  😉

Have a great day!!!


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