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To blow….or not to blow.

…..that, is the question.

I have done two spin classes today, and had fan issues.  More at the end -o- the post, and I am looking for blogger input!

Breakfast today was non-oatmeal related!!!!  I know, I know…it is scary.  Don’t worry though, I did manage up to whip up some deliciousness.

I picked up some new English Muffins that I wanted to try, and decided I was in the mood for some eggs!

I love how dogs want everything, including raw eggs.

Scrambled the egg up in a pan with some Natural Cheese Blend.  You haven’t lived until you have had cheese eggs, c’mon people.

Got some fruit goin’…

To top the muffins, I used my homemade Organic Pumpkin Butter that my friend Matt made, and some Polaner!

And, yes…I am that guy who puts ketchup on his eggs!

Deeeeeeeeeeeee-friggin-licious.  Seriously, amazing breakfast!  I was proud.  Mr. Quaker, I love you….and I will see you tomorrow.  Why do I feel like I have cheated on my spouse, by NOT having oatmeal today?!?!  I feel like he is staring at me from across the room, with a hidden yet detectable evil glare.

He knows I ate eggs, and he is angry.  Look at that grin.  *shutters*

Moving on!

A snack was my favorite Z-Bar before my second Spin class of the day:

To which I came back (covered in sweat!) and whipped up a nice, fresh, fruity lunch.  Again, I am the carb/fruit/sugar KING, and will scream it from the mountains if I must!

It was cereal/fruit bowl time!  Started out with a Chia Pudding base.  I mixed 1 TBSP of Almond Butter with 1 Cup Almond Milk, and whisked it together..

I let this little concoction get nice and thick (the Chia seeds absorb SO much water) while I chopped up a mango, and some strawberries:

Added half a cup each of my two new cereals for the week:

To the thickened “pudding” I added the cereal, and the fruit:

Both of these get two huge thumbs up.  I have never had an Annie’s product  that I haven’t loved and/or scarfed down instantly.  The brown rice tasted like rice krispies, and even had the bowl of goodness singing to me!  😉  Added a DASH of cinnamon.  (yea right.)

Yummy in my yummy.  Fo realz.

Moving on to the title of this post…

In my 5:45am spin class we have these gigantic, AIRPLANE powered jumbo fans that freeze me, as well as practically blow me off my seat.  They are also so audibly loud, that I have to max out the music just so people in the back of the class can hear it.  I have a couple of people who turn the fan on before we even warm up or mount our bikes!  Needless to say, I do not even sweat in class, and freeze the entire time.

Fast forward to my class today at the YMCA.  We have a rule.  If you get hot/sweaty/uncomfortable…get up, and turn the fan on.  If it gets extreme…prop open the door with a weight.  This system works so much better because  I feel like I sweat more, and when I sweat more…I work harder!  There is no better feeling than sweat dripping down my nose, to really get my class going for the day.  Also, even if we do have the fans on, they are smaller…and therefore not hurricane blasting winds like at my other gym.

So what I am asking you guys is this:

Regarding fans (spin class, other classes, workouts in general)…….to blow or not to blow?!?!  What are your opinions on this?



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Ahh, Sleep.

How I love thee.  I seriously slept until 10:30am this morning, which is the first time in a looooong time.  I love days where you get to turn off the alarm, and just sleep until your body is ready to get up.  Sleep is so crucial, and I let my body have as much as possible at every opportunity.  As soon as I woke up I headed to the YMCA for a meeting about a promotional day that we are doing to help raise money for the Strong Kids Campaign.  I am so excited, because we get to plan another Spin-A-Thon similar to the one we did for Haiti Relief .  It is May 03, and I will have tons more information coming soon.  Any bloggers semi close wanna come out that day???  I will give you the royalty treatment, if so.  😉

After the meeting, I headed home to eat breakfast…which seemed odd…seeing as how it was noon.  Sleeping in = heart.  Missing an early breakfast = not so much heart.  It was time to make an old favorite from Trader Joe’s.  The best flippin’ pancakes in the world!

I tend to make a mess.

The recipe on the pancake box calls for butter and whole eggs.  I left the butter out completely, and just used an egg white.  The Chia made the batter so thick!  I am loving these little seeds!

Into the pan they went, with a spritz of Organic Pam!

While these little beauties got brown, I went to the fridge for some inspiration on a “sauce” to top these guys with.  Yesterday after spin class, my dear friend Matt was nice enough to give me a jar of HOMEMADE organic pumpkin butter.  How amazing are my friends!?  I decided to make a little mixture with that and some AB

Then it was time to flip the cakes!

I chopped up a big Granny Smith Apple, and plated the cakes.  Topped with the Pumpkin Butter sauce, with some walnuts on top for good measure. 😉

It was pretty good.  😉

Sam patiently waited.

(and was thus rewarded with an undocumented mini size Pancake just for him!!!)

After I enjoyed this yumminess, I whipped up a protein shake to take to work with me tonight.  I teach KidFit and Total Body HIIT on Thursdays, and I am always in the need of a good shake between classes/gyms.

It’s gonna by yah-mazing.  Trust.

Now it’s time to prep for my classes tonight, and answer some emails.  Here is your daily dose of dog lovin’.

They have their moments.  😉  Later bloggies!  Catch ya after class(es).


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Holy Shirataki!!!

I think an adult snow day is not only needed once a week…but should officially be required by law.  I have had such an amazing day!  After playing around online and making a new banner for the blog (whaddya think?!) I was getting the munchies and needed a snack!  Fruit to the rescue.

Sliced up some strawberries and a Gala Apple, and made what is now my favorite fruit dip:

Mixed a bit of Peach jam with some Oikos yogurt…sprinkled with granola:

In the meantime, my baking instinct kicked in.  I knew that a snow day was the perfect time to bake the Carrot Cake Muffins I bought at Earth Fare a while back:

These boys called for oil and an egg.  I subbed a bit by doing egg beaters, yogurt instead of oil…and an addition of flax seed

Mixed it all together, and spooned with an ice cream scoop into the muffin pan!

Baked til golden!  These guys smelled AHHHH-mazing.

Luckily, it was time for lunch which kept me conveniently distracted from consuming all 12 warm muffins.

I went to the fridge for inspiration and saw something staring back at me that I have been clueless on how to use:

These are tofu “noodles” that weigh in at a whopping 40 calories for the entire bag!!!  Double word score came into play when I flipped over to the back and saw a Hungry Girl recipe, and I had all the ingredients! 🙂

Notice how she warns of the “authentic aroma” of the noodles.  Apparently “authentic aroma” = smelly fish death festival.  These bad boys WREAKED.  I washed them at least seven times before they smelled neutral.  I had major doubts about this dish…but continued on!

I also added some spinach for some extra yumminess.

Simmered the broth, complete with veggies for 15 minutes…

There also may have been enough red pepper flakes in this pot to choke a horse.  What can I say, I like it spicy!

Here is when the noodles came into play.  Remember these *formerly* stinky fellows?

Added them in, and cooked for the final five minutes..

Plated a huge bowl up with some new crackers:

and some laughing cow light swiss…

The soup was AMAZING! I had some serious doubts about the noodles, but they were so tasty!!!  Identical to a noodle.  SO yummy.  Plenty of leftovers, too!  🙂  Yall should know what was for dessert…

Carrot Muffin with a smear of pumpkin butter.  DEEEEEEE-licious.  Seriously amazing.

That being said….

Let it snow. 😉


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