Lets Give Em Somethin’ To Blog About….

how about loooooove, loooooove, LOOOOOOOOVEEEEUH?!?!?!

Sorry, it reminded me of the song. 🙂

Lord, did everyone think I had vanished again?  No worries, your blogger boy is still here….just crazy busy!  Like the title says, however, I have lots to blog about….

First off, a recent shopping trip has led me to offer some helpful hints when getting groceries, most of which being…

Shop on the outside!

I know you have heard it probably many times, but it is so true.

Sticking to the outside of your local store will allow you to only select fresh ingredients, leaving out the middle man which is mostly full of not so healthy choices.

Random but helpful tidbit there.

Next up in this random post consisted of a cool aspect of my job I just had to post about.  Who else gets to play tag with middle schoolers and get paid?!

A Healthy Living Director, thats who!  I love being able to get these kids active, while still having FUN!  This game is a bib with strips on the back.  Last kid (or blogger) standing with a strip left on their back without it being grabbed is the winner.

Of course, I dominated. 🙂

Another random portion of this blog consists of a Earth Fare trip with Ginny, that proved to be AHHHHMAZING because of a new, and outstanding, find.

Two words for you people.

Chocolate.  Booty.

These were AMAZING!!!!

While the Veggie variety still holds #1 in my heart, Chocolate ranks a close second!  It was so good!  At $2 a bag, I think I may have went a bit overboard with my booty purchases for the day, I will let you be the judge….

Mmmmmm, booty love at it’s finest.

Completely unrelated to Booty, but delicious none the less…

Random yummy dinner…

Where I found your long lost blogger friend, Emily!!!!  😀

Where a delicious wrap was consumed…

Turkey wrap with double broc!  Yum!

And what happens when a group of friends get together with a shared love for sugary goodness?!

That is one big box of Munchkin lovin’

which makes a nice transition into burning those mentioned Munchkins off!

My friend Sharon kept telling me about a local 5 mile trail run.  I have only ever done road races, so I was instantly ready for a change!  Trail runs, here I come…we even had SHIRTS made for the occasion.

And did we ever run for those cupcakes!

Check out the muddy (and cold!!!) legs after!

I have misssssssed racing so much!  Felt good to have a race bib on!

and boy was the 5 miles worth the trophies that awaited us in the car…

Cupcaaaaaaake.  🙂

Thanks to Sharon for introducing me to the new and addicting world of trail running!

What do you think of trail running?  Are you a road, or trail racer?

And can I just say, what is the DEAL with all this Royal Wedding nonsense?  Why are we supposed to care again???  They are streaming it live in like 96 countries or something equally as insane.  Ridiculous.



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15 responses to “Lets Give Em Somethin’ To Blog About….

  1. Sharon

    Yay!!!! The trail run was the best run ever!!! My ankles are still sore. I don’t care about the royal wedding one bit but the word wedding automatically makes me think of cake and cake makes me think of CUPCAKES!! 🙂

    • I think I am still drooling over my Vanilla Birthday Cake!!!! When are doing another race?!?!

      • Sharon

        We need to find a good race soon. I will see what’s coming up! Put Crazy 8s on your calendar ……….. and the Tuesday after crazy 8s is a 7 mile trail run that we MUST do also!!! We will go practice it some too. Trail runs are my absolute fav. Winding trails, no cars and I ALWAYS feel like I get more of a workout during my run.

  2. Yum! Chocolate Pirate’s Booty?! I must go to Earth Fare tomorrow!

  3. Love your blog. Such a fun read.
    Have not seen that chocolate booty in my store. I will be on the search.
    I discovered Emily’s blog recently and really loved some of her recipes on there. I was sad to see that she has not blogged in a while. Tell her to come back!!

    • Thank you for reading!!!!!

      I will try, but she seems pretty content (and busy) in her non blogging life. I will keep you guys updated, though! No worries. 🙂

  4. I love your blog too, I’m Genn (comment above mines) sister 🙂 I was going to say your friend Ginny, how funny my sister is Genny with a “G” too! All tho she goes by Genn I call her Genny.

    I run roads but I’m doing my 2nd half marathon in 2 weeks & am told I should incoperate some trail runs into my training to better my road times. Hmmm.

    Chocoloate popcorn….heaven?!

    • YES, right here on earth. It is pretty darn fantastic.

      I will say that with all the up/down hills of a trail run, it makes road running seem alot easier, so I have no doubt it would eventually improve overall speed! It was a killer workout, for sure!

      I love that I have sister blog followers!!! 🙂 That is so cool.

      Good luck on your half, you will do fantastic!!! If I wasn’t teaching a bazillion classes a week, I would love to start training for my third half….maybe in the fall!

  5. Some stores are becoming “shop on the outside” only stores. I’ve been in to a few around here that appear small at first, but then I realize they’re only small because they don’t have aisles and aisles of processed junk! I’ve been only shopping in those for quite a while and now it seems like the normal grocery stores are huge!

  6. klh

    I dont have booty in my stores…that’s booty ; ) Looks like you definitely been busy! I love your job too! Happy almost Friday!

    Katie : )

  7. Jenna's Journey

    chocolate pirate booty?! WHAT??!?! i am going to TJ’s tomorrow!

  8. hello! I’ve been sitting here reading through all of your posts (for what seems like an hour!) After getting a , after-reading-your-blog-craving, bowl of oatmeal (with peanut butter, craisins, nuts , and honey) I’m so glad I found you! Motivation needs to be sent my way to keep me on track and I love how you are all about moderation and suggest some healthy meals and exercises , thank you 🙂 I do have a question for you. After reading the labels on , both, regular (Jiff) peanut butter and all natural peanut butter; I realized there wasn’t much a difference. Why is all natural peanut butter so much better for you?

  9. where has emily gone?!!

  10. is there a reason you’re not blogging anymore? i miss your updates!

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