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Live in 5….4…..3…..2……..1.


Today has been non-stop, but I heart that.  Come on people…hectic is good!

Started out with a breakfast parfait -o- joy.

Who knew they even had puffed millet cereal?!?!?!  My love for millet grows by the day.  Started off this parfait with a bed of Greek Yogurt (Dannon, Strawberry)

Next went the millet-love!

And then finished off with a sliced nana, some Gourmet Granola (Millet, Oats, Chocolate Chips, Other deliciousness that currently escapes my exhausted mind.)

Also topped with ch, ch, ch, chiiiiia!  🙂  Layered yumminess.

This was the perfect “on the go fuel” to get me started early with my Elementary kiddos, and some KidFit Yoga!

Today the kids were extra cute, and quite frankly…a little drained themselves as it was the last day of their TCAP testing.  For those of you who don’t know what TCAP testing is, it’s basically a huge formal exam at the end of the year that the kids drill for constantly.  There is way too much pressure/weight put on the results, and the Teaching Major in me hates it with all my being!!!!  Boo for standardized/high stake testing!

That being said, we took it easy today.  We did some nice relaxing poses, and I let them just de-stress.  Hey…even elementary aged kids have alot on their plates.

After Yoga, I sped like a madman to the YMC-izzle for a back to back combo of Spin/RIPPED.  RIPPED is like my Total Body HIIT class, just minus the cardio.  I really liked teaching these two classes back to back!  I also love subbing classes, because I get to see a completely different group of people.  Today we did a lower body/upper body/ab combo, and repeated with different moves.  Amazing sweat session!  Gotta love the P90x push-up/oblique chopper! Rawr!

After class it was finally time to go on the NEWS!  Eeeeeeek!

Met my girl Natalie, and we were off to the news station to promote Eight To The Eights.

I have totally decided that TV anchorman is in my immediate future…this place was so cool!

Managed to steal a pic with Sara Diamond, before we went live!

Once she went on, it was almost time for us!  By this point, I kept adjusting my clothes/mic/fidgeting anyway I could.  Nervous wreck!!!

Here was the studio where we were interviewed:

So.  Much.  Fun.  Seriously, as soon as we were “on” it seemed to go by in like 10 seconds!  I managed to pull it off without slipping and/or any awkwardness.  Video coming soon guys, I promise! Hopefully we got the word out a bit more about the program, I am stoked to see what happens from here.

After the interview, Natalie took me to an amazing lunch spot that I had never been before!

This place is a salad lovers dream come true!

The “Super Salad” gave options of three pre-prepared salads to top a huge bed of romaine lettuce.

They also have a ton of brewed and fruity teas.  We went with the raspberry.

Did I mention how much I love my runnin’ buddy, race plannin’, scooter drivin’ (Thats right…she drives a pink scooter around town…get jealous!), big sis Natalie?!?!

Now bring on the salad!!!

I got the pasta salad, wild rice and cranberry, and oriental!

I don’t mess around.

We amanged to avoid the desserts…but trust me, it wasn’t easy.

After a fantabulous trip to the news, and and even better lunch…it was time to keep on keepin’ on…and back to the school for High School KidFit…followed immediately by my 5:30pm spin!

New CD tonight (tracks coming soon!)

Currently obsessed with this jam.  And this one.  Annnnnnd…this one. (Yes….more Bieber.)

Also…thanks to Jeremy, I am now obsessed with this gal…who is very GaGa-esque!

After Spin, it was time for dinnnnnnner.  Headed to Panera because I was famished…and it feeds my face nicely.  😉

Half veggie sandwich, half fuji salad…..whole apple.  😉

And now here I sit at the bizzle….contemplating life…blogging, and planning out the rest of my classes for the week.  Life is good!



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French Breakfast…ala Bob!

Good morning blog world….how is everyone?

Technically it is not morning time, but Sundays are my ONLY lazy-ish day of the week so I tend to embrace the “morning” feeling all day long.  Stay in those comfy clothes…..sip some great coffee….whatever you need to do to get ya in the mood.

Normally Sunday morning breakfast is a pre-planned trip to the Barrel, aka Cracker Barrel….however, today we went with something a bit different…

The Bob!!!

I was very impressed with their “healthy” options, even for breakfast!  Crepe anyone?!?!

I ended up picking off all the toppings from the crepe, and putting it in the oatmeal.

I must admit, in the Bob VS. Barrel throw-down……Bob came out victorious today!!!

There was also plenty of the brown stuff to keep me awake:

Delicious!  Has anyone eaten at Bob Evvans??  What do you think?


Rewinding a bit to last night…when I got off work, it was time to meet Emily, Russel, Christie, and Phil for dinner at a small little place downtown…

This place was super nice, but was majorly lacking on the veggie options.

It was the typical sports bar-esque place….so I had to poke around the menu a while to find something that wasn’t covered/contained/sprinkled with meat.

They did have SWEET POTATO FRIESSSSSSSS...which makes me happy, and almost forgave them for the lack of vegetarian fare.  Ended up with the fries, and a house salad.

The salad was actually really impressive, with lots of veggie representatives.  😉

And the fries, as always, never dissapoint.

Someone may have helped me eat them.

After dinner, we hit up Starbizzle for a little coffee lurv.

Where Emily proceeded to use my laptop as a portable boom box.

Did I mention how GINORMOUS my laptop is.  *sigh*  I love it, but good grief.

Also, I finally broke down and purchased a gift card to the Starbizz.  After months of illegally using Kim’s login/password to get online while in the store…I decided it was time I bought one of my own.  Bonus….it is a key chain!!!  Why do I feel like the $20.00 I put on that will be gone in the literal blink of an eye?

If you don’t have a registered card, you need to get one asap.  You get free refills (score)….free schtuff on your birthday (score’er)…….free drink after every fifteen (score’er’er)……annnnd free wi-fi (scorest.)

Oh mini vanilla scone, how I love you.


Well, off to enjoy the rest of Sunday.  Running program to coach @ 3:30….dinner with Heather…and then I am introducing my friend Patrick to the movie “28 Days Later” which is the best zombie movie EVAH!!!

Tomorrow is literally going to be insane.  I am teaching Spin twice….subbing a Sculpt class, teaching my KidFit class (once to High Schoolers…once to Elementary), AND going on the local news to talk about Eight To The Eight’s.

NERVOUS WRECK.  I have neverrrrrr been on the news, I hope I don’t freeze up and start drooling or something.


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All the cool kids get their groceries put in boxes these days, I mean come on now people.

I forgot my plastic bags this morning, so I just had the girl put my stuff in a big box they had lying around.  Reason #45676 that I love the Earth Feezy.

Did I mention they had my fay-voh-rite chocolate on sale?!?!

AND my favorite booty!

Score!  Lucky day or what?!  I also picked up a scone to have later for lunch.  This was a new one at Earth Fare, and all I had to see were two words to know I was instantly sold:

Coconut.  Chocolate.  I don’t even think I read the rest of the description before snatching one up (notice the empty spot up front….that one became MINE!)

Check out the loot:

Now it is time to rewind a bit, before grocery fun-time…I had 6:00am spin!  Great sweat sesh as always, and Kimmy was there which made it even better!  Check out this sunrise as I was leaving the gym:

Pretty groovy, huh?

We headed to our favorite Mermaid for some caffeine:

Now *this* is my idea of how to drink coffee.

Comfy chair = good times.

After the gym/grocery session I headed back to the casa to throw together some Triple Chocolate Oatmeal!  With two Spin classes to teach today plus a 3 mile run with Steph…it was carbo load time (which I will find any excuse for)

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Chocolate Almond Milk
  • 1 Banana (nuked for 2 minutes prior to putting in)
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • Sprinkling of Mocha Madness Trail Mix
  • Drizzling of Maranatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread

Sooooooo good.  Hands down my favorite way to make oats!

Also, I didn’t get a chance to update last night…work was insane!  I got to try a new probable obsession, Passion Fruit Tea! (with jealous on-lookers in the background…the tea is MINE…back off.  😉 )

Snacked on some Chobani and Annie’s Puff goodness…

And had the classic Panera standby for dinner.  Fuji Chicken Apple Salad Sans Chicken.  😉  Anyone else craving salads/cold things like whoa now that is starting to warm up?!?!

Whole grain baguette goodness on the side:  (check out the millet/flax…looooove!)

So there is your quick recap for last night!  Sorry for the randomness of this post!  🙂

Also, we have finalized a logo for our city-wide weight loss program this summer:

Doesn’t it look fabulous?!?!?!  I am so excited.

The official blog for the program is now online, although with very limited information.  I am posting the application today…and we start promoting it this week!  I was in the paper today!  woot woot!  (I will try and track down an online version of it for you guys!)  I am so beyond stoked.

Check out the blog! (Again…more information to come soon)

Eight To The Eight’s

Have a good one bloggies!  It’s time to prep for Express Spin, and get ready for a looooooong day.  Bring it, Wednesday.  😉


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Easter Shenanigans

How was everyones Easter weekend?!?!?!  I feel like a bad blogger, not updating since yesterday morning!  Sheesh.  Partook (is that a word) in several Easter shenanigans, starting with last nights Easter party.  Look at this cake and tell me you aren’t instantly in lurv.

Oh Mr. Bunny Cake….you are too cute, how could anyone eat you?!?!?!

Oh wait.

He tasted as good as he looked!

First, however, it was time to get down to some business, there were eggs to be colored, people!

Whaddya think?!?!

Egg-antics work up quite the appetite, and it was time for:

Had two slices of a pesto/pepper pie, and a nice big salad!

There may have been a sprinkling or nine of red pepper flakes.  😉

Time for random blog photo shoot time!

Did I mention that the bunny kept staring at me.

I had to take him down.

Had to take care of business!

I also got to introduce my friends to the wondermous that IS Veggie Booty!

We emptied the bag pretty quick, so I am guessing it was somewhat successful.  😉

After a night full of Easter fun it was time to head home and zonk out for the night.  Normally, Sunday morning means one thing….Cracker Barrel!  (or “The Barrel”…right, Gina?!?!)  However since we were having an early Easter lunch, I opted for a simple bowl of cereal with a nana.

Cheetah Bowl = fun times.

When lunch did roll around it was the typical Southern classics:

Here are some Blogger Boy tips for avoiding a buffet-scenario caloric disaster:

  • Small portions. There is always a tendency to want to try it all.  If you feel like this, do it….just get smaller portions.
  • Go Green. If it all possible (this time I had little option) go green and load up on veggies
  • Don’t “Hover”. Make a plate, and stick to it.  A nibble here and there doesn’t seem like much…but do this over the course of an hour while chatting it up, and you can quickly go overboard!

Dessert was present, and I sampled both cakes…but smallllll pieces, and added some fruit for balance.

It was just enough so I felt satisfied….but didn’t have the miserable, overly stuffed, instant regret feeling.  At the end of the day, it just isn’t worth it. You can totally survive situations like this by just sticking to the simple guidelines.  Don’t over do it.  EVERYTHING in moderation!

Which brings me to another point.

40 days ago I gave up all meats for Lent.  Today was the day it was over, and look what was staring me down:

Ham time!!!!

Gotta say though, I have felt better in these past 40 days than I have in a while.  Could it all be in my head???  Sure.  Point is, I felt/feel good and have decided to continue on the no meat quest. Am I saying that I am absolutely 100% vegetarian???  Nope.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with nice lean meats like chicken or salmon.  However, I simply have not missed meat in the least bit!  I feel like if you can get healthy alternative sources of protein, then go for it!  The more the merrier.

How did everyone else’s Lent give-ups go???

Since lunch provided to be somewhat of a carb/sugar overloard….I wanted a nice cold smoothie for dinner.  Add to the fact that I went on a nice long 5 mile HOT walk with my pal Susan.  Something about this hot weather…I am already getting smoothie fever hardcore.  It was time for the Green Monster!

This bad boy had:

  • 2 Cups Spinach
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk

With some oats sprinkled on top for good measure.

Mmmmmmm, green goodness.

Topped the night off with a trip to the bizzle, for the standard iced coffee.

Great end to a great weekend.

Sorry for the massive update/overload.  Normal life/blogging will resume tomorrow.  I hope everyone had an amazing couple of days!!!  Monday…why must you show up so soon?!?!

Heres want I want to know in a nutshell:

  • Did you give up anything for Lent, if so what/how did it go?
  • Did you splurge on some yummy holiday treats?
  • What is your FAVORITE Easter candy?


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Weekend Warrior(s)!

Sheesh.  I am officially tar’d.  Yep, in Tennessee we roll like that and say “tar-ed” for tired…I embrace my inner redneck most times.

Last night was full of fun times, when I finally got to see my Maggie!!!  It was time for an Indian Feast.

Not only Indian….but fine AND exotic.  Boo yah.  What they mean by that is flaming food!

We got two things to share to get the full experience.  😉

Aloo Gobi Masala and Chana Masala.

We also had a delicious little appetizer bread/dippage combo:

Gina, I thought about you the whole time.  When are you coming to Tennessee to help me try this stuff?!?!


Even more glorious was the caffeine buzz afterwards:

You will be seeing alot of iced coffee’s over the next few months, so go ahead and prepare yourself mentally.  I will try to spice up the shots so it doesn’t get boring.  Look how the pastries tempt me!  I was able to hold off.

Ended the night at Applebees for some hilarious adventures.  Fun times!  No food = no pictures.  Plus everyone might have thought I was slightly bonkers.

Fast forward to the morning.  Teaching both Weekend Warrior (crazy 70 minute cardio/weight class) plus Spin = intense breakfast was needed.  Headed over to my second home/family for some pancakes!

Packed up all the fixings for a perfect pancake breakfast.

Random toppings = marvelous cakes.

Look, they even have a little begger of their own!  Meet Marley:

Is he not?!?!?!?!?!?!

Now back to the yum.

Who needs syrup when you have Almond Butter?!

Perfect fuel for Weekend Warrior and Spin!  As soon as we ate, we packed up and headed to the Y!

Aweeeeeeesome classes today.  Weekend Warrior kicked booty today, and spin was full and sweaty.  Perfection.

Afterwards the Weekend Warriors (hardy har har) and I went to the bizzle where I got the normal.  (see….two in the same post, I am telling you guys…its only going to get worse as it gets warmer.)

Clif Kid was inhaled in a post workout frenzy.  The Warriors in action! (and by action I mean melted onto a comfy Starbucks couch)

You only have today and tomorrow to enter HERE for free chocolate, from our friends at Endangered Species Chocolate!  Check it out, and get that entry in!!!!


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Good afternooooooon bloggies!

How in the heck are ya?!

5:45am Spin called my name this morning, which most certainly worked up a sweat…and called for some immediate caffeine release with Kim!

Thank you for being wondermous, Cafe Misto.

Since it was close to 8:00am and Targizzle was about to open across the street, Kim and I made our way over…and waited for the doors to be unlocked like rabid dogs waiting to pounce on a Black Friday Bargain.  Seriously….it felt “Super Market Sweep”-esque as we were running down the aisles with the lights not even turned on!  Fun times.

Managed to pick up a coffee grinder (score!), some cute new plates/bowl (scorer!), and the candy that should be illegal in all states yet holds a cholk hold on me at this time of the year. (scorest.)

There was another plate that was quickly washed and used for breakfast……MONKEYSSSSSS!!!!!

why do I feel like everything will taste better on this plate?!?!

Mr. Quaker, I love you……but today I dined with another.  The egg.

Made a 3 egg (2 yolk) scramble with some spinach…

Toasted up an english muffin, and voila.

Nice little change to the routine…sorry Mr Quaker, I know you get angry when I don’t consume you daily *hides*

(I found this online….not sure quite what it is, but I “WON’T” it…which is a way stronger word than want.)

Well, time for a snack, and to head for some Express Spin at the YMC-izzle.  It is gorgeous outside, which means I get to rock the GaGa shades.  Nice.

I leave you…..with the God Warrior.

DOARK SIDED!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to enter for free chocolate.  Save an animal in the process.  Boo-yah.


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So long Georgia, hello Dessert Babies!

Well, my last day in Augusta, Georgia seemed to get off to a perfectly normal and healthy start.  Keep in mind that “seemed” word as you continue reading.  Anywho, the day started with a perfectly delicious Cranberry Orange muffin from Fresh Market…a nice big pear….and my Iced Coffee obsession.  I am telling you, now that it is getting warm outside, my entire paycheck might as well be transferred directly to Starbucks in order to fund the IV of Iced Coffee that will be inevitably pumped into my body on an hourly basis.  Sad thing is, since it is colder…I can drink it even faster!!!  Do they make these guys in gallon size?!
Nothing like a nice breakfast buzz.
Check out that crystallized sugar goodness atop the muffin.
Considering it had been a good 48 hours since I had worked up a mad sweat sesh, it was high time to thoroughly soak the booty…so we made our way to the local Y….pre-GaGa fierceness.
Did the Elliptical for 20 minutes, and then my own impromptu Spin session.  SWEAT.  FACTORY.  My body thanked me as I grinded it out on the bike.  Amazing how much I miss vigorous exercise when I don’t get it for even two days.  Again…it is a darn good thing that I did sweat like a nervous prom date, because Linner (Lunch/Dinner) and dessert was a down right eating contest.
This place seems all sweet and innocent, right?!?!?
The Boll Weevill has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows, including butter queen Paula Deen….this should have been my FIRST warning.  We walked in to a dessert case that would put Willy Wonka to SHAME!
Nope, that isn’t a skyscraper…..it’s a CAKE.  Layers upon layers of cake-like goodness.  We were like some crazed zoo tourists as we pressed our faces to the glass and drooled.
Dinner needed to come first.
All I had to see was portabella, and I knew I was sold on this Sammie.  Ordered that, plus the spicey corn chowder.
Check this bad boy out, who needs meat…I ask you?!
The soup was also great and had an amazing heat to it.  Bravo, Weevil!
The time had come.  The dessert menu was upon us.  It was all downhill from here.
For starters, it was Sunday…which meant the desserts were on SALE.
We saw many tables *splitting* one slice of cake between parties of ¾…but noooooo…we had to be special.  We had to be ridiculous.  We had to…..order 3!!!!!!!
This was nothing but a pure and simple:
We barely made a dent, and were all collectively unbuttoning our pants in pure foodgasm MISERY.  Even though we “shared” all 3 pieces, I don’t understand how one human could completely eat one of these desserts.  If you are ever in Augusta, be sure to check this place out!  It is one of those “whole in the wall” type places, that is totally delicious!  By far our favorite meal!
So good, but sooooooo painful.  This is where the disclaimer comes in.
Should you eat like this often?!?!?!  No.  Should you eat like this once in a blue moon??!?!  Abso-freaking-lutely.  I loved every miserable bite, and am currently pregnant with multiple food babies.  I am registered at Babies -R- Us, and I am doing the room in yellow, just in case anyone is interested in picking up a little something for the tikes.
Once the eating had reached its Zenith….we decided it was time for a walk on the river.  We needed to do something, or become instantly paralyzed in sugar-death.
Fun, fun trip.  The weekend flew by…and it is back to the grind tomorrow.
Exciting news…the MYSTERY BOX, all it’s contents, and your chance to win what is inside will be posted tomorrow.  So be sure to check back.  It is a GOOD one guys.  I am so excited!!!


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