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Short and Sweet

Short and sweet, just like moi. haha

Well, how did everyone enjoy their Wednesday?!?!  Tomorrow is Thursday, but technically I am considering it Friday because of the Easter Weekend, which means that tonight is Friday Eve!!!  So woop woop.

Can we just talk for a minute about my pre-dinner snack and how close I am to needing an intervention on these puffed, green, bundles of joy:

This Veggie Pirates Booty seriously has a choke hold on me right now!!!  Snacked on this, and an apple when I started work…

One of our glorious members was also nice enough to bring us an organic snack!  (so these people know me or what.)  I give you, a sesame seed encrusted, cashew, agave, joy filled blob of pure love:


Dinner was quick, and picked up earlier at Panera.  Got a nice whole grain bagel with Peanut Butter:

And some Oikos and strawberries:

The bagel needed something, and honey did the trick.

Sweet dinner was finished with a sweeter dessert.  Organic Sunspires (basically organic m&m’s) and dried pineapple lovin’

Told ya this one was going to be short and sweet.

With my job on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s not starting until 4:00pm, I am not on the typical 9:00-5:00 shift that most of America is on.  In fact, on other days with my classes I am teaching my schedule is nuts.  My question is….do you have a typical 9-5(esque) schedule, or is it different?  How do you incorporate your workouts?



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That’s the current temperature/setting outside.  Absolutely gorgeous, and in the upper 60’s!!!  Sah-weet.

My day was jump started off to an early start with 6:00am Spin class.  We had 10 people!!!!  I was so excited.  I have been trying so hard to build up that new class, and it is hard being at a gym where I really don’t know anyone yet.  So much easier to have more energy when the bikes are full.  Can I get an instructor-leujah?

Snacked on this beastie pre class.  Omega-3 waffle with home made pumpkin butter (Thanks, Matt!)

Came home and made the classic.  Chia oats.

Topped with a glorious drizzle of Almond Butter, plus 2 TBSP of my Mocha Madness Trail Mix.  YUM!

I also stopped by Ingles on the way home to pick up some produce.

Yet again, I got the eye roll from the cashier complete with the “Well YOUUUUUU eat healthy.”  Bah.  I take it as a badge of honor and it really doesn’t bother me anymore.  Needless to say she was clueless when it came to ringing up the starfruit.  “What IS this?!?!?!” followed by a gross look.  People are so weird!!!!  Why is healthy eating taboo????

Also, a mysterious event occurred early this morning.  The two pups were actually NEAR each other, and still enough to be photographed.  This photo is as elusive as a Bigfoot snapshot!

Does anyone else “name” their dog, but then call them 4,500 different names in differing voices?  The boxer is Oli, yet I always end up calling her:

  • Weirdo
  • Weird One
  • Weirdest of Weird
  • Weirdy.

Also the black pomeranian, Sam…becomes:

  • Biscuit
  • Booska
  • Wittle Wittle
  • Sum Sum
  • Criscuit

(Don’t even ask, lol)

Point it, do you have a “language”/voice for your dog?  Do you normally call them by name, or nickname?

I give you, the future of the blogging world:

Lunch was glorious, and since it was so pretty, Steph and I decided to walk down to Panera from the YMC-izzle.  The choice should be no surprise:

Half the Veggie Sammie on Honey Wheat….half Fuji Chicken Apple Salad…sans the chicken, yo.

Blogging outside, GaGa shades on, does it get much better?!?!  Enjoy this day, bloggies.  I am!


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