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Weekend Warrior(s)!

Sheesh.  I am officially tar’d.  Yep, in Tennessee we roll like that and say “tar-ed” for tired…I embrace my inner redneck most times.

Last night was full of fun times, when I finally got to see my Maggie!!!  It was time for an Indian Feast.

Not only Indian….but fine AND exotic.  Boo yah.  What they mean by that is flaming food!

We got two things to share to get the full experience.  😉

Aloo Gobi Masala and Chana Masala.

We also had a delicious little appetizer bread/dippage combo:

Gina, I thought about you the whole time.  When are you coming to Tennessee to help me try this stuff?!?!


Even more glorious was the caffeine buzz afterwards:

You will be seeing alot of iced coffee’s over the next few months, so go ahead and prepare yourself mentally.  I will try to spice up the shots so it doesn’t get boring.  Look how the pastries tempt me!  I was able to hold off.

Ended the night at Applebees for some hilarious adventures.  Fun times!  No food = no pictures.  Plus everyone might have thought I was slightly bonkers.

Fast forward to the morning.  Teaching both Weekend Warrior (crazy 70 minute cardio/weight class) plus Spin = intense breakfast was needed.  Headed over to my second home/family for some pancakes!

Packed up all the fixings for a perfect pancake breakfast.

Random toppings = marvelous cakes.

Look, they even have a little begger of their own!  Meet Marley:

Is he not?!?!?!?!?!?!

Now back to the yum.

Who needs syrup when you have Almond Butter?!

Perfect fuel for Weekend Warrior and Spin!  As soon as we ate, we packed up and headed to the Y!

Aweeeeeeesome classes today.  Weekend Warrior kicked booty today, and spin was full and sweaty.  Perfection.

Afterwards the Weekend Warriors (hardy har har) and I went to the bizzle where I got the normal.  (see….two in the same post, I am telling you guys…its only going to get worse as it gets warmer.)

Clif Kid was inhaled in a post workout frenzy.  The Warriors in action! (and by action I mean melted onto a comfy Starbucks couch)

You only have today and tomorrow to enter HERE for free chocolate, from our friends at Endangered Species Chocolate!  Check it out, and get that entry in!!!!



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Breakfast Two-A-Days

C’mon…..you know you want breakfast twice in one day.

My day began early when I met Kim and Emily at the gym for an amazing weight session!  Whipped up a protein shake to chug…half pre-gym, and the other half post.

Got some good weights in:

  • Chest Press
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Dips
  • Deadlifts With Row
  • Shoulder Raises (lateral/front)
  • Squats
  • Walking Lunges
  • Side Squats (With Band)
  • ABS (which were forced upon my by Krucker)

Where I promptly came back to the hizzouse (Starbucks may have been somewhere involved during the in between time…but who am I to tell.) for my first breakfast of the day…Chia Oats!

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • 1 Truvia Packet

I made them on the stove-top today!

Topped these bad boys with a big dollop of Almond Butter (no drizzle today…wanted the blobbage), and some fantasmic mocha marble trail mix:

Twas a chocolate/nutty/chia mess of joy.

Random cute dog love of the day.

What makes a boxer cuter than normal?!?!  Footie Pajamas, obviously.

Sam wanted in on the cuteness as well:

Today was so gorgeous outside, which makes me extremely happy.  Like, to the max.  Ran some errands and picked up part of Maggies Birthday present!  We are celebrating tonight at Stir Fry, can’t wait!!!

Came home for breakfast round two (aka lunch), because quite frankly….it’s exactly what I wanted.

Made a strawberry sauce by dicing up some berries, and cooking them over medium heat with some Polaner All Fruit, and some chia seeds to thicken it:

Once the berries popped, I let the sauce cool, and then topped the waffles. Yummmmm-o.

Sam has been lazy all day.  Look at this pose:

Remember that big brown box that came to my house yesterday?!?!  The mystery box?!?!

Well, I have thought about it….

…and you still don’t get to know yet.  😉

Here, however, is more of a clue.

What could it be?!?!?!?  😉

Happy Thursday, bloggies!


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I am beat.  Total Body was killlllller tonight.

Headed to my other gym after lunch to get some cardio in and teach my KidFit Class.  Typing out “my other gym” feels like I am somehow “cheating” on the YMCA.  haha.  I guess I could call it by it’s name, The Wellness Center…but the other gym just seems more dramatic.  😉

Tackled 45 minutes on the Elliptical, and then taught the KidFit class.  Wore them OUT!  One kid actually asked me if I had ever been in the army before, LOL…

Headed to my HOME gym 😉 at the YMCA and sipped on half of my protein masterpiece:

I was reading an article in Men’s Health recently that talked about how our body needs half it’s protein before a weight workout/class, and half after…so I thought I would give it a try.  It was hard only sipping on half…it tasted like straight up chocolate milk!  Bravo to my new protein powder!

Made it to the YMCA for Total Body…again, it was PACKED!  We ran out of everything tonight, and I think we had close to 40 people in there.  It was insane/glorious at the same time.  The moaning and groaning was at an all time high tonight, so job well done I would assume.  We were all sweaty messes.  Rushed out of the class starving and headed to Ingles…I was running dangerously low on produce….this, my friends, is my kind of shopping trip:

Quickly got to work on dinner, because I was on the verge of eating the carpet at this point.  I went for a BBQ theme…

I was also craving vegetables like whoa.  I think it’s amazing that when my body even goes a short time without vegetables…my cravings kick in.  Spritzed some Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potato Wedges, and Okra with some Organic Pam, and added some Red Pepper….sheet tray…375*….35 minutes…perfection every time!

Plated the Veggie-Q on a whole wheat pita pocket, and heated up some veggie baked beans….perfect dinner.

Everything is better with ketchup.

Dessert was in order and called for my favorite Edy’s FroYo, and a Chocolate Chip Dunker from Trader Joe’s

On that note, it is time for some Survivor on DVR…and bed.  Teaching Spin at 5:45am tomorrow…trying to get excited about it.  😉

What are some of your “go to” dinners??  Ones that are always in the back of your mind as good, simple recipes? Roasted veggies definitely tops my list.


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Breakfast Buzz.

Nothing like a 5:00am wakeup call to jump start a day, hmm?  Massive amounts of caffeine were most certainly in order.

I drudged my way to the gym and taught Spin…great class!  Kim and Emily came, and we had 7 people, which means the little class is finally picking up steam.  I am so grateful.  It is so odd teaching at the YMCA and having packed houses for each class, and then going to my other gym and having no one!  I have complete faith though that it is still a new class, and I just need to THREATEN people with their lives until we start packing the house out there as well.  😉

After Spin, Emily and I went to Starbizzle where I tried the new Dark Cherry Mocha.  Let me just tell you…this bad boy was fantastic.  When we were in Florida a couple of weeks ago for the Gasparilla Half Marathon, we stayed with Kim’s family and picked up some “Chocolate Cherry Kiss” coffee from Fresh Market and had it while we were down there.  It made the entire house smell wonderfully, so I was instantly reminded of it this morning!  Cherry goodness, I tell you.  This, but no whipped cream…and 2% milk.

Headed home for an oatmeal masterpiece!!!  It was the classic, with some added Chia goodness.

Yep…I am an Almond Butter drizzler.  I know that Julie had some trouble with the drizzle by heating her nut butter up, scorching it!  I keep my Trader Joe’s creamy unsalted Almond Butter in the fridge…and it still remains at a drizzle consistency at all times…check it out:

Which is the perfect topping for some Chia oats!  Along with a fantabulistic chocolate trail mix:

I cannot get over how the Chia adds a completely different texture to the oats, I love it!

Also, while at Starbizzle this morning, I picked up a EARTH-friendly coffee press!

Ok, I now have a press.  What I need from YOU is coffee suggestions!!!!!  What should I buy?!?  What are your favorite coffee blends?

I leave you with some puppy love from this morning:

I think it is time to join these 40 lb heating pads for a nice nap.  Express Spin Class @ 12:15…can’t wait!


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Mondays are insane!!!!  My Monday actually began last night, when I got some advice from Jill about what to do with my new Chia Seeds:

As I see the chia pudding post above, you HAVE to do it and put it in your oats; 1/4 cup almond milk and 1 tbsp chia seeds. wisk and let set on counter for 20 min, then pop in the fridge overnight. Add to your oats in the morning and they will be super creamy, and full of Omega 3’s!!

Soaked those babies in the Almond Milk, and stuck them in the fridge to work their magic overnight!

Did I mention that I pink fuzzy heart Almond Milk?!?!

Please overlook the outfit.  I was dressed for bed, ok?!?!?!?!

So while I slept, the chia worked it’s magic powers.  Woke up this morning early and headed to my first of four (yikes) classes of the day!  Yoga was first, and the kids were adorable, as always.  We are really getting into some complicated/tough poses for an adult, let alone elementary kids…they are doing great!

Came home to find that the chia/milk mixture had thickened beautifully!

I added this mixture to my friend, Mr. Quaker:

Coincidentally, these were not your everyday oats.  I had an almost empty jar of Almond Butter, which meant only one thing!  Oats In A Jar!

It was the normal oat process.  With added dried berries for yum factor.

Made the oats, and then I added them to the AB jar…plus the Chia mixture.

YUM-tastic.  Just when I thought oats couldn’t get any better!  The Chia seeds gave the oatmeal such a creamy consistency, it was fabulous!  Bravo, Jill.  You know your stuff sister.

Did I mention that my house is slowly becoming overpopulated with pups?!?!  My brother is in town, which means his Boxer, Abby, is staying with us!  Check this big girl out:

She is adorable.

She fits right in with the rest of the crew.

Poor Sam just keeps to himself, and tries not to get trampled by the dinosaurs

After I finished breakfast, and tended to the pack of wild beasts…it was off to the YMCA for Express Sculpt.  I try to incoroporate a full body workout in 30 minutes using basic equipment.  Here was todays agenda:

  • Heavy Bar Squats
  • Heavy Bar Chest Press
  • Leg Lifts (with tons of holds and circles)
  • Bicep Curls with Medium Bar
  • Walking Lunges with Medium Bar
  • Overhead Press/Sqaut Combo with Medium Bar
  • NO Weight/Equipment Arm circles (shoulders…killllls after 100 or so)
  • Abs/Cooldown

’twas nice.

After class I came home and threw together a Mexican inspired lunch!  Started out with a whole wheat mini pita pocket, sliced her open…

Then added some beans/salsa/cheese:

Baked those babies until they were crisp.  In the meantime, I steamed some broccoli/cauliflower to have on the side.  Once everything was browned and steamed, I plated up the open face Mexican pizza, and then veggies smothered in Salsa and Nutritional Yeast:

Finished off with an Attune and a big green pear!

Well, it is time to go do some High School Yoga, and then rush over to the YMCA for Monday night Spin.  Made a new CD, I will give ya the tracks tomorrow.  Some good jams going down! 😉

Oh yea, who wants free yogurt?!?!?!

Thanks so much for voting, and a big thanks to Stonyfield/OIKOS for making this giveaway possible.

Remember, the winner receives:

A free OIKOS tote bag, complete with 4 coupons for free 5.3oz containers of Yogurt, plus a coupon for a free 16oz container!

The winner!  (via random number generator)


Please check out Julie’s blog.  She has me laughing hysterically on a daily basis.   Congrats girl!

Well, off for Yoga and Spin…fun times!  Hmmmm, whats for dinner…


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Productivity, who knew.

Who knew that with some good tunes in the background, and a semi-empty schedule…I can get alot done!  I worked alot on my Florida i-tunes mix…which is appropriately named “Flow-Rye-Dah” and contains some pump-worthy jams…all of which will be posted tomorrow.  Any suggestions?!?!  What are some of your favorite running tunes? 

Between being productive and lunch, I may have had several handfull’s of these gems:

What can I say, productivity yields hunger in my case.  I attempted to clean my room, but there were a couple of hairy monsters preventing my bed from being completely cleared:

I worked around them, as per usual.

Lunch time rolled around and I was feeling particularly creative again.  I love the days where I have time to think about/create meals.

Started out with a veggie burger (LOVING this brand), a whole wheat tortilla, and some Light Swiss L.C. Cheese!

Topped the tortilla with the cheese, and then cut the burger and placed it on top.  It needed something extra…so I added some Broccoli Slaw mixed with some leftover Almond Butter Sauce from last night.  It was like a yummy and healthy coleslaw!

Some Organic Pam went in a heated pan…and I grilled that baby up!

Put some Greek Yogurt on for the “sour cream” fix, and chopped up a huge pear to go alongside…

‘Twas yummy.

Finished off with dessert, of course, which was a kicked up Attune bar!

Chocolate AND Dark Chocolate Dreams is heaaaaaaven:


Headed to work early so I could get a quick workout in.  Did 30 minutes on the Elliptical, and 30 minutes on the AMT, aka Death Machine.  Doing this puppy on level 20 = Tyler looks like he just jumped out of the shower.  I was seriously drenched!  Love it though.

Showered, changed, and came into work.  A snack was definitely in order:

Cherry Dark Chocolate anyone?!?!  PS, this is how an apple should look post-consumption:

Bam.  Done deal.

Dinner was leftovers, I am sorry to post.  Still delicious though!  Took last nights Stir Fry (Veggie Chicken/Tofu Noodles) and added some brown rice:

Followed by a dessert that made me extremely sad.  The LAST of my Powerberries.

I had the LAST of my precious berries, plus a clementine!

At least I went out with a bang.  I am seriously going to miss these little guys, however….now they will not be constantly calling my name EVERYTIME I see them. 

Well, so much for Tuesday!  I am going to close down the YMCA then head home and go to sleep asap, so I can teach 5:45am spin tomorrow!  Remember…I need Half Marathon song suggestions!!


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Giveaway Time!!!! :-D

Thats right folks, it’s my first ever giveaway!!!!!  So stoked.  More details at the end of the post!

After my late breakfast and gorgeous weather outside, I decided to go wash my car.  I have been waiting to do this for a while, because it keeps snowing which means the road salt keeps accumulating everywhere.  So annoying.  Apparently every other person in the universe had this idea, and there were literally about 20 cars waiting for the automatic car wash….so I promptly headed home.  I suppose the car can wait for another day.  I decided for a breakfast inspired lunch…

Fruit/Cereal/Yogurt bowl anyone?!?!  This is seriously one of my favorite meals evaaaaah.

Started off by combining the yogurt and pb, then added the cereal:

Then added my fruit.  (Blueberries, Strawberries, and an apple)  There also may have been a heaping sprinkling of cinnamon involved.

Mix this madness up….

And throw in my favorite lunch companion:

You get a pretty darn successful meal.  Dessert was a handful of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Edamame (a MUST try)

Did you notice how my lunch companion made the easy transition into dessert companion?!?!  He pretty much loves any and all food, just like his dad.

Finished that off, and then headed to work!  Working nights on Fridays is good in a sense, because I can pack my lunch and not be tempted by yummy food eating out.  Plus I save some moolah.  When dinner time rolled around, it was a veggie burger to the rescue!  Not just any veggie burger…

Took my favorite combo of an Arnolds Thin bun…Boca Veggie Patty…and laughing cow cheese (light swiss, please.)  Combined it with some broccoli slaw!  Such a good combo!  Yumville.  Paired it with some leftover Panera Veggie Soup (ahhh-mazing) and some carrots/hummus:

Dessert is where the GIVEAWAY comes into play.

I woke up this morning to a wonderful package from my friends at Attune Bars

“Mmmm…imagine the moment that you bite into the blissfully rich taste of chocolate. Now add the perfect amount of rice crisps for a satisfying crunch. Then imagine that delicious treat helps promote healthy digestive and immune systems. Sounds dreamy. But it’s not a dream. It’s an Attune® wellness bar. Everything that helps you feel your best should taste this good.”

Free chocolate?!?!  Pro-Biotic?!?!?  All Natural?!?!  14 Day Supply to a reader?!?!?!  Attune pretty much rocks my socks off.

Started my 14 day challenge off with this little cutie:

YUM.  White chocolate plus blueberries is seriously heaven on earth.

So, you want 14 of these guys??  Check out all the flavor options:

Just do the following:

  • Comment on THIS post to enter.  Make sure you have your name and an email so I can contact the winner
  • Tell why you want to try the 14 Day Attune Challenge

It’s that simple.  I will close the commenting Sunday at midnight, and will use a random number generator to choose the winner.  Good luck!

Happy Friday bloggies, and happy voting!


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