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Back To Reality.

Like most wonderful vacations, Hilton Head has come to an end.  This video comes to mind when thinking of the end of the vaca:

But alas, I am back to the reality of Tennessee…which isn’t too shabby.  😉

So on your last vacation night, you are required (by law) to go out with a bang…right?!?!  Well, I think I managed to accomplish that.

We went to this little dive of a place (arent those always the best) for one farewell Hilton Head dinner.  This one did NOT dissapoint.

You know its a good sign when you have to wait in line to even get in the joint!

Needless to say it was:

A) Delicious

B) A bazillyo-trizzillion calories.

But hey, it was vacation.

On the way home, I was pleasantly surprised with how much gas stations are slowly adapting sensible food options for people NOT wanting a constant supply of Snicker Bars and 32 oz Cokes!  Found this little beauty that was perfect for the road:

Thank you, gas station.

Needless to say, I have been on major detox mode from all the seafood shenanigans over the course of the past 4 days or so.  Starting with this morning (EARRRRRRLY…4:45am!) where my amazing friend and all around fitness guru started a new 12 week weight program, which required some pre fuel!  My favorite combo commenced…

This was enough to drag me to the gym where we started day 1!

(I promise she will look more enthused at the end of this program.) 😉

I am also journaling my food, just for the extra accountability factor.  This is an intense plan!

Which led into a delicious bowl of chia oats this morning before work!

The drizzle of maple syrup took it over the top!

Also, I have been drinking water like it is going out of style!  Can we say two gallons today?!!?!

…….this presented somewhat of a problem when I had to literally sprint out of our staff meeting twice today to ensure I didn’t have an accident(s)!  Its pretty sad when you have to go relieve yourself twice, and the pregnant lady beside you holds it like a champ!  (love you, Krucker!)

To finish off the day (and which falls into the “lifesaver” category of not enough time) I heated up some standards:

And some lovely fishy.  (what can I say, the beach has rubbed off on my taste buds)

All together now…

annnnnnnnd….time to collapse.

Night bloggies!



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Hilton Head Part Deux!

Well, still here in wonddddderful Hilton Head, SC!

So far today we have had an amazing 5 mile run on the beach.  It is amazing running alongside the shore, and seeing a huuuuuuuge storm rolling in.  Luckily we made it back to the condo just in time to take a quick lap or two in the pool, and then made it inside before the rain came.  Looks like its going to be a shopping day, which I am COMPLETELY ok with.  😉

Last night was amazing, and I was presented with one of my biggest fears…….


(insert dramatic music)

I was forced to try one of these slimy boys.  Needless to say, I was terrified.

Was.  Not.  A.  Fan.    It was fishy, slimy…and not very good.  Sorry to all those oyster fans out there, but this was NOT my cup of tea.  Luckily, my grilled fish salad was able to counteract the oyster fail…


Have I mentioned how happy I am with seafood back into the diet?!?!?!  *drool*

After dinner it was time to explore the island…

The thing I like about this place is that is so anti-typical beach tourist trap.  We have had the beach pretty much to ourselves.  The area is immaculately clean and well kept, and people are not elbow to elbow like at most beach destinations.  Its been so nice not having to fight with everyone and their brother for anything fun to do!

And come on people, you cant come to Hilton Head without coming to the famous lighthouse!

This place was awesome!  Originally, the plan was to climb to the top…but when we realized that it used to be free, but was now $3.00……

I decided to contribute the $3.00 to my face, via a scoop of Mango Sorbet!  😉  Still, the lighthouse was beautiful to see around sunset!

With plenty of other gorgeous photo opps!

Bayside Tigers represent!!!!!!!!

Trolley rides are always fun times.

With all of our eating out at night, we have been fending for ourselves when it comes to condo breakfast food.  Insert my BFF, oatmeal!

This mix had blueberries, greek yogurt, and PB…which the four of us have managed to polish off in just 4 days! 🙂

And on that note…..its time to stuff my face again!!!  Have a great Monday, bloggies!!!  😀


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Back, and with SO much to talk about!

BLOGGERSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!  I have not fallen off the earth like many of you probably think.

My life has been full of exciting and crazy changes lately and I have been slacking in the blogging department.  I swear though, now that my schedule has finally reached somewhat of a normality, I am back to blogging in full force…I promise.

Lots of things to talk about!!!  Where should I start?!?!

Well after almost two years of teaching 20+ workout classes a day for a living, I was recently offered a full time position at the YMCA!  I am the new Healthy Living Director.  Pretty swanky title, eh?  I cannot tell you how much the YMCA means to me.  I live and breath the place.  That being said, having a full time position where I get to work with both youth and the community on new health initiatives is pretty much the most amazing thing I could think of.

I am still teaching some classes, but was able to cut them down considerably which gives me much more running/marathon training time as well as for a much needed break on my body!

My new position is fun, exciting, and completely overwhelming.  Good overwhelming, but none the less it is a lot to do.  I am working on everything from youth activities, to creating/maintaining our non-profit Facebook page, to creating new programs, and everything and anything else in between.  It is an absolute blast, and I cant wait to get into it further.

NEXT on the list is my diet as of lately, which has included MEAT.  I never claimed to be a vegeterian, and in fact only did it for a “Lent” challenge that somehow got extended about 7 months.  Starting soon though, I am beginning a new (and very weight intensive) exercise program that is going to require protein out the wazoo.  That being said, I am officially back on the meat train.

Obviously I still won’t be eating much (or any) red meat, because quite frankly, it never appealed to me before….but everything else is back!  It has been quite the adjustment on my body getting used to animal protein again.  I started off slowly with seafood and have gradually added back in chicken and turkey back into the lineup.

Another exciting event is that I am currently blogging from beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC! Vacation days are pretty much my favorite thing about this full time job business.  😉  Check out some vacation good times:

Talk about gorgeous!

I am here with my second family from the gym, the Hoods!

They are part of what makes me, me!

Now lets get to some of the good part of vacation, the FOOD!

It just so happens that both Ashley and Sid are training for the same Marshall Marathon as I am, and it was time for our long run of the week…13 miles!  We decided to conquer it in Hilton Head, which looking back may have been a major mistake!  The humidity is KILLER down here!  Pre running fuel was a waffle with some natural PB!

The run was pretty much the most awful thing you could have imagined.  We did the first 7 miles or so with a solid 8:10 pace….and then the humidity sunk in.  I was a bad runner, and hadnt hydrated myself properly both that morning, or the day before…and I could feel it big time.  About mile 10 I started getting cold chills all over my body, and even dizzy…which has never happened!  I was taking some major walk breaks towards the end…and my pace was probably close to a 10:00 or so.  Depressing!  I just have to keep in mind that it was the humidity and the lack of water that made the run suck!

So after 13 horrendous miles down, it was time to fuel back up.  Does anyone have stomach issues after a long run?  It seems like any run I do that is 10 miles or more completely wreaks havoc on my stomach for hours afterwards.  I originally thought it might have something to do with taking a goo or gel pack during the runs, but I have completely stopped taking those and still have stomach problems.  Who knows.

Good thing was that the long run for the week was OVER, and it was time to fully enjoy Hilton Head!  Needless to say some of the meals here have been out of this world!

Grouper SALAD, anyone?!?!  Sounds weird, tasted fab.

And last night was an amazing New Orleans style place, called Kenny B’s!

This place was COVERED inside with New Orleans decor!

The food wasnt too shabby, either.  Shrimp anyone?!

Thought about my soul sista, Fitnessista while eating these babies…

Since cajun food is spicy by nature…..a cold dessert was of course necessary to cool the flames…right!?!  😉

Mango Rita did the trick, nicely.

We have been eating most of our other meals in the condo…and this mornings breakfast was a definite WIN!  Granola, fruit, greek yogurt, and natural peanut butter!

I love big messy bowls of goodness:

Now if everyone will excuse me…..I have some more fun times to create…

Bye bloggies!  Sorry for the LONG break but I promise I am back!!!


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