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Sometimes, pizza is a must.

You heard me.

Sometimes, you gotta do it.

After two CRAZY classes tonight (awesome job, btw, to both classes!  We packed em out!) I was beyond starving…so Steph and I split a pizza from chefs!

Steph and I managed to inhale the entire thing.  It wasn’t pretty.  Chefs always customizes it for us!  They forgot the spinach, boo.  Other than that, it was perfection.  It has whole wheat crust, which TOTALLY justifies the entire thing, right?!

This is my face pre-pizza…

Check out my Vogue office wall art.  GaGa of COURSE!

Speaking of GaGa…..guess where I will be in 4 short days…….

I have FLOOR tickets to see the one, the only, LADY GAGA!!!!!! I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to quite describe the excitement that is brewing inside me!!!!!! EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!  I am stoked beyond words.

(I find it completely hilarious that Lady G is playing at a place called the KFC Yum Center, but heck…I would follow her anywhere!)

To top off the night….

Pizza, Prunes, & Lady GaGa?!?!  We are off to a good week, folks.

Until next time…..I’m out!  I have a bed that is calling my name.  More like screaming at this point.  Does anyone else out there look forward to going to bed as much as me?!  Maybe I am not alone in my craziness.

Sweet Z’s…



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Annnnnnd, we’re back.

Wow….spare time….to blog!!!  Where was this hour of opportunity yesterday?!?!  Oh thats right…I don’t even think I had time to exhale…let alone blog!!!!  Depressing!  From teaching my normal classes, to subbing for someone for 3 weeks and picking up all her classes….it’s insane!  Did I mention that our city’s version of Biggest Loser aka “Eight To The Eight’s” kicks off FRIDAY?!?!?!  I am about at max capacity in terms of time limits here.  Shew.  It’s a darn good thing I love my job more than life.  😉

Started off the day with a 5:45am “Insanity” inspired Circuit Class.  Emily and Kim have been doing Insanity on a regular basis, and I wish I had the time to do it with them!  It is full of awesomeness in every sense of the word…..assuming that is an actual word.  😉  Instead of joining them, I have been adding the moves to my classes…which is going swimmingly!  Today’s Circuit Class used absolutely no equipment, and had 12 stations.  We went through each station once, at one minute…and then repeated the circuit.  The last circuit was comprised of 12-1 minute ab workouts.  KILLER!  Also, theres nothing like ending a class with a full out 2 minute suicide drill using the whole gym.  😉  They love to hate me.

Walked back home (loving the fact that I am in walking distance) and met my favorite guy for breakfast.

Ain’t he cute?

Went very random with today’s mix-ins.  They included:

  • Agave Maple Syrup Blend
  • Chia Seeds
  • Dried Bananas
  • Mocha Madness Trail Mix
  • Almond Butter

Totally random.  Totally delicious.

Have I mentioned my un-dying love for my precious trail mix?!?!


At this point, it was back to the YMC-izzle to teach “Total Body Low Impact” which is basically a strength/cardio full body workout, minus the intense plyometric/jumping movements that I feature in my other classes.  Again, another sweat sesh!

Seemed to have developed a pattern for today.  Teach…eat…teach…eat.  Therefore…it was time for lunch.

New to me flavor of Veggie Burger…this time, Earth Fizzle brand!  This bad boy was sooooo good!  I put it on an Arnold’s Thin with some Light Swiss Laughing Cow, Spinach…and then pressed the whole thing on the George Foreman…

Melty, cheesy, yum.  Also had some Veggie Booty, and a chopped Honey Crisp!

Well.  It is almost 3:00.  You know what that means, right?!?!?!

I have been having them put my protein powder in the Frap when they blend it!  For half price, you can’t beat it.  Plus they are fully customizable now!  I higgggghly recommend the new Mocha Lite.

Well.  Time for a coffee/protein buzz…and then to my other gym for KidFit…and back to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT.  Man, my body is hating me this week! Do as I say, not as I do people! All these high intense workouts (especially weight workouts) should not be done back to back…and definitely not on the same day!  Give your body a rest.

What is your favorite Frappuccino/Starbucks beverage?!  How often do you hit up the Bizzle each week?  If you could invent any flavor of Frapp, what would it be?  I would want some sort of Almond Milk/Protein Powder/Carmel creation….Mmmmm…..


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Rainy Day.

I guess I can live with a little rain today considering we have had yah-maaaazing weather for over a week.

Woke up to some rain so needed to put a spring in my step…breakfast style!  I wanted waffles!

Added a little protein boost by mixing some Chocolate Soy Yogurt with a scoop of my favorite Protein powder.  Made the perfect “filling” in between the waffle sammie.

Now *this* is what I call breakfast.

I covered the top with strawberries, and then the sides with my millet-nola.  😉

Holy yum.

After breakfast I worked on more Eight To The Eight’s stuff, and also worked on a killer routine for Total Body HIIT tonight!  Cannot wait!  We are going to be killllllling lower body.  I am borrowing/stealing alot of my P90X DVD moves.  Mason Chops anyone?!?!

Apparently the dogs take full advantage of the rainy weather to be more lazy than normal.

This time they were both under the blanket!  What a life.

And I love how they do not even move/pose/react when I go in for the super shots:

Models?!?!  I think so.

Before long, lunch was calling my name.  I was completely clueless on what I wanted.  I am severely low on fruits veggies, and need to make a produce stop asap.  That being said, I embraced my inner breakfast lover…and made some oatmeal!  It was the standard chia oat recipe…but this time I introduced a new friend that everyone MUST.  TRY.  NOW.  Like seriously…stop whatever you are doing, put on some approrpriate clothes (however you define that) and go GET this stuff.


I immediately though of my wittle Emily and her half and half love.  GIRL, you have got to so get some of this, and if you don’t…..I will for you!

So I made my oats…topped with some walnuts and dried berries, and then drenched the top in a bath of coconut lovin’:

Probably the equivalent of around 3 tbsp of the milk, or a mere 30 calories!!!!!!

Once stirred it became that much more wondermous:

That is some goodness right there.  Holy yummville.

Well, off to do my KidFit class (I came up with an awesome obstacle course for us to run!) and then back to the YMC-izzle for Total Body!  Gonna be a great night! 😉

I leave you with the disgustingness that is KFC’s option of a “low carb alternative”  I was absolutely appalled when I read about this yesterday.  I give you….the “Double Down”

Is there any wonder America eats like they do?!?!  They think things like this are “exciting” and “cute”.



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Hello, Summer.

Where have you been all my life?!?!

Seriously, it was like 90* today, no exaggeration.  In fact, I am blogging outdoors!!!

And there may be some snackage involved.

The last of my Sunspires (sad day.) and some dried unsweetened pineapple.

Lets rewind to the un-holy time of 5:00 am when I was awoken by a screeching alarm for Spin class.

We packed the joint out today, and even had people who didn’t get in! (sorry, Steph.)  Aweeeeesome class, which jump started the day into greatness right then and there. 😉  After Spin, Steph and I headed to our home away from home for some quick oatmeal before returning back to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT.  I got to introduce Denise and Ashley to chia oats!!!  Pretty epic stuff.

There was also an oat FAIL, when we left Ashley’s in the microwave for too long.

All in all, a good oat experience, even with the volcanic-esque eruption taken into account.

Headed back to the YMCA for some Total Body HIIT!  My friend Ginny teaches on Friday, and I wanted to totally score some moves, she is a beast!!!  I love going to other instructors classes just to get new ideas and inspiration from class.

I think the Good Friday excitement was proving to be too much.  😉

I was obviously working hard in class.

After class, it was so gorgeous that we decided to walk to the Starbizzle.  Steph supplied us with some cereal to sustain us for the long, grueling, 50 ft. walk.  😉

This picture fell into the category of “of course this isn’t going on the blog.”

And two Venti iced coffee’s later….I had reached my zenith.

The walking ventures continued…

As we headed to my favorite bakery known to mankind.

Literally, the most tiny and unique bakery you will ever encounter…also the absolute most delicious.

The cupcake counter was challenging me.

And I think we all knew who came out victorious.

Word to ya motha.

Does anyone else have these little hole in the wall type places that are a must visit? It’s times like these that calorie counting goes out the door, and my true inner sugar lover comes out in full force.  MODERATION is everything….it was only the size of my palm.  Had I not had it, I would have been in misery all day long.  Pick your battles wisely, and you will always come out on top……blogger boy oath.

We finished poking around downtown, and eventually headed home.  I only wanted one thing for lunch.  Big.  Green.  Monster.

This mamma jamma contained:

  • 2 Handfuls o’ spinach the size of my face
  • 1 diced Pear
  • Ice
  • 1/4 Cup Oats (plus a sprinkle on top)
  • 2 Scoops Chocolate Natural Whey Protein Powder
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk

Blend…..enjoy.  There also may have been some mint chocolate involved.  What can I say.

You should be proud of the fact that this bar has been spread out over 4 days, and I didn’t engulf it in one sitting as I have been known to do in the past.

A nap was in order, but not obtained.  Instead, manual labor…and computer trouble shooting for a family member prevailed over sleep.  FAIL!

Worked up a nice appetite and hit up Salsaritas for dinnah!

I had the Taco Salad (on a plate instead of the ginormous chip mold) with a FEW chips on the bottom, and then as much veggies as could possibly be assembled:

Call the miner’s.  I had struck veggie gold!!!

Look what just HAPPENED to be next door.

90* weather makes Ice Cream (or in my case, FroYo) mandatory….right?

Small Vanilla FroYo with Strawberries.  May have snuck a couple of bites of the Padre’s Coconut Ice Cream.  Heaaaaaaven.

Check out their message:

Yea……I’m pretty sure that occurred all day.

Yoga/Spin/Work tomorrow, and then an egg dyeing party, extraordinare!!!!!

What is on your agenda this long weekend?


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Jig is up.

Ok, we should ALL know that greasy monstrosity from this morning was totally not going in my stomach.  April Fool’s mutha lickas!

Moving on to a genuine, and delicious breakfast feast.  It was french toast time!!!

Can you say YUM?!?!?!

Ezekiel Bread dipped into a beaten egg, grilled to perfection.  Strawberries and Bananas on the side (topped with Greek Yogurt) and this liquid heaven drizzled over top of the bread:

35 seconds in the microwave turns it into a chocolate river (that flows directly towards my FACE!)


After breakfast I got ready, and headed to my meeting for “8 To The 8’s” which is a Biggest Loser type program our city is starting soon.  I get to be the trainer, and I am so excited.  Today we went over all the specifics of the application, and I registered a blog just for the program (coming soon!).  We also got in touch with all the local media outlets.  I am going to be on the local news promoting it.  Cue a PANIC from yours truly.  I hope I don’t just get up there and freeze!

There may have been a venti iced coffee that escaped the camera lens.  What can I say, I needed the java buzz!

Came home and started what turned out to be a mighty epic lunch.

I am loving my asparagus sammie combo!  Started by roasting these guys along with some broccoli:

I then arranged the toppings:

Asparagus/Cheese/Hummus sandwich anyone?!?!

You know I had to put some Veggie Booty with it.  Come on.

Ate it outside since it is like….July weather here.  Seriously, I am taking in as much of this sunshine as humanly possible!

Jealous pups were always waiting for something to be dropped.

To calm the sweet tooth, I chomped on some Sunspires.

I think those did the trick.

Well, I am off to bask in the sunshine a little longer, and work on my classes tonight.  I have KidFit at my other gym, then back to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT, aka my favorite night of the week.  I want to do a class tonight using ALL resistance band work, but I have to see how many people we have.  We have a limited number of bands which makes it hard…so I need to have a killer plan “B” workout planned just in case.  Any instructors out there have any suggestions for some moves using the bar, dumb bells, gliders, etc? I am always looking for new ways to kill…..errrrr, challenge my class.  😉

Later bloggies, have a great night.

Did you prank someone for April Fools Day??  Seen any good ones online?

I have seen some great ones on Google, Starbucks, and even Whole Foods.


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I can smell Friday!!!!

It’s so close!!!!!

We left last off with me on an extremely jittery caffeine rush that actually turned out to be quite the productive afternoon.  What can I say, the coffee makes things happen.  I didn’t even nap!!!!  It must be the apocalypse!    Had a bangin’ snack while being productive and waiting for lunch:

Nice red pear plus my new obsession, Oikos style…CARMEL Greek Yogurt.  Whoooooa-mgah.

Cinnamon on top, made the perfect fruit dip.


Finished my new spin playlist (see my last post for the new ideas I was tossing around) and in the meantime started thinking about lunch which eventually became a jumble of deliciousness!

Gardenburger with provolone and spinach….Veggie Booty (aka CRACK COCAINE) and some Brocc/Jalapeno Hummus.

Yum times.

I don’t know what it is specifically that makes the Veggie Pirate Booty so effing amazing, but I am telling you.  If I knew some foreign government secret, and was being held hostage…one bag of these little cuties waved in front of my face would have me squealin’ faster than a pig headin’ for the bacon shop!  Word.

Snack on the way to my classes (Kid Fit/Total Body HIIT) was slightly boring, but kept the doctor away:

And then jazzed myself up for Total Body HIIT with some magical beans…

Tonight.  Kicked.  My.  Butt.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that the gym felt like it was slightly warmer than Hades, or that I had already killed lower body this morning, but good NIGHT, it was a doozy.  Fun times though!

Gotta love the squats.

Even better when we step on/off the bench in low pulses.  Muhahahaha

Quick…raise your hands if you heart Tyler.

Aren’t they sweet.  😉

Best part was, Ashlei came!!!!!!

Ignore the fact that we are Sweatasaurus’.  She also came baring gifts of home made RAW onion bread, and raw-nola!  Am I lucky, or what?!?! 😉

Rushed home as fast as I could and yet again just threw some random items together for dinner.  Started with an egg puff, fitnessista style…

1 egg…nutritional yeast (nooch!), red pepper flakes, all nuked for two minutes.

Topped it with provolone, and put that bad boy on a whole grain English Muffin!

The monkey on the plate wanted the sammie.

Also steamed some broccoli, and added salsa/Greek Yogurt, and some carrots and Jalapeno Hummus! (current obsesssssion)

Shew.  What a day.  I love that it started and ended in the gym!  Good times!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! So stoked.  I have spin at 5:45am (new cd-izzle, so stoked…I love maiden voyages!) and then a meeting at 11:00 about our city’s version of Biggest Loser….it is getting very exciting people!  I get to be Bob…how friggin awesome is that?!?!  Well, as Bob-esque as I can be, haha.

I leave you with a hilarious Justin Bieber parody.  Goodnight.

Remember…there are still 3 days left to enter for FREE Endangered Species Chocolate. Check it out HERE! Free chocolate…save some animals…it’s pretty much win/win.  Why haven’t you entered yet?!?!


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A.M. Workouts and Chocolate Oats

I have slowly gotten into the best habit of working out in the morning.  My stance on morning stuff is usually grouchy and/or half asleep, but since I teach two early classes (Spin on Wed, Fri) throughout the week, I have slowly started my other workouts in the mornings as well.  With a chaotic class schedule of teaching at two gyms…getting my own “personal” workout is tough.  Sometimes you just need a good solo workout for both mental and physical well being.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore teaching classes and wouldnt have it any other way.  Sometimes, though, I just want to grind it out either in the weight room, or on the elliptical with my ipod BLARING, and in my own little world.  Any instructors out there feel like this?!

That being said, I had an awesome one this a.m.!  Did some lower body weights and 45 minutes on the elliptical.  With good friends (Kim, Emily) by my side…it made it go by instantly!  We then had an A.D.D. lower body workout that included weighted squats, step-up’s, calf raises, leg extensions, hip/leg raises, jump-up’s!  Good times, I tell you.

Needed breakfast asap when I got back to the casa, and assembled the troops for battle.

Chocolate oat time, home slices.  Gotta love the dueling Nut Butters:

They made a perfect match.  “Eboooooony, and Ivvvvvoooorrrrrrrryyyyyuh!”

Look at that molten, melty, nut butter goodness!  Ahhhhh!

The Protein Powder in these oats is what gives it the initial chocolate kick.

I also got to use a new purchase (and new bff):

Coffee Grinder FTW!

When we were in Georgia last week and at my beloved Fresh Market, I picked up some of my favorite coffee evah, Chocolate Cherry Kiss.  Ground it up, and used my “green” French Press to make a hot cup-o-joe (or nine.) 😉

Oh Florida, how I miss thee.  Thank you for letting me feel as if I were there, one cup of coffee at a time.  Dang…that sounded like some sort of Hallmark commercial.  Fail!

Since I am currently experiencing a major coffee high, my goal is to become super productive.  Total Body HIIT is tonight, so I am going to plan some new moves for that, as well as work on a new Spin CD-izzle.  Here are some new tunes I am going to try out:

Any suggestions?!?!?!

Endangered Species Chocolate Giveaway is still going strong!  Enter here for your chance to win a ton of free choco-goodness.  They emailed me, and are LOVING the responses so far!  Keep them coming guys!  Voting ends Sunday at midnight!  Get creative!


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