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Hello, Normality.

Is it just me, or was this Monday particularly hard to adjust back to?!?!  Darn you holiday weekends…why must you end so quickly.  *sigh*

It has been freakishly (and amazingly) warm the past week or so, therefore I went with a colder option for breakfast.  Cereal bowl time!

Annie’s never lets me down.  I started my bowl-o-joy with 1/2 cup of this cereal, and then diced up a nice big red pear, and a nana.  Topped the cereal with the fruits, then added a big dollop of Greek Yogurt, and some drizzle-tastic Almond Butter:

Once it was all mixed, the pretty factor had escaped.

Cold…crunchy…fruity….almond buttery.  Cha-chiiiiing!  Perfect fuel for a day full of meetings and working out!

Headed to the YMCA to teach Express Sculpt.  It’s a 30 minute weight class where anything goes.  Last week we focused ALL on lower body, so this week…it was upper body time!

  • Chest Press with Bar + Resistance Band Wrapped Underneath
  • Bicep Curls with Bar (Various Counts/Holds/Pulses)
  • Abs (V-Crunches, Around The World Crunches, Scissors)
  • Shoulder Press/Squeeze Combos, Lateral Raises (with 10 second holds as we rose to parallel), No-Weight Arm Circles (100 one direction, 100 the other…OUCH!)
  • Tricep Kick-Back’s, Skull Crushers, Windshield Wipers

Good times!  I am already feelin’ the burn!

Right after class I headed to Panera for a meeting about “8 To The 8’s” which is the Biggest Loser style program our city is hosting, and I get to help train!  So stoked.  Lunch was the standard half veggie sammie, and fuji apple salad:

YUM!  Perfect meal on this abnormally (but amazing) hot day in Tennessee!

One meeting down…one more to go.  Then back to the YMCA to teach Spin at 5:30 (new and hardcore CD I am trying out…NO climbs…it’s all about speed tonight…cannot wait to see what everyone thinks!)  We are also getting our Yoga on, and then practicing for the Lady GaGa Telephone dance!!!  Rah, rah, ooh la laaaaaa!!!!  😉

Random cuteness of the day:

Whats on everyones Monday agenda?



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Pancake In a Bottle?!?!

Is this some sort of spin-off of the Aguilera classic???

Nope….it was breakfast!

Batter in a bottle?!?!  Surely you jest.

It was actually delicious!

I headed over to the Hood’s this morning for our usual Saturday morning breakfast, this time…pancakes!

We made normal ones…

And pecan beauties…

These guys were so good.  The thought of pancakes under air pressure seemed a bit off, but they were just like pancakes should be!  Plus, I guess since they incorporate more air, they were way less calories…which obviously just mean more were eaten.  😉

I made 6 minis, and diced up a nice pear.  Cinnamon and a drizzle of Almond Butter completed the meal!

Some brown sugar may have been thrown in for giggles.

Check out their website for more info!  Such a fun breakfast.

Also needed some major coffee lurvin’ to make it through two classes:

After breakfast it was time to head to the YMC-izzle for Yoga!  I’m not going to lie, it was a major but kicker this morning, which is exactly what I needed.  She had us up on the wall!

I am absolutely loving me some Yoga.  I can feel myself becoming more flexible, and being able to take each pose a bit deeper.  It’s so neat to feel improvement!  Flexibility is something that is so easily taken for granted.  For someone who is even moderately active, Yoga does so much good.

Here are just a few of the benefits.

Directly after Yoga headed to Spin!  Class was great this morning, aside from one small problem.

I was completely and totally exhausted.

My body had had enough this week.  I did three hardcore weight days in a row starting on Wednesday (ps, BAD idea….you always need a rest day in between weight sessions) and my body had just had all it could take.  Pushed through the hour, and faked ALOT of weight/resistance.  I had to call on my inner GaGa and put on my puh-puh-puh Poker Face, puh-puh Poker Faaaaaaace.

Point is.  LISTEN to your body.  If you know you have had enough, do not risk overtraining!  Take a rest day, and let your body recover.  Tomorrow I am doing nothing, which will do my body/mind/spirit 10x more good then busting it out in the gym.  Ok, I am stepping off that soapbox.

Since I am celebrating Easter tonight back at the Hood’s, I pretty much have just snacked all day in anticipation of the goodies to come.  Here is a brief synopsis of the eats:

Started off with some Kashi Blueberry Field, and Blueberry Chobani….are we sensing a theme here?!

Purple goo, FTW!

Later chomped on some raw veggies (carrots, brocc, asparagus) and my faye-voh-right pine nute hummus!

Later…snacked on a Lara, and some grapes (I swear, all this food was spread out over the course of 6 hours, regardless of how it appears. 😉 )


Well, the time has come…the eggs are boiled….the dye is ready….and my stomach is hungry again.

Everyone have a safe and wonderful Easter tomorrow….regardless of how you celebrate, find good food…good times…and good friends.


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Smellin’ up the place…

Ok…I have a confession.  I have a small obsession with steamed veggies.

When, in a workplace…and in my case, a gym…people have a tendency to FREAK out when I steam veggies.  They see me heading toward the microwave, and the disgruntleness begins.

“WHAT is that SAH-MEEEEEEEUHHHLL?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Get over it people, it is Broccoli for goodness sakes.  Geez.  The flack I get for healthy eating.  That being said…here was my dinner.  Leftover Tomy Thai with an entire bag of Steamed Veggie goodness.

Which quickly turned into…

That’s how you roll people.

On the animal front, I have successfully saved and introduced another person to the Endangered Species Chocolate:

I totally made Christie save a Sea Turtle (Dark Chocolate/Blueberries)

Teri, how you have never tried these is beyond me.  If they don’t sell them near you TELL me and I will gladly send you some.  This goes to any reader out there who doesn’t have access.  EAT CHOCOLATE AND SAVE AN ANIMAL?!?!?!  What more reason do you need?!

As for my personal contribution to the animal world…I saved a Zebra for dessert, and also killed a pear in the process.

My theory on fruit (especially Apples/Pears) is that people tend to waste alot by only eating to what they consider to be “the core”.  Can I just say that tonight I ate this entire apple.  Literally, the entire fruit.  Stem and all.  So there.  😉  (The stem was tiny and almost non-existent…so pick your jaws off the floor, of course…they may hit the floor again once you see the close up Zebra goodness) :

Is there anything better than good dark chocolate?

OH, I brought in a large bag of New York Pizza Booty tonight to work….you know it’s good when the CEO eats half the bag.

….and some other staff…

Love the Booty!

This one has nutritional yeast IN it…score.

Well, time to close down the YMCA and head home so I can attempt some sleep before my 5:45am spin class.  I made a new CD, can’t wait for it’s debut!  😉  Night night, bloggies.


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Back To Reality.

Well, I knew I was back home when I woke up to this:

Luckily, I also had these pups to remind me of the good aspects of Tennessee life.

I woke up with a bare kitchen, and threw together a yummy breakfast with the last of my supplies!  It was a Kashi waffle kind of morning.

“Sauce” was Almond Butter mixed with Natural Peach Jam

Also had an actual peach to go with the peach sauce.  Ok, so it was a peachy sort of morning as well.

It was then definitely time for Earth Fare!  It was good to be back in MY yummy food mart.  Loved the Floridian ones, but I do love me some Earth Feezy quite a bit.

Pretty soon I had a buggy full-o-fun:

Finished up at Earth Fare, and then headed home with the loot:

I’ve gotten several questions about my grocery bill.  Here is some advice:

  • Think about staples….it is so fun and tempting to go and buy all “fun” food and snacks, but buying alot of meal creations will make your money stretch that much more
  • Buy produce elsewhere!  Rarely do I ever get produce from Earth Fare…it is way too expensive.  In this case, I went right next door to Kroger for the veggies/fruit
  • Make. A. List.  Going into a store like this with no list is like setting a 10 yr old free in Toys-R-Us on a sugar rush.  Not a good idea.  Stick with what you need
  • Buy big!  Get items that will last several uses or make several meals/snacks
  • Have fun!  Grocery shopping should not be a chore, it should be FUN!  I swear I have the time of my life in these places.  Try something new!
  • Coupon Hunt!  Earth Fare always has a large selection of coupon books up front to loot through, and save money.  For example…I got $1.00 off of EACH of my Almond Milks, making them around .98 cents each!  Score!

My total for today (both stores combined): $76.49

This may seem steep, but it will make at least 20+ meals.

Speaking of meals, it was time for lunch!

Veggie Indian stew topped with crushed red pepper, and a new ingredient I was excited to try:

Yay for yeast!  haha  I had seen this used on several of my favorite bloggies, but when Fitnessista said it tasted like cheese…I was sold.  Also toasted up a Whole Wheat Pita Pocket for dippage:

Plus a jealous on-looker:

Dessert was simple and tasty.  Pear drenched in cinnamon:

And since I started with some doggie cuteness….gotta end with some.

Do you see the distractions I must live with?!?!?!  😉

Later bloggies.


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Yoga, Sculpt, Yoga, Spin, Repeat.

What a Monday.  I have collapsed in bed to blog and feel like just sinking into the covers and melting away.

When last we left, it was time for me to head to the high school for Yoga!  Snacked on a pear en route:

I ravaged it pretty quickly.  Does anyone else eat pears/apples almost in their entirety??? I feel like I only leave the BARE minimum of the core.  It makes me so mad when I see “finished” apples that have like a million bites left!  haha…perhaps that is because I am a very strange foodie.  I ravaged it pretty quickly (note, this one is not NEARLY finished)

Mmmmm, love me some pears.

Made it to Yoga and then immediately went to teach 5:30 Spin.  With a new CD in hand (track listing to come!) we rocked it out, and I was drenched by the time it was over.  I am TELLLLLING you, if you have not taken Spin, please do.  It is seriously the hands down best cardio workout you could ever hope for.  Plus if your instructor is super cool like moi, the music will rock your socks off.  It is more of a dance party then anything else.  Holla!

On the way home I started thinking about dinner options, when I remembered a bag of veggies I bought at the Kro-Gizzle:

plus my favorite stinky noodles:

Yep, I have used these guys before and they WREAK!  You have to wash them 4/5 times in cold water to de-smell them.  If not, the aroma resembles that of a 14 day old summer sausage that has been coated in bear poo, and rolled in skunk-gunk.  Delicious, huh?  In all seriousness, once washed…these babies taste just like pasta.  TOFU pasta to boot.  Score!

Got the Wok going with some Organic Pam and the Stir-Fry veggies…and then got to thinking about a sauce.  I decided to go all mad scientist, and create my own thai-style peanut sauce!  Almond…in this case.

Who knew that Almond Butter + Hummus + Soy Sauce + (unpictured) Honey =amazement!

Needed some protein, so I added some “chicken”

Plus the noodles, and a drizzle of the sauce:

(I made a bit too much sauce, but I am sure I can find other ways to get rid of it in the near future)

My portion:

Plus the Scrap-Police:

Dessert was a delicious nectarine, and an Attune…of course!

What an ending!  *curtain closes*

Seriously, insaaaaaane Monday but so much fun as usual.  How did everyone else’s go?


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