well folks….sometimes it is just called for to have an old fashioned pizza throw down.  In this particular instance, it was Mellow Mushroom….

And our SUPER nice waitress who was all about the blog!

Lets get right down to it.  Pizza domination time.

Mellow Mushroom is pizza, plain and simple.  Sure they have salads, sandwiches…etc, but if I am eating at the Mellow, I am going to SPLURGE!

They are famous for their crazy pizza names/creations….so we decided to get *4*

No, not four pizzas.  Two individual pies that were half a specialty pizza each.

  • Kosmic Karma – Pesto Swirl, Tomatoes, Cheese
  • Hot Potato – Sliced Potatoes (!!!), Ranch, Cheese
  • BBQ Chicken – BBQ chicken, BBQ Sauce, Cheese, and Bacon
  • Classic White – garlic and oil based with fresh mozz and roma tomatoes

I’m gonna go ahead and let the pictures speak for themselves…

(you know it is a good sign when the pizza makes the pan beneath it disappear)

The best part of essentially getting 4 different pizzas was getting to enjoy mini slices of all of them!

There was SO much pizza domination, that we ended up with an entire (and crazy looking) pizza for leftover domination!  (anyone with me on cold leftover pizza being as good/better than hot and fresh?)

I don’t think there will be any issues finishing this cutie over the next couple of hours…..errrr…days.  🙂

Whats YOUR favorite pizza?




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14 responses to “Pizza DOMINATION!

  1. My favorite pizza = thin crust margherita.

  2. Food & Other Things

    The Mellow Mushroom sounds awesome! My favorite pizza is either margherita or just plain cheese!

  3. Lauraloo

    Oh man I WISH we had a Mellow Mushroom around here! Those pics make me want to CRY! Everything looked amazing – glad you enjoyed 🙂

  4. Unfortunately I realized I have a tomato allergy about a year ago, so I’m limited to white or pesto based pizzas. On the positive side, they’re both still really good pizzas!

  5. Christina

    Cold pizza is the best! In fact I love it more than hot pizza, especially for breakfast 🙂

  6. I have been on a pizza KICK lately. I want it for every meal! We don’t have Mellow Mushroom’s here, but you’ve only reinforced my need for more pizza! My favorite is a margherita pizza on whole wheat thin crust. I use the FlatOut wraps and it makes it healthy too!

  7. Mellow Mushroom is one of my favorites… they have so many options! I love the Mega Veggie!

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