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A.M. Workouts and Chocolate Oats

I have slowly gotten into the best habit of working out in the morning.  My stance on morning stuff is usually grouchy and/or half asleep, but since I teach two early classes (Spin on Wed, Fri) throughout the week, I have slowly started my other workouts in the mornings as well.  With a chaotic class schedule of teaching at two gyms…getting my own “personal” workout is tough.  Sometimes you just need a good solo workout for both mental and physical well being.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore teaching classes and wouldnt have it any other way.  Sometimes, though, I just want to grind it out either in the weight room, or on the elliptical with my ipod BLARING, and in my own little world.  Any instructors out there feel like this?!

That being said, I had an awesome one this a.m.!  Did some lower body weights and 45 minutes on the elliptical.  With good friends (Kim, Emily) by my side…it made it go by instantly!  We then had an A.D.D. lower body workout that included weighted squats, step-up’s, calf raises, leg extensions, hip/leg raises, jump-up’s!  Good times, I tell you.

Needed breakfast asap when I got back to the casa, and assembled the troops for battle.

Chocolate oat time, home slices.  Gotta love the dueling Nut Butters:

They made a perfect match.  “Eboooooony, and Ivvvvvoooorrrrrrrryyyyyuh!”

Look at that molten, melty, nut butter goodness!  Ahhhhh!

The Protein Powder in these oats is what gives it the initial chocolate kick.

I also got to use a new purchase (and new bff):

Coffee Grinder FTW!

When we were in Georgia last week and at my beloved Fresh Market, I picked up some of my favorite coffee evah, Chocolate Cherry Kiss.  Ground it up, and used my “green” French Press to make a hot cup-o-joe (or nine.) 😉

Oh Florida, how I miss thee.  Thank you for letting me feel as if I were there, one cup of coffee at a time.  Dang…that sounded like some sort of Hallmark commercial.  Fail!

Since I am currently experiencing a major coffee high, my goal is to become super productive.  Total Body HIIT is tonight, so I am going to plan some new moves for that, as well as work on a new Spin CD-izzle.  Here are some new tunes I am going to try out:

Any suggestions?!?!?!

Endangered Species Chocolate Giveaway is still going strong!  Enter here for your chance to win a ton of free choco-goodness.  They emailed me, and are LOVING the responses so far!  Keep them coming guys!  Voting ends Sunday at midnight!  Get creative!



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So long Georgia, hello Dessert Babies!

Well, my last day in Augusta, Georgia seemed to get off to a perfectly normal and healthy start.  Keep in mind that “seemed” word as you continue reading.  Anywho, the day started with a perfectly delicious Cranberry Orange muffin from Fresh Market…a nice big pear….and my Iced Coffee obsession.  I am telling you, now that it is getting warm outside, my entire paycheck might as well be transferred directly to Starbucks in order to fund the IV of Iced Coffee that will be inevitably pumped into my body on an hourly basis.  Sad thing is, since it is colder…I can drink it even faster!!!  Do they make these guys in gallon size?!
Nothing like a nice breakfast buzz.
Check out that crystallized sugar goodness atop the muffin.
Considering it had been a good 48 hours since I had worked up a mad sweat sesh, it was high time to thoroughly soak the booty…so we made our way to the local Y….pre-GaGa fierceness.
Did the Elliptical for 20 minutes, and then my own impromptu Spin session.  SWEAT.  FACTORY.  My body thanked me as I grinded it out on the bike.  Amazing how much I miss vigorous exercise when I don’t get it for even two days.  Again…it is a darn good thing that I did sweat like a nervous prom date, because Linner (Lunch/Dinner) and dessert was a down right eating contest.
This place seems all sweet and innocent, right?!?!?
The Boll Weevill has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows, including butter queen Paula Deen….this should have been my FIRST warning.  We walked in to a dessert case that would put Willy Wonka to SHAME!
Nope, that isn’t a skyscraper…..it’s a CAKE.  Layers upon layers of cake-like goodness.  We were like some crazed zoo tourists as we pressed our faces to the glass and drooled.
Dinner needed to come first.
All I had to see was portabella, and I knew I was sold on this Sammie.  Ordered that, plus the spicey corn chowder.
Check this bad boy out, who needs meat…I ask you?!
The soup was also great and had an amazing heat to it.  Bravo, Weevil!
The time had come.  The dessert menu was upon us.  It was all downhill from here.
For starters, it was Sunday…which meant the desserts were on SALE.
We saw many tables *splitting* one slice of cake between parties of ¾…but noooooo…we had to be special.  We had to be ridiculous.  We had to…..order 3!!!!!!!
This was nothing but a pure and simple:
We barely made a dent, and were all collectively unbuttoning our pants in pure foodgasm MISERY.  Even though we “shared” all 3 pieces, I don’t understand how one human could completely eat one of these desserts.  If you are ever in Augusta, be sure to check this place out!  It is one of those “whole in the wall” type places, that is totally delicious!  By far our favorite meal!
So good, but sooooooo painful.  This is where the disclaimer comes in.
Should you eat like this often?!?!?!  No.  Should you eat like this once in a blue moon??!?!  Abso-freaking-lutely.  I loved every miserable bite, and am currently pregnant with multiple food babies.  I am registered at Babies -R- Us, and I am doing the room in yellow, just in case anyone is interested in picking up a little something for the tikes.
Once the eating had reached its Zenith….we decided it was time for a walk on the river.  We needed to do something, or become instantly paralyzed in sugar-death.
Fun, fun trip.  The weekend flew by…and it is back to the grind tomorrow.
Exciting news…the MYSTERY BOX, all it’s contents, and your chance to win what is inside will be posted tomorrow.  So be sure to check back.  It is a GOOD one guys.  I am so excited!!!


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Sunshine. I heart you.

Another day in beautiful Augusta, GA!

Woke up this morning, and headed down for a fruit/carb overload…which is such my style it’s not even funny!

Round one…..ding, ding, ding!

Annnnnnd two.

With a belly full of fruit and pastry goodness….it was time for a nice walk in the beauuuuutimous weather of Georgia!

I wanted to run SO badly that it was not even funny.  I have one more week of no running to go, via the Physical Therapist.  Darn you, bum knee!  I will say…since I have taken off running, and been doing my strength/isolation exercises for the hip…no knee pain!  So maybe it is working it’s magic after all.  We saw some amazing scenery!

After a nice walk, it was time for some YMCA sponsored shenanigans at their local Y.

Best part of warm weather?!?!?!

Iced. Coffee. Wonderland.

Oh Venti Iced Coffee with Skim Milk….how I have missed thee.


Fresh Market/Earth Fare=happier.

Where my favorite.coffee.EVER. was found, and bought.  This brings back memories from dear Florida!!!

And we still have Earth Fare…Mall Madness…and PF Changs to go!  There also may be some ice cream in pajamas involved (see my last post), hey…I will do just about anything for free ice cream.  Lucky for them I don’t sleep in the nude….jus’ sayin’.

Happy Saturday bloggers!

PS…I have no Mystery Box Picture to update/tease you with (it will be revealed on Monday!) so here is your clue:

10% can really add up.


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Breakfast Buzz.

Nothing like a 5:00am wakeup call to jump start a day, hmm?  Massive amounts of caffeine were most certainly in order.

I drudged my way to the gym and taught Spin…great class!  Kim and Emily came, and we had 7 people, which means the little class is finally picking up steam.  I am so grateful.  It is so odd teaching at the YMCA and having packed houses for each class, and then going to my other gym and having no one!  I have complete faith though that it is still a new class, and I just need to THREATEN people with their lives until we start packing the house out there as well.  😉

After Spin, Emily and I went to Starbizzle where I tried the new Dark Cherry Mocha.  Let me just tell you…this bad boy was fantastic.  When we were in Florida a couple of weeks ago for the Gasparilla Half Marathon, we stayed with Kim’s family and picked up some “Chocolate Cherry Kiss” coffee from Fresh Market and had it while we were down there.  It made the entire house smell wonderfully, so I was instantly reminded of it this morning!  Cherry goodness, I tell you.  This, but no whipped cream…and 2% milk.

Headed home for an oatmeal masterpiece!!!  It was the classic, with some added Chia goodness.

Yep…I am an Almond Butter drizzler.  I know that Julie had some trouble with the drizzle by heating her nut butter up, scorching it!  I keep my Trader Joe’s creamy unsalted Almond Butter in the fridge…and it still remains at a drizzle consistency at all times…check it out:

Which is the perfect topping for some Chia oats!  Along with a fantabulistic chocolate trail mix:

I cannot get over how the Chia adds a completely different texture to the oats, I love it!

Also, while at Starbizzle this morning, I picked up a EARTH-friendly coffee press!

Ok, I now have a press.  What I need from YOU is coffee suggestions!!!!!  What should I buy?!?  What are your favorite coffee blends?

I leave you with some puppy love from this morning:

I think it is time to join these 40 lb heating pads for a nice nap.  Express Spin Class @ 12:15…can’t wait!


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