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Deformed Squirrel Cookies FTW!

Today has been specifically focused around some new and delicious treats!

Since I Spin twice on Wednesdays, I always snack like a maniac.  Here was my pre-spin goodness…this one was pretty epic.  It used what will most certainly be my new BFF:

This spread + hot Millet toast =

Yep…..it was pretty much as amazing as it looked.  Dear.  Sweet.  Lord.  I have a new obsession, and it’s name is Millet Cake.  I swear it was like the best frosted cake you could imagine, in Millet form…and healthy!  Plus the whole snack was only around 170 calories!!!  (I used half a serving of the spread)

Headed to Spin for an AMAZING sweat session.  I love my 30 minute class because I really crank up the intensity so we can get a full hours worth of effects into 30 minutes.  They were moanin’ and groanin’ after song #1!

Worked the floor for a couple of hours when I was finished with Spin, where Kim was gracious enough to feed me a new bar to hold me over until lunch:

This was able to fend off the hunger demons until I got to go home and have a fantasmic lunch…and prepared dinner for later at work!  (treated Krucker to dinner tonight!)

This lunch was quick, fruity, and delicious.  Much like me. 😉

The cereal base was Annie’s Fruit Puffs and Brown Rice Cereal, mixed with a Pomegranate Chobani.  This was topped with strawberries/bananas, and sprinkled with cinnamon/chia seeds.  Can’t forget the Almond Butter blob!  So good!  The plate sums up how the dish tasted:

Also quickly got to work on a sandwich lunch!  I was hankerin’ for some grilled cheese action.  Started with Ezekiel Bread, and added some Jalapeno Hummus:

Then added some roasted asparagus (sheet pan, oven 375*, salt/pepper) and some natural provolone:

Time to grill!

Melty cheese goodness.

These barely made it to work, accompanied with some sweet potato fries!

Kim also stopped by Panera and got us our favorite soup!  Veggie with pesto, and a Hugh Jass wedge of whole grain baguette!

She also managed to sneak in a delicious bunny cookie!  Of course, it looks more like some sort of mutated flying squirrel.  But hey, you drizzle some icing over a cookie of any sort…and you could shape it like a Windex Bottle and I would be in lurv.

Had half of this cutie:

Thanks, Krucker!

I also may have saved a Koala.

You can win FREE Endangered Species Chocolate by entering my contest here! It is simple, and runs until Sunday night at midnight!



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So long Georgia, hello Dessert Babies!

Well, my last day in Augusta, Georgia seemed to get off to a perfectly normal and healthy start.  Keep in mind that “seemed” word as you continue reading.  Anywho, the day started with a perfectly delicious Cranberry Orange muffin from Fresh Market…a nice big pear….and my Iced Coffee obsession.  I am telling you, now that it is getting warm outside, my entire paycheck might as well be transferred directly to Starbucks in order to fund the IV of Iced Coffee that will be inevitably pumped into my body on an hourly basis.  Sad thing is, since it is colder…I can drink it even faster!!!  Do they make these guys in gallon size?!
Nothing like a nice breakfast buzz.
Check out that crystallized sugar goodness atop the muffin.
Considering it had been a good 48 hours since I had worked up a mad sweat sesh, it was high time to thoroughly soak the booty…so we made our way to the local Y….pre-GaGa fierceness.
Did the Elliptical for 20 minutes, and then my own impromptu Spin session.  SWEAT.  FACTORY.  My body thanked me as I grinded it out on the bike.  Amazing how much I miss vigorous exercise when I don’t get it for even two days.  Again…it is a darn good thing that I did sweat like a nervous prom date, because Linner (Lunch/Dinner) and dessert was a down right eating contest.
This place seems all sweet and innocent, right?!?!?
The Boll Weevill has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows, including butter queen Paula Deen….this should have been my FIRST warning.  We walked in to a dessert case that would put Willy Wonka to SHAME!
Nope, that isn’t a skyscraper…..it’s a CAKE.  Layers upon layers of cake-like goodness.  We were like some crazed zoo tourists as we pressed our faces to the glass and drooled.
Dinner needed to come first.
All I had to see was portabella, and I knew I was sold on this Sammie.  Ordered that, plus the spicey corn chowder.
Check this bad boy out, who needs meat…I ask you?!
The soup was also great and had an amazing heat to it.  Bravo, Weevil!
The time had come.  The dessert menu was upon us.  It was all downhill from here.
For starters, it was Sunday…which meant the desserts were on SALE.
We saw many tables *splitting* one slice of cake between parties of ¾…but noooooo…we had to be special.  We had to be ridiculous.  We had to…..order 3!!!!!!!
This was nothing but a pure and simple:
We barely made a dent, and were all collectively unbuttoning our pants in pure foodgasm MISERY.  Even though we “shared” all 3 pieces, I don’t understand how one human could completely eat one of these desserts.  If you are ever in Augusta, be sure to check this place out!  It is one of those “whole in the wall” type places, that is totally delicious!  By far our favorite meal!
So good, but sooooooo painful.  This is where the disclaimer comes in.
Should you eat like this often?!?!?!  No.  Should you eat like this once in a blue moon??!?!  Abso-freaking-lutely.  I loved every miserable bite, and am currently pregnant with multiple food babies.  I am registered at Babies -R- Us, and I am doing the room in yellow, just in case anyone is interested in picking up a little something for the tikes.
Once the eating had reached its Zenith….we decided it was time for a walk on the river.  We needed to do something, or become instantly paralyzed in sugar-death.
Fun, fun trip.  The weekend flew by…and it is back to the grind tomorrow.
Exciting news…the MYSTERY BOX, all it’s contents, and your chance to win what is inside will be posted tomorrow.  So be sure to check back.  It is a GOOD one guys.  I am so excited!!!


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Back to normal….sort of!

What a day.  Sad, sad day.

My dear friend Corrina (left) passed away last night in an automobile accident.  She was a workout BEAST, and a dedicated mother to nine children.  She gave 110% effort in my classes, her gym workouts, and life in general.  I have never met a more sweet or gentle soul.

I have decided to continue on just as I normally would, because as she always said “I check your blog daily!!!!!”  I can’t let her down.  I will always remember her for the amazing woman she was.  Thank you all for your kind and caring support.  I am just devastated for her family and children, they are constantly in my thoughts.


(Here is a recap I was starting yesterday-Friday)

5:45am spin classes = Tyler starves all day!!!!!  Seriously, I need all the food in the near vicinity to be tied down and kept away from me.  I am almost off work, and headed for some Mexican grubbage, and I am on the verge of eating this laptop………..I’m not even playing.

So we met with the people about Biggest Loser today and I am super pumped to get the ball rolling on this!  We finalized the application, and are going to have weekly meetings soon…it’s really happening!!  We technically call it “Biggest Loser”, so we need a fun and creative name.  Any blogger input?!?!

On the way to the meeting I had my favorite Kind Bar…

Anything with coconut is instantly sold in my books.  Can’t get enough of the stuff!

After the meeting I was trying to decide a nice quick lunch I could throw together before work.  I incorporated some leftovers last night for a little yum session…quesadilla time!  Faux BBQ and Natural Cheese Blend…

Browned that baby up with some organic Pam…

Added some broccoli, baked beans, and Nutritonal Yeast (Nooch):

I am seriously diggin’ this Nutritional Yeast.  It gives everything a cheesy flavor, and packed full of nutrients and protein!!!

I headed to work for my normal Friday shift, but dinner-less because I was meeting with Maggie for Mexican goodness.  Snacked on an undocumented Apple/Pear while waiting…my body was HANGRY for dinner!

Finally, 8:30 rolled around…and off we went!  Melissa from work joined us as well!

This place was so yummy.  They brought the dreaded chips which I can never resist:

It was like a conveyor belt of fried joy headed straight for my mouth.

The menu had the typical Mexican fare…so I was undecided.  Check out my lovely dates:

I ended up just asking the server what I could get that had the most veggies.  He suggested fajitas, and I told him to make my a surprise, and just pile as MANY vegetables on it as he possibly could.  He started naming off vegetables asking if they were ok to put on, and I finally cut him off and said very matter-of-factly:

“If it grows from the earth…I will eat it.”

I was presented with this steaming pile of veggie lurv:

This baby was LOADED!

  • Broccoli
  • Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Red/Orange/Green Peppers

Served on the classic steaming Mexican Plate/Cast Iron Skillet.  Aye Ca-rumba!  I passed on the white tortillas they served on the side, and instead ate it as a big salad with this beast that came along side:

Needless to say there was leftovers for tomorrow…SCORE!

Also may have had some mango-joy to wash it all down. 😉

Party animals, I tell ya.

We then went next door to Kroger.  It was PAST time that Melisa was introduced to my favorite method of chocolate consumption:

I was in a wolf-saving kind of mood.

I love the little pre-packaged ones!  It makes it slightly easier not to consume the entire package.  Perfect dessert!

Fast forward to Saturday morning!  Breakfast was simple but delicious.

Waffles smeared with some AB goodness, a nice big pear, and a drenching of cinnamon:

Headed to a very sad day at work where the last thing on my mind was teaching classes.  We canceled Weekend Warrior straight away, and worked on a small memorial board for Corrina.  It came time for spin and there was a swarm of people who all seemed pumped.  I really thought about whether or not I should, or if it was even appropriate to do a class without my A+ student and friend.  I decided that she would want us to continue…so I went ahead with spin and dedicated it to our dear friend.  It was rough, but I pushed us hard in her memory.  That one was definitely for you, Corrina.

OK…I am keeping this post up-beat and food related.  Partly for my own sanity.

Lunch was leftover Mexican veggie love on a Spelt wrap:

And I also saved a wolf or two….dipped in PEANUT BUTTER!  My sweet friend Julie brought me some new peanut butter to taste test…check out the site here.

My thoughts….yummy…but a bit too sweet.  Thanks Julie though, you know a true way to my heart when you bring me nut butter to sample!!

On that note, I am ending this post on a very exhausting and sad day.

Love you, Corrina.  Classes won’t be the same without you.  Neither will life here at the YMCA!

(let’s keep this up-beat!)  Later bloggies, have an awesome weekend!


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Chocolate Oats

Boy was today’s breakfast a winner winner, chicken dinner!

Started off the EARLY 5:00am morning with a nice mini Clif to jump start me for Spin class…

Headed to an almost full spin class, which always makes my heart happy.  We had to open the door by song 3.  I know it’s bad when the mirrors/windows not only fog up…but begin to sweat themselves.  Muhahahahahaha.  Finished off the gym sesh with my hip strengthening/stretches for the ‘ole knee, and some tricep work.

Headed home, and was inspired by Emily to make some chocolate oats.

Started out by trying my new coffee press, with some coffee that was given to me as a gift a couple of months back, when I was doing my Student Teaching in third grade!  The staff knew I had a slight obsession with pumpkin.  Which by slight meant that I would have eaten an old dryer sheet had it been coated in the orange stuff. 😉  I miss those little guys…this coffee was a nice reminder:

While the water was boiling, I got to work on the oats..

I wanted to give these oats a real chocolate punch, so I added unsweetened chocolate almond milk, as well as a scoop of protein powder to the normal oats mix.  Once done I topped it with a sliced nana, some dark chocolate in the middle…almonds, and…..more chocolate.  Noticing a theme?!

Not going to lie.  I think this should be illegal…it was THAT good!  Add some coffee with my favorite mug..

*cue the Foldgers “best part of waaaaaaakin’ up” theme*

Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?!  Who even makes those rules anyhow.

Time for some cleaning, emailing, and to head to a meeting later about Biggest Loser!!!  I am so stoked to get more information on this!

It is FRIDAY bloggies….big smiles, ok!?

PS…….Lady GaGa’s Telephone is officially released…what do you think?!?!  I adore it…then again, I am a bit biased.  😉


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Awards and Giveaway Preview…c’mon now!

My good friend Terri was kind enough to recently give this blogger boy his FIRST award!  Look!

Thank you so much Terri!  Her blog is totally inspiring, and is a definite must read!  In her tradition, I will now pass on this award to 12 other of my favorite bloggers.  All these ladies (and men!) make an impact in my day, and are daily reads!

  • Emily: Emily is my favorite “Clean Eater” and doesn’t hurt that she is one of my best friends who lives 20 minutes away.  We have gotten so close over the past few months, and she rocks my world!  We just did the Gasparilla Half Marathon together, and it was a blast and a half!
  • Julie: Julie absolutely cracks me up each and every day.  Her blog is always full of LOL moments…PLEASE check her out!  She is my Bean Town soul-mate, and makes killer oats each and everyday!
  • Matt: A fellow blogger boy (yes, we do exist) who is a running fool and an all around great guy.  He is a killer chef, as well!
  • Alicia: This super chick joins me in the “lost 140 lb club” can you believe it?!?!  Her posts are cute, funny, and totally delicious.
  • Katie: is the divalicious bloggin’ super star who I totally adore!  She makes pink, and everything else, ROCK!  LOVE this girl.
  • Gina: Loooooove Fitnessista.  Not only is she constantly giving me ideas and tips, but she is the gal that started my obsession with blogs!  Must read!  Vegan, Raw, amazing.
  • MamaPea: Hilarious mom-blogger raising kids, eating healthy, and making me laugh hysterically on a daily basis
  • Allison: Cute pups, and wine?!  What more do you need?  Love this bloggie and all her good eats
  • Katie: Yes, she wants cake…and so does everyone else!  Good eats, and laughs…check her out!
  • Erin: Erin eats and exercises, and we can too!  Check out all her nifty eats and ideas.  Cute pup too, which never hurts.
  • Jessica: This so called “tom boy”  is producing a world of good eats, check her out!
  • Jill: Hilarious, and amazing food ideas…you have to check her out!

Congrats guys…now it’s your turn!  Pay it forward, and distribute that award! 😉

Express Spin class was amazing today.  I swear, even though it is only 30 minutes…by combining the “toughest” songs, we are able to work up to just as much of a sweat factory in the hour long class!  Love it!

Came home from Spin famished, and ready for a nice lunch.  I am currently obsessed with the Gardenburger..

I am a fan of any veggie burger with real veggie CHUNKS in it!

That’s some melty organic cheese goodness on my favorite whole wheat mini pocket!  Also steamed up a lima bean/broccoli combo and drenched it with Nooch (Nutritional Yeast)

Veggie Stix, and the meal was complete:

Some Broccoli Sprouts added some veggie heft to this sucka.  Dessert was yummy and simple.  Huge apple and an Attune.

I became semi-productive, and got alot done around the house before heading to work.

While waiting on dinner I had a “kind” snack.  (har, har, har.)

These are quickly becoming my favorite bars!

Dinner was the classic “at-work” staple!

Half Mediterranean Veggie Sammie (Wheat bread, Mozz instead of feta) and half the veggie pesto soup-o-joy.

Dessert was brought from home and was a mixture of 2 coconut rolled date logs, and some deeeeeeelicious dark chocolate ovals from the Earth Fizz.

There is seriously NOTHING better than good, dark, chocolate.  The simpler the better in my books.

Well bloggies, have a wondermous evening, will you???

GIVEAWAY tomorrow.  It is going to be a good one.

Here is your clue:

Think Greek!


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