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Ehh, Go Take a Hike.

When you have weather like this:

Hikes are mandatory.

In preperation for fun times outdoors with Maggie, I threw together a quick cold breakfast.  Tried out a new cereal plus a classic:

Does anyone else mix their cereal?!?! I can’t remember the last time I had an entire bowl of one brand/kind.  Sliced a nana, and poured the Almond Milk…good times.

Two thumbs up, all around!

As I was leaving this morning I had to deal with this.  I SWEAR this photo was completely un-touched by me, as in…she did this to herself.

She was looking at me like:

A) Yes, I am a dog in a blanket and propped up with a pillow.

B) Why do you care.

C) Go away now…….eye closing time needs to continue.

Tough life, eh?

With a snoozing boxer at home (and a snoozing pomeranian elsewhere in the house) it was time to meet Magz for a hiking adventure!

We were ready for action.

We were promised animals such as these:

There must be a steadily growing trend of Turtle Takers in my neck of the woods.  Sadly…the only “animals” we saw were stuffed and/or plastic.

(is anyone else humming the Jurassic Park Opening Theme….admit it…….you are.)

Regardless, the hike was yahhhhh-mazing.  It is a 6 mile trail….3 up, and 3 down.  The first 2.3 miles are easy breezy with a few rolling hills, and the last .7 is pure hill out-of-breath craziness.  Love!  Check out the scenery!

LIZARD!  Ok, I guess we did see animals.  I love how it is still keeping with the Jurassic Park theme which I know you are STILL humming.

We were stylin’ and profilin’, YO!

Before we knew it, we had reached the top!  There is a massive (and ancient) Fire Tower at the top of this hike that scares the ever-living-poo out of me.  Maggie thought she could get me up it, but alas…the Blogger Boy only made it to the second level before I tucked my tail, and reversed back to solid ground.

Maggie, however, was a total trooper…and took my camera ALL the way to the top!

I took her word for the view, as I watched from below.  😉

The pics turned out amazing, though!  So beautiful!

By this time, my hunger was ready for the picnic I had packed, so it was so long…Tower O’ Fire (and doom, in my case)

We headed back down the trail, and then it was lunch time!

Almond Butter and Jam sammies….Veggies (Orange Pepper, Asparagus, Broccoli) and Pine Nut Hummus….and BOOTY!  This time I decided to give the Veggie a break for a hot second, and went with New York Pizza!  Loveeeee.

Also sliced up a nice Starfruit for dessert!  Love these little guys.

On that note….it is time for a MUCH needed shower, and get ready for work tonight!

Have a great day bloggies, get out and enjoy that sunshine as much as you can!!!



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Jig is up.

Ok, we should ALL know that greasy monstrosity from this morning was totally not going in my stomach.  April Fool’s mutha lickas!

Moving on to a genuine, and delicious breakfast feast.  It was french toast time!!!

Can you say YUM?!?!?!

Ezekiel Bread dipped into a beaten egg, grilled to perfection.  Strawberries and Bananas on the side (topped with Greek Yogurt) and this liquid heaven drizzled over top of the bread:

35 seconds in the microwave turns it into a chocolate river (that flows directly towards my FACE!)


After breakfast I got ready, and headed to my meeting for “8 To The 8’s” which is a Biggest Loser type program our city is starting soon.  I get to be the trainer, and I am so excited.  Today we went over all the specifics of the application, and I registered a blog just for the program (coming soon!).  We also got in touch with all the local media outlets.  I am going to be on the local news promoting it.  Cue a PANIC from yours truly.  I hope I don’t just get up there and freeze!

There may have been a venti iced coffee that escaped the camera lens.  What can I say, I needed the java buzz!

Came home and started what turned out to be a mighty epic lunch.

I am loving my asparagus sammie combo!  Started by roasting these guys along with some broccoli:

I then arranged the toppings:

Asparagus/Cheese/Hummus sandwich anyone?!?!

You know I had to put some Veggie Booty with it.  Come on.

Ate it outside since it is like….July weather here.  Seriously, I am taking in as much of this sunshine as humanly possible!

Jealous pups were always waiting for something to be dropped.

To calm the sweet tooth, I chomped on some Sunspires.

I think those did the trick.

Well, I am off to bask in the sunshine a little longer, and work on my classes tonight.  I have KidFit at my other gym, then back to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT, aka my favorite night of the week.  I want to do a class tonight using ALL resistance band work, but I have to see how many people we have.  We have a limited number of bands which makes it hard…so I need to have a killer plan “B” workout planned just in case.  Any instructors out there have any suggestions for some moves using the bar, dumb bells, gliders, etc? I am always looking for new ways to kill…..errrrr, challenge my class.  😉

Later bloggies, have a great night.

Did you prank someone for April Fools Day??  Seen any good ones online?

I have seen some great ones on Google, Starbucks, and even Whole Foods.


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Mystery Box!

Happy Wednesday!  Hope everyone is having a superb middle of the week!

Look what arrived on my doorstep today!  Oh, UPS man…how I love thee.

What is that bit of greenness peaking out for the blog world to see?!?!

You will just have to wait.  It is sooooooo good though.  Going to be totally worth the wait.  😉

Headed into work today with a little jump in my step thanks to the delivery.  Dinner was going to be a random mix of snacks because I am movie bound tonight!  Alice in 3D! (Yes, again)

I need to scratch out “for babies” and change it to “for blogger boys”

This, plus my favoriteeeeee granola:

And some chocolate goodness got mixed together for snackage:

“Dinner” was comprised of a jumbo bag of broc/carrots…and some dip of joy that I threw together:

  • Hummus
  • Refried Beans
  • Salsa
  • Natural Cheese


I have this to look forward to in just a bit during the movie!

And you know I have to save some sort of endangered animal:

Well…off to movie land!  Later bloggies!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another tease of the mystery box.  I gotta draw this one out for a while, it is that good!!!  🙂

I’m sneaking in a Nalgene full of water…Pirate Booty, and chocolate into the movies…what is your favorite movie treat(s)?!?!


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Booty-full Meeting

Well hello, Sunday.  I love you.

Bran Muffin, Oatmeal, Pecans.  I also snuck in my own pear.  😉   You would have thought I was smuggling cocaine in a balloon internally the way I was gocked at.

The oatmeal was so filling with the pear that I got to take the muffin later for lunch, holla!

Headed home for a while and answered some emails…keep them coming guys, I am loving reading the stories!  You guys are amazing!  Snacked on a mini-cup of my favorite cereal/Almond Milk combo for some pre-Spin fuel:

And assembled my lunch to eat @ the gym after Spin…

Pomegranate Greek God’s….leftover Bran Goodness Muffin, Apple, Banana, Almond Butter

Headed to spin, which was a bit more optimistic!  Still not back to my happy and ecstatic spin, but we are trying to form some sense of normality.

After spin I was staaaaarrrrving.  Did I mention I have homemade organic pumpkin butter at work?!?!?!  Thanks, Matt.

This mixed wondermously with my Almond Butter, and was smeared all over the bran muffin:

I swear to you, I could live strictly on fruit, carbs, and sugar.  I think I will patent that diet.  Anyone who is with me can pack up, and we can start some sort of cult in California.

After spin I tidied myself up, and helped Kim start to work on our big annual faculty meeting.  What happens when your Wellness Director is in charge of snacks?!?!  Organic JOY!

It was fruit and cheese tray galore!

And the best portion of the food:

It was Booty…as far as the eye could see!!!!  You did good Krucker, now back to peelin’ those Kiwi’s!

Before we could munch on the goodies we had to attend to some business…it was a rarity for all of the staff to get together.  As a “gym” we have our own staff, and then we are affiliated with all the local schools in the After School program…so needless to say, it was a packed house.  We went over plans for the new facility which will be partnered with the city for an aquatics center.  It is going to be super-swank.  I cannot wait!!!

We played an ice-breaker type of game where we all had stickers on our back with “characters” who we couldn’t see, and ask other people questions to determine our identity.  I had “Cher” on my back, and needless to say…everyone who could see it started dying in laughter.  It was quite the show.  I also had to give a brief presentation on the Strong Kids Campaign, and our next Spin-A-Thon that ties into it!  Needless to say, “Cher” didn’t have trouble in the group setting.

I also got a surprise when Charlie (the C.E.O.) presented me with my five year pin!!!!!

Lord I felt like I needed to some sort of Oscar speech!  hahaha

Enough of that, time for FOOD!

I decided to make these “healthy” snacks my dinner, so I loaded up:

Round One:

Annnnnnnd two:

Did I mention how overly obsessed I am with the Veggie Booty?!?!

Abby enjoys the White Cheddar.  😉

Since I “snacked” for dinner, I deserved a dessert, no?!?!

Panizzle it was for a split decision scone.  One was blueberry…the other orange…split those baby in half and you get the best of both worlds:

Does anyone else “save” their favorite bite for last?!  Check out this glorious, icing topped final yumminess:

Yummmmmmm.  Massive amounts of caffeine were also involved.

What. A. Weekend.  Never thought I would say this, but looking forward to Monday.  It is so awful losing a close friend…but I am excited to have things go back to somewhat normal.  Again, thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes…you guys are amazing.

Heres a nice end to the weekend!  Look what came in the mail today!

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!  I am officially AFAA certified.  I am not going to lie, that written test was KILLER so I am ecstatic I do not have to re-take it.

My excitement upon opening this letter can be correctly demonstrated as follows:

Alright…Panera is literally closing us out, so I am wrapping this up…later bloggies, have an awesome night!!  ❤


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Leaaaaaavin’, on a jet plane…..

don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Ok…I lied, I will totally be back Sunday.

Woke up to this, this morning:

Dearest Winter, 

I hate you with the fire of forty suns.  I curse you daily, and if you interfere with my flight to Florida, we are going to have issues.


Blogger Boy


Didn’t get a chance to update last night, but here was the dinner that I was working on from the last post:

I had made the veggie filling (mushrooms, zucchini, onions, spinach) before work and assembled it there with a whole wheat pita and some veggies/hummus.  Also added some natural provolone.  A little cheese never hurts, eh?

After dinner I had my favorite Easter candy of all time.  Now, I do not buy nor recommend buying things like this often.  This, however, falls into the category of “if you want it, eat it”.  Plus, it was the “mini” bag…and who can resist these:

Best. Candy. Ever.     I savored every egg.

Finished up work, and then headed to Wal*Mizzle to buy some of those tiny 3oz containers to take my shampoo, etc on the plane.  There was a woman in front of us (with of course, one lane being open in the ENTIRE STORE) who honest to goodness had an Encyclopedia Brittanica-esque book FULL of competitor ads.  She was price matching EVERY.  ITEM.  IN.  HER.  BUGGY.  I swear we were in line for 45 minutes, waiting on the woman to argue that “KROGER HAS TIDE ON SALE AND IT IS .30 CENTS CHEAPER!!!!!!! RAWR!!!!!”  I think the people behind us were beginning to plot her death, which was sure to be not only painful…but slow.  Do you guys price match groceries, or even frequent Wal*Mart?  It was seriously ridonkulous.

Headed home and started packing/freaking out for Florida.  I get big time plane anxiety, and mine is already starting to form.  It’s like that little feeling in your stomach right as you go down the gigantic hill on a roller coaster, and it will just gets worse as it gets closer to boarding time.  It’s only an hour flight though, which is what I have to keep reminding myself of.  I think that I have a fear of flying because there is a total lack of control.  As silly as it is, I feel like I am in control of my car.  This whole scenario is out of my hands completely.  What do you think about flying?

Breakfast this morning was spent with my favorite guy, Mr. Quaker.

I picked this up recently and figured it would be the perfect addition to some oats!

These oats had this yummy mix…plus the usual.  Heaping amount of flax, Almond Milk, Almond Butter, and a Truvia.

It was pretty much joyful.  

Well, off to pack/prepare for FLORIDA!  I cannot believe I leave in like 6 hours!!!  Eek!  Florida peeps, how is the weather in Tampa???

PS, how am I supposed to leave these faces?!


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Free Chocolate Time!!!!

Well, I have a winner of the Attune chocolate!!!  More later.  😉

Monday’s tend to be particularly long and consist of four classes spread over the course of a day.  I started out with my KidFit Yoga this morning at 7:45.  These kids continue to crack me up, but it is so fun to show them all these yoga moves…and have them actually remember them from week to week!  I rushed home dreaming of an oatmeal combination.

This bad boy had:

1/2 Cup Oats

1 Cup Almond Milk

2 TBSP Flax Seed

1/2 Cup Blueberries

1/4 Cup Chopped Walnuts

Also got to try out my new Truvia that I got last night!  Since I gave up Splenda for Lent…I needed some NATURAL sweetener!  😉

(The pills are my new joint supplement I am trying for the ole knee!)

Yummmmm.  After I was nice and full from breakfast, I had full intentions of being productive and working on a new Spin CD.  A two hour nap with the puppers won over, I am sorry to say.  I love naps, and recommend them to everyone!  They are great to re-energize!  Plus, who doesn’t like to sleep?  Come on.  I woke up, and it was time to head to the YMCA for Express Sculpt.  Grabbed my snack to go:

H2O goodness, and a huge nana with Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter

I specifically didn’t add PB to my oats this morning, because I knew I wanted this beast as a snack!

Express Sculpt was great today!  Normally in my 60/90 minute weight classes I have the participants go lower weight, and higher reps.  Today we switched it up and had high weights with low reps.  I love the 30 minute class, because I get to quickly hit the major muscle groups back to back…here was the line-up:

  • Squats with bar on shoulder, various counts (singles…2/2….6/2…..2/6…etc.)
  • Chest Press on bench with bar, various counts
  • Walking Lunges with bar help in overhead press, lower modification was bar on shoulders
  • Bicep Curls with bar, various counts
  • Dead Lifts with added row, various counts
  • Calf Raises on bench
  • Shoulders (Overhead press/squat combo)

I was famished and ready for a yummy lunch, so I headed home and decided to try out my new veggie burgers…who could resist this guy:

I loved this burger because it was delicious AND you could actually see giant chunks of veggies.  Double word score!!!  🙂  I put the burger on half a whole wheat pita pocket, and added some Laughing Cow Light Swiss, and Broccoli Slaw:

Added my favorite Veggie Stix and some carrots/hummus:

Why does he always show up looking depressed when it is food time?!

Yes….he sampled it all.

Finished off with some dark chocolate Edamame Beans, all of which went in MY mouth, and not the pups.

Chocolate is bad for dogs, I was just being a good owner.      ……don’t look at me like that.

Now onto the most exciting news of the morning!!!!

Free Attune chocolate!!!!  14 Day Supply, baby!

First, I want to say thank you SO much to everyone for making my first (of hopefully many) giveaways!!!  Secondly, thanks to the wonderful people at Attune!  Now…onto the winner…

Number 37 (not counting my two posts in the comments) is……

Congrats, Misty!!!!  You have won a 14 day supply of Attune Chocolate Bars!  I will contact you soon with more information!

Thanks to everyone for entering.

Well…I HAVE to make a new spin cd-izzle for class tonight, or they are going to revolt.  I also need to prep for my High School Yoga class!  Any new song suggestions, guys?


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