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All the cool kids get their groceries put in boxes these days, I mean come on now people.

I forgot my plastic bags this morning, so I just had the girl put my stuff in a big box they had lying around.  Reason #45676 that I love the Earth Feezy.

Did I mention they had my fay-voh-rite chocolate on sale?!?!

AND my favorite booty!

Score!  Lucky day or what?!  I also picked up a scone to have later for lunch.  This was a new one at Earth Fare, and all I had to see were two words to know I was instantly sold:

Coconut.  Chocolate.  I don’t even think I read the rest of the description before snatching one up (notice the empty spot up front….that one became MINE!)

Check out the loot:

Now it is time to rewind a bit, before grocery fun-time…I had 6:00am spin!  Great sweat sesh as always, and Kimmy was there which made it even better!  Check out this sunrise as I was leaving the gym:

Pretty groovy, huh?

We headed to our favorite Mermaid for some caffeine:

Now *this* is my idea of how to drink coffee.

Comfy chair = good times.

After the gym/grocery session I headed back to the casa to throw together some Triple Chocolate Oatmeal!  With two Spin classes to teach today plus a 3 mile run with Steph…it was carbo load time (which I will find any excuse for)

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Chocolate Almond Milk
  • 1 Banana (nuked for 2 minutes prior to putting in)
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • Sprinkling of Mocha Madness Trail Mix
  • Drizzling of Maranatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread

Sooooooo good.  Hands down my favorite way to make oats!

Also, I didn’t get a chance to update last night…work was insane!  I got to try a new probable obsession, Passion Fruit Tea! (with jealous on-lookers in the background…the tea is MINE…back off.  😉 )

Snacked on some Chobani and Annie’s Puff goodness…

And had the classic Panera standby for dinner.  Fuji Chicken Apple Salad Sans Chicken.  😉  Anyone else craving salads/cold things like whoa now that is starting to warm up?!?!

Whole grain baguette goodness on the side:  (check out the millet/flax…looooove!)

So there is your quick recap for last night!  Sorry for the randomness of this post!  🙂

Also, we have finalized a logo for our city-wide weight loss program this summer:

Doesn’t it look fabulous?!?!?!  I am so excited.

The official blog for the program is now online, although with very limited information.  I am posting the application today…and we start promoting it this week!  I was in the paper today!  woot woot!  (I will try and track down an online version of it for you guys!)  I am so beyond stoked.

Check out the blog! (Again…more information to come soon)

Eight To The Eight’s

Have a good one bloggies!  It’s time to prep for Express Spin, and get ready for a looooooong day.  Bring it, Wednesday.  😉



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Chocolate Winner!!!!

Yep.  We have a winner.  Read on to find out who it was!!!!  (And don’t just quickly scroll to the bottom you naughty bloggies.) 😉

Sorry for the lack of update last night.  I went from Express Sculpt, right to a meeting, right to KidFit, right to Spin, and then right to Yoga.  Aye yae yae!  (I’m not entirely sure how to spell that phrase, but I am assuming it is at least somewhat correct.)

Moving onnnnnn.

Breakfast this morning WAS going to be:

These guys looked alot different than my normal oats:

I looked on the back, and these suckas take 25 minutes to cook…..FAIL!

I will have to cook these beauties when I have more time.  Went with the always classic standard:

Made my classic banana/chia base….and added some mixed dried berries, and a drizzle of AB on the top:


Steph and I are going to run shortly…and this will be my first run since  the Florida Half!!!!  Darn you Physical Therapists and making Blogger Boys take off *3* weeks from running.  Ah well, my knee seems to be completely healed, so I guess he knew a thing or two.  😉  Also stopping by my happy place, aka Earth Feezy…and getting some lunch!  What a perfect day!

Wish me luck on the run, I am a nervous wreck about the ole knee.

Now…….lets remind ourselves of what the chocolate winner is going to receive:

3 oz. Bars:

1.4 oz. Bars:

Milk Chocolate Treats:

Can you say WOW?!?!?!?!

So who was it?!?!?!?


Oh yea!!!

Lucky number 14……Ian!

Congrats, Ian!  Shoot me an email (Tramey1@gmail.com) with your shipping address, so I can send out this little box of joy!

Thanks so much to all that entered and especially all the cute animal pictures!!!  The folks at ESC were so thrilled with the participation and enthusiasm!!!

Well…off to tackle Tuesday head on starting with a run!  Have a great day bloggers!  Today involves alot of “me” time……my question to you is:

What do you do with your “me” time?  When do you get the most of it, and why is it important to you?


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I can smell Friday!!!!

It’s so close!!!!!

We left last off with me on an extremely jittery caffeine rush that actually turned out to be quite the productive afternoon.  What can I say, the coffee makes things happen.  I didn’t even nap!!!!  It must be the apocalypse!    Had a bangin’ snack while being productive and waiting for lunch:

Nice red pear plus my new obsession, Oikos style…CARMEL Greek Yogurt.  Whoooooa-mgah.

Cinnamon on top, made the perfect fruit dip.


Finished my new spin playlist (see my last post for the new ideas I was tossing around) and in the meantime started thinking about lunch which eventually became a jumble of deliciousness!

Gardenburger with provolone and spinach….Veggie Booty (aka CRACK COCAINE) and some Brocc/Jalapeno Hummus.

Yum times.

I don’t know what it is specifically that makes the Veggie Pirate Booty so effing amazing, but I am telling you.  If I knew some foreign government secret, and was being held hostage…one bag of these little cuties waved in front of my face would have me squealin’ faster than a pig headin’ for the bacon shop!  Word.

Snack on the way to my classes (Kid Fit/Total Body HIIT) was slightly boring, but kept the doctor away:

And then jazzed myself up for Total Body HIIT with some magical beans…

Tonight.  Kicked.  My.  Butt.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that the gym felt like it was slightly warmer than Hades, or that I had already killed lower body this morning, but good NIGHT, it was a doozy.  Fun times though!

Gotta love the squats.

Even better when we step on/off the bench in low pulses.  Muhahahaha

Quick…raise your hands if you heart Tyler.

Aren’t they sweet.  😉

Best part was, Ashlei came!!!!!!

Ignore the fact that we are Sweatasaurus’.  She also came baring gifts of home made RAW onion bread, and raw-nola!  Am I lucky, or what?!?! 😉

Rushed home as fast as I could and yet again just threw some random items together for dinner.  Started with an egg puff, fitnessista style…

1 egg…nutritional yeast (nooch!), red pepper flakes, all nuked for two minutes.

Topped it with provolone, and put that bad boy on a whole grain English Muffin!

The monkey on the plate wanted the sammie.

Also steamed some broccoli, and added salsa/Greek Yogurt, and some carrots and Jalapeno Hummus! (current obsesssssion)

Shew.  What a day.  I love that it started and ended in the gym!  Good times!

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! So stoked.  I have spin at 5:45am (new cd-izzle, so stoked…I love maiden voyages!) and then a meeting at 11:00 about our city’s version of Biggest Loser….it is getting very exciting people!  I get to be Bob…how friggin awesome is that?!?!  Well, as Bob-esque as I can be, haha.

I leave you with a hilarious Justin Bieber parody.  Goodnight.

Remember…there are still 3 days left to enter for FREE Endangered Species Chocolate. Check it out HERE! Free chocolate…save some animals…it’s pretty much win/win.  Why haven’t you entered yet?!?!


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A.M. Workouts and Chocolate Oats

I have slowly gotten into the best habit of working out in the morning.  My stance on morning stuff is usually grouchy and/or half asleep, but since I teach two early classes (Spin on Wed, Fri) throughout the week, I have slowly started my other workouts in the mornings as well.  With a chaotic class schedule of teaching at two gyms…getting my own “personal” workout is tough.  Sometimes you just need a good solo workout for both mental and physical well being.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore teaching classes and wouldnt have it any other way.  Sometimes, though, I just want to grind it out either in the weight room, or on the elliptical with my ipod BLARING, and in my own little world.  Any instructors out there feel like this?!

That being said, I had an awesome one this a.m.!  Did some lower body weights and 45 minutes on the elliptical.  With good friends (Kim, Emily) by my side…it made it go by instantly!  We then had an A.D.D. lower body workout that included weighted squats, step-up’s, calf raises, leg extensions, hip/leg raises, jump-up’s!  Good times, I tell you.

Needed breakfast asap when I got back to the casa, and assembled the troops for battle.

Chocolate oat time, home slices.  Gotta love the dueling Nut Butters:

They made a perfect match.  “Eboooooony, and Ivvvvvoooorrrrrrrryyyyyuh!”

Look at that molten, melty, nut butter goodness!  Ahhhhh!

The Protein Powder in these oats is what gives it the initial chocolate kick.

I also got to use a new purchase (and new bff):

Coffee Grinder FTW!

When we were in Georgia last week and at my beloved Fresh Market, I picked up some of my favorite coffee evah, Chocolate Cherry Kiss.  Ground it up, and used my “green” French Press to make a hot cup-o-joe (or nine.) 😉

Oh Florida, how I miss thee.  Thank you for letting me feel as if I were there, one cup of coffee at a time.  Dang…that sounded like some sort of Hallmark commercial.  Fail!

Since I am currently experiencing a major coffee high, my goal is to become super productive.  Total Body HIIT is tonight, so I am going to plan some new moves for that, as well as work on a new Spin CD-izzle.  Here are some new tunes I am going to try out:

Any suggestions?!?!?!

Endangered Species Chocolate Giveaway is still going strong!  Enter here for your chance to win a ton of free choco-goodness.  They emailed me, and are LOVING the responses so far!  Keep them coming guys!  Voting ends Sunday at midnight!  Get creative!


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Deformed Squirrel Cookies FTW!

Today has been specifically focused around some new and delicious treats!

Since I Spin twice on Wednesdays, I always snack like a maniac.  Here was my pre-spin goodness…this one was pretty epic.  It used what will most certainly be my new BFF:

This spread + hot Millet toast =

Yep…..it was pretty much as amazing as it looked.  Dear.  Sweet.  Lord.  I have a new obsession, and it’s name is Millet Cake.  I swear it was like the best frosted cake you could imagine, in Millet form…and healthy!  Plus the whole snack was only around 170 calories!!!  (I used half a serving of the spread)

Headed to Spin for an AMAZING sweat session.  I love my 30 minute class because I really crank up the intensity so we can get a full hours worth of effects into 30 minutes.  They were moanin’ and groanin’ after song #1!

Worked the floor for a couple of hours when I was finished with Spin, where Kim was gracious enough to feed me a new bar to hold me over until lunch:

This was able to fend off the hunger demons until I got to go home and have a fantasmic lunch…and prepared dinner for later at work!  (treated Krucker to dinner tonight!)

This lunch was quick, fruity, and delicious.  Much like me. 😉

The cereal base was Annie’s Fruit Puffs and Brown Rice Cereal, mixed with a Pomegranate Chobani.  This was topped with strawberries/bananas, and sprinkled with cinnamon/chia seeds.  Can’t forget the Almond Butter blob!  So good!  The plate sums up how the dish tasted:

Also quickly got to work on a sandwich lunch!  I was hankerin’ for some grilled cheese action.  Started with Ezekiel Bread, and added some Jalapeno Hummus:

Then added some roasted asparagus (sheet pan, oven 375*, salt/pepper) and some natural provolone:

Time to grill!

Melty cheese goodness.

These barely made it to work, accompanied with some sweet potato fries!

Kim also stopped by Panera and got us our favorite soup!  Veggie with pesto, and a Hugh Jass wedge of whole grain baguette!

She also managed to sneak in a delicious bunny cookie!  Of course, it looks more like some sort of mutated flying squirrel.  But hey, you drizzle some icing over a cookie of any sort…and you could shape it like a Windex Bottle and I would be in lurv.

Had half of this cutie:

Thanks, Krucker!

I also may have saved a Koala.

You can win FREE Endangered Species Chocolate by entering my contest here! It is simple, and runs until Sunday night at midnight!


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Good afternooooooon bloggies!

How in the heck are ya?!

5:45am Spin called my name this morning, which most certainly worked up a sweat…and called for some immediate caffeine release with Kim!

Thank you for being wondermous, Cafe Misto.

Since it was close to 8:00am and Targizzle was about to open across the street, Kim and I made our way over…and waited for the doors to be unlocked like rabid dogs waiting to pounce on a Black Friday Bargain.  Seriously….it felt “Super Market Sweep”-esque as we were running down the aisles with the lights not even turned on!  Fun times.

Managed to pick up a coffee grinder (score!), some cute new plates/bowl (scorer!), and the candy that should be illegal in all states yet holds a cholk hold on me at this time of the year. (scorest.)

There was another plate that was quickly washed and used for breakfast……MONKEYSSSSSS!!!!!

why do I feel like everything will taste better on this plate?!?!

Mr. Quaker, I love you……but today I dined with another.  The egg.

Made a 3 egg (2 yolk) scramble with some spinach…

Toasted up an english muffin, and voila.

Nice little change to the routine…sorry Mr Quaker, I know you get angry when I don’t consume you daily *hides*

(I found this online….not sure quite what it is, but I “WON’T” it…which is a way stronger word than want.)

Well, time for a snack, and to head for some Express Spin at the YMC-izzle.  It is gorgeous outside, which means I get to rock the GaGa shades.  Nice.

I leave you…..with the God Warrior.

DOARK SIDED!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to enter for free chocolate.  Save an animal in the process.  Boo-yah.


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Sweet Potato or Small Child. YOU be the judge.

Please look at this massive yam that Ashlei and I found at Kroger.

This was supposedly a yam, but I am not convinced that it wasn’t some un-identified Government run project.  SERIOUSLY MASSIVE.

4 Pounder!!!!

Lets rewind a bit.  On the way to teach my high school Yoga class, I snacked on my fav-o-rite Kind bar, and an apple of joy!

After a sweaty Yoga sesh, it was time to the YMCA to meet Ashlei for spin!  I was so stoked she came today!  We were both sweaty messes, and loved it!

It was then time for DINNER!  I decided to show Ashlei my favorite little Thai place…

I love this little place.  They always ask on a 1-3 scale how hot you want it, and I always say “as hot as it can possibly be made”  They most certainly didn’t let me down tonight.  I went with the Tomy Thai Fried Rice with Veggies…extra heat, and a delicious little kick from the cashews and pineapple:

This bad boy packed the heat!  Ashlei’s look delicious, too!

Once in the car, Ashlei rocked it out with my GaGa inspired shades….ra, ra, ahhh ah ahhhhhhhh…

And then we both headed home.  Boo!!!  What a great evening though, I love having a fellow healthy foodie/blogger/friend that lives so close to me!  Fun times all around!  Once home, I broke into a PRESENT that Ashlei brought me.  RAW macaroons anyone?!!?!

Alongside my favorite vanilla frozen yogurt…

*instant drool bath quickly commenced*

Ashlei, you ROCK.  These were amaaaaaaaazing, and it is almost worth me going out and buying a dehydrator outright if I know I can produce these on a daily (heck hourly) basis.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Now……….on to another Monday high note.

Who wants some free chocolate?!

Soon, I will be creating a thread simply with information on the Endangered Species Chocolate giveaway I am hosting.  All information can be found there and entries start tonight…and end on this Sunday, at midnight!  Stay tuned for that thread!  It’s a fun one!  😉

Question Of The Night:

When it comes to grocery stores…how much of your cart is healthy/organic?  Do you ever get questioned by the clerks?  When I am in a non-natural/health food store, it ALWAYS happens that as I am checking out the clerk has some smart remark like “Boy………YOU must eat healthy” with a negative connotation!  Why?!?!  It would be like a cashier ringing up the common disgusting cart full of crap and being like “WOW, your an unhealthy tub of lard!”  Either way, it is not good etiquette.  What are your thoughts?


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