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To blow….or not to blow.

…..that, is the question.

I have done two spin classes today, and had fan issues.  More at the end -o- the post, and I am looking for blogger input!

Breakfast today was non-oatmeal related!!!!  I know, I know…it is scary.  Don’t worry though, I did manage up to whip up some deliciousness.

I picked up some new English Muffins that I wanted to try, and decided I was in the mood for some eggs!

I love how dogs want everything, including raw eggs.

Scrambled the egg up in a pan with some Natural Cheese Blend.  You haven’t lived until you have had cheese eggs, c’mon people.

Got some fruit goin’…

To top the muffins, I used my homemade Organic Pumpkin Butter that my friend Matt made, and some Polaner!

And, yes…I am that guy who puts ketchup on his eggs!

Deeeeeeeeeeeee-friggin-licious.  Seriously, amazing breakfast!  I was proud.  Mr. Quaker, I love you….and I will see you tomorrow.  Why do I feel like I have cheated on my spouse, by NOT having oatmeal today?!?!  I feel like he is staring at me from across the room, with a hidden yet detectable evil glare.

He knows I ate eggs, and he is angry.  Look at that grin.  *shutters*

Moving on!

A snack was my favorite Z-Bar before my second Spin class of the day:

To which I came back (covered in sweat!) and whipped up a nice, fresh, fruity lunch.  Again, I am the carb/fruit/sugar KING, and will scream it from the mountains if I must!

It was cereal/fruit bowl time!  Started out with a Chia Pudding base.  I mixed 1 TBSP of Almond Butter with 1 Cup Almond Milk, and whisked it together..

I let this little concoction get nice and thick (the Chia seeds absorb SO much water) while I chopped up a mango, and some strawberries:

Added half a cup each of my two new cereals for the week:

To the thickened “pudding” I added the cereal, and the fruit:

Both of these get two huge thumbs up.  I have never had an Annie’s product  that I haven’t loved and/or scarfed down instantly.  The brown rice tasted like rice krispies, and even had the bowl of goodness singing to me!  😉  Added a DASH of cinnamon.  (yea right.)

Yummy in my yummy.  Fo realz.

Moving on to the title of this post…

In my 5:45am spin class we have these gigantic, AIRPLANE powered jumbo fans that freeze me, as well as practically blow me off my seat.  They are also so audibly loud, that I have to max out the music just so people in the back of the class can hear it.  I have a couple of people who turn the fan on before we even warm up or mount our bikes!  Needless to say, I do not even sweat in class, and freeze the entire time.

Fast forward to my class today at the YMCA.  We have a rule.  If you get hot/sweaty/uncomfortable…get up, and turn the fan on.  If it gets extreme…prop open the door with a weight.  This system works so much better because  I feel like I sweat more, and when I sweat more…I work harder!  There is no better feeling than sweat dripping down my nose, to really get my class going for the day.  Also, even if we do have the fans on, they are smaller…and therefore not hurricane blasting winds like at my other gym.

So what I am asking you guys is this:

Regarding fans (spin class, other classes, workouts in general)…….to blow or not to blow?!?!  What are your opinions on this?



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Just call me Bob?!?

Hello Tuesday!  I think I like you better than your pal, Monday.

I started my breakfast last night, and used my Chia Seeds again…this time in a cereal/fruit bowl mix!  I wanted to let the “sauce” set up overnight…so I got to work:

Nothin’ like a new jar of AB to make me happy.  😉

The “sauce” was a mixture of:

  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • 1/2 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1 TBSP Almond Butter
  • 3 TBSP Greek Yogurt
  • 1 TBSP Polaner Natural Peach Jam

Let that soak overnight, which turns into this:

Chia Pudding goodness!

Combined two of my favorite cereals…

Stuck with the Mango theme by cutting into this juicy guy…

I then combined the fruit with the cereal (1/2 cup, each)

And on went the pudding!

I was a fan.  Chia Seeds…you guys are two for two.  Sam seemed to enjoy it as well.

He is getting SO furry…groomer.  ASAP.  Tyler, seriously…get on this!  *sorry, ignore my rants at myself*

After breakfast I answered some emails (I love getting emails guys!!!  Thanks so much for sending them, and be patient as I tend to write novels and/or lose them in all the Facebook junk that comes to my email…I will respond, I swear!!!), and then headed to meet my dear friend Natalie at Tomy Thai to discuss a verrrrry exciting summer program I will be helping with.

Is she not adorable?!?!?!  Love Natalie!!!

We needed to talk business, but first and foremost, we needed to order lunch, right?!?!  😉

Hmm, sorry for the blur.  I must have been in a Thai-Food-Frenzy.  They brought soup and crunchies to start!

I ended up getting the Tomy Thai Fried Rice (extra hot, please) with Veggies:

Even though this was a “smaller” lunch portion, I still had tons of leftovers for work tonight (sah-weet!)  The best part of this dish, aside from the veggie goodness, was the abundance of pineapple!!!  So good, and such a good flavor addition to the spicy rice!  Yum, yum.

So, it was onto business talk!  Our city is going to be sponsoring a “Biggest Loser” competition this summer complete with teams of two competing in an 8 week program to lose weight and get healthy.  I GET TO BE BOB!!!!!  How friggin’ exciting is that?!?!  I am pumped!  Hank (who couldn’t make it, boo!) and Natalie are over the Crazy 8’s race, which draws a TON of people to this area!  Heck, even the Kenyans come down and run with us!  😉  So the competition will occur 8 weeks prior to the race (8K).  Notice an 8 theme going on?!?!  The finale will be held live after the race, with a live weigh in/result.  Amazing?!?!  Yes.  Everything is totally still in the planning stages, but I am so excited to get started on this!

Well, time to get my workout on!  I am going to tackle some time on the machines, and do some weights!  Later bloggies…happy Tuesday!


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Knee Update.

Well, while I thought my knee was doing semi “ok” it has flared up in a maaaaajor way this morning, almost to the point where I couldn’t finish spin class.  I have bitten the bullet, and am going to the doctor (Physical Therapist) today to have him look at it…so wish me luck!  I am hoping beyond all hopes that it is not something that requires me to take “time off” because working out = Tyler’s paycheck (or lack there of).  😦  We shall see.  On to more inspiring news…such as the mini clif I inhaled at crack thirty in preparation for 5:45am spin.

Headed to spin, felt fine for the first 40 minutes or so, then the knee began killlllllling me.  It is the only time I have ever been counting down the minutes until class was over.  Depressing, blah.  Theres no swelling, and the pain is below the left knee…but it feels like it is deep inside.  I can only describe it like a piercing feeling that just jabs harder when I put pressure on the foot, go up or down stairs, or do the pedaling motion in spin class.  Sad times indeed.  Hopefully the Doc can tell me what is going on later.

Came home and prepared a breakfast that made me almost completely forget my knee pain.  Yep, it was that yummy.  Started with the Millet-lovin’

Then made a nice bath for it to swim in, pre-pan.

Soaked the bread in the egg mixture, and then put those babies in the pan!  (forgot to add the massive amounts of flax seed to the above picture. )

While the French Toast browned on both sides, I chopped up some strawberries and a huge mango:

Also heated up the STAR ingredient in the microwave…

Ashlie gave me this bad boy last night in class, and I could not wait to use it (obv. 😉 ) It is so fun to finally meet a blogger.  Crazy that we lived so close.  We are already planning Tampa trips (your coming too, Krucker and Emily) and visits to Earth Fare!!!  She also has a VitaMix that we get to play with!  I am so stoked!  Back to the toast. 🙂  I browned it up, and smeared the heated coconut butter on top.  Are you drooling yet???  Because I am, and I have already EATEN it.

Dear.  Sweet.  Big Bird.      This was amazinggggggg!  I have to get a big jar of that coconut butter, stat.  Hurry up and get back from Florida, Ashlie…we have some trips that need to occur. 😉  Sad times followed when I realized my mini jar was already gone!

I’m tempted to do the world’s smallest “Oat’s In A Jar” with this. haha

Also, Sam was craving a mango.

And yes, he got it.

Ahh, to live the lives of dogs.  Look at them!

On that note, it is time for lunch.  I am meeting my dad at one of my favorite Mexican places, Salsaritas!  I refer to it as a “Mexican Subway” because it is basically a build your own burrito joint.  Totally yummy.  Check it out, here.

Also, remember…the OIKOS Greek Yogurt giveaway is still on!  Enter in this post by commenting, telling why you want to receive the Greek Yogurt.  Make sure to provide a contact (i.e. Email)  Winner will receive 4 small containers, one large container, and a super cute tote bag.  One vote per person, and voting ends Sunday at midnight!  😀  Happy voting!

Time for lunch, and then the doctor.  I am still five years old and despise the doctor.  Maybe I can get a sticker or candy out of it.  😉  Wish me luck!

Also, for the Survivor fans out there.  Was that Tribal Council last night awesome or what?!?! I love me a good blindside.


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Millet Kind of Mornin’

Good morning bloggies!  I know, technically it is more like lunch time….but I just had a nice little nap session with the pups, so it seems morning-esque to yours truly!

Woke up at crack thirty this morning to teach Spin at my gym in Johnson City.  The class is finally picking up steam, and we had 9 people today which made me so happy!  It is so much easier to teach to a larger class versus a smaller one.

Came home thinking about breakfast, and decided to try my new bread I picked up at the Earth Fizz:


What exactly is millet, you ask??  Well…here ya go.

I toasted up some bread, topped one slice with Natural Peach Jam, and the other with AB and some millet granola…in keeping with the theme of course.

Also diced up a mango for fruit goodness.

It was good times!  That bread is so moist and yummy, it almost has a poundcake like consistency!  Bravo again, Fitnessista.  Her choices always rock my socks.

I also snacked on this post nap/coma:

Don’t be hatin’ on my Clifford cereal.

I also forgot to post dinner last night while at work!  *gasp* So here is a recap:

Nuked a sweet potato, then topped it with some veggie baked beans!

Easy.  Simple.  Delicious!  It was the perfect dinner to heat up at work!  Yum!

Well, one spin class down this morning…and now another to go at the YMCA!  Happy Wednesday bloggies!


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