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Embrace Your Weekend Warrior.

Well, it was Saturday….which means a killer back to back class combo.  Started off with a 75 minute “Weekend Warrior” which combines weights, cardio, and anything else I want to throw in there for funsies.

Before the classes got rolling, I made some killer oatmeal.

Chia/Banana oats with Crunchy Almond Butter, and a new trail mix I picked up from our new little natural grocery store!

I have gotten several emails asking how I make my oatmeal, and the pros and cons associated with stovetop vs. microwave. In my case, it is all about convenience…which means I nuke mine in the microwave.  My oatmeal always starts the same:

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk (Original, 40 Calories per cup)
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds

(At this point, I alter it slightly)

Sometimes I will cut up a ripe banana and cook it right alongside the oats, and sometimes I won’t…depends on my mood, really.

I nuke it for 2:40 seconds (don’t ask why…it just works) and then I put it in a bowl.  Topping time comes next, which can be anything from nut butters, trail mix, chocolate bits of joy….basically whatever sounds yummy to you at the time.  In this mornings case, it was trail mix and almond butter:


Then it was time for Weekend Warrior!  We killed it today.  Something particularly groan-worthy that I have been doing incorporates the old fashioned side leg lift…we’ve all done these, right!?

Thank you for demonstrating, mystery lady.

At this point, on each LEG we slowly trace the entire upper case alphabet.  Seems pretty funny/easy until you hit the “O”….then it is pure torture.  In a good, and fun way.  😉  Then flip over, and repeat.  Try it out and tell me what you think!

Spin was next, and I gotta admit…I was dragging.  I don’t know if it was the combo of all the classes of the week…or just having to do them back to back….but I was struggling.  Thankfully, I had a killer class who totally pulled me through it!

Needless to say after both classes, I was ready for some food.  Have I mentioned how much I adore living literally two minutes from work?!  It is so nice not to have to pack my life in a gym bag everyday!

I assembled the troops for a pressed veggie burger!  I use the FlatOut wrap as a base…spread the Laughing Cow, place the cooked “burger” on top…wrap, and grill up on the Foreman!

Plate time!

I am also currently hooked on the new Sobe Lifewater brands.  And since I love you all as if you were my very own, here is a coupon for them.  😉  Your welcome.  Fuji Apple Pear is my faaaaaavorite, for the record.

Look who always shows up when the food is ready…

He’s cute, right?  😉

I also prepped a protein/chocolate/coffee smoothie for work that started with my new coffee!

“but please, don’t try to set it on fire.” bwahahaha.

Got to work on the coffee in the French Press (<3 ❤ <3)

Then blended it up (once cooled) with Almond Milk, Ice, and Protein Powder…

And prepared some snacks for work…

I.  Love.  These.  Bars.

You can get them at Target, I think a 6-pack is around $5.00???  SO GOOD.  Seriously, like my version of a candy bar.  Plus 12 grams of protein, which trust me…will be much needed to recover from this mornings craziness.  Plus, you add the words “cookie dough” to any/all food and I will have it eaten/buy it before you can say Hello Kitty.

Also made a random cereal bowl of joy, which contained Kashi Go Lean, Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch, Chilean Raisins, and dried bananas!


Also tonight, I FINALLY get to see my nearest and dearest blog/all around BFF, Emily!!!!  We are having some shin dig at her house that is Mexican themed…what should I bring?!?!

Can we just talk about how I always get sidetracked at night, and sometimes forget to blog?!?!  I know, I know…go ahead and smack my hands now.

So just for youuuuuu, here is a recap of last nights dinner (which was pretty epic…)

I mean, who doesn’t want pancakes for dinner???  Plus, check out all the toppings!

I made four cakes.  One had the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, one had trail mix, one had sunflower seed butter, and the last had almonds.  They were all topped with my favorite new syrup, courtesy of Jessica from our food exchange a while back!

Pancakes are fun….pancakes in a SPRAY can are even funner.

Pretty darn tasty.

And to wrap up the night, I hung out with my favorite butt kicker, Brenda Johnson.

Any Closer fans out there?!?!

I swear, once I start watching these I cannot stop.  I think I completed the entire first half of this season in one sitting.  Of course, the froyo helped pass the time. 😉

Well bloggies….it is time for work.  I am counting down the hours til partaying it up tonight with the gang!

Also, tomorrow is our first official “challenge” for “Eights To The Eights” which will be a one mile run/walk race!  Cannot wait!  Trust me, tons of pictures will be taken to document!

What is on everyone’s weekend agenda?  How will YOU embrace your Weekend Warrior?



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Annnnnnd, we’re back.

Wow….spare time….to blog!!!  Where was this hour of opportunity yesterday?!?!  Oh thats right…I don’t even think I had time to exhale…let alone blog!!!!  Depressing!  From teaching my normal classes, to subbing for someone for 3 weeks and picking up all her classes….it’s insane!  Did I mention that our city’s version of Biggest Loser aka “Eight To The Eight’s” kicks off FRIDAY?!?!?!  I am about at max capacity in terms of time limits here.  Shew.  It’s a darn good thing I love my job more than life.  😉

Started off the day with a 5:45am “Insanity” inspired Circuit Class.  Emily and Kim have been doing Insanity on a regular basis, and I wish I had the time to do it with them!  It is full of awesomeness in every sense of the word…..assuming that is an actual word.  😉  Instead of joining them, I have been adding the moves to my classes…which is going swimmingly!  Today’s Circuit Class used absolutely no equipment, and had 12 stations.  We went through each station once, at one minute…and then repeated the circuit.  The last circuit was comprised of 12-1 minute ab workouts.  KILLER!  Also, theres nothing like ending a class with a full out 2 minute suicide drill using the whole gym.  😉  They love to hate me.

Walked back home (loving the fact that I am in walking distance) and met my favorite guy for breakfast.

Ain’t he cute?

Went very random with today’s mix-ins.  They included:

  • Agave Maple Syrup Blend
  • Chia Seeds
  • Dried Bananas
  • Mocha Madness Trail Mix
  • Almond Butter

Totally random.  Totally delicious.

Have I mentioned my un-dying love for my precious trail mix?!?!


At this point, it was back to the YMC-izzle to teach “Total Body Low Impact” which is basically a strength/cardio full body workout, minus the intense plyometric/jumping movements that I feature in my other classes.  Again, another sweat sesh!

Seemed to have developed a pattern for today.  Teach…eat…teach…eat.  Therefore…it was time for lunch.

New to me flavor of Veggie Burger…this time, Earth Fizzle brand!  This bad boy was sooooo good!  I put it on an Arnold’s Thin with some Light Swiss Laughing Cow, Spinach…and then pressed the whole thing on the George Foreman…

Melty, cheesy, yum.  Also had some Veggie Booty, and a chopped Honey Crisp!

Well.  It is almost 3:00.  You know what that means, right?!?!?!

I have been having them put my protein powder in the Frap when they blend it!  For half price, you can’t beat it.  Plus they are fully customizable now!  I higgggghly recommend the new Mocha Lite.

Well.  Time for a coffee/protein buzz…and then to my other gym for KidFit…and back to the YMCA for Total Body HIIT.  Man, my body is hating me this week! Do as I say, not as I do people! All these high intense workouts (especially weight workouts) should not be done back to back…and definitely not on the same day!  Give your body a rest.

What is your favorite Frappuccino/Starbucks beverage?!  How often do you hit up the Bizzle each week?  If you could invent any flavor of Frapp, what would it be?  I would want some sort of Almond Milk/Protein Powder/Carmel creation….Mmmmm…..


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Steel Cut Oat Chia Cakes

What happens when you have a weeks worth of Steel Cut Oats made, and a blogger boy with a little too much time/mad scientist in him???

You make oatmeal cakes!!!  😉

I simply used the refrigerated Steel Cut Oats I had made in the Crock Pot recently, and fried those babies up, pancake style!

Odd looking, yes.  Delicious, most certainly.  Plated them up like I would any other pancake:

Melted Almond Butter drizzle, and some Brown Sugar!  Nice Pink Lady Apple rounded it out nicely!

It was a little odd eating my oatmeal in pancake form…..but pretty darn tasty!  I obviously hated it all:

I think the plate says it all, don’t you?

Believe it or not, that was lunch.

Lets rewind to a normal (or, normal for me I suppose) breakfast this morning.  Kashi combo parfait!

This bad mama jama had Kashi Strawberry Fields, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch, layered with my favorite Chobani Pomegranate…and a sliced nana.


After breakfast I started prepping dinner for tonight at work.  Was inspired by Emily’s pasta combination, so I made something similar!

Started off by browning up some Boca crumbles….and boiling the pasta:

Then I got the sauce ready!

Once the pasta had boiled, I combined with the sauce…and added a ton of fresh spinach:

This will be the perfect meal tonight while I slave away at the YMCA.  😉

Also, today for the first time in probably weeks I am doing absolutely nothing to workout!  I always preach to people about how important rest days are to your body, especially when your workouts are intense.  The body needs time to relax, rebuild, and renew…just like our souls, and I don’t practice what I preach often enough.  Tuesdays are my only day of the week where I am not teaching a gazillion classes, or running.  I had planned on running this morning with Kim and Emily, but considering I slept through both alarms…I listened to my body, and am taking it easy today!

Also, this blog has been majorly devout of any Pup-dates….so let the cuteness begin now.


………….annnnnd closer.

bwahahahahahaha.  She cracks me up.  Sam wanted in on the action, too!

Well, off to meet Kim for some Starbucks before work.  Have a great day bloggers!

Whats the most random/unusual thing you have ever created to eat?


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Back To Normal!

Sickness = defeated.

I refused to be sick anymore.  😉  Feeling tons better, thanks for all the well wishes!  I think it was just allergy related….and with a little…..ok….a TON of sleep, I am back to normal!

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday.  I really just need a good ole fashioned re-charge type of day.  Came home from spin and immediately started working on breakfast, only so I could eat…and crawl back in bed. 😉  Finally tackled this beast:

I have been putting these off because I never seem to have time to wait for the *30* minutes they require to cook.  Teri blogged about them recently, and I decided that it was the day to give them a go!

Got the Almond Milk heated while I prepped the oats. Check these bad boys out!

While they cooked (foh-evah), I watched my TIVO’d Survivor.  This season is ABSOLUTELY insane.  Tonight’s Tribal Council was the wildest I have ever seen in all the seasons!  CRAZY!  Anyone out there watch Survivor anymore, or am I the lone one?!

After 30 minutes….the oats/almond milk had turned into this:

(See all my little Chia guys floating around in there?!?  Check out more about these seeds of wonder, here.  They are a great addition to oatmeal, smoothies, and cereal!)

Went simple with these guys, and topped with a big dollop of Almond Butter.

I am digging these!!!  Totally nutty, and super creamy!  Definitely won’t have time to make them everyday, but the days I do…I am going to take full advantage of it!  Yum!

Literally after breakfast/Survivor….I collapsed into a 6 hour mini sleep session.  Exactly what I needed, because I woke up without the crud/sore throat/annoying cough!  Thank you body, for making it a quick and semi painless sick time.

When I woke up from my comatose state…Kim had text and wanted to go to Body Pump and Zumba at our other gym.  Hearrrrrrt Body Pump, so that was a no brainer.  Zumba on the other hand had always intrigued me…just never made it to one.  Feeling refreshed and ready to roll…I agreed to both!

Check out this cheese fest to get a somewhat reasonable idea on what Body Pump consists of:

Headed to meet Kimmy for some Iron Pumpin’, Latin Dancin’ good time!

Check out those slanted risers in the background.  They make things fun!

This round of Body Pump is KILLER!  Our gym rotates it’s routines every three months, and this one was particularly grueling.  Awesome music though.

Soon it was time for Zumba.  I had NO idea what to expect.  For starters it was packed to the BRIM!  We could barely move.  And trust me when I say that in this class….moving was a MUST!  I had a blast!!!!  She combined latin-inspired moves with plyometric jumps, all to counts of music…which luckily came in handy for me.  As an instructor I think I have music counts embedded in my brain.

Zumba will most certainly become a new class in my line-up!  (whenever I can fit it in!) 😉

After Zumba, Kimmy had to leave…but my favorites Russell and Emily came walking in.  How could I leave those two???  😉

Don’t you love how a “rest” day turned out to include Spin, Body Pump, Zumba, and a 4 miler with Emily?!?!

Even though we are both semi-injured (knee issues) we were able to do the 4 miler relatively pain free.  We took it slow, jogged outside…and chatted the entire way.  It was nice.  I miss Emily SO much during the week.  Darn her full time job.  I am trying to think of someway to steal her away throughout the week.  Any thoughts?

Right before the run I managed to inhale a new flavor of Clif:

Apricots = Yum.  Clif Bars = Yum.  Apricot Clif Bars….not so much.  The bar was just too “fruity”.  Not my fav.

What better way to counteract that then a delicious dinner with friends?!

Normally at this place, “Mega Veggie” is my go-to pizza.  This time, however, another pie caught my eye.  “Hot Potato Pizza” anyone?!?!




I literally had to immediately box up half of this beast so I didn’t eat the entire thing.  It was THAT good.  I subbed the bacon, and got tofu instead.  YUMMY!

Dearest Mellow Mushroom,

Thank you for allowing me to experience potato on a pizza.  I heart you.


What better to follow up potato pizza than some Italian Ice?!?!

Ice Custard Happiness is right!

I got the “Gelati” which is ice on the bottom, and custard on top.  Kids size with PEEP (you heard me right) ice/S’more Ice, and chocolate custard.  Get the drool rags out.

Take a second.

Imagine a Peep.

Now imagine a S’more.

NOW imagine them together…in ice form…TOPPED with chocolate custard.


How bout them apples?!?!

Well….it was an interesting end to the week.  I was sick…recovered…Zumba’d (thought about my girl, Gina, the entire time!), had potato pizza…and an amazing dessert.  Good Friday in my books.

Saturday includes teaching Weekend Warrior…Spin…and then working the front desk until 6:00.  Joy.  😉

How is everyones weekend?!?!  What are your experiences with Zumba?  Did you pink puffy heart it as much as I did/do?


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Hello, Normality.

Is it just me, or was this Monday particularly hard to adjust back to?!?!  Darn you holiday weekends…why must you end so quickly.  *sigh*

It has been freakishly (and amazingly) warm the past week or so, therefore I went with a colder option for breakfast.  Cereal bowl time!

Annie’s never lets me down.  I started my bowl-o-joy with 1/2 cup of this cereal, and then diced up a nice big red pear, and a nana.  Topped the cereal with the fruits, then added a big dollop of Greek Yogurt, and some drizzle-tastic Almond Butter:

Once it was all mixed, the pretty factor had escaped.

Cold…crunchy…fruity….almond buttery.  Cha-chiiiiing!  Perfect fuel for a day full of meetings and working out!

Headed to the YMCA to teach Express Sculpt.  It’s a 30 minute weight class where anything goes.  Last week we focused ALL on lower body, so this week…it was upper body time!

  • Chest Press with Bar + Resistance Band Wrapped Underneath
  • Bicep Curls with Bar (Various Counts/Holds/Pulses)
  • Abs (V-Crunches, Around The World Crunches, Scissors)
  • Shoulder Press/Squeeze Combos, Lateral Raises (with 10 second holds as we rose to parallel), No-Weight Arm Circles (100 one direction, 100 the other…OUCH!)
  • Tricep Kick-Back’s, Skull Crushers, Windshield Wipers

Good times!  I am already feelin’ the burn!

Right after class I headed to Panera for a meeting about “8 To The 8’s” which is the Biggest Loser style program our city is hosting, and I get to help train!  So stoked.  Lunch was the standard half veggie sammie, and fuji apple salad:

YUM!  Perfect meal on this abnormally (but amazing) hot day in Tennessee!

One meeting down…one more to go.  Then back to the YMCA to teach Spin at 5:30 (new and hardcore CD I am trying out…NO climbs…it’s all about speed tonight…cannot wait to see what everyone thinks!)  We are also getting our Yoga on, and then practicing for the Lady GaGa Telephone dance!!!  Rah, rah, ooh la laaaaaa!!!!  😉

Random cuteness of the day:

Whats on everyones Monday agenda?


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Chocolate Winner!!!!

Yep.  We have a winner.  Read on to find out who it was!!!!  (And don’t just quickly scroll to the bottom you naughty bloggies.) 😉

Sorry for the lack of update last night.  I went from Express Sculpt, right to a meeting, right to KidFit, right to Spin, and then right to Yoga.  Aye yae yae!  (I’m not entirely sure how to spell that phrase, but I am assuming it is at least somewhat correct.)

Moving onnnnnn.

Breakfast this morning WAS going to be:

These guys looked alot different than my normal oats:

I looked on the back, and these suckas take 25 minutes to cook…..FAIL!

I will have to cook these beauties when I have more time.  Went with the always classic standard:

Made my classic banana/chia base….and added some mixed dried berries, and a drizzle of AB on the top:


Steph and I are going to run shortly…and this will be my first run since  the Florida Half!!!!  Darn you Physical Therapists and making Blogger Boys take off *3* weeks from running.  Ah well, my knee seems to be completely healed, so I guess he knew a thing or two.  😉  Also stopping by my happy place, aka Earth Feezy…and getting some lunch!  What a perfect day!

Wish me luck on the run, I am a nervous wreck about the ole knee.

Now…….lets remind ourselves of what the chocolate winner is going to receive:

3 oz. Bars:

1.4 oz. Bars:

Milk Chocolate Treats:

Can you say WOW?!?!?!?!

So who was it?!?!?!?


Oh yea!!!

Lucky number 14……Ian!

Congrats, Ian!  Shoot me an email (Tramey1@gmail.com) with your shipping address, so I can send out this little box of joy!

Thanks so much to all that entered and especially all the cute animal pictures!!!  The folks at ESC were so thrilled with the participation and enthusiasm!!!

Well…off to tackle Tuesday head on starting with a run!  Have a great day bloggers!  Today involves alot of “me” time……my question to you is:

What do you do with your “me” time?  When do you get the most of it, and why is it important to you?


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Rahhhh, Rahhhh, Ooh Laa Laa!

Well, my first run back today went great.  Absolutely NO knee pain!!!  More in just a bit.

Since it is Sunday…it meant only one place for breakfast!

Cracker Bizzle!  Nothing like a big bowl of their oats (plus pecans and a sliced nana) and their lovely Bran Muffin.  Who says you can’t go somewhere like this and eat healthy?!  Met Heather there who is going to apply for our city’s version of Biggest Loser (I get to be the trainer..but not the mean kind.  😉 )

She even brought a notebook to get all the information on applying, etc….talk about dedication already.  Heather, you are going to rock it girl!!!

Fast forward to lunch where I totally regressed back into my elementary days.

Almond Butter and Peach Jam sammie with a hugh jass apple, and some veggie stix.

Deeeeeee-licious.  Sometimes (or always) it is nice to embrace the inner child.

Dearest Sunday,

I love you because you are part of the weekend, but MUST you put me in misery with weather like this:

I swear that Garden Gnome keeps moving closer and closer to the door.  Which just HAPPENS to be right in front of MY room.  *shutter*  And why is he randomly doing the Nazi salute?!?!  A) Who makes these things and B) Why does my mother buy them?!?!?!

After lunch it was time to start prepping for my Running Program that I am coaching at my other gym.  This program gears participants for an annual 5K in the area, and is divided up into three groups.  Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced.  I was stoked to finally be able to gear up in full running attire!

It was a smidge rainy, but I didn’t let that dampen my spirit.

I was nervous initially because this was my first run since my second Half Marathon, when my knee problem was at it’s roughest.  I completed the race, with a good time…but could barely walk when I finished.  I saw a Physical Therapist when I returned home, and we discovered that it was actually a weak left hip that was causing my knee issues.  Total bummer.  Could have been alot worse, though.  After giving me a strict regimen of hip strengthening exercises, and taking a whopping *3* weeks off from running….I was more than ready to get back into the swing of things.

I was with the beginner group today, and it was SO awesome to see all these people ready to learn how to run.  They were so excited, and a bit scared.  I think runners often times forget how intimidating running can truly be.  I remember when I first started running.  It seemed like this big impossible thing, that I was never going to be able to do, and especially not enjoy.  I remember breathing so hard that I literally thought a heart attack was imminent, and approaching at any second.  You just keep going though, adding on a bit each time.  Speeding it up, running longer…becoming stronger.  Running then somehow transforms from being this dreaded, hard, bad thing….into a therapeutic, enurance building, awesome ride.  I think if everyone knew the feeling of a good strong run, then 99.9% of the population would be running on a daily basis.  *THAT* is why I did this program.  To show these people how to turn it into a positive thing.

All that being said, I think the group did amazing today!  We had over 60 people with very little advertisement, so it is sure to grow!  We do group runs every week, and give our groups homework which they complete during their week on their own.  This can range anywhere from documenting runs, to cross training, etc.

I definitely got my workout in!  I would speed up and try and motivate the people in the front….then run back to the middle…and the back.  After doing this several times, I had worked up a nice sweat!  Boo yah.  Also, NO KNEE PAIN.  Granted, I certainly wasnt out there today to bust out records or even run at what would be considered my “normal” pace….but I did alot of running, and no pain.  I was/am elated.  PS, everyone in my group completed the full 3 miles today without stopping.  Rockstars I tell you, they are rockstars!!!  I cannot wait to help them see improvement over the next 6 weeks.

After the run, I was starving and in need of some veggies for dinner.  Stopped by the store on the way home to try and get inspired, and decided to go for a pasta dish!

Sautéed some veggies in a pan with a tablespoon of oil, and some salt/pepper:

Once they were good and soft, I added some broccoli and spinach to the party:

Combined it with what is now my official favorite spice:

This “spiked” it up (ba dum chiiiiiiii) when I added the pasta.  Transfer to your favorite dish…and perfection!

Mmmmmmm. Passssstaahhhh.

Sam was eyeballing the pasta as I inhaled it.  Jealous pup?!?!?!  Yes…he got a bite.

On that note….the weekend is over.  How does it always happen so fast?!

Two positive notes to end the weekend on:

A) You still have 4.5 hours left to enter the Endangered Species Chocolate Giveaway that I am hosting.  Full rules/information can be found HERE!

B) Guess whose birthhhhhhday it is?!?!?!?

Raaaaaah, Raaaaaaah, ooh la laaaaaaa!  It’s GaGa’s BIRTHDAY!!!! Gina had to remind me, does that make me a bad superfan?!

Here is a nice megamix of three songs, JUST to get you in the GaGa spirit.

Happy Birthday, GaGa!!!!!  This Blogger Boy heartttttts you.  You always leave my class in sweaty messes, groaning in what is sometimes audible exertions of pain, and for that…I thank you.  😉


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