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Neapolitan FTW!

It’s Mother’s Day!  How was everyones???  Mine went swimmingly!

This morning, I had oats on the mind…so breakfast was pretty easy.

Chocolate Chia Oats.  Normal oat combination, this time with chocolate Almond Milk, and a big scoop of Almond Butter on top!

At this point I continued to organize stuff in my new heezy.  Did I mention two new additions that finally made the trip to my new casa?!?!

Look at that overbite…..presh.

And can’t forget little Sammy!

Groomer.  Tomorrow.  It HAS to happen.  He is being overtaken by fur!  Eek!

It was then time to do the family thing, and eat a nice Mother’s Day lunch!  I sampled a bit of it all.  Green Bean Casserole, Potatoes, and a mini croissant.

And we all know the best part of the meal involves sugar.  Lots of it, in this case.  Get ready for some Red Velvet lovin’

Meet my arch nemesis, icing.

Pretty sure I would give up Government secrets (assuming I had some juicy ones) for icing.  Thick….old fashioned….sugary icing.  So there.

After cake had been consumed, it was thankfully time to teach Spin….where at least a bite or two was burned off.  😉  Killer class today…thanks to all the people who came out, especially the mommas!

Tired, and completely void of groceries…I headed to Earth Fare with Maggie.  We made a quick pit stop at the Starbizzle where I tried the  Carmel Light Frapp, with a scoop of my protein powder that they gladly blended in with it!

YUM!  The Bizzle is on a new kick right now with Frappacino’s where they will make them however you want!  Any flavor, any milk, any amount of coffee.  Basically the “have it your way” version of a frozen coffe.  Yes, please.  😉  Go check ’em out.

It was then time for Earth Fare, which has adopted a new way to help stay even greener.

No more plastic bags at the Feezy, even if you wanted them!  Yay!  Paper or re-usable…or heck, a box!  😉

Got all my groceries for the week, and again….shopped wisely, and with coupons.  Check out all the goods!

Plus an awesome dinner I built at the hot bar:

Faux Chicken salad with Veggie-Naise….Wheatberry Greek Salad…..and Broccoli Salad.  Yum!

Grand total for the week….

BAM!  😉  See, it can be done!

There is also this cutie that I will more than likely tear into at any second:

Did anyone else ever open their Neapolitan Ice Cream only to find that VANILLA was the only block left?!?!  It used to infuriate me.  This time it is mine, allllll mine!  😉

Well bloggies…time for a nice evening run to help burn off some of that cake from earlier.  Have a great night!



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Steel Cut Oat Chia Cakes

What happens when you have a weeks worth of Steel Cut Oats made, and a blogger boy with a little too much time/mad scientist in him???

You make oatmeal cakes!!!  😉

I simply used the refrigerated Steel Cut Oats I had made in the Crock Pot recently, and fried those babies up, pancake style!

Odd looking, yes.  Delicious, most certainly.  Plated them up like I would any other pancake:

Melted Almond Butter drizzle, and some Brown Sugar!  Nice Pink Lady Apple rounded it out nicely!

It was a little odd eating my oatmeal in pancake form…..but pretty darn tasty!  I obviously hated it all:

I think the plate says it all, don’t you?

Believe it or not, that was lunch.

Lets rewind to a normal (or, normal for me I suppose) breakfast this morning.  Kashi combo parfait!

This bad mama jama had Kashi Strawberry Fields, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch, layered with my favorite Chobani Pomegranate…and a sliced nana.


After breakfast I started prepping dinner for tonight at work.  Was inspired by Emily’s pasta combination, so I made something similar!

Started off by browning up some Boca crumbles….and boiling the pasta:

Then I got the sauce ready!

Once the pasta had boiled, I combined with the sauce…and added a ton of fresh spinach:

This will be the perfect meal tonight while I slave away at the YMCA.  😉

Also, today for the first time in probably weeks I am doing absolutely nothing to workout!  I always preach to people about how important rest days are to your body, especially when your workouts are intense.  The body needs time to relax, rebuild, and renew…just like our souls, and I don’t practice what I preach often enough.  Tuesdays are my only day of the week where I am not teaching a gazillion classes, or running.  I had planned on running this morning with Kim and Emily, but considering I slept through both alarms…I listened to my body, and am taking it easy today!

Also, this blog has been majorly devout of any Pup-dates….so let the cuteness begin now.


………….annnnnd closer.

bwahahahahahaha.  She cracks me up.  Sam wanted in on the action, too!

Well, off to meet Kim for some Starbucks before work.  Have a great day bloggers!

Whats the most random/unusual thing you have ever created to eat?


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Ahh, Sleep.

How I love thee.  I seriously slept until 10:30am this morning, which is the first time in a looooong time.  I love days where you get to turn off the alarm, and just sleep until your body is ready to get up.  Sleep is so crucial, and I let my body have as much as possible at every opportunity.  As soon as I woke up I headed to the YMCA for a meeting about a promotional day that we are doing to help raise money for the Strong Kids Campaign.  I am so excited, because we get to plan another Spin-A-Thon similar to the one we did for Haiti Relief .  It is May 03, and I will have tons more information coming soon.  Any bloggers semi close wanna come out that day???  I will give you the royalty treatment, if so.  😉

After the meeting, I headed home to eat breakfast…which seemed odd…seeing as how it was noon.  Sleeping in = heart.  Missing an early breakfast = not so much heart.  It was time to make an old favorite from Trader Joe’s.  The best flippin’ pancakes in the world!

I tend to make a mess.

The recipe on the pancake box calls for butter and whole eggs.  I left the butter out completely, and just used an egg white.  The Chia made the batter so thick!  I am loving these little seeds!

Into the pan they went, with a spritz of Organic Pam!

While these little beauties got brown, I went to the fridge for some inspiration on a “sauce” to top these guys with.  Yesterday after spin class, my dear friend Matt was nice enough to give me a jar of HOMEMADE organic pumpkin butter.  How amazing are my friends!?  I decided to make a little mixture with that and some AB

Then it was time to flip the cakes!

I chopped up a big Granny Smith Apple, and plated the cakes.  Topped with the Pumpkin Butter sauce, with some walnuts on top for good measure. 😉

It was pretty good.  😉

Sam patiently waited.

(and was thus rewarded with an undocumented mini size Pancake just for him!!!)

After I enjoyed this yumminess, I whipped up a protein shake to take to work with me tonight.  I teach KidFit and Total Body HIIT on Thursdays, and I am always in the need of a good shake between classes/gyms.

It’s gonna by yah-mazing.  Trust.

Now it’s time to prep for my classes tonight, and answer some emails.  Here is your daily dose of dog lovin’.

They have their moments.  😉  Later bloggies!  Catch ya after class(es).


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Breakfast Buzz.

Nothing like a 5:00am wakeup call to jump start a day, hmm?  Massive amounts of caffeine were most certainly in order.

I drudged my way to the gym and taught Spin…great class!  Kim and Emily came, and we had 7 people, which means the little class is finally picking up steam.  I am so grateful.  It is so odd teaching at the YMCA and having packed houses for each class, and then going to my other gym and having no one!  I have complete faith though that it is still a new class, and I just need to THREATEN people with their lives until we start packing the house out there as well.  😉

After Spin, Emily and I went to Starbizzle where I tried the new Dark Cherry Mocha.  Let me just tell you…this bad boy was fantastic.  When we were in Florida a couple of weeks ago for the Gasparilla Half Marathon, we stayed with Kim’s family and picked up some “Chocolate Cherry Kiss” coffee from Fresh Market and had it while we were down there.  It made the entire house smell wonderfully, so I was instantly reminded of it this morning!  Cherry goodness, I tell you.  This, but no whipped cream…and 2% milk.

Headed home for an oatmeal masterpiece!!!  It was the classic, with some added Chia goodness.

Yep…I am an Almond Butter drizzler.  I know that Julie had some trouble with the drizzle by heating her nut butter up, scorching it!  I keep my Trader Joe’s creamy unsalted Almond Butter in the fridge…and it still remains at a drizzle consistency at all times…check it out:

Which is the perfect topping for some Chia oats!  Along with a fantabulistic chocolate trail mix:

I cannot get over how the Chia adds a completely different texture to the oats, I love it!

Also, while at Starbizzle this morning, I picked up a EARTH-friendly coffee press!

Ok, I now have a press.  What I need from YOU is coffee suggestions!!!!!  What should I buy?!?  What are your favorite coffee blends?

I leave you with some puppy love from this morning:

I think it is time to join these 40 lb heating pads for a nice nap.  Express Spin Class @ 12:15…can’t wait!


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Back To Reality.

Well, I knew I was back home when I woke up to this:

Luckily, I also had these pups to remind me of the good aspects of Tennessee life.

I woke up with a bare kitchen, and threw together a yummy breakfast with the last of my supplies!  It was a Kashi waffle kind of morning.

“Sauce” was Almond Butter mixed with Natural Peach Jam

Also had an actual peach to go with the peach sauce.  Ok, so it was a peachy sort of morning as well.

It was then definitely time for Earth Fare!  It was good to be back in MY yummy food mart.  Loved the Floridian ones, but I do love me some Earth Feezy quite a bit.

Pretty soon I had a buggy full-o-fun:

Finished up at Earth Fare, and then headed home with the loot:

I’ve gotten several questions about my grocery bill.  Here is some advice:

  • Think about staples….it is so fun and tempting to go and buy all “fun” food and snacks, but buying alot of meal creations will make your money stretch that much more
  • Buy produce elsewhere!  Rarely do I ever get produce from Earth Fare…it is way too expensive.  In this case, I went right next door to Kroger for the veggies/fruit
  • Make. A. List.  Going into a store like this with no list is like setting a 10 yr old free in Toys-R-Us on a sugar rush.  Not a good idea.  Stick with what you need
  • Buy big!  Get items that will last several uses or make several meals/snacks
  • Have fun!  Grocery shopping should not be a chore, it should be FUN!  I swear I have the time of my life in these places.  Try something new!
  • Coupon Hunt!  Earth Fare always has a large selection of coupon books up front to loot through, and save money.  For example…I got $1.00 off of EACH of my Almond Milks, making them around .98 cents each!  Score!

My total for today (both stores combined): $76.49

This may seem steep, but it will make at least 20+ meals.

Speaking of meals, it was time for lunch!

Veggie Indian stew topped with crushed red pepper, and a new ingredient I was excited to try:

Yay for yeast!  haha  I had seen this used on several of my favorite bloggies, but when Fitnessista said it tasted like cheese…I was sold.  Also toasted up a Whole Wheat Pita Pocket for dippage:

Plus a jealous on-looker:

Dessert was simple and tasty.  Pear drenched in cinnamon:

And since I started with some doggie cuteness….gotta end with some.

Do you see the distractions I must live with?!?!?!  😉

Later bloggies.


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Giveaway Time!!!! :-D

Thats right folks, it’s my first ever giveaway!!!!!  So stoked.  More details at the end of the post!

After my late breakfast and gorgeous weather outside, I decided to go wash my car.  I have been waiting to do this for a while, because it keeps snowing which means the road salt keeps accumulating everywhere.  So annoying.  Apparently every other person in the universe had this idea, and there were literally about 20 cars waiting for the automatic car wash….so I promptly headed home.  I suppose the car can wait for another day.  I decided for a breakfast inspired lunch…

Fruit/Cereal/Yogurt bowl anyone?!?!  This is seriously one of my favorite meals evaaaaah.

Started off by combining the yogurt and pb, then added the cereal:

Then added my fruit.  (Blueberries, Strawberries, and an apple)  There also may have been a heaping sprinkling of cinnamon involved.

Mix this madness up….

And throw in my favorite lunch companion:

You get a pretty darn successful meal.  Dessert was a handful of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Edamame (a MUST try)

Did you notice how my lunch companion made the easy transition into dessert companion?!?!  He pretty much loves any and all food, just like his dad.

Finished that off, and then headed to work!  Working nights on Fridays is good in a sense, because I can pack my lunch and not be tempted by yummy food eating out.  Plus I save some moolah.  When dinner time rolled around, it was a veggie burger to the rescue!  Not just any veggie burger…

Took my favorite combo of an Arnolds Thin bun…Boca Veggie Patty…and laughing cow cheese (light swiss, please.)  Combined it with some broccoli slaw!  Such a good combo!  Yumville.  Paired it with some leftover Panera Veggie Soup (ahhh-mazing) and some carrots/hummus:

Dessert is where the GIVEAWAY comes into play.

I woke up this morning to a wonderful package from my friends at Attune Bars

“Mmmm…imagine the moment that you bite into the blissfully rich taste of chocolate. Now add the perfect amount of rice crisps for a satisfying crunch. Then imagine that delicious treat helps promote healthy digestive and immune systems. Sounds dreamy. But it’s not a dream. It’s an Attune® wellness bar. Everything that helps you feel your best should taste this good.”

Free chocolate?!?!  Pro-Biotic?!?!?  All Natural?!?!  14 Day Supply to a reader?!?!?!  Attune pretty much rocks my socks off.

Started my 14 day challenge off with this little cutie:

YUM.  White chocolate plus blueberries is seriously heaven on earth.

So, you want 14 of these guys??  Check out all the flavor options:

Just do the following:

  • Comment on THIS post to enter.  Make sure you have your name and an email so I can contact the winner
  • Tell why you want to try the 14 Day Attune Challenge

It’s that simple.  I will close the commenting Sunday at midnight, and will use a random number generator to choose the winner.  Good luck!

Happy Friday bloggies, and happy voting!


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