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Live in 5….4…..3…..2……..1.


Today has been non-stop, but I heart that.  Come on people…hectic is good!

Started out with a breakfast parfait -o- joy.

Who knew they even had puffed millet cereal?!?!?!  My love for millet grows by the day.  Started off this parfait with a bed of Greek Yogurt (Dannon, Strawberry)

Next went the millet-love!

And then finished off with a sliced nana, some Gourmet Granola (Millet, Oats, Chocolate Chips, Other deliciousness that currently escapes my exhausted mind.)

Also topped with ch, ch, ch, chiiiiia!  🙂  Layered yumminess.

This was the perfect “on the go fuel” to get me started early with my Elementary kiddos, and some KidFit Yoga!

Today the kids were extra cute, and quite frankly…a little drained themselves as it was the last day of their TCAP testing.  For those of you who don’t know what TCAP testing is, it’s basically a huge formal exam at the end of the year that the kids drill for constantly.  There is way too much pressure/weight put on the results, and the Teaching Major in me hates it with all my being!!!!  Boo for standardized/high stake testing!

That being said, we took it easy today.  We did some nice relaxing poses, and I let them just de-stress.  Hey…even elementary aged kids have alot on their plates.

After Yoga, I sped like a madman to the YMC-izzle for a back to back combo of Spin/RIPPED.  RIPPED is like my Total Body HIIT class, just minus the cardio.  I really liked teaching these two classes back to back!  I also love subbing classes, because I get to see a completely different group of people.  Today we did a lower body/upper body/ab combo, and repeated with different moves.  Amazing sweat session!  Gotta love the P90x push-up/oblique chopper! Rawr!

After class it was finally time to go on the NEWS!  Eeeeeeek!

Met my girl Natalie, and we were off to the news station to promote Eight To The Eights.

I have totally decided that TV anchorman is in my immediate future…this place was so cool!

Managed to steal a pic with Sara Diamond, before we went live!

Once she went on, it was almost time for us!  By this point, I kept adjusting my clothes/mic/fidgeting anyway I could.  Nervous wreck!!!

Here was the studio where we were interviewed:

So.  Much.  Fun.  Seriously, as soon as we were “on” it seemed to go by in like 10 seconds!  I managed to pull it off without slipping and/or any awkwardness.  Video coming soon guys, I promise! Hopefully we got the word out a bit more about the program, I am stoked to see what happens from here.

After the interview, Natalie took me to an amazing lunch spot that I had never been before!

This place is a salad lovers dream come true!

The “Super Salad” gave options of three pre-prepared salads to top a huge bed of romaine lettuce.

They also have a ton of brewed and fruity teas.  We went with the raspberry.

Did I mention how much I love my runnin’ buddy, race plannin’, scooter drivin’ (Thats right…she drives a pink scooter around town…get jealous!), big sis Natalie?!?!

Now bring on the salad!!!

I got the pasta salad, wild rice and cranberry, and oriental!

I don’t mess around.

We amanged to avoid the desserts…but trust me, it wasn’t easy.

After a fantabulous trip to the news, and and even better lunch…it was time to keep on keepin’ on…and back to the school for High School KidFit…followed immediately by my 5:30pm spin!

New CD tonight (tracks coming soon!)

Currently obsessed with this jam.  And this one.  Annnnnnd…this one. (Yes….more Bieber.)

Also…thanks to Jeremy, I am now obsessed with this gal…who is very GaGa-esque!

After Spin, it was time for dinnnnnnner.  Headed to Panera because I was famished…and it feeds my face nicely.  😉

Half veggie sandwich, half fuji salad…..whole apple.  😉

And now here I sit at the bizzle….contemplating life…blogging, and planning out the rest of my classes for the week.  Life is good!



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Pancake In a Bottle?!?!

Is this some sort of spin-off of the Aguilera classic???

Nope….it was breakfast!

Batter in a bottle?!?!  Surely you jest.

It was actually delicious!

I headed over to the Hood’s this morning for our usual Saturday morning breakfast, this time…pancakes!

We made normal ones…

And pecan beauties…

These guys were so good.  The thought of pancakes under air pressure seemed a bit off, but they were just like pancakes should be!  Plus, I guess since they incorporate more air, they were way less calories…which obviously just mean more were eaten.  😉

I made 6 minis, and diced up a nice pear.  Cinnamon and a drizzle of Almond Butter completed the meal!

Some brown sugar may have been thrown in for giggles.

Check out their website for more info!  Such a fun breakfast.

Also needed some major coffee lurvin’ to make it through two classes:

After breakfast it was time to head to the YMC-izzle for Yoga!  I’m not going to lie, it was a major but kicker this morning, which is exactly what I needed.  She had us up on the wall!

I am absolutely loving me some Yoga.  I can feel myself becoming more flexible, and being able to take each pose a bit deeper.  It’s so neat to feel improvement!  Flexibility is something that is so easily taken for granted.  For someone who is even moderately active, Yoga does so much good.

Here are just a few of the benefits.

Directly after Yoga headed to Spin!  Class was great this morning, aside from one small problem.

I was completely and totally exhausted.

My body had had enough this week.  I did three hardcore weight days in a row starting on Wednesday (ps, BAD idea….you always need a rest day in between weight sessions) and my body had just had all it could take.  Pushed through the hour, and faked ALOT of weight/resistance.  I had to call on my inner GaGa and put on my puh-puh-puh Poker Face, puh-puh Poker Faaaaaaace.

Point is.  LISTEN to your body.  If you know you have had enough, do not risk overtraining!  Take a rest day, and let your body recover.  Tomorrow I am doing nothing, which will do my body/mind/spirit 10x more good then busting it out in the gym.  Ok, I am stepping off that soapbox.

Since I am celebrating Easter tonight back at the Hood’s, I pretty much have just snacked all day in anticipation of the goodies to come.  Here is a brief synopsis of the eats:

Started off with some Kashi Blueberry Field, and Blueberry Chobani….are we sensing a theme here?!

Purple goo, FTW!

Later chomped on some raw veggies (carrots, brocc, asparagus) and my faye-voh-right pine nute hummus!

Later…snacked on a Lara, and some grapes (I swear, all this food was spread out over the course of 6 hours, regardless of how it appears. 😉 )


Well, the time has come…the eggs are boiled….the dye is ready….and my stomach is hungry again.

Everyone have a safe and wonderful Easter tomorrow….regardless of how you celebrate, find good food…good times…and good friends.


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Totally got my Yoga on black light style tonight….more in a bit.

When last we left this blogger boy had completed 2 amaaaaazing classes and worked up an appetite fit for an Oxen.  Lunch was partially assembled earlier, and then consumed at work!  Time for a cereal bowl!

Started with a diced mango/pear, and then added Greek Yogurt/Almond Butter/Cereal/Goji Berries….turned into a nice little parfait before I smashed it into a mixed oblivion of goodness.

And in the literal blink of an eye…..

Waste not, want not…eh?

Snackage at work also included an unpictured Larabar which I later found on sale at TJMaxx for .70 cents!!!! (They had both PB&J and Cashew Cookie!  I think between us both we bought about 25!)  What?!?!?!  I am pretty sure upon this discovery both Ashlei and I screamed like the teenage girls that we are.  She came to visit me today at work AND brought us dinner!  Score.  Speaking of which, who wants some Indian goodness?!?!

I’m not even going to attempt to name the dishes.  One was a lentil dish (Gina recomended!) and a multi-vegie dish.  Both of which were fannnnnn-tastic.

Perfect pre-yoga dinner!  Thanks, Ash!  😉

After work we jogged through TJMaxx where the on sale-Larabar rampage occured…and then headed to BLACK LIGHT YOGA!!!  So much fun!  Even Kimmie joined us!

Ashlei knew all the complicated poses.  😉

While I stuck with the basics.  😉

Great night!!!!  It totally made me remember how much I adore Yoga!  I am completely committed now to add it to my weekly regime, and include it on Mondays and Saturdays at the YMCA!

Ashlei also brought me a ton of homemade goodies which I will be blogging about soon, can’t wait.  So nice to have another foodie so near!  Good times, I tell ya.

Did I mention there is only *1* full day left to enter the FREE CHOCOLATE giveaway?!?!  Eat some chocolate….save an animal.  What more do you need.  Go here for more information, it is so easy to enter!  A winner will be chosen tomorrow night at midnight (EST)

What is/are your favorite class(es) to take at the gym?  Would you say you follow a routine when it comes to your workouts, are do they tend to be somewhat sporadic?

Have a great Sunday tomorrow everyone, Namaste. 😉

Cracker Barrel date with Heather tomorrow morning, and then I get to start my running program in Johnson City.  I am a mentor runner who helps people train for their first 5K, I cannot wait!  So stoked.


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Sweet Potato or Small Child. YOU be the judge.

Please look at this massive yam that Ashlei and I found at Kroger.

This was supposedly a yam, but I am not convinced that it wasn’t some un-identified Government run project.  SERIOUSLY MASSIVE.

4 Pounder!!!!

Lets rewind a bit.  On the way to teach my high school Yoga class, I snacked on my fav-o-rite Kind bar, and an apple of joy!

After a sweaty Yoga sesh, it was time to the YMCA to meet Ashlei for spin!  I was so stoked she came today!  We were both sweaty messes, and loved it!

It was then time for DINNER!  I decided to show Ashlei my favorite little Thai place…

I love this little place.  They always ask on a 1-3 scale how hot you want it, and I always say “as hot as it can possibly be made”  They most certainly didn’t let me down tonight.  I went with the Tomy Thai Fried Rice with Veggies…extra heat, and a delicious little kick from the cashews and pineapple:

This bad boy packed the heat!  Ashlei’s look delicious, too!

Once in the car, Ashlei rocked it out with my GaGa inspired shades….ra, ra, ahhh ah ahhhhhhhh…

And then we both headed home.  Boo!!!  What a great evening though, I love having a fellow healthy foodie/blogger/friend that lives so close to me!  Fun times all around!  Once home, I broke into a PRESENT that Ashlei brought me.  RAW macaroons anyone?!!?!

Alongside my favorite vanilla frozen yogurt…

*instant drool bath quickly commenced*

Ashlei, you ROCK.  These were amaaaaaaaazing, and it is almost worth me going out and buying a dehydrator outright if I know I can produce these on a daily (heck hourly) basis.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Now……….on to another Monday high note.

Who wants some free chocolate?!

Soon, I will be creating a thread simply with information on the Endangered Species Chocolate giveaway I am hosting.  All information can be found there and entries start tonight…and end on this Sunday, at midnight!  Stay tuned for that thread!  It’s a fun one!  😉

Question Of The Night:

When it comes to grocery stores…how much of your cart is healthy/organic?  Do you ever get questioned by the clerks?  When I am in a non-natural/health food store, it ALWAYS happens that as I am checking out the clerk has some smart remark like “Boy………YOU must eat healthy” with a negative connotation!  Why?!?!  It would be like a cashier ringing up the common disgusting cart full of crap and being like “WOW, your an unhealthy tub of lard!”  Either way, it is not good etiquette.  What are your thoughts?


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Mondays are insane!!!!  My Monday actually began last night, when I got some advice from Jill about what to do with my new Chia Seeds:

As I see the chia pudding post above, you HAVE to do it and put it in your oats; 1/4 cup almond milk and 1 tbsp chia seeds. wisk and let set on counter for 20 min, then pop in the fridge overnight. Add to your oats in the morning and they will be super creamy, and full of Omega 3’s!!

Soaked those babies in the Almond Milk, and stuck them in the fridge to work their magic overnight!

Did I mention that I pink fuzzy heart Almond Milk?!?!

Please overlook the outfit.  I was dressed for bed, ok?!?!?!?!

So while I slept, the chia worked it’s magic powers.  Woke up this morning early and headed to my first of four (yikes) classes of the day!  Yoga was first, and the kids were adorable, as always.  We are really getting into some complicated/tough poses for an adult, let alone elementary kids…they are doing great!

Came home to find that the chia/milk mixture had thickened beautifully!

I added this mixture to my friend, Mr. Quaker:

Coincidentally, these were not your everyday oats.  I had an almost empty jar of Almond Butter, which meant only one thing!  Oats In A Jar!

It was the normal oat process.  With added dried berries for yum factor.

Made the oats, and then I added them to the AB jar…plus the Chia mixture.

YUM-tastic.  Just when I thought oats couldn’t get any better!  The Chia seeds gave the oatmeal such a creamy consistency, it was fabulous!  Bravo, Jill.  You know your stuff sister.

Did I mention that my house is slowly becoming overpopulated with pups?!?!  My brother is in town, which means his Boxer, Abby, is staying with us!  Check this big girl out:

She is adorable.

She fits right in with the rest of the crew.

Poor Sam just keeps to himself, and tries not to get trampled by the dinosaurs

After I finished breakfast, and tended to the pack of wild beasts…it was off to the YMCA for Express Sculpt.  I try to incoroporate a full body workout in 30 minutes using basic equipment.  Here was todays agenda:

  • Heavy Bar Squats
  • Heavy Bar Chest Press
  • Leg Lifts (with tons of holds and circles)
  • Bicep Curls with Medium Bar
  • Walking Lunges with Medium Bar
  • Overhead Press/Sqaut Combo with Medium Bar
  • NO Weight/Equipment Arm circles (shoulders…killllls after 100 or so)
  • Abs/Cooldown

’twas nice.

After class I came home and threw together a Mexican inspired lunch!  Started out with a whole wheat mini pita pocket, sliced her open…

Then added some beans/salsa/cheese:

Baked those babies until they were crisp.  In the meantime, I steamed some broccoli/cauliflower to have on the side.  Once everything was browned and steamed, I plated up the open face Mexican pizza, and then veggies smothered in Salsa and Nutritional Yeast:

Finished off with an Attune and a big green pear!

Well, it is time to go do some High School Yoga, and then rush over to the YMCA for Monday night Spin.  Made a new CD, I will give ya the tracks tomorrow.  Some good jams going down! 😉

Oh yea, who wants free yogurt?!?!?!

Thanks so much for voting, and a big thanks to Stonyfield/OIKOS for making this giveaway possible.

Remember, the winner receives:

A free OIKOS tote bag, complete with 4 coupons for free 5.3oz containers of Yogurt, plus a coupon for a free 16oz container!

The winner!  (via random number generator)


Please check out Julie’s blog.  She has me laughing hysterically on a daily basis.   Congrats girl!

Well, off for Yoga and Spin…fun times!  Hmmmm, whats for dinner…


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Avocado Pudding?! WHAT?!?!

I was just as confused as you guys are.  Keep reading to see the surprising results.

Well, I am walking somewhat better and not quite as old-man’ish…yet still with a limp enough to be questioned by ever member at the gym.  I chowed down on what is quickly becoming my favorite Clif after Yoga, and before Spin…

So good!  I hobbled my way to the YMCA to teach Spin.  I was surprised how “o.k.” the bike felt on my knee.  It really started bothering me towards the end, but on the whole…felt like an awesome class as usual!  We steamed up all the windows and wet the floor…so it was mission accomplished! 🙂

I went to Kroger after Spin class to get some dinner ideas.  I am completely OUT of groceries and have to go to Earth Fizz first thing tomorrow morning.

My old friend, organic Polenta!!!  If you are a fan of corn, or specifically corn bread…you have to give this healthier alternative a try.  Get the pre-cooked kind, and all you have to do is slice and brown it in a pan.  Also got some lovely veggie skewers, and some veggie baked beans.  This made for a completely random but very yummy dinner.

Once the Polenta had been browned on each side, and the veggies were golden…I plated and topped the corn cakes with beans!

Next was a dessert I have seen on the blogs, and have wanted to try forever.  Avocado Chocolate Pudding!

In my blender, I combined:

  • 1 Medium Diced Avocado
  • 1/2 Cup Almond Milk
  • 3 TBSP Cocoa Powder
  • 2 Truvia Packets

I skeptically blended it up, and expected the worst.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.   Holy guacamole, this stuff is fannnnntasmic.

I swear guys….you HAVE to try this.  Have to, have to, have to.

I would type longer, but I have this gloriousness waiting for me in the fridge.

Heres some random Avocado health benefits I found while searching for the recipe.  Quite frankly though, I will take any excuse to make chocolate pudding.


Happy Monday bloggies!  Earth Fare early tomorrow morning, can’t wait!


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Yoga, Sculpt, Yoga, Spin, Repeat.

What a Monday.  I have collapsed in bed to blog and feel like just sinking into the covers and melting away.

When last we left, it was time for me to head to the high school for Yoga!  Snacked on a pear en route:

I ravaged it pretty quickly.  Does anyone else eat pears/apples almost in their entirety??? I feel like I only leave the BARE minimum of the core.  It makes me so mad when I see “finished” apples that have like a million bites left!  haha…perhaps that is because I am a very strange foodie.  I ravaged it pretty quickly (note, this one is not NEARLY finished)

Mmmmm, love me some pears.

Made it to Yoga and then immediately went to teach 5:30 Spin.  With a new CD in hand (track listing to come!) we rocked it out, and I was drenched by the time it was over.  I am TELLLLLING you, if you have not taken Spin, please do.  It is seriously the hands down best cardio workout you could ever hope for.  Plus if your instructor is super cool like moi, the music will rock your socks off.  It is more of a dance party then anything else.  Holla!

On the way home I started thinking about dinner options, when I remembered a bag of veggies I bought at the Kro-Gizzle:

plus my favorite stinky noodles:

Yep, I have used these guys before and they WREAK!  You have to wash them 4/5 times in cold water to de-smell them.  If not, the aroma resembles that of a 14 day old summer sausage that has been coated in bear poo, and rolled in skunk-gunk.  Delicious, huh?  In all seriousness, once washed…these babies taste just like pasta.  TOFU pasta to boot.  Score!

Got the Wok going with some Organic Pam and the Stir-Fry veggies…and then got to thinking about a sauce.  I decided to go all mad scientist, and create my own thai-style peanut sauce!  Almond…in this case.

Who knew that Almond Butter + Hummus + Soy Sauce + (unpictured) Honey =amazement!

Needed some protein, so I added some “chicken”

Plus the noodles, and a drizzle of the sauce:

(I made a bit too much sauce, but I am sure I can find other ways to get rid of it in the near future)

My portion:

Plus the Scrap-Police:

Dessert was a delicious nectarine, and an Attune…of course!

What an ending!  *curtain closes*

Seriously, insaaaaaane Monday but so much fun as usual.  How did everyone else’s go?


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