Hello, Chicago!

Well, in the randomness that is my life, I am currently sitting 24 floors up in this amazing Chicago hotel on a spur of the moment long weekend!

This blogger boy doesn’t get out much, so this impromptu trip to Chi-Town with my dad and brother is going to be too much fun!

The boys have currently left me for a Cubs game (I would rather watch paint dry!) so I have actually gotten to explore alot on my own today.  This city is right up my alley!

Lets rewind a bit to this morning, where a 4:30am wakeup call had us rushing to the airport.  Luckily, I had two friends along for the flight…

Starbucks, & Mens Fitness!  Score!

Now, it is a well known fact that I am pretty much terrified to fly, so here is the much needed “please do not let us fall 40,000 feet to our death” – face.

Luckily, I survived.

Can I just say how hilarious it was that my FIRST impression of Chicago once exiting the Subway was of a homeless man, pantless, drying his bottom half with the automatic hand dryer in the bathroom?!?!?  Wow.  That is certainly a mental image.

Other than the half nude hobo, this place is BEAUTIFUL!

Now, let us move onto the delicious portion of this blog, the FOOD!  Let it be known that while in Chicago, my food choices are NOT going to be what is typically seen around these parts.  Watching what you eat is a major part of my life, but so is moderation.  This weekend may consist of a few SPLURGES (or 40) that while not the healthiest, are an example of how ANYTHING in moderation is not bad!

Point in case, my breakfast/lunch was combined with an undocumented blueberry bagel…so wandering the streets of Chicago, I immediately took my dear friend Shannons advice (pretty much a demand) and stopped by Garrett Popcorn. I mean, how bad could a place that Oprah listed as one of her favorite things be?!

Obviously, NO ONE knows about this place.


Seeing as how I was *in* Chicago…the “Chicago Mix” was a must!  This is a combination of their cheese and caramel popcorn (seems strange…bare with me…)


Your probably thinking, it’s POPCORN, how amazing can it be?!  Trust me, this was unlike any other I have ever had!  I am SUCH a sucker for the sweet/salty combination so this was most certainly the perfect fuel to explore the city with!

As I munched on my popcorn, I spotted a very nice sight.

Trader Joe’s!!!!!  Needless to say I managed to stay for much longer than I should have.  It is a good thing I was alone, I think the boys would have killed me if they had to spend that much time in a grocery store.  Anyone else share the TJ obsession?

Well bloggies, I would love to stay…but I a off to enjoy Chicago a bit more. 🙂  First stop is the fitness room, and then dinner lately.  My brother has found the best pizza place apparently, so I need to do some extra cardio beforehand 🙂

This is where I need you guys.  WHAT do I need to do while I am here?  Great places to eat, shop, neat little stores???  I need your help!  What should I do while in Chicago?!?!

PS this is what happens when I am left alone.



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16 responses to “Hello, Chicago!

  1. greeeeat

    are you naaaught… I’d like to recommend the deep dish pizza sweetie (like I know what to suggest)- take tons of pics so I can freak out

  2. omg. nude hobo. you crack me up.

    have fun with the boys!!

  3. klh

    I LOVE Chicago!! Enjoy your visit! Looks like you are off to a great start!
    Katie 🙂

  4. Ah yes, the city where I was birthed. Isn’t the diversity refreshing?!?
    That popcorn looked divine…and I love how the crowd shot had an entire family of Bears fans right in front!

    I suggest going dancing… Show off some of your Zumba moves! 😀

    • I love your birth city!!! The diversity is VERY refreshing, and it is nice to be out of the Kingsport bubble, I can tell you. Don’t know how well the dancing thing would go over with the father being here, however I am not opposed to randomly busting out some Zumba moves on the Chicago streets!

  5. Lisa

    You are hilarious-Kayla I laughed our heads off-you need your own show!!!

  6. Amy

    I did a bike tour around the lake and it was gorgeous. What’s the weather like? I was there in September so it was still nice and warm. If you are splurging there is a great cupcake called Sprinkles – the chocolate peanut butter one was delicious!

  7. Hope you’re having an awesome time in Chicago, such a great city! And Garrets is like crack, best popcorn I’ve ever had!! Make sure to enjoy some deep dish pizza as well 🙂

  8. Please take my advice – the chicago diner! It is a vegetarian restaurant so you can get a few veggies in! 🙂

  9. I ❤ Chicago! My sister lives there and I went and visited her in January. It's pretty crazy how you can go all the way up to the 95th? or 96th? (I forget which one) in like 2 minutes or however long it took! Looks like you had a blast! And that's the Trader Joe's she goes to! I love TJ's too! I live 2 blocks from one. And you have to love their samples! 🙂

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