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A Days Worth -O- Yum

Today has been the biggest whirlwind ever.  Running around like a crazy person from place to place.  Ah hectic life…gotta love it, right?!

Lets start with breakfast.

My new obsesssssssion!  😉  Add some raisins, Almond Milk, and Chia Seeds…and you get…

There also may have been an undocumented Starbizzle run on the way to the YMCA.  Who’s to say?!  😉

I got to the Y around 8:00am, and worked like a mad man on some major Eight To The Eight’s stuff!  It is crunch time with that, as all the official contestants plus all the contestants who didn’t make it…all had to be notified today.  Sad times for those who didn’t make it.  I know it’s just a fact to face when you only have x amount of spots to fill, and way more than that apply…I just feel bad because these people really put themselves out there.  I wish we could take them all!

Around noon it was time for my Express Sculpt class, which I am totally loving!  The numbers are slowly building, and I love hitting all the muscle groups in half the time!  Nice change for the body.

Lunch was comprised of some yummy leftovers from last nights Earth Fare run…

Mock Chicken Salad sandwich, carrots, and Veggie Booty goodness.

This “faux” chicken is seriously the closest to the real thing as it gets.  Bravo, Earth Fare.

After this, I walked back to work and finished up working on Eight To The Eights stuff, and then headed to the High School for KidFit!  This was our second to last week before school is out for summer, and it went so well today!  We had the entire gym to ourselves, and I let the kids sort of do whatever they wanted, as long as it involved them running.  😉  Some played basketball, others volleyball…some just plain ran around like lunatics…but hey…it produced sweat.

Headed backkkkk to the YMCA afterwards for what was one of the most intense Spin classes EVAH.  I don’t know what made it so crazae, but we were all dying….in a very good way.  Note to self…..use this CD when in need of a shower like sweat sesh.

Once Spin was over it was finally time to exhale…and head to an Indian Dinner yum-fest.

I was a bad blogger and forgot to photograph the menu…which in this case was key!  We got two amazingly delicious things…and of course I have forgotten their names.

(veggie medley in an amazingly spicey sauce)

(nut and spice stuffed potatoes in an equally yah-mazing sauce)

Can’t forget the gorgeous rice!

All together now……  (with some Tandori Roti…)

The stuffed potato was out of this world!!!  Seriously, my new favorite dish.

Did I mention how much the people at Sahib L-O-V-E Maggie and I????  Free FLAMING dessert, anyone?!

Some sort of cheese/honey/fried deliciousness that was quickly consumed as soon as the flames died down.  YUM!

What a perfect way to end a very hectic day.  Who doesn’t love desserts that are on fire?!?!  😉

Later bloggies.  Debut of my Total Body HIIT class tomorrow morning at 5:45am…should be interesting to see how it goes teaching it at the crack of dawn!



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Tempeh’ting Sunday

Happy Sunday my little bloggers!  How has the weekend treated you?!?!  All good on my end.  What happens when you oversleep (score) and miss the 10am oatmeal cut off time at Cracker Barrel????

You OBVIOUSLY get pecan pancakes. 😉

I need to oversleep more often, obviously.

Epic fail involved when I forgot my camera at home for the day!!  After breakfast I headed to the YMCA and taught Spin.  Major sweat session.  This CD is sweat gold…I need to mark it as especially hard for future reference!  Right after spin I rushed to my other gym for the running program.  ABSOLUTELY loving it.  I am depressed there are only two more weeks left until the big race!  My group is fannnnn-tastic.  Todays weather was also super conducive to some awesome running:

After running, Hank and Natalie totally twisted my arm into going to the Mellow Mushroom.  😉  Took alot of convincing, let me tell ya.

Normally I got for the pizza, but today the tempeh hoagie caught my eye.  What is tempeh??  Ask, and yee shall receive.  Again…no camera, but yay for cell phone picture!

This bad boy was fantastic!  Company was awesome as well!  Natalie brought her new dog, meet Martini!


After lunch I met up with Christie for a much needed Starbizzle date.  Stuck with the decaff, because 6:00am BodyPump is calling me name! 😉

Earth Feezy was up next, I was in desperate need of groceries.

All the cool kids put their grocery loot in boxes.  Especially the cool ones who ALWAYS forget their re-usable bags.  D’oh!

Totally used all my coupons, and got all my weeks worth -o- schtuff for…….$47.06!

You can always shop semi-cheap and organic!  Healthy AND Fun.  Get it?!?!  😉

Have a great Sunday bloggers.  I am getting ready to make a weeks worth of Steel Cut oats in the crock pot, thanks to a suggestion from a dear friend!  Can’t wait to see how they turn out!


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Live in 5….4…..3…..2……..1.


Today has been non-stop, but I heart that.  Come on people…hectic is good!

Started out with a breakfast parfait -o- joy.

Who knew they even had puffed millet cereal?!?!?!  My love for millet grows by the day.  Started off this parfait with a bed of Greek Yogurt (Dannon, Strawberry)

Next went the millet-love!

And then finished off with a sliced nana, some Gourmet Granola (Millet, Oats, Chocolate Chips, Other deliciousness that currently escapes my exhausted mind.)

Also topped with ch, ch, ch, chiiiiia!  🙂  Layered yumminess.

This was the perfect “on the go fuel” to get me started early with my Elementary kiddos, and some KidFit Yoga!

Today the kids were extra cute, and quite frankly…a little drained themselves as it was the last day of their TCAP testing.  For those of you who don’t know what TCAP testing is, it’s basically a huge formal exam at the end of the year that the kids drill for constantly.  There is way too much pressure/weight put on the results, and the Teaching Major in me hates it with all my being!!!!  Boo for standardized/high stake testing!

That being said, we took it easy today.  We did some nice relaxing poses, and I let them just de-stress.  Hey…even elementary aged kids have alot on their plates.

After Yoga, I sped like a madman to the YMC-izzle for a back to back combo of Spin/RIPPED.  RIPPED is like my Total Body HIIT class, just minus the cardio.  I really liked teaching these two classes back to back!  I also love subbing classes, because I get to see a completely different group of people.  Today we did a lower body/upper body/ab combo, and repeated with different moves.  Amazing sweat session!  Gotta love the P90x push-up/oblique chopper! Rawr!

After class it was finally time to go on the NEWS!  Eeeeeeek!

Met my girl Natalie, and we were off to the news station to promote Eight To The Eights.

I have totally decided that TV anchorman is in my immediate future…this place was so cool!

Managed to steal a pic with Sara Diamond, before we went live!

Once she went on, it was almost time for us!  By this point, I kept adjusting my clothes/mic/fidgeting anyway I could.  Nervous wreck!!!

Here was the studio where we were interviewed:

So.  Much.  Fun.  Seriously, as soon as we were “on” it seemed to go by in like 10 seconds!  I managed to pull it off without slipping and/or any awkwardness.  Video coming soon guys, I promise! Hopefully we got the word out a bit more about the program, I am stoked to see what happens from here.

After the interview, Natalie took me to an amazing lunch spot that I had never been before!

This place is a salad lovers dream come true!

The “Super Salad” gave options of three pre-prepared salads to top a huge bed of romaine lettuce.

They also have a ton of brewed and fruity teas.  We went with the raspberry.

Did I mention how much I love my runnin’ buddy, race plannin’, scooter drivin’ (Thats right…she drives a pink scooter around town…get jealous!), big sis Natalie?!?!

Now bring on the salad!!!

I got the pasta salad, wild rice and cranberry, and oriental!

I don’t mess around.

We amanged to avoid the desserts…but trust me, it wasn’t easy.

After a fantabulous trip to the news, and and even better lunch…it was time to keep on keepin’ on…and back to the school for High School KidFit…followed immediately by my 5:30pm spin!

New CD tonight (tracks coming soon!)

Currently obsessed with this jam.  And this one.  Annnnnnd…this one. (Yes….more Bieber.)

Also…thanks to Jeremy, I am now obsessed with this gal…who is very GaGa-esque!

After Spin, it was time for dinnnnnnner.  Headed to Panera because I was famished…and it feeds my face nicely.  😉

Half veggie sandwich, half fuji salad…..whole apple.  😉

And now here I sit at the bizzle….contemplating life…blogging, and planning out the rest of my classes for the week.  Life is good!


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Weekend Warrior(s)!

Sheesh.  I am officially tar’d.  Yep, in Tennessee we roll like that and say “tar-ed” for tired…I embrace my inner redneck most times.

Last night was full of fun times, when I finally got to see my Maggie!!!  It was time for an Indian Feast.

Not only Indian….but fine AND exotic.  Boo yah.  What they mean by that is flaming food!

We got two things to share to get the full experience.  😉

Aloo Gobi Masala and Chana Masala.

We also had a delicious little appetizer bread/dippage combo:

Gina, I thought about you the whole time.  When are you coming to Tennessee to help me try this stuff?!?!


Even more glorious was the caffeine buzz afterwards:

You will be seeing alot of iced coffee’s over the next few months, so go ahead and prepare yourself mentally.  I will try to spice up the shots so it doesn’t get boring.  Look how the pastries tempt me!  I was able to hold off.

Ended the night at Applebees for some hilarious adventures.  Fun times!  No food = no pictures.  Plus everyone might have thought I was slightly bonkers.

Fast forward to the morning.  Teaching both Weekend Warrior (crazy 70 minute cardio/weight class) plus Spin = intense breakfast was needed.  Headed over to my second home/family for some pancakes!

Packed up all the fixings for a perfect pancake breakfast.

Random toppings = marvelous cakes.

Look, they even have a little begger of their own!  Meet Marley:

Is he not?!?!?!?!?!?!

Now back to the yum.

Who needs syrup when you have Almond Butter?!

Perfect fuel for Weekend Warrior and Spin!  As soon as we ate, we packed up and headed to the Y!

Aweeeeeeesome classes today.  Weekend Warrior kicked booty today, and spin was full and sweaty.  Perfection.

Afterwards the Weekend Warriors (hardy har har) and I went to the bizzle where I got the normal.  (see….two in the same post, I am telling you guys…its only going to get worse as it gets warmer.)

Clif Kid was inhaled in a post workout frenzy.  The Warriors in action! (and by action I mean melted onto a comfy Starbucks couch)

You only have today and tomorrow to enter HERE for free chocolate, from our friends at Endangered Species Chocolate!  Check it out, and get that entry in!!!!


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Good afternoon my little bloggin’ buddies.

It’s Friiiiiiiddddaaaaaaayyyyyy!  Anyone else excited?!?!

My day started in typical Friday fashion, with the horrific noise of the alarm clock @ 5:00am.  *shutter*

Look, even blog boys can have bad hair days!

Pardon the disgusting mirror and/or the bags under my eyes.  It was 5am, ok?!?!?!  😉

We.  Kicked.  Butt.  This.  Morning.

Full spin class + new CD (with Bieber lovin’) yielded a sweat factory!  It was seriously one of the most intense CD’s ever, I think because there were alot of standing sprints, thanks to Paramore.  They are always good for a sprint song, whenever you need one…….or eleven.  😉

Also, can I just say that I was so thankful to have spin this morning, because my legs are sooooooore.  That rarely ever happens, but working out lower body yesterday morning, then KILLING it last night in HIIT provided me with the worlds tightest hamstrings, and some achey quads.  Spin did the trick though.

Munched on this en route to the gym…but honestly, didn’t even make it to the front door it was gone so fast.

Maranatha Dark Chocolate Spread (aka FROSTING, right Ashlei?!)  Which was smeared on an Omega 3 waffle:


Had a nice sweat session at the gym, then headed back and was extremely lazy with the pups.  Oatmeal was in order, and was the classic chia standby!  This time I spiced things up by adding some dried kiwi.

I’m telling you.  Nuke a banana for two minutes in the microwave, THEN cook it in the oats.  Whomg.  Seriously yah-mazing.  Makes it so thick and creamy!

I went to my second meeting today about doing a “Biggest Loser” style program that our city is doing this year.  It will tie in with one of our biggest races, The “Crazy 8’s” 8K, and will take place eight weeks prior to the race.  I get to be the trainer for the teams!!!  I am so excited.  Never in a million years did I think I would ever be a “trainer”!!!  Especially when I was tipping the ole scales at 318!!!!  Hopefully I can motivate some people into changing their lifestyle!  I will have more info very soon, and will even be creating a seperate blog for program, which has officially been named “Eight to the Eight’s”  We start the application process soon, and are meeting with local tv/radio/newspaper to start advertising.  It’s going to be very exciting!!!!

After that meeting I met the Padre for lunch at Salsaritas:

Everyday there is a “special” and today it was pizza!

How can I resist a Friday-themed meal?!?!  C’mon.

Started with a whole grain tortilla:

Then added a mountain of glee which included:

  • Refried Bean Base
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Black Beans
  • Cheese
  • Zucchini/Onions/Squash

I was able to somehow resist the chips.  Barely!  😉

Needed a buzz to keep me going….it was the standard venti iced coffee with skim mizzie.

Also, at Target I saw an entire BIN of my favorite candy.  I had to restrain myself so I wouldn’t just start opening/eating all of these directly in the middle of the store:

This was like an alcoholic being taken to a booze themed Amusement Park!

Picked up a new and tasty cereal from Target which was quickly munched on for snackage:

Made a simple little parfait with caramel Oikos, and some strawberries:

Cinnamon, anyone?!?! haha

That being said…..time to go enjoy some Friday goodness.  Have a great one!!!!!

Indian feast tonight with Maggie!  So stoked, I have missed that little gal.  I have my marching orders from Fitnessita to try a lentil or chickpea dish….I also spotted one last time that was cauliflower based that I might try.  Any other Indian suggestions?!?!

Guys.  There are only *2* days left to win free Endangered Species Chocolate!!!!  Get your entry in there!!!  Closes Sunday @ midnight.

PS I think I have literally become a Middle Schooler again.  With both the Justin Bieber love going on, and my new found obsession:

I am ready for braces, awkward dates, and roller skating to 90’s music.  What can I say, I am embracing my inner tween.


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Back to normal….sort of!

What a day.  Sad, sad day.

My dear friend Corrina (left) passed away last night in an automobile accident.  She was a workout BEAST, and a dedicated mother to nine children.  She gave 110% effort in my classes, her gym workouts, and life in general.  I have never met a more sweet or gentle soul.

I have decided to continue on just as I normally would, because as she always said “I check your blog daily!!!!!”  I can’t let her down.  I will always remember her for the amazing woman she was.  Thank you all for your kind and caring support.  I am just devastated for her family and children, they are constantly in my thoughts.


(Here is a recap I was starting yesterday-Friday)

5:45am spin classes = Tyler starves all day!!!!!  Seriously, I need all the food in the near vicinity to be tied down and kept away from me.  I am almost off work, and headed for some Mexican grubbage, and I am on the verge of eating this laptop………..I’m not even playing.

So we met with the people about Biggest Loser today and I am super pumped to get the ball rolling on this!  We finalized the application, and are going to have weekly meetings soon…it’s really happening!!  We technically call it “Biggest Loser”, so we need a fun and creative name.  Any blogger input?!?!

On the way to the meeting I had my favorite Kind Bar…

Anything with coconut is instantly sold in my books.  Can’t get enough of the stuff!

After the meeting I was trying to decide a nice quick lunch I could throw together before work.  I incorporated some leftovers last night for a little yum session…quesadilla time!  Faux BBQ and Natural Cheese Blend…

Browned that baby up with some organic Pam…

Added some broccoli, baked beans, and Nutritonal Yeast (Nooch):

I am seriously diggin’ this Nutritional Yeast.  It gives everything a cheesy flavor, and packed full of nutrients and protein!!!

I headed to work for my normal Friday shift, but dinner-less because I was meeting with Maggie for Mexican goodness.  Snacked on an undocumented Apple/Pear while waiting…my body was HANGRY for dinner!

Finally, 8:30 rolled around…and off we went!  Melissa from work joined us as well!

This place was so yummy.  They brought the dreaded chips which I can never resist:

It was like a conveyor belt of fried joy headed straight for my mouth.

The menu had the typical Mexican fare…so I was undecided.  Check out my lovely dates:

I ended up just asking the server what I could get that had the most veggies.  He suggested fajitas, and I told him to make my a surprise, and just pile as MANY vegetables on it as he possibly could.  He started naming off vegetables asking if they were ok to put on, and I finally cut him off and said very matter-of-factly:

“If it grows from the earth…I will eat it.”

I was presented with this steaming pile of veggie lurv:

This baby was LOADED!

  • Broccoli
  • Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Red/Orange/Green Peppers

Served on the classic steaming Mexican Plate/Cast Iron Skillet.  Aye Ca-rumba!  I passed on the white tortillas they served on the side, and instead ate it as a big salad with this beast that came along side:

Needless to say there was leftovers for tomorrow…SCORE!

Also may have had some mango-joy to wash it all down. 😉

Party animals, I tell ya.

We then went next door to Kroger.  It was PAST time that Melisa was introduced to my favorite method of chocolate consumption:

I was in a wolf-saving kind of mood.

I love the little pre-packaged ones!  It makes it slightly easier not to consume the entire package.  Perfect dessert!

Fast forward to Saturday morning!  Breakfast was simple but delicious.

Waffles smeared with some AB goodness, a nice big pear, and a drenching of cinnamon:

Headed to a very sad day at work where the last thing on my mind was teaching classes.  We canceled Weekend Warrior straight away, and worked on a small memorial board for Corrina.  It came time for spin and there was a swarm of people who all seemed pumped.  I really thought about whether or not I should, or if it was even appropriate to do a class without my A+ student and friend.  I decided that she would want us to continue…so I went ahead with spin and dedicated it to our dear friend.  It was rough, but I pushed us hard in her memory.  That one was definitely for you, Corrina.

OK…I am keeping this post up-beat and food related.  Partly for my own sanity.

Lunch was leftover Mexican veggie love on a Spelt wrap:

And I also saved a wolf or two….dipped in PEANUT BUTTER!  My sweet friend Julie brought me some new peanut butter to taste test…check out the site here.

My thoughts….yummy…but a bit too sweet.  Thanks Julie though, you know a true way to my heart when you bring me nut butter to sample!!

On that note, I am ending this post on a very exhausting and sad day.

Love you, Corrina.  Classes won’t be the same without you.  Neither will life here at the YMCA!

(let’s keep this up-beat!)  Later bloggies, have an awesome weekend!


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Mondays are insane!!!!  My Monday actually began last night, when I got some advice from Jill about what to do with my new Chia Seeds:

As I see the chia pudding post above, you HAVE to do it and put it in your oats; 1/4 cup almond milk and 1 tbsp chia seeds. wisk and let set on counter for 20 min, then pop in the fridge overnight. Add to your oats in the morning and they will be super creamy, and full of Omega 3’s!!

Soaked those babies in the Almond Milk, and stuck them in the fridge to work their magic overnight!

Did I mention that I pink fuzzy heart Almond Milk?!?!

Please overlook the outfit.  I was dressed for bed, ok?!?!?!?!

So while I slept, the chia worked it’s magic powers.  Woke up this morning early and headed to my first of four (yikes) classes of the day!  Yoga was first, and the kids were adorable, as always.  We are really getting into some complicated/tough poses for an adult, let alone elementary kids…they are doing great!

Came home to find that the chia/milk mixture had thickened beautifully!

I added this mixture to my friend, Mr. Quaker:

Coincidentally, these were not your everyday oats.  I had an almost empty jar of Almond Butter, which meant only one thing!  Oats In A Jar!

It was the normal oat process.  With added dried berries for yum factor.

Made the oats, and then I added them to the AB jar…plus the Chia mixture.

YUM-tastic.  Just when I thought oats couldn’t get any better!  The Chia seeds gave the oatmeal such a creamy consistency, it was fabulous!  Bravo, Jill.  You know your stuff sister.

Did I mention that my house is slowly becoming overpopulated with pups?!?!  My brother is in town, which means his Boxer, Abby, is staying with us!  Check this big girl out:

She is adorable.

She fits right in with the rest of the crew.

Poor Sam just keeps to himself, and tries not to get trampled by the dinosaurs

After I finished breakfast, and tended to the pack of wild beasts…it was off to the YMCA for Express Sculpt.  I try to incoroporate a full body workout in 30 minutes using basic equipment.  Here was todays agenda:

  • Heavy Bar Squats
  • Heavy Bar Chest Press
  • Leg Lifts (with tons of holds and circles)
  • Bicep Curls with Medium Bar
  • Walking Lunges with Medium Bar
  • Overhead Press/Sqaut Combo with Medium Bar
  • NO Weight/Equipment Arm circles (shoulders…killllls after 100 or so)
  • Abs/Cooldown

’twas nice.

After class I came home and threw together a Mexican inspired lunch!  Started out with a whole wheat mini pita pocket, sliced her open…

Then added some beans/salsa/cheese:

Baked those babies until they were crisp.  In the meantime, I steamed some broccoli/cauliflower to have on the side.  Once everything was browned and steamed, I plated up the open face Mexican pizza, and then veggies smothered in Salsa and Nutritional Yeast:

Finished off with an Attune and a big green pear!

Well, it is time to go do some High School Yoga, and then rush over to the YMCA for Monday night Spin.  Made a new CD, I will give ya the tracks tomorrow.  Some good jams going down! 😉

Oh yea, who wants free yogurt?!?!?!

Thanks so much for voting, and a big thanks to Stonyfield/OIKOS for making this giveaway possible.

Remember, the winner receives:

A free OIKOS tote bag, complete with 4 coupons for free 5.3oz containers of Yogurt, plus a coupon for a free 16oz container!

The winner!  (via random number generator)


Please check out Julie’s blog.  She has me laughing hysterically on a daily basis.   Congrats girl!

Well, off for Yoga and Spin…fun times!  Hmmmm, whats for dinner…


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