Surprise Run!

Well, today was interesting to say the least.  A seemingly peaceful nap with the pups…woke up, got ready for spin…headed outside…started my car.  Started my car.  ………..tried to start my car.  I was out of gas!!!! I had 20 minutes to get to the YMCA and needless to say panic mode was setting in instantly.  I called Kim in a panic, and she started to come get me, when I realized there was a gas station about half a mile from my house.  I took off into a FULL OUT sprint towards the gas station.  It was hilarious.  Got to the gas station, feeling like I was on some cracked out challenge on “The Amazing Race”.  Running BACK to my house with the gas can proved hilarious, as I was trying to run at my fastest speed while not spilling the gas all over myself.  Got back, gassed up the car…and SPED like a maniac to the gym.  I swear I was going 80 the entire way, and a 15 minute drive turned into a 8 minute NASA-like speed show.  I was darting in and out of traffic like there was an asteroid heading directly for Earth.

I MADE IT.  Barely, but I made it.  Oh the things I do for spin.  Sheesh.  I don’t think I even exhaled until class was over!

When I got home I needed a fun lunch to calm my nerves.  😉

It was waffle time!  I added some Golden Kiwis (which were a bit too ripe today, boo!)

I made a quick topping that was a mixture of some Polaner Natural Peach Jame and some Almond Butter…

A) Car Trouble stresses me out

B) We eat with our eyes first

Which meant it was time for a Waffle Face.  😉  Threw in a banana mouth, and some dark chocolate facial features…

Sorry Sam, but chocolate is bad for dogs.  😉

After the STRESS of running out of gas (fail), having to RUN to the gas station (EPIC fail), spilling half of it running back/being 5 minutes late for spin (EPIC-EST FAIL!), this lunch was able to de-stress me nicely.

Headed to work complete with snacks for the evening!

I also brought dinner from home which I started making early.  It was my first experience with Tempeh!  Time for a wrap!

It was also my first experience with these Whole Spelt wraps…super yummy!!!

Started by spreading some of Amy’s re-fried beans on the wrap…

I then browned up the tempeh and layered it across (there may have been a TRACE of red pepper flakes as well.  😉  )

I topped with lettuce and natural cheese…and wrapped that sucka UP!

Once I was at work, and hangry, I paired it with some new hummus chips, and carrots:


Well, time to close the YMCA down and head home.  Have an awesome rest of the night bloggies…I am coffee shopping tomorrow for my new French Press!!  Can’t wait!  Still looking for suggestions, hint hint.  Something flavored perhaps?!



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29 responses to “Surprise Run!

  1. OMG!!!! I was dying laughing picturing you running to and from the gas station. I mean, really it’s sad that you had to but so freaking hilarious! who would think to do that??? You are dedicated man!!

    I totally loved your happy face waffle creation.

    I tried tempeh for the first time today too! I made a recipe out of Clean Food. Seriously, to die for.

    This post gave me lots of smiles. Love it 🙂

    • Seriously as stressful as it was, the whole time I was thinking “omg this will be hilarious to blog about” How sad?!?!?! hahahahaha

      Yay for smiles, you give me those daily as well…so for today, we are even. 😉

  2. I love hummus. Guess I better find me some humbles.

    At least you were just out of gas, I put diesel in my car once. Talk about an epic fail!!!

    Tempeh is so good. I use to make wraps with it too, time to buy some more! I tried Gardein pulled pork tonight…seriously yum!

  3. Baaaahhh! That stinks!! You must’ve been so tense the entire spin class after all the running around you had to do! I was getting tense and stressed out reading about it.
    That wrap looks awesome…I need to try these Amy’s beans and hunt down those wraps, ASAP.

  4. Alice Browder

    As usual, spin class was awesome today! No one would ever have known all you went through to get there (except for the small hint of gasoline smell) 😉 Thanks for the effort. Your classes always make me feel so good!

    • hahahahaha thanks so much for coming!!! Yea, pardon the gas fumes…hopefully next time I will be ON TIME! Gotta admit, the story is pretty Chuck Norris-esque.

  5. LOL. I have cut it pretty close, but never actually ran out of gas.

    How are those waffles? Are they better than the Kashi ones?

    • They were REALLY good, and yep…I would say better than the Kashi H2H… much more crispy on the outside, and doughy in the middle…which is how I lurv them.

  6. heather

    Bless your heart ….. i can totally see that though — so i’m hoping you filled your car up after spin class ….
    Yummy waffle configuration … an arteeeeest for sure …
    what does the tempeh taste like ??? I got some of the “pulled pork”‘ish BBQ flavor from EF …. may just make a wrap with it for din din tomorrow night ….
    i need your creativity ….. 🙂

  7. I just tried plain tempeh from TJ’s the other day (3 grain with millet, rye, and something else…) and I really enjoyed making it in a wrap and a quesadilla. I let it sit with some bbq sauce, honey, and hot sauce and after a few minutes added the strips to the wrap or put them in a quesadilla once. SO GOOD. I’ve never tried the pre-flavored, though.

  8. miranda

    I really love your blog so much. That waffle face is fantastic. Such inspiration for me – esp. because my 4yo daughter would LOVE it. I will have to recreate it for her soon. Anyway, thanks!!

  9. do you get kicking horse coffee in your neck of the woods??

    Funny post… crappy day! Hope tomorrow is a little better! hehe

  10. What a fun post! Love that you turned a stressful situation in to a fun recap like this. And the Waffle Face is SO cute!!! 😀

  11. My favorite coffee is called Highlander Kreme and it’s a butterscotch and irish cream mix… But I don’t know if you can get it anywhere but Pittsburgh. Here’s the company’s website:

    It’s by far their most popular brew, and I have never known someone to not like it!!

  12. WAFFLES!!!! Those look SO SO fun!

    Running out of gas is a hazard of driving that I am, as a non-driver, thankfully free from, but OMG I’d probably panic if I ran out of gas! You are super bad-ass.

  13. Just recently, I was running late for work and got locked out of my car . . .twice! I had to have a gas station attendant “break into” my car! Not fun!

  14. Ashlei

    Aww if only I had a chance to bust out my grinder before heading out of town I could tell you about the coffee I picked up at Earthfizz (for freeeee!) last week! French press is the only way to drink coffee, for reals. In my silly humble little opinion 😉

  15. Ashlei

    Oh yeah, and no more running out of gas. That’s bad.

  16. Ahh your description of charging to the gas station and back was HILARIOUS, oh my gosh you’re too funny 🙂

    That breakfast looks so delicious though–and i’m sure it calmed your nerves down for just a few minutes at least! But ooooh my gah, that tempeh/refried beans wrap is making my mouth water. Wraps, beans and faux meats are probably a few of my favorite things hahaha

    • Thank you for officially making me bust out into full out song. “These are a few of my faaaaaaaavorite things!” Although, I don’t think our favorite things and Julie Andrews favorite things were all that matched up, honestly. 😉

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