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Sometimes, pizza is a must.

You heard me.

Sometimes, you gotta do it.

After two CRAZY classes tonight (awesome job, btw, to both classes!  We packed em out!) I was beyond starving…so Steph and I split a pizza from chefs!

Steph and I managed to inhale the entire thing.  It wasn’t pretty.  Chefs always customizes it for us!  They forgot the spinach, boo.  Other than that, it was perfection.  It has whole wheat crust, which TOTALLY justifies the entire thing, right?!

This is my face pre-pizza…

Check out my Vogue office wall art.  GaGa of COURSE!

Speaking of GaGa…..guess where I will be in 4 short days…….

I have FLOOR tickets to see the one, the only, LADY GAGA!!!!!! I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to quite describe the excitement that is brewing inside me!!!!!! EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!  I am stoked beyond words.

(I find it completely hilarious that Lady G is playing at a place called the KFC Yum Center, but heck…I would follow her anywhere!)

To top off the night….

Pizza, Prunes, & Lady GaGa?!?!  We are off to a good week, folks.

Until next time…..I’m out!  I have a bed that is calling my name.  More like screaming at this point.  Does anyone else out there look forward to going to bed as much as me?!  Maybe I am not alone in my craziness.

Sweet Z’s…



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Who knew you could”patent” a seed?

Watched Food, Inc. today.  Wow.  More on that in just a bit.

After 6am Spin…Circuit Craze…and another Spin….I was more than ready for lunch.  Pizza was calling my name!  Started out with a FlatOut wrap:

Topped this bad boy with some Earth Fare brand pasta sauce…spinach…shroom babies…and some Fat Free Mozz.  There also may have been a sprinkly or twenty-four of crushed red pepper.  😉

Pre bake:

10 minutes later….lunch!

Snacks for the day included the new Dannon greek yogurt, as well as some puffed millet cereal!  Totally diggin’ on this stuff!

More eats (consumed later…I promise) consisted of a two part dinner!

Part one before my appointments came in:

Mushroom, Spinach, and Mozz sammie on a wheat pita.  I saw my co-worker/love-o-my life Christie eating something similar to this earlier today at work…and knew I wanted to recreate it for dinner!

Part two included a mini salad from Panizzle.  Fuji Chicken Apple salad..sans the chicken.  There was also the classic hunk of whole wheat baguette deliciousness.

And a dessert that rocked the YMCA dowwwwwwwn.  Yep, it was that good.

Strawberries plus this little bit of joy.

Pure amazingness.


Moving on to a less palent tantalizing topic.  Food, Inc.

My pal Heather was kind enough to let me borrow this movie to watch!  I have been dying to see it.

Ok.  If I hadn’t been a vegetarian before, I think I would be now.  I had no idea the poor extent to which our food is being produced on a daily basis.

This isn’t to say that meat and/or meat products are the only culprits in this craziness.  Even some of the food that we would normally take for granted: fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, and even SEED!  First of all, who knew that seed could be “patented” and that if you re-seeded a crop from a previous year that “belonged” to a company…that you could be sued for all you are worth (and in most cases…much, much more).  Absolutely ridiculous.  This along with the fact that the VIP’s in these corporations even hold high power positions in the FDA, which can then in turn promote such outright ridiculousness.

Also these poor local “growers” of pigs, chickens, and cows across the country are at the complete mercy of the huge corporations…who will require “upgrades” to their farmers facilities just to ensure that they have to take out more loans to pay for everything.

It was said that the average “grower” (how ridiculous that a farmer is now referred to as a grower…and even more ridiculous that animals can even be “grown”) earns about $18,000 a year…while they are on average in debt up to $500,000 just to “maintain” the facilities.

It was alot to think about, that is certain.

What are your thoughts on this movie?  What about your thoughts in general about non-organic/natural foods?  It has seriously made me even re-consider going to Kroger/Wal*Mart to get “cheaper” things that I don’t buy organic/natural at Earth Fare.  Are the lower prices really worth what the food is doing to our bodies and our nation?


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The Most Expensive Piece of Paper I Own.

The snow didn’t keep the mailman away today!  SO weird to have the diploma.  It’s finally like “ok….you’re done with school now.  Hello real world.”  Funny thing is, I still don’t know if I want to teach!!!!  Ugh.  Decisions.  I just love my job as an instructor at my gyms, and I feel like I can eventually do it full time in some scope.  I guess I just need to think about it some more.

Well, it was snowy…which meant that hot chocolate was required.  Not just your average cocoa.  This is almond milk hot cocoa with a sprinkling of vanilla protein!

Instant cold day remedy.  Although I must admit, my day of complete and udder freedom has been wonderful.  I have got to update the blog, take care of some work related things, and best of all…play around in the kitchen!  Thats where a fun pizza dinner came into play!

2 pocket breads split, make the perfect mini pizza crusts!

I am sold hook line and sinker on this bread.  100 each, and SO good.  They are so biscuit like.  I knew I wanted to do two different kinds of pizza.  One with the basic pepperoni (meatless in my case) and cheese/marinara…the other I wanted sausage (veggie) and mushroom!  Got started with the mushroom and fauxsauge (faux-sausage)

Browned it up in a pan with some sliced shrooms…

and through the magic of blog-o-vision…here they are finished:

Here are the pizzas with the organic sauce and spinach!

Topped two of them with the fauxsauge mixture, and the other two with the fepperoni (faux pepperoni 😉 )

Add some cheese and red pepper…

Broil those little angels to achieve maximum melty goodness…

This was seriously one of those meals that is like….top 10 material.  So…very…good.   I had to keep convincing myself that it was not only organic, but healthy!!!  Heart meals like that.

Now…if you’ll excuse me.  I am going to hang out with my new

best friend.

Night bloggies!!!  Enjoy the snow, I sure have!


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