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Update Overload!

Hello Blogworld!  I have been running around like a proverbial grass-fed free range chicken with his head cut off the past 2 days!  Prepping for the interviews tomorrow for Eight To The Eights has been INSANE, but so much fun.  We have had an overwhelming response, and I wish we could take each and every team that applied.

Rewinding to yesterday…..I now present you, a day in the life of Oli (the boxer pup):

Pretty exhausting, eh?  😉

Sam manages to be a bit more elusive, but always shows up when there is food involved:

Speaking of sweet potato fries, that brings me to my fabulous lunch from yesterday!  Tried a new Gardenburger this time around…

So I took a wrap, sprinkled some cheese, sprouts, spinach, and the chopped “burger” on top…

Layers -o- joy!

This is where the sweet potato fries came into play (beautifully!)

After lunch/email/blog stalking 😉 It was time to prep for my KidFit class, and Total Body HIIT.

KidFit was hilarious as always.  They love doing sprint relays, and love even more when I time them to see if they can improve their times.  We basically ran the whole 45 minutes…..score!

Total Body HIIT was a sweat SESSION.  I don’t know if the gym was hotter than normal or what, but by the first working song (squats) I had sweat dripping from my elbows!  TMI, but totally needed to get the mental  image going, huh?  After class was over I ran down to the Chop House to meet with the team to go over the applications for Eight To The Eights.  Had a random, but lovely, dinner…which included a massive salad:

(see, there was totally work going on in between bites….we had a MASSIVE stack of applications to review!)

There was also my second round of sweet potato lovin’ of the day:

Do you see that massive dollop of cinnamon butter love?!?!  I tried to pick it off, but it was too delcious.  😉

Good food, good friends, good times!!!  Plus, we got alot of work done for the program!

After dinner I had a much needed movie date with Maggie.  Can I just confess my love for our little local movie theatre???  This is not the main one in the mall, but one located near it.  It is small, quaint, and adorable.  The ticket prices are super low ($5.50 a movie!!!) and the staff are so nice.  We got there a little late for the movie, but just for the fun of it, they put us in our OWN theatre….and started it over.  How amazing is that?!?!  They also may or may not have GIVEN us a tub of popcorn the size of a small bathtub.  That bad boy went undocumented, I’m afraid.  Use your imagination to picture the devouring of corn that commenced.

I hit the hay the instant my head hit the pillow, and awoke a short 5 hours later for 5:45am spin!  Did I mention that I picked up two more 5:45am classes at the YMCA which means I now teach an early class EVERY weekday.  What am I thinking?!?!?! I will be doing a Total Body HIIT on Tuesday mornings, and an Interval Circuit class on Thursdays until one of our instructors comes back from maternity leave.

After Spin, major carb replenishment was needed, and what better place to serve that then the Barrel!  Started with a gallon or so of the good stuff:

Then moved on to more delicious options….aka pecan pancakes!!!

See that giant BLOB of butter in the background?!?!  I was able to fend it off, unlike the cinnamon butter love on the sweet potato from earlier.  Topped with da best syrup evah!


After breakfast, I worked on calling applicants for Eight To The Eights, and scheduling interviews.  We will be having 10 minute blocks to interview each team/individual, and I get to be on the judging panel!  We had to turn alot of applicants down right away just because we do not have time to interview them all.  Sad day.  It breaks my heart, and I wish we could take EVERY person.  *sigh*

I now sit here at Panizzle, blogging, eating, and relaxing…before work calls my name again at 4:30.

Their veggie sandwich is!

Later bloggies.  Have an AWESOME Friday!  Did I mention that in a mere 24 hours I will be heading to Knoxvegas to see KATHY GRIFFIN LIVE?!?!?!  Eeeeeeek!!!!  🙂



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2 Exciting Events!

How about some oatmeal lovin’ to start off Thursday right!?!

After Spin this morning, it was nice coming home to oatmeal already cooked! (I had made a weeks worth of Steel Cut Oats in the crock pot earlier in the week!) This batch was a stand-by.  Flame Raisins, and melted Almond Butter!

Hows that for a morning?!?!

PS…….I have two exciting things to announce!  First….this Saturday, this blogger boy will be laughing his booty off while he watches….

KATHY GRIFFIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo beyond excited!!!  She is coming to Knoxville, which is only about an hour from me!


When September rolls around, I will be making my way to Charlotte to see the one…..

the only…..

the woman who makes my heart SING…….

Let the jealousy commence.  😉


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Spin Two-A-Days

Hello bloggies!!!  How has everyone’s day been so far?  Today was another crazy-induced day that started out with a 6:00am spin class across town.  Class was great this morning, and I have to admit….I have fallen into the love trap known as Kesha.  Finally found a song of hers that I like.

Anyone else diggin’ on this?!

When I got back from Spin, all I was craving was a big cold bowl of cereal.  Normally I would do Almond Milk but for some reason today my body was saying milk.  Who knows.

After a nice cold breakfast, I was able to squeeze some quality nap time with the puppers.  Highly recommended if you ever get the chance.

Before Express Spin @ 12:15pm I snacked on a quick waffle:

Spread some Almond Butter and Polaner Peach Jam on that beauty for the perfect pre-workout fuel!


Express Spin was great!  We had a small group, but kicked it into overdrive!!!  I really pushed the standing sprint today, and they did awesome!  While at spin, Matt was nice enough to give me a piece of some homemade deliciousness cake of wonder.  🙂  However, by the time I had practically demolished it, the only picture I was able to snap did not do the cake justice:

Mmmmmm.  The rest was gone about 2.5 seconds after the picture was taken.  Fruity, moist, YUM!  Thanks Matt!!!  You Da Best!

When I got home from my second Spin -o- the day, I got started on a simple wrap from lunch.  I think I am on a slight tempeh kick lately!  Can’t get enough of the stuff!

Browned up the diced strips in a pan…

Then I combined with a wrap…Monterrey jack cheese, and some yummy clover sprouts.

You know some Veggie Booty had to be involved.  😉

That tempeh rocked my world!  Way better than the coconut flavor, fo sho.

Can we just talk about for a second how completely and udderly random my dinner was tonight for work?!?!

Dry Kashi cereal, and a nana.  I was just not in the mood for anything else.  I may be pregnant. Stay tuned. 😉

Also snacked on one of my top 3 favorite bars of all time!

Chiiiiaaaaaaahhh!!!!!  (Said like “STELLA” from Rocky)

Well, off to close the YMC-izzle down for another night….plan tomorrow’s HIIT class, and work on stuff for KidFit.  There are also a bazillion and a half letters/envelopes to stuff and seal here for work.


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Steel Cut Oat Chia Cakes

What happens when you have a weeks worth of Steel Cut Oats made, and a blogger boy with a little too much time/mad scientist in him???

You make oatmeal cakes!!!  😉

I simply used the refrigerated Steel Cut Oats I had made in the Crock Pot recently, and fried those babies up, pancake style!

Odd looking, yes.  Delicious, most certainly.  Plated them up like I would any other pancake:

Melted Almond Butter drizzle, and some Brown Sugar!  Nice Pink Lady Apple rounded it out nicely!

It was a little odd eating my oatmeal in pancake form…..but pretty darn tasty!  I obviously hated it all:

I think the plate says it all, don’t you?

Believe it or not, that was lunch.

Lets rewind to a normal (or, normal for me I suppose) breakfast this morning.  Kashi combo parfait!

This bad mama jama had Kashi Strawberry Fields, and Kashi Go Lean Crunch, layered with my favorite Chobani Pomegranate…and a sliced nana.


After breakfast I started prepping dinner for tonight at work.  Was inspired by Emily’s pasta combination, so I made something similar!

Started off by browning up some Boca crumbles….and boiling the pasta:

Then I got the sauce ready!

Once the pasta had boiled, I combined with the sauce…and added a ton of fresh spinach:

This will be the perfect meal tonight while I slave away at the YMCA.  😉

Also, today for the first time in probably weeks I am doing absolutely nothing to workout!  I always preach to people about how important rest days are to your body, especially when your workouts are intense.  The body needs time to relax, rebuild, and renew…just like our souls, and I don’t practice what I preach often enough.  Tuesdays are my only day of the week where I am not teaching a gazillion classes, or running.  I had planned on running this morning with Kim and Emily, but considering I slept through both alarms…I listened to my body, and am taking it easy today!

Also, this blog has been majorly devout of any Pup-dates….so let the cuteness begin now.


………….annnnnd closer.

bwahahahahahaha.  She cracks me up.  Sam wanted in on the action, too!

Well, off to meet Kim for some Starbucks before work.  Have a great day bloggers!

Whats the most random/unusual thing you have ever created to eat?


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“Birthday Shh”

Tonight I gave in to one of my most fundamental and dangerous cravings.  BIRTHDAY CAKE!

My amazing dad had a birthday today…and I couldn’t resist picking up a cake.  Did I mention that old fashioned, lard based icing, with white spongy cake, is like……my ARCH nemesis.  I love it, so.

If you’re going to have cake, it NEEDS to be a corner piece.  😉  Happy Birthday dad, you rock!  As a present, I signed him up for a local 5k in a couple of weeks!  It’s going to be so much fun having him there!

Rewinding a bit, lets go back to 5am land this morning.  (which seems like 4 years ago)

My mirror is mucho-disgustingo.  I need to work on that.  And don’t be hatin’ on my lobster pajamas.  You know you heart them.

Another busy day included:

  • 6:00am BodyPump
  • 12:15pm Express Sculpt
  • 4:30pm KidFit High School
  • 5:30pm Spin

I also conquered 30 minutes on the AMT while chatting it up with Christie somewhere in there.

Met Emily at 6am where BodyPump kicked my toosh.  This routine is amaaaaaazingly tough.  I love it alot.  The bicep segment is I-N-S-A-N-E and finishes off with a 1 minute band burnout.  OUCH.

Once I completely exhausted my muscles this morning, I was welcomed with a nice surprise.  Steel Cut Oats that had been cooking in the crockpot all night!

Last night I just combined 1 cup of Steel Cut Oats, 5 Cups Almond Milk, and 8 TBSP Chia Seeds.  It’s a pretty sweet deal having all your oats ready to go for the week.

Todays batch was simple and yummy.  Big bowl of oats topped with Almond Butter drizzle, and some Chilean Flame Raisins:

Pretty darn fantasmic.

Speaking of fantasmic, Express Sculpt was equally as joyous today.  Gotta love jumping bench squats….clean and presses, and skull crushers for an awesome 30 minute weight workout.  “Tripeps” are SO much fun to work, right Kimmy?!?!?!  😉

Fantasmic for the third time came into play when I went to one of my favorite locals for lunch, Cranberries!

The “souper salad” allows you to start with a bed of romaine lettuce, and then top it with three pre-made various salads.  So delicious!

Cranberry Rice, Potato, and Oriental = WIN!  Although the potato was a bit mayo’ish.

This place rocks!

The raspberry tea is pretty much bangin’

And on that note, this completely random post draws to a close.


How do you strength train? Do you follow a routine, and if so…what groups do you work, and how many days a week???  Do you take any strength classes?


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Tempeh’ting Sunday

Happy Sunday my little bloggers!  How has the weekend treated you?!?!  All good on my end.  What happens when you oversleep (score) and miss the 10am oatmeal cut off time at Cracker Barrel????

You OBVIOUSLY get pecan pancakes. 😉

I need to oversleep more often, obviously.

Epic fail involved when I forgot my camera at home for the day!!  After breakfast I headed to the YMCA and taught Spin.  Major sweat session.  This CD is sweat gold…I need to mark it as especially hard for future reference!  Right after spin I rushed to my other gym for the running program.  ABSOLUTELY loving it.  I am depressed there are only two more weeks left until the big race!  My group is fannnnn-tastic.  Todays weather was also super conducive to some awesome running:

After running, Hank and Natalie totally twisted my arm into going to the Mellow Mushroom.  😉  Took alot of convincing, let me tell ya.

Normally I got for the pizza, but today the tempeh hoagie caught my eye.  What is tempeh??  Ask, and yee shall receive.  Again…no camera, but yay for cell phone picture!

This bad boy was fantastic!  Company was awesome as well!  Natalie brought her new dog, meet Martini!


After lunch I met up with Christie for a much needed Starbizzle date.  Stuck with the decaff, because 6:00am BodyPump is calling me name! 😉

Earth Feezy was up next, I was in desperate need of groceries.

All the cool kids put their grocery loot in boxes.  Especially the cool ones who ALWAYS forget their re-usable bags.  D’oh!

Totally used all my coupons, and got all my weeks worth -o- schtuff for…….$47.06!

You can always shop semi-cheap and organic!  Healthy AND Fun.  Get it?!?!  😉

Have a great Sunday bloggers.  I am getting ready to make a weeks worth of Steel Cut oats in the crock pot, thanks to a suggestion from a dear friend!  Can’t wait to see how they turn out!


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Back To Normal!

Sickness = defeated.

I refused to be sick anymore.  😉  Feeling tons better, thanks for all the well wishes!  I think it was just allergy related….and with a little…..ok….a TON of sleep, I am back to normal!

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday.  I really just need a good ole fashioned re-charge type of day.  Came home from spin and immediately started working on breakfast, only so I could eat…and crawl back in bed. 😉  Finally tackled this beast:

I have been putting these off because I never seem to have time to wait for the *30* minutes they require to cook.  Teri blogged about them recently, and I decided that it was the day to give them a go!

Got the Almond Milk heated while I prepped the oats. Check these bad boys out!

While they cooked (foh-evah), I watched my TIVO’d Survivor.  This season is ABSOLUTELY insane.  Tonight’s Tribal Council was the wildest I have ever seen in all the seasons!  CRAZY!  Anyone out there watch Survivor anymore, or am I the lone one?!

After 30 minutes….the oats/almond milk had turned into this:

(See all my little Chia guys floating around in there?!?  Check out more about these seeds of wonder, here.  They are a great addition to oatmeal, smoothies, and cereal!)

Went simple with these guys, and topped with a big dollop of Almond Butter.

I am digging these!!!  Totally nutty, and super creamy!  Definitely won’t have time to make them everyday, but the days I do…I am going to take full advantage of it!  Yum!

Literally after breakfast/Survivor….I collapsed into a 6 hour mini sleep session.  Exactly what I needed, because I woke up without the crud/sore throat/annoying cough!  Thank you body, for making it a quick and semi painless sick time.

When I woke up from my comatose state…Kim had text and wanted to go to Body Pump and Zumba at our other gym.  Hearrrrrrt Body Pump, so that was a no brainer.  Zumba on the other hand had always intrigued me…just never made it to one.  Feeling refreshed and ready to roll…I agreed to both!

Check out this cheese fest to get a somewhat reasonable idea on what Body Pump consists of:

Headed to meet Kimmy for some Iron Pumpin’, Latin Dancin’ good time!

Check out those slanted risers in the background.  They make things fun!

This round of Body Pump is KILLER!  Our gym rotates it’s routines every three months, and this one was particularly grueling.  Awesome music though.

Soon it was time for Zumba.  I had NO idea what to expect.  For starters it was packed to the BRIM!  We could barely move.  And trust me when I say that in this class….moving was a MUST!  I had a blast!!!!  She combined latin-inspired moves with plyometric jumps, all to counts of music…which luckily came in handy for me.  As an instructor I think I have music counts embedded in my brain.

Zumba will most certainly become a new class in my line-up!  (whenever I can fit it in!) 😉

After Zumba, Kimmy had to leave…but my favorites Russell and Emily came walking in.  How could I leave those two???  😉

Don’t you love how a “rest” day turned out to include Spin, Body Pump, Zumba, and a 4 miler with Emily?!?!

Even though we are both semi-injured (knee issues) we were able to do the 4 miler relatively pain free.  We took it slow, jogged outside…and chatted the entire way.  It was nice.  I miss Emily SO much during the week.  Darn her full time job.  I am trying to think of someway to steal her away throughout the week.  Any thoughts?

Right before the run I managed to inhale a new flavor of Clif:

Apricots = Yum.  Clif Bars = Yum.  Apricot Clif Bars….not so much.  The bar was just too “fruity”.  Not my fav.

What better way to counteract that then a delicious dinner with friends?!

Normally at this place, “Mega Veggie” is my go-to pizza.  This time, however, another pie caught my eye.  “Hot Potato Pizza” anyone?!?!




I literally had to immediately box up half of this beast so I didn’t eat the entire thing.  It was THAT good.  I subbed the bacon, and got tofu instead.  YUMMY!

Dearest Mellow Mushroom,

Thank you for allowing me to experience potato on a pizza.  I heart you.


What better to follow up potato pizza than some Italian Ice?!?!

Ice Custard Happiness is right!

I got the “Gelati” which is ice on the bottom, and custard on top.  Kids size with PEEP (you heard me right) ice/S’more Ice, and chocolate custard.  Get the drool rags out.

Take a second.

Imagine a Peep.

Now imagine a S’more.

NOW imagine them together…in ice form…TOPPED with chocolate custard.


How bout them apples?!?!

Well….it was an interesting end to the week.  I was sick…recovered…Zumba’d (thought about my girl, Gina, the entire time!), had potato pizza…and an amazing dessert.  Good Friday in my books.

Saturday includes teaching Weekend Warrior…Spin…and then working the front desk until 6:00.  Joy.  😉

How is everyones weekend?!?!  What are your experiences with Zumba?  Did you pink puffy heart it as much as I did/do?


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