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Sometimes, pizza is a must.

You heard me.

Sometimes, you gotta do it.

After two CRAZY classes tonight (awesome job, btw, to both classes!  We packed em out!) I was beyond starving…so Steph and I split a pizza from chefs!

Steph and I managed to inhale the entire thing.  It wasn’t pretty.  Chefs always customizes it for us!  They forgot the spinach, boo.  Other than that, it was perfection.  It has whole wheat crust, which TOTALLY justifies the entire thing, right?!

This is my face pre-pizza…

Check out my Vogue office wall art.  GaGa of COURSE!

Speaking of GaGa…..guess where I will be in 4 short days…….

I have FLOOR tickets to see the one, the only, LADY GAGA!!!!!! I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to quite describe the excitement that is brewing inside me!!!!!! EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!  I am stoked beyond words.

(I find it completely hilarious that Lady G is playing at a place called the KFC Yum Center, but heck…I would follow her anywhere!)

To top off the night….

Pizza, Prunes, & Lady GaGa?!?!  We are off to a good week, folks.

Until next time…..I’m out!  I have a bed that is calling my name.  More like screaming at this point.  Does anyone else out there look forward to going to bed as much as me?!  Maybe I am not alone in my craziness.

Sweet Z’s…



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Sunny Monday!

…..with the prerequisite “sunny” that automatically bumps up the depression that is typically Monday, right?

Check out the view from my office…it’s SUN!

After yesterdays tragic weather of snow and rain, the sun was a welcome sight.

Lets rewind a bit, where the day started with some nice coffee.  Gotta love the Keurig!  Check out my Vlog dedicated to the Keurig here!

Donuts.  What else?!  🙂

Breakfast was comprised of a random mixing of objects after I found this sad guy on the verge of biting the dust…

Now I am a firm believer that you need to scrape each and EVERY morsel of nut butter out of a jar, hence…it was time for a parfait!

Go ahead, laugh it up.  I eat Clifford cereal!  Try it, and I dare you not to become obsessed! 🙂

Layered the Oikos, Cereal, and berries in the PB jar…

All together with the berries on top…

This was great!  You have to get creative with your food, it’s half the fun!

At work I snacked on an apple the size of a 4th grader….

The size comparison to a co-workers pathetic apple attempt was humorous at best…

…..I think she had apple envy.

The rest of this day has been spent attempting to form some sort of an order to my office.  I literally have things going everywhere and it is starting to drive me a little insane.  It sneaks up on me until eventually I can no longer even see or make out where my desk is.  Problem?!?!  Yes.

I think I am slowly becoming a night owl when it comes to actually buckling down and getting some major stuff accomplished.  Sometimes during the day I am so easily distracted, it seems that on the nights when I am here alone, I can get a mountain of stuff done in half the time it would have taken me during the day.

Are you a day person or night person when it comes to being productive?

In terms of working out, tonight is Monday night Spin which is always one of my very favorite nights to teach!  Gyms seem to follow a pattern.  PACKED house on Monday….little slower on Tuesday….little slower on Wednesday…etc.  I think people over indulge on the weekend, and are extra motivated come Monday.  Somehow that enthusiasm never quite seems to make it the entire week.  😉  That being said, I should have a great group of people to night extra willing to burn off some calories….and I am in desperate need of NEW MUSIC.  I need suggestions!  What new jams are currently rocking your world?  Please help, I am having group ex music block!

Lunch today was awesome as always…

(you can always tell when I am in desperate need of a grocery run…I eat out far too much!)

Yes, please.  Sauce on the side and with Broc and Carrots!

The mushrooms are my favorite part!  Yummm.


Christie had seen my Fish Tacos from last week, and decided for those!  Good choice. 🙂

There also may have been some chocolate involved.  I cannot resist Almond Joys! (which were purchased at Office Depot of all places.)

On that sweet note, I am signing off.

Remember, I need those song suggestions!  Fast paced, fun, energetic.  I am in a music slump and need your help!  I am counting on you, bloggies!


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Have you ever been in a movie so awful….so terrible….so mind-numbingly bad that you asked for a refund?!?!

Well, it happened last night.

“Hot Tub Time Machine” was hands down the worst movie I have ever had the mis-fortune of watching half of.  Now, I can horse laugh at “stupid” comedies with the best of them.  Hello, I adore “Dumb & Dumber” but this was just taken to an extreme.  Nudity, the f bomb every other word…just a plain awkward movie to even sit in!  It was raunchy, un-funny…and had no plot.

Now, I am a pretty laid back guy 98.4% of the time.  I can easily let things go…go with the flow, etc, etc.  This was just plain AWFUL!  Emily and I kept looking at each other throughout the movie commenting on how horrible it was, til I eventually got up and asked about the refund policy.  We now have refund tickets to see a, hopefully, not horrendous movie.


There, off of my soap box.

To counteract the negative movie non-sense…here are some positive Sunday vibes…Cracker Barrel style!

There was also some liquid energy consumed to fuel a full day of workouts:

I came home and went on a mini-OCD induced cleaning rampage post Barrel.  I think the coffee sparked me to be so productive.  I am actually moving in about 2 weeks, and have not even started to think about packing.  I still live with the rents (go ahead…chuckle now) so I don’t have *that* much stuff to move, but it will still be a pain!  I am so excited though!  Having my own house will be a complete and utter shock to my system, in a great way!

Cleaning worked up an appetite…and another Veggie Burger was high on the list of things to eat. 😉

Gardenburger with swiss, red pepper flakes, and spinach on what proved to be a deeeeeelicious new bread I picked up recently:

Lunch at the computer always proves to attract jealous on-lookers.

On the agenda today:

  • Spin Class @ 2:00pm (I am going old school and using one of my very first CD’s just for fun!)
  • Running Program @ 3:30pm (Fun times!!!  I love coaching people on how to *love* running)
  • Fun Times with Maggie!  (Indian food…shopping……more running?!!?  Who knows.)
  • Earth Feezy Trip (I am dangerously low on fruit/veggies/random items of joy)

Well….Sunday is calling…get out there, and get it crackin’!!!!

What is the WORST movie you have ever seen?


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A.M. Workouts and Chocolate Oats

I have slowly gotten into the best habit of working out in the morning.  My stance on morning stuff is usually grouchy and/or half asleep, but since I teach two early classes (Spin on Wed, Fri) throughout the week, I have slowly started my other workouts in the mornings as well.  With a chaotic class schedule of teaching at two gyms…getting my own “personal” workout is tough.  Sometimes you just need a good solo workout for both mental and physical well being.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore teaching classes and wouldnt have it any other way.  Sometimes, though, I just want to grind it out either in the weight room, or on the elliptical with my ipod BLARING, and in my own little world.  Any instructors out there feel like this?!

That being said, I had an awesome one this a.m.!  Did some lower body weights and 45 minutes on the elliptical.  With good friends (Kim, Emily) by my side…it made it go by instantly!  We then had an A.D.D. lower body workout that included weighted squats, step-up’s, calf raises, leg extensions, hip/leg raises, jump-up’s!  Good times, I tell you.

Needed breakfast asap when I got back to the casa, and assembled the troops for battle.

Chocolate oat time, home slices.  Gotta love the dueling Nut Butters:

They made a perfect match.  “Eboooooony, and Ivvvvvoooorrrrrrrryyyyyuh!”

Look at that molten, melty, nut butter goodness!  Ahhhhh!

The Protein Powder in these oats is what gives it the initial chocolate kick.

I also got to use a new purchase (and new bff):

Coffee Grinder FTW!

When we were in Georgia last week and at my beloved Fresh Market, I picked up some of my favorite coffee evah, Chocolate Cherry Kiss.  Ground it up, and used my “green” French Press to make a hot cup-o-joe (or nine.) 😉

Oh Florida, how I miss thee.  Thank you for letting me feel as if I were there, one cup of coffee at a time.  Dang…that sounded like some sort of Hallmark commercial.  Fail!

Since I am currently experiencing a major coffee high, my goal is to become super productive.  Total Body HIIT is tonight, so I am going to plan some new moves for that, as well as work on a new Spin CD-izzle.  Here are some new tunes I am going to try out:

Any suggestions?!?!?!

Endangered Species Chocolate Giveaway is still going strong!  Enter here for your chance to win a ton of free choco-goodness.  They emailed me, and are LOVING the responses so far!  Keep them coming guys!  Voting ends Sunday at midnight!  Get creative!


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Sweet Potato or Small Child. YOU be the judge.

Please look at this massive yam that Ashlei and I found at Kroger.

This was supposedly a yam, but I am not convinced that it wasn’t some un-identified Government run project.  SERIOUSLY MASSIVE.

4 Pounder!!!!

Lets rewind a bit.  On the way to teach my high school Yoga class, I snacked on my fav-o-rite Kind bar, and an apple of joy!

After a sweaty Yoga sesh, it was time to the YMCA to meet Ashlei for spin!  I was so stoked she came today!  We were both sweaty messes, and loved it!

It was then time for DINNER!  I decided to show Ashlei my favorite little Thai place…

I love this little place.  They always ask on a 1-3 scale how hot you want it, and I always say “as hot as it can possibly be made”  They most certainly didn’t let me down tonight.  I went with the Tomy Thai Fried Rice with Veggies…extra heat, and a delicious little kick from the cashews and pineapple:

This bad boy packed the heat!  Ashlei’s look delicious, too!

Once in the car, Ashlei rocked it out with my GaGa inspired shades….ra, ra, ahhh ah ahhhhhhhh…

And then we both headed home.  Boo!!!  What a great evening though, I love having a fellow healthy foodie/blogger/friend that lives so close to me!  Fun times all around!  Once home, I broke into a PRESENT that Ashlei brought me.  RAW macaroons anyone?!!?!

Alongside my favorite vanilla frozen yogurt…

*instant drool bath quickly commenced*

Ashlei, you ROCK.  These were amaaaaaaaazing, and it is almost worth me going out and buying a dehydrator outright if I know I can produce these on a daily (heck hourly) basis.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Now……….on to another Monday high note.

Who wants some free chocolate?!

Soon, I will be creating a thread simply with information on the Endangered Species Chocolate giveaway I am hosting.  All information can be found there and entries start tonight…and end on this Sunday, at midnight!  Stay tuned for that thread!  It’s a fun one!  😉

Question Of The Night:

When it comes to grocery stores…how much of your cart is healthy/organic?  Do you ever get questioned by the clerks?  When I am in a non-natural/health food store, it ALWAYS happens that as I am checking out the clerk has some smart remark like “Boy………YOU must eat healthy” with a negative connotation!  Why?!?!  It would be like a cashier ringing up the common disgusting cart full of crap and being like “WOW, your an unhealthy tub of lard!”  Either way, it is not good etiquette.  What are your thoughts?


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Mellow Monday

Well, I finally made it to the Mellow Mushroom tonight!

First…it was time for my High School class, today we walked/ran laps outside since it was so nice out!  Snacked on my broccoli en route:

I made a hummus/refried bean dip for dippage!  Totally yummy.

I also made a yummy chocolate/chia protein shake so that I could have it post-spin later…in my favvvvvorite shaker bottle:

This prevents the protein from lumping…genius!

Headed to a VERY crowded YMCA.  It tends to look like this on Monday evenings:

(Ok, this is a picture from rabid Black Friday shoppers, but you get the idea…it was crowded, ok?!?!)

Needless to say Spin was full, and phenomenal.  Loooooove Monday nights!

After class I was pretty much ready to up root a treadmill or two and eat them, the hunger was intense!  With Maggie at my side, we decided it was time to finally check out the Mellow Mushroom!

This place is fantasmic.

The company wasn’t too shabby either.

She’s a saucey booze hound.

PS can we just talk for a bit about how insane our waitress was?!?!  We couldn’t decide if she was just extreeeemely out of it, or had suffered from prolonged drug use.  She called Maggie a “young ‘mam” and told us random stories about people being killed by grizzly bears….which resulted in the quite sound of crickets being heard in the background as Maggie and I stared at her like she had lobsters coming out of her ears.

Enough of the insane people…bring me some PIZZA!

Megga Veggie?!?!  Need we look any further?!

I may have had a piece….

Or two……..

…………………………………or three.

Cue me being about to burst with pizza lovin’

Did I mention that my favorite part is the crust?!?!  The people who leave the crust need to be punished to the full extent of the law!  Off with their heads!

Not too shabby of an evenin’.  🙂

If you look close enough, I think you can actually *see* my Pizza Baby that I am currently carrying.

Whats better than pizza for dinner?!?!  How about some amazing dessert when I got home?

Heated the Vita Top….sliced it in half…and made a sandwich to end all sandwiches.

Just seeing the picture makes me want another one!  Daaaaaaaaang son, this was pretty ballin’  😉

While I was at the Mellow Shroom I had a chance to jot out my version of a grocery list.  I am going to the gym EARLY tomorrow to meet Emily and Kim, and then popping over to the Earth Feezy….what am I missing bloggies?!?!  Any fun grocery ideas?!


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Back to normal….sort of!

What a day.  Sad, sad day.

My dear friend Corrina (left) passed away last night in an automobile accident.  She was a workout BEAST, and a dedicated mother to nine children.  She gave 110% effort in my classes, her gym workouts, and life in general.  I have never met a more sweet or gentle soul.

I have decided to continue on just as I normally would, because as she always said “I check your blog daily!!!!!”  I can’t let her down.  I will always remember her for the amazing woman she was.  Thank you all for your kind and caring support.  I am just devastated for her family and children, they are constantly in my thoughts.


(Here is a recap I was starting yesterday-Friday)

5:45am spin classes = Tyler starves all day!!!!!  Seriously, I need all the food in the near vicinity to be tied down and kept away from me.  I am almost off work, and headed for some Mexican grubbage, and I am on the verge of eating this laptop………..I’m not even playing.

So we met with the people about Biggest Loser today and I am super pumped to get the ball rolling on this!  We finalized the application, and are going to have weekly meetings soon…it’s really happening!!  We technically call it “Biggest Loser”, so we need a fun and creative name.  Any blogger input?!?!

On the way to the meeting I had my favorite Kind Bar…

Anything with coconut is instantly sold in my books.  Can’t get enough of the stuff!

After the meeting I was trying to decide a nice quick lunch I could throw together before work.  I incorporated some leftovers last night for a little yum session…quesadilla time!  Faux BBQ and Natural Cheese Blend…

Browned that baby up with some organic Pam…

Added some broccoli, baked beans, and Nutritonal Yeast (Nooch):

I am seriously diggin’ this Nutritional Yeast.  It gives everything a cheesy flavor, and packed full of nutrients and protein!!!

I headed to work for my normal Friday shift, but dinner-less because I was meeting with Maggie for Mexican goodness.  Snacked on an undocumented Apple/Pear while waiting…my body was HANGRY for dinner!

Finally, 8:30 rolled around…and off we went!  Melissa from work joined us as well!

This place was so yummy.  They brought the dreaded chips which I can never resist:

It was like a conveyor belt of fried joy headed straight for my mouth.

The menu had the typical Mexican fare…so I was undecided.  Check out my lovely dates:

I ended up just asking the server what I could get that had the most veggies.  He suggested fajitas, and I told him to make my a surprise, and just pile as MANY vegetables on it as he possibly could.  He started naming off vegetables asking if they were ok to put on, and I finally cut him off and said very matter-of-factly:

“If it grows from the earth…I will eat it.”

I was presented with this steaming pile of veggie lurv:

This baby was LOADED!

  • Broccoli
  • Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Red/Orange/Green Peppers

Served on the classic steaming Mexican Plate/Cast Iron Skillet.  Aye Ca-rumba!  I passed on the white tortillas they served on the side, and instead ate it as a big salad with this beast that came along side:

Needless to say there was leftovers for tomorrow…SCORE!

Also may have had some mango-joy to wash it all down. 😉

Party animals, I tell ya.

We then went next door to Kroger.  It was PAST time that Melisa was introduced to my favorite method of chocolate consumption:

I was in a wolf-saving kind of mood.

I love the little pre-packaged ones!  It makes it slightly easier not to consume the entire package.  Perfect dessert!

Fast forward to Saturday morning!  Breakfast was simple but delicious.

Waffles smeared with some AB goodness, a nice big pear, and a drenching of cinnamon:

Headed to a very sad day at work where the last thing on my mind was teaching classes.  We canceled Weekend Warrior straight away, and worked on a small memorial board for Corrina.  It came time for spin and there was a swarm of people who all seemed pumped.  I really thought about whether or not I should, or if it was even appropriate to do a class without my A+ student and friend.  I decided that she would want us to continue…so I went ahead with spin and dedicated it to our dear friend.  It was rough, but I pushed us hard in her memory.  That one was definitely for you, Corrina.

OK…I am keeping this post up-beat and food related.  Partly for my own sanity.

Lunch was leftover Mexican veggie love on a Spelt wrap:

And I also saved a wolf or two….dipped in PEANUT BUTTER!  My sweet friend Julie brought me some new peanut butter to taste test…check out the site here.

My thoughts….yummy…but a bit too sweet.  Thanks Julie though, you know a true way to my heart when you bring me nut butter to sample!!

On that note, I am ending this post on a very exhausting and sad day.

Love you, Corrina.  Classes won’t be the same without you.  Neither will life here at the YMCA!

(let’s keep this up-beat!)  Later bloggies, have an awesome weekend!


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