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Is 6 Classes A Day Legal?!

Good afternoon bloggies!!!!

I have finally managed to find one brief moment in my day to sit down, collect my thoughts…and blog!

Tuesdays are probably my CRAZIEST day of the week.  I typically teach 5 classes.  (3 KidFit classes, and two Total Body HIIT classes)  Today, however, I am also subbing a Spin class right before my second TBH class…so needless to say, it’s been one of those days, and it is only 2:49!

Lets talk about happiness, which was my breakfast this morning.

Today it was a mixture of some Kashi classics.  Go Lean, and Go Lean Berry Crisp!  Toss all this with some berries and skim milk….

Breakfast is indeed served!

PS, I am currently on cloud NINE because of a late night run last night!  We did the local Crazy 8’s 8K (5 mile) course, and I did it in 36:00!!!!!  I was so happy!  Thats a full 4 minutes faster than my time last year in the official race!  I love running with runners who are faster than me, it makes me try harder to keep up.  😉

Lunch today was consumed quickly in between classes, and contained leftovers of a dinner that STARTED last night…

Made the meal go a little further by adding some fresh corn, and some zuchinni!

Gotta love fresh veggies in the summertime!

This meal is fantastic!

Another staple in my diet lately (thanks to a Veggie diet, and LOTS of weight classes…)

Gotta love the protein!  My favorite way to drink this bad boy is in a Starbucks drink!  I don’t mind their protein, but my kind is way tastier!  Plus, they never have an issue with B.Y.O.P (Bring Your Own Protein) 😉

Also, check out another summer treat that is a MUST on these hot days…

Not bad for a CAMERA phone picture, eh????

I picked up the new HTC Evo last week from Sprint, and love it!  It has so many features, and I am sure I have only scratched the surface.  Needless to say though, this will come in hand when I leave my camera at home and still need a GOOD pic!

On that note, it is time for a NAP!

I’ve got Spin and Total Body looming in my near future, and I need a spring in my step!  (which may or may not be helped along by a HUGE Starbucks on the way.)




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48 Hours -O- Fun

Well good afternoon bloggies!!!  How are we today?!

Time for an update of two days worth of fun times and good eats.  Let me introduce you to a great friend of mine…the Tempeh Hoagie at the Mellow Mushroom.

This bad boy served as both a phenomenal dinner…..and a leftover lunch the next day.  Who knew fermented soy could taste so darn good????

Yesterday also started bright and early with a 4 mile run with Kim and Emily!  Our city is doing a race for the 4th of July called the “Red White and Boom” 4 miler!  I am super stoked, and took this time to travel the course.  Any other runners out there feel more comfortable when they actually run a route prior to the big day???  I just like knowing that the end is in sight, and where it is!

Even though it was only 8:00am…..the run still produced a sweaty mess!

Booyah!  Nothing like a good early morning sweat!

Also got to spend the entire day with Magz and her adorable nephew, Greyson!

While pondering dinner with a sleepy child in the backseat, we knew that we needed something quick…to go….and yummy.

I love all of their options here!  Went with a new creation this time…

I always fall into the category of “breakfast = all the time” so eggs for dinner is nothing to me.  In fact, I would eat breakfast food all day if I could.

The spicey sauce on this really perked me up!  Yumm-o.

During my all day even with Maggie we went to three separate grocery stores in order to buy all the stuff we needed!  Does anyone ever do that?  Grocery shopping becomes this massive event in which both snacks and meals are involved in order not to starve to death during the massive amount of time it takes to feed this Blogger Boy for the week.  Either that, or I am just too obsessed with food.  😉

Speaking of food and new items from the grocery store…check out todays breakfast…the star of which being a delicious vegan chocolate chip and coconut scone!

Complete with a multitude of fresh berries.  Reason #394785293874 of why I am obsessed with summer.  Fresh, yummy, CHEAP, fruit.


This was the perfect fuel from some lap swimming, and my Express Sculpt class!  I can NOT get my swimming stroke down.  My breathing is all whack.  I don’t know which side to breath out of, how often to come up, and how NOT to panic.  Seriously, it is probably like watching some sort of rabid squirrel in the midst of a slight brain aneurysm.  Frustrating!!!!  Any tips for this seriously deficient swimmer???

Lunch was simple, cold, and delicious.

Huge spinach salad with a small scoop of Mock Chicken Salad, and a side of some yummy spinach pesto pasta from the Earth Fare!

After lunch I had a fantabulous Tweeting (twitter meeting) with my dear friends Krystal and Cory Bolduc!  They are trying to introduce me to the wide world of Twitter, which I have…but do not use, and especially do not utilize it to full potential!!  Hopefully I will be Twitter’ing like crazy from now on…so watch out Tworld.  Ok…enough with the Twitter references.

Snack was consumed at work while blogging and planning for the rest of my classes this week:

Oh Key Lime Pie… I love thee:

Just what I need to survive.  Although there may be a Starbucks run shortly.  😉

Later Skaters!!!  (That phrase is completely copyrighted to Maggie.  😉 )


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Why I Heart My Job…

This post is dedicated to my job, and the many reasons that I pink puffy heart it.  While teaching 20+ classes a week can be somewhat traumatizing….I seriously would not have my life any other way.  I mean, I get PAID to help people get/stay healthy.  Not only does this keep me constantly accountable for role model purposes, but I get to see these people on a daily basis.  I get to share there triumphs…their set backs…and their life in general.  I think being such a social person myself, I thrive on this stuff!  Love, love, love my job.  I mean, doesnt this look fun?!?!

Look!  It’s a super blurry blog boy!  This was an “Insanity” based class that required no equipment!

Gotta love the high plank punches.  These bad boys are tough!

I love how I always look beyond possessed in these pictures.

So that, dear friends, is why I heart my job.  I am also midway through our “Biggest Loser” type program, that I have had the amazing opportunity to be the “Bob” for.   Each and every person is amazing, and they have all inspired me so much!  Together, the group has almost lost 400 lbs in 4 weeks!  Talk about a complete transformation!

Moving on….here are some delicious eats I have been munching on between classes!  😉

This local place is fantastic, and has a variety of eats.  They have a pretty face rocking veggie plate.  (Thanks to my favorite sista, Fitnessista, for the face rocking tag line.)

It doesn’t matter how many times I go to a restaurant.  Every time I get the butter, sour cream, etc on “the side” I still get the dirty looks from the waiters/waitresses.  “Oh, your one of THOOOOOOSE people” I can almost here them say,  as they scowl and serve up my veggies.

And while I was/am on the broccoli kick….here it is on another dinner.  This time with my new Tofu based faux Egg Salad from Earth Fare!  YUM!

Who knew Tofu could taste so Egg Salad-ish.  (is that a word?!?!?)

And I will wrap up with a fantastic new breakfast from Panera….and a dessert!

The new “power breakfast” sandwich usually comes with Ham, Cheese, and an Egg….but I got it no ham.

Emily remarked that I was quite hamster-like while enjoying this steaming sammies of joy.  Here lately I havent had time for our normal leisurely coffee meetings, so needless to say I had to scarf this sandwich down….”hamster” style, obviously.  You be the judge.

Now, moving on to the dessert.  Does everyone remember when I got my delicious goodies from the Protein Bakery?!

Can we just discuss how delicious the Peanut Butter Chocolate cookie was, as a pre 6:00am spin class jump start???  Whooooomg.

And that, my friends………… a sweet end to this post.  😉


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Save A Horse, Ride A…..Camel?!

Happy Weekend, my fellow bloggies/blog readers!

This weekend has been busy, yet wonderful…as always!  Started out with a fannnn-tastic Saturday full of Eight To The Eight action!  We went to a local park for a 6 mile hike to the top of a massive Fire Tower….some of the views in this place are gorgeous!

Even the deer needed a break from the sweltering heat!  Snapped this pic as she cooled herself in the shallow waters.

The race up was intense!!!!  Brian from the Black Team narrowly beat the others and claimed the prize!  He BOOKED it up the mountain!

We hung the winning medal on the base of the “Fire Tower” which is this HUGE tower that overlooks our city:

Check that bad boy out!!!!  Scary stuff!  (I don’t ever go up it, it is too rickety!)  A fellow BLOG GIRL did go up the tower!!!

Emily came with us today!!!!  😀  😀  😀

All in all, one fantastic day!  Can I also just say what a workout it is to try and JOG a trail run with massive rolling hills!  Worked those hamstrings way harder than I anticipated!  Awesome workout, though.  I can’t get enough of this park…..and being outside in general this time of year.

Once I had finally made it back down, and waiting on the teams….I snacked on one of the little cuties that were sent to me courtesy of The Protein Bakery!

This was the perfect carb replenishment I needed post-hike/jog!

Can I also just randomly mention my absolute favorite method for consuming my precious Chia Seeds?!?!

I like to water down a Crystal Light Fitness packet, and then add the Chia Seeds!  It turns into a gel’d up flavored water!  So good.  The consistency takes some getting used to, and I am pretty sure you either hate it or love it.  I happen to love it.

After a day of heat and sweat, a nice dinner was needed to wind down the Saturday!

Thai food is always an instant win.  I went with the peanut sauce over mixed veggies, with steamed brown rice.

There also may have been some Martini action involved.  Come on people, when the owner is begging you to “sample” some of his favorites….how can a blogger resist?


After a day of Thai, hiking, and hot sun…..I can’t think of a better way to ring in the summer than a free Summer Solstice yoga session in the park!  My favooooorite instructor, and all around awesome human, Wendy led a free session under the stars!  It was beyond fantastic.  It was dark, so no pictures.  I will let your imaginations run wild.  Needless to say, I will not be happy until I complete this pose…which was a complete FAIL last night!

With that awesome Saturday to a close, it was time for an equally rockin’ Sunday which included a trip to the ZOO!!!!!!!  The inner animal freak in my was as giddy as a school girl with all the animal anticipation!

(notice the murse…)

Lots of fun animal encounters!!!!

The face only a mother could love…………………….or me.

The “random nerdy tourist” photos continued….

We also did what everyone secretly wants to do on a daily basis.

Ride a CAMEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Eek!!!!  So much fun!

This bad boy needed a bath.

More zoo shenanigans:

Also picked up a new bracelet to commemorate the trip!  (It’s the blue one)

We also ate at a new to me, and super yummy Vegetarian friendly place in Knoxville, Tomato Head!

One sandwich immmmmmediately caught my eye, mostly because of all the cheesy goodness.

(I opted for fruit instead of the standard blue corn chips)

We also stopped by one of my favorite grocery store, Fresh Market, and picked up one of my FAVORITE cookies of all time.  (Heck, I am going to go ahead and throw out there that this is, indeed, my favorite cookie.)

And on THAT note, dears……..I am bidding you farewell as I sit at the Starbizzle…blogging, and updating Eight To The Eights schtuff.

Question -O- The Weekend:

What is your FAVORITE cookie.  Why?


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Forget Protein Shakes….I’ll Take A Blondie.

Well helllloooooooo bloggers, and more importantly, hellooooo FRIDAY!  So stoked that the weekend is finally upon us.  I feel like I just begin to get the chance to exhale come Friday.  I am up to around 20ish classes a week, and it is running me all over the place!  Love it, though.  I wish I had time to fully sit down and massively update the bloggy like I want to on a daily basis.  Teaching 6 classes a day however, does not make it very conducive to blog!  Boo!

I think once Eight To The Eights is over (Biggest Loser style program, and I am one of the “trainers”), that I will have a bit more time on my hands.  Speaking of which…check these guys out!  Here are some candid shots from one of our latest bootcamp style classes:

And of course, what is a Boot Camp without a screaming drill Sergeant?!?!?!

These guys are doing so, so awesome.  They take all my screaming, and never complain…… my face.  😉  The competition is now officially half way done, and I cannot believe how far some of the contestants have come!  To follow their journey, make sure you fan/join the “8 To The 8’s” group on Facebook!

So between teaching classes, screaming orders, and corralling kids in their workout classes….I have had to do some heavy duty eating.  😉  Tough job, right?!

Who doesnt love pancakes in a can?!?!?!  Score.  Also, had to “give peace a chance” when they stuck together in the pan!

Walnut/Chocolate Chips made for the perfect breakfast pick me up in between classes!

Fresh fruit made this breakfast complete!

I wish I could have this breakfast everyday!  SO delicious.  So filling, too!  I love those breakfasts that keep me full for hours, and not questioning what my next meal will be.  Often times either in class, or in preparation for class….the only thing that gets me through is either knowing I get a nap soon….or food.  😉

And just when you thought I couldnt get any more busy…..have I mentioned that not only will I soon be training for a Marathon, but….a friend of mine is trying to talk me into doing this bad boy:

Half Iron Man?!?!?!  Am I insane?!?!?!  Granted, I am not for sure yet…but I am actually thinking about it!  That being said…I have been trying to get some time in here recently:

Lap Swimming = DEATH!  Seriously, out of the biking, running, and swimming…the swimming is the only thing that terrifies me!  We shall see how it goes.

Also, looks what I got in the maiiiiillllllll!  (nothing makes this Blogger Boy happier than random packages full of yum!)

Protein Bakery, you say?!?

The awesome people at Protein Bakery decided to send me some delicious protein packed goodies for me to review.  Protein……dessert……where have these people been all of my life?!

The bad thing about opening this package at work was the immediate swarm of hungry co-workers.  😉  We decided to sample the blondie!

We were ALL fans.  Simple ingredients, lots of good protein, and delicious!  EPIC WIN!  Thank you, Protein Bakery.  I think this is going to be the start of a delicious and protein packed friendship.

As I draw this post to a close, I will leave you with a hilarious picture from earlier today.  I am doing all the workout KidFit classes with the Summer Camps in the area this summer through the YMCA.  Every Friday they take a field trip…and this week just happened to be Toy Story 3!  I was asked to go under one condition….I had to dress up.  I was searching online, and looking at all the new characters from the movie…when a certain purple octopus caught my eye.

I now present you….Tyler….in 6 ft purple octopus form!

Go ahead…..laugh it up, people.  😉

Have a great weekend.


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35 Preschoolers. One Tyler. Mayhem ensues.

Today was my first day of a new KidFit rotation I picked up at a local daycare.  They had heard that I was doing workout classes with the kids through the YMCA and had asked me to come once a week!

35 Preschoolers + Me + Teaching Fitness = hilarious.  Seriously, it was like herding cats!!!!!  Super cute though.  It’s so funny how even simple things like jumping jacks become complex dance moves, when you are four years old.  Precious!

In my very rare moments of downtime, Oli has been downright adorable, and seemingly aware of the camera snapping pictures.  Look at this camera fiend!

Does it get any cuter?!?!?!  Come on, people.

Also, last nights dinner was possibly one of the most random yet delicious things I have ever thrown together!

The last of my faux chicken 7-grain tenders…with some steamed broccoli, and kicked up organic mac -n- cheese.  Doesn’t everyone put spinach in their macaroni?!?!  So good.

Best thing about this was, I had leftovers!  Who doesn’t love a meal they don’t have to plan for?  I took the rest of my spinach mac, and added half a bag of steamed broccoli, and a bit of plain Greek Yogurt for creaminess factor.  Made the perfect next day lunch.

Speaking of the next day, check out another berry inspired bowl of oats:

These were the standard chia oats, with added Almond Butter, Raspberry Jam, and fresh rasps!  Deeeeee-licious.

After another busy day of running around like a crazy man (5 classes today!!!!) it was time for some Earth Feezy for dinner with Chase!  Look, he saved an animal by eating some chocolate!

I also may or may not be finishing my night off with the following slice of pure, un-adulterated, vegan, heaven:

And on that note, I have some carrot cake to attend to.

Later taters. 😉


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I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! :D

Thats right, this blogger boy has returned!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the MASSIVE lack of updates, I think this is by far the busiest my life has ever been.  From teaching 20+ classes a week, to all the side work with the Eight To The Eights program….spare time has NOT been a friend lately.

Just to catch up, here has been some random and delicious eats!  Keep in mind, all this has been spread out over time…not consumed consecutively.  😉

This could have very well been the best bowl of oats I have ever created.

Berry Bliss Oatmeal

  • 1 Cup Almond Milk
  • 1 Cup Berries (I used raspberries and blackberries…equal parts)

At this point, bring the milk/berries to a slow boil, while stirring the mixture.  The berries will slowly and eventually dissolve into the almond milk.  Once to a low boil, I added the following:

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds

Cook for 5 minutes, or until the desired texture you are shooting for!  I topped with more berries, and some walnuts that I toasted for 2 minutes in a dry pan over medium heat.  The result?!?!  Berry-licious oats!


Panera is always a quick lifesaver.  The Veggie Sammie with the amazing poppyseed salad!  Also had time to stop by another one of my favs, Mellow Mushroom!

Tempeh and Broccoli pizza, anyone?

To counteract all this deliciousness, I have had to get my workout on hardcore!  Speaking of which, check out the aftermath of a 5 mile run last night!  Summer humidity makes running so much more sweaty.

Seriously, Sweat-A-Soar-Us Rex.  Fo Shizzle.

Speaking of running, picked up a new pair of kicks!

I have the FLATTEST feet known to mankind.  Seriously, Fred Flinstones arches are higher than mine.  So I am giving the Brooks Addiction a shot!

Did I mention that in a mere month I am going to start training for my first MARATHON?!?!?!?  So beyond stoked.  After two halves, I figure a whole is the next step, right?!  Not going to lie, I am very nervous….but I am excited to get started on my training program.

While working out my OWN body, I have been working out all the Eight To The Eight’ers!  Check out these random shots of joy:


They are all doing so awesome!  It has been 3 weeks, and the group has lost a total of 290 lbs!  FANTASTIC, right?!  They are all so, so awesome.  You can find them on Facebook, by searching “8 To The 8’s”!

Nice little lunch is currently happening as I sit and work in between classes!  Who says you can’t pack a healthy lunch?!

Veggie Burger on Arnolds Thin, complete with the ever addicting Veggie Straws, and some laughing cow light swiss and spinach yumminess!

I have also made our LOCAL Starbucks (still boycotting the Johnson City location!) my new home away from home when I need a quick pick me up……..or eleven.

Coffee Light Frapp with Soy Milk and a scoop of Protein!  Say that 10 times fast.  😉

So in closing, sorry for the lack of updates!!!  I promise to be better in the future.

I leave you with a song I have been hearing in Yoga quite a bit, and have become slightly obsessed with:

Happy Monday!


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