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Foot RX 5K!

Wow, can I just tell you how good it felt to RUN in a race this morning?!  This was my first competitive race since the Florida Half Marathon, where I was battling some major knee issues.  After some Physical Therapy….stretches…and some major time off from running, I am slowly getting back into it…today being my first race!

This was actually the race that my running group has been training for for the past 6 weeks!  I was the beginner coach, and it was so amazing see my runners progress over the weeks.  Decided that I was going to run the race at a fast pace…and then I could always go back and finish up with some of my group!

Started the day with some pre-run fuel!

Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Nana, Chia Seeds, and Almond Milk

(note to runner’s racers…..milk is glorious, and super delicious.  I love my cereal with a big bowl of skim milk, HOWEVER….race day…it may prove to be your enemy.  Dairy products have a tendency to cause panic in your digestive systems when running on a full stomach.  So on these days, opt for some Almond/Soy/Hemp/Rice milk instead of the cow stuff, k?)

Chia goodness, I tell ya.

What a day for a race!

Weather was perfect!  It was way more crowded than I expected.

Then it was go time!!!

This course is a tough one.  Pretty hilly, and the hills just keep rolling on and on!  There are two especially rough ones at the beginning, and right before the finish line.  Ouch.

It felt amazing to run back at my old speed/pace.  For short races like this I try to do at least an 8:00 minute mile, or better.  I didn’t have my Garmin with me today…so I just ran as fast as I could on the knee.

Not going to lie, this race kicked my booty!  This was the first time I had run “fast” since Florida…and my body knew it!  Bad part was, I kept seeing friends/co-workers along the course….so I felt the extra pressure to perform.  😉

When I turned around the last massive hill, I saw my time….22:08!!!!!  I was stoked!

Also, my dads birthday was a couple of weeks ago…and as a present, I registered him for this race.  He has been slowly running more and more, and I knew he was itching to do an “official” race.  He rocked it out with a 33:20 time!!!

Steph also was along for the ride, and volunteered to help out on the course!  She also got a free shirt, and snacks after.  Not bad for a days work, eh?

Once we had gotten home, and I checked the official chip times/results online…I was shocked!

Male 20-24
Place O'All Name                      Bib# Age City            St Time    
===== ===== ========================= ==== === =============== == ======= 
    1    35 Tyler Ramey                226  24 Kingsport       TN   22:08 
    2    88 Nathan Bowers              291  24 Johnson City    TN   25:17 
    3   103 Logan Russell              164  23 Johnson City    TN   25:57

The top three of my age group, and I had placed first?!?!?!  Whaaaaat?!?!  😉

(I do believe there was a mistake….because it looks like there was one other guy who beat me and wasn’t included on this list….but hey…I will take first OR second!  😉 )

Apparently I get a trophy!  SAH-WEET!

What a day.  Smile people, it’s SATURDAY!



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Well, here goes nothing.

This is my last post before I run 13.1 miles for the second time ever!!!!!!!  Eeeeeeeek!!!!!!

We headed over to Kim’s brothers house where his wife had the perfect pre-run carb fest for the runners!!!

The “Greek” salad was about as legit as it comes.  She is Greek!

Enough of that green nonsense.  GIVE ME THOSE CARBS!

Pure, un-adulterated carb festival IN MY MOUTH.

Sometimes I think a long run is just an excuse to eat like a maniac and feel justified about it.

Stuffed Shells, Greek Salad, Potato Salad, and a hunk-o-bread the size of Rhode Island.

Sugar was also required in the form of an amazing strawberry/banana/angel food cake Trifle.

Wipe up that drool.  Thank you.  IT WAS AMAAAAAAAAAAAZ-AH-EENG.

Spent some cuteness time with Kim’s nephew Ryan…

And then promptly sped home to attempt sleep.  Wake up call is 4am, so we can get there by 5…and race at 6:00am!!!!!!!!!


Ok…..just gotta breath.  I hate these pre-race nerves!!!  What do you guys do to calm them? I swear that last 10 minutes standing there waiting to start is the worst. 10. minutes. of. Tyler’s. life.

Well, ready or not…it is time to do this thing.  I am hoping for the best with the knee, and prepared to push through the pain and rock this bad boy OUT!

The OCD in me had to prepare my outfit…complete with my new FITNESS pack (ok…it is totally a glorified fanny pack) which I can carry my CAMERA in.  If I am feeling froggy, there will be IN RACE pics!  Score.

See you guys at the finish line.  😉


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Leaaaaaavin’, on a jet plane…..

don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Ok…I lied, I will totally be back Sunday.

Woke up to this, this morning:

Dearest Winter, 

I hate you with the fire of forty suns.  I curse you daily, and if you interfere with my flight to Florida, we are going to have issues.


Blogger Boy


Didn’t get a chance to update last night, but here was the dinner that I was working on from the last post:

I had made the veggie filling (mushrooms, zucchini, onions, spinach) before work and assembled it there with a whole wheat pita and some veggies/hummus.  Also added some natural provolone.  A little cheese never hurts, eh?

After dinner I had my favorite Easter candy of all time.  Now, I do not buy nor recommend buying things like this often.  This, however, falls into the category of “if you want it, eat it”.  Plus, it was the “mini” bag…and who can resist these:

Best. Candy. Ever.     I savored every egg.

Finished up work, and then headed to Wal*Mizzle to buy some of those tiny 3oz containers to take my shampoo, etc on the plane.  There was a woman in front of us (with of course, one lane being open in the ENTIRE STORE) who honest to goodness had an Encyclopedia Brittanica-esque book FULL of competitor ads.  She was price matching EVERY.  ITEM.  IN.  HER.  BUGGY.  I swear we were in line for 45 minutes, waiting on the woman to argue that “KROGER HAS TIDE ON SALE AND IT IS .30 CENTS CHEAPER!!!!!!! RAWR!!!!!”  I think the people behind us were beginning to plot her death, which was sure to be not only painful…but slow.  Do you guys price match groceries, or even frequent Wal*Mart?  It was seriously ridonkulous.

Headed home and started packing/freaking out for Florida.  I get big time plane anxiety, and mine is already starting to form.  It’s like that little feeling in your stomach right as you go down the gigantic hill on a roller coaster, and it will just gets worse as it gets closer to boarding time.  It’s only an hour flight though, which is what I have to keep reminding myself of.  I think that I have a fear of flying because there is a total lack of control.  As silly as it is, I feel like I am in control of my car.  This whole scenario is out of my hands completely.  What do you think about flying?

Breakfast this morning was spent with my favorite guy, Mr. Quaker.

I picked this up recently and figured it would be the perfect addition to some oats!

These oats had this yummy mix…plus the usual.  Heaping amount of flax, Almond Milk, Almond Butter, and a Truvia.

It was pretty much joyful.  

Well, off to pack/prepare for FLORIDA!  I cannot believe I leave in like 6 hours!!!  Eek!  Florida peeps, how is the weather in Tampa???

PS, how am I supposed to leave these faces?!


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