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Random Recap!

Hello bloggies!  Time for a random weekend recap (plus some!)

What better way to get things rolling than half price sushi?!?!  This made an excellent preview for the weekend Friday night!

Dynamite Roll (shrimp, crab) x 2 plus a Veggie Roll

Personal note to self.  I ALWAYS get two dynamite rolls and never eat both of them.  I then take it to go, and throw it away the next day.  STOP DOING THAT!

Ok, moving on.

Lets talk about random fact #4,563 of mine….I ❤ salvage grocery stores.  These stores somehow get their little hands on items that are close to going out of date, and sell them at ridiculously low prices.  The point of this story is that on rare occasions, you find GEMS like this…

BARNEY BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the price… (get the jealous hat on)

$1.25?!?!?!  Yes, please.

With this star ingredient, it was time to prepare some overnight oats for an extra early 5:45am Spin class the next day…

Theres just something about the PB/Jelly combo that makes me want to go back to elementary school…

This could quite possibly be my favorite way to make oatmeal!

Equal parts oatmeal/skim milk…plus toppings.  Stick it in the fridge, and then enjoy the next morning!  Overnight oats = success.

When I grabbed the oatmeal out the door I also baggied up a scoop of protein for the day.  Ever since I went meat free last year, I have become super dependent on my protein powders/supplements.  Even though I have incorporated meat back into my diet, I still do not get as much protein as I should…which is why powders are always nice to have in a pinch!  Current flavor…

Cookies & Cream!  Mmmmm…     (protein shakes make awesome snacks.  They taste great AND fill me up, which is always a nice combination.)

With it being a close friends BDay, I knew an edible gift was a must.  Stopped by my fay-voh-rite place and picked up a dozen bday donuts….look how cute!

Though it was hard, I managed to save all these for the birthday girl….and the blogger boy went without the donuts.  Sad day.

They smelled as good as they looked.

This was also apparently the weekend of delicious breakfast treats!  Saturday I had two tough classes back to back…so I powered up at Panera!

Power breakfast sandwich with bacon instead of ham…small OJ, and a wonddddddderful coffee.  I had forgotten how amazing Panera coffee is.


Between Friday morning and Sunday I had taught 4 classes and taken 2!  It was a Group Exercise mini-marathon weekend!  🙂  Gotta love those.

Today also marked the first day of the Foot RX/Wellness Center 5k training day!  This is where Group Ex instructors from my other gym get together and do an 8 week training program building people up for a 5k!  It is SO awesome working with new runners, and this is a great chance to meet some awesome new running folks.  If anyone is in the area, and wants to attend the training program come on down!  It is free, as long as you register for the race!  We have a variety of groups, from folks who have never ran before in their life, all the way to people who are running 8:00 and under miles!  We meet at the Wellness Center in JC on Sundays at 2:00pm!

Considering I slept until 11am this morning (!!!) I combined breakfast/lunch with a stop at the Cracker Barrel!  It has been FAR to long since the Barrel and I have spent some quality time together…   😉  I was stoked to see a new menu item.

Six Grain – N Granola pancakes?!?!?!  I looked no further.

These babies were loaded with granola, raisins, and almonds!


Well friends, another weekend comes to an end.  I am moving into my new house this week…so it is bye-bye apartment.  I will be munching on some random foods because I am putting off a huge grocery store trip until I come back!  What a pain!

How was everyones weekend?




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Embrace Your Weekend Warrior.

Well, it was Saturday….which means a killer back to back class combo.  Started off with a 75 minute “Weekend Warrior” which combines weights, cardio, and anything else I want to throw in there for funsies.

Before the classes got rolling, I made some killer oatmeal.

Chia/Banana oats with Crunchy Almond Butter, and a new trail mix I picked up from our new little natural grocery store!

I have gotten several emails asking how I make my oatmeal, and the pros and cons associated with stovetop vs. microwave. In my case, it is all about convenience…which means I nuke mine in the microwave.  My oatmeal always starts the same:

  • 1/2 Cup Oats
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk (Original, 40 Calories per cup)
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds

(At this point, I alter it slightly)

Sometimes I will cut up a ripe banana and cook it right alongside the oats, and sometimes I won’t…depends on my mood, really.

I nuke it for 2:40 seconds (don’t ask why…it just works) and then I put it in a bowl.  Topping time comes next, which can be anything from nut butters, trail mix, chocolate bits of joy….basically whatever sounds yummy to you at the time.  In this mornings case, it was trail mix and almond butter:


Then it was time for Weekend Warrior!  We killed it today.  Something particularly groan-worthy that I have been doing incorporates the old fashioned side leg lift…we’ve all done these, right!?

Thank you for demonstrating, mystery lady.

At this point, on each LEG we slowly trace the entire upper case alphabet.  Seems pretty funny/easy until you hit the “O”….then it is pure torture.  In a good, and fun way.  😉  Then flip over, and repeat.  Try it out and tell me what you think!

Spin was next, and I gotta admit…I was dragging.  I don’t know if it was the combo of all the classes of the week…or just having to do them back to back….but I was struggling.  Thankfully, I had a killer class who totally pulled me through it!

Needless to say after both classes, I was ready for some food.  Have I mentioned how much I adore living literally two minutes from work?!  It is so nice not to have to pack my life in a gym bag everyday!

I assembled the troops for a pressed veggie burger!  I use the FlatOut wrap as a base…spread the Laughing Cow, place the cooked “burger” on top…wrap, and grill up on the Foreman!

Plate time!

I am also currently hooked on the new Sobe Lifewater brands.  And since I love you all as if you were my very own, here is a coupon for them.  😉  Your welcome.  Fuji Apple Pear is my faaaaaavorite, for the record.

Look who always shows up when the food is ready…

He’s cute, right?  😉

I also prepped a protein/chocolate/coffee smoothie for work that started with my new coffee!

“but please, don’t try to set it on fire.” bwahahaha.

Got to work on the coffee in the French Press (<3 ❤ <3)

Then blended it up (once cooled) with Almond Milk, Ice, and Protein Powder…

And prepared some snacks for work…

I.  Love.  These.  Bars.

You can get them at Target, I think a 6-pack is around $5.00???  SO GOOD.  Seriously, like my version of a candy bar.  Plus 12 grams of protein, which trust me…will be much needed to recover from this mornings craziness.  Plus, you add the words “cookie dough” to any/all food and I will have it eaten/buy it before you can say Hello Kitty.

Also made a random cereal bowl of joy, which contained Kashi Go Lean, Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch, Chilean Raisins, and dried bananas!


Also tonight, I FINALLY get to see my nearest and dearest blog/all around BFF, Emily!!!!  We are having some shin dig at her house that is Mexican themed…what should I bring?!?!

Can we just talk about how I always get sidetracked at night, and sometimes forget to blog?!?!  I know, I know…go ahead and smack my hands now.

So just for youuuuuu, here is a recap of last nights dinner (which was pretty epic…)

I mean, who doesn’t want pancakes for dinner???  Plus, check out all the toppings!

I made four cakes.  One had the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, one had trail mix, one had sunflower seed butter, and the last had almonds.  They were all topped with my favorite new syrup, courtesy of Jessica from our food exchange a while back!

Pancakes are fun….pancakes in a SPRAY can are even funner.

Pretty darn tasty.

And to wrap up the night, I hung out with my favorite butt kicker, Brenda Johnson.

Any Closer fans out there?!?!

I swear, once I start watching these I cannot stop.  I think I completed the entire first half of this season in one sitting.  Of course, the froyo helped pass the time. 😉

Well bloggies….it is time for work.  I am counting down the hours til partaying it up tonight with the gang!

Also, tomorrow is our first official “challenge” for “Eights To The Eights” which will be a one mile run/walk race!  Cannot wait!  Trust me, tons of pictures will be taken to document!

What is on everyone’s weekend agenda?  How will YOU embrace your Weekend Warrior?


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Tempeh’ting Sunday

Happy Sunday my little bloggers!  How has the weekend treated you?!?!  All good on my end.  What happens when you oversleep (score) and miss the 10am oatmeal cut off time at Cracker Barrel????

You OBVIOUSLY get pecan pancakes. 😉

I need to oversleep more often, obviously.

Epic fail involved when I forgot my camera at home for the day!!  After breakfast I headed to the YMCA and taught Spin.  Major sweat session.  This CD is sweat gold…I need to mark it as especially hard for future reference!  Right after spin I rushed to my other gym for the running program.  ABSOLUTELY loving it.  I am depressed there are only two more weeks left until the big race!  My group is fannnnn-tastic.  Todays weather was also super conducive to some awesome running:

After running, Hank and Natalie totally twisted my arm into going to the Mellow Mushroom.  😉  Took alot of convincing, let me tell ya.

Normally I got for the pizza, but today the tempeh hoagie caught my eye.  What is tempeh??  Ask, and yee shall receive.  Again…no camera, but yay for cell phone picture!

This bad boy was fantastic!  Company was awesome as well!  Natalie brought her new dog, meet Martini!


After lunch I met up with Christie for a much needed Starbizzle date.  Stuck with the decaff, because 6:00am BodyPump is calling me name! 😉

Earth Feezy was up next, I was in desperate need of groceries.

All the cool kids put their grocery loot in boxes.  Especially the cool ones who ALWAYS forget their re-usable bags.  D’oh!

Totally used all my coupons, and got all my weeks worth -o- schtuff for…….$47.06!

You can always shop semi-cheap and organic!  Healthy AND Fun.  Get it?!?!  😉

Have a great Sunday bloggers.  I am getting ready to make a weeks worth of Steel Cut oats in the crock pot, thanks to a suggestion from a dear friend!  Can’t wait to see how they turn out!


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Weekend Warrior(s)!

Sheesh.  I am officially tar’d.  Yep, in Tennessee we roll like that and say “tar-ed” for tired…I embrace my inner redneck most times.

Last night was full of fun times, when I finally got to see my Maggie!!!  It was time for an Indian Feast.

Not only Indian….but fine AND exotic.  Boo yah.  What they mean by that is flaming food!

We got two things to share to get the full experience.  😉

Aloo Gobi Masala and Chana Masala.

We also had a delicious little appetizer bread/dippage combo:

Gina, I thought about you the whole time.  When are you coming to Tennessee to help me try this stuff?!?!


Even more glorious was the caffeine buzz afterwards:

You will be seeing alot of iced coffee’s over the next few months, so go ahead and prepare yourself mentally.  I will try to spice up the shots so it doesn’t get boring.  Look how the pastries tempt me!  I was able to hold off.

Ended the night at Applebees for some hilarious adventures.  Fun times!  No food = no pictures.  Plus everyone might have thought I was slightly bonkers.

Fast forward to the morning.  Teaching both Weekend Warrior (crazy 70 minute cardio/weight class) plus Spin = intense breakfast was needed.  Headed over to my second home/family for some pancakes!

Packed up all the fixings for a perfect pancake breakfast.

Random toppings = marvelous cakes.

Look, they even have a little begger of their own!  Meet Marley:

Is he not?!?!?!?!?!?!

Now back to the yum.

Who needs syrup when you have Almond Butter?!

Perfect fuel for Weekend Warrior and Spin!  As soon as we ate, we packed up and headed to the Y!

Aweeeeeeesome classes today.  Weekend Warrior kicked booty today, and spin was full and sweaty.  Perfection.

Afterwards the Weekend Warriors (hardy har har) and I went to the bizzle where I got the normal.  (see….two in the same post, I am telling you guys…its only going to get worse as it gets warmer.)

Clif Kid was inhaled in a post workout frenzy.  The Warriors in action! (and by action I mean melted onto a comfy Starbucks couch)

You only have today and tomorrow to enter HERE for free chocolate, from our friends at Endangered Species Chocolate!  Check it out, and get that entry in!!!!


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Comfort Food Really Works!

What better way to end a crummy day then an amazing dinner?!?!?!

It was my first experience with the infamous Bob Evans pancake.  *dum dum duuuuummmmmmmm*

I ordered one pancake, and a Blueberry/Banana Parfait.  Can we say yum?!?!

*in his best Spice Girls voice* “Cause toniiiiiggggggghhhhht, is the niiiiiggggghhhht….when twwooooooo beeeecccooooommme onnnnnneeeeeeuh!”

Ummmmmm, yes please.  This was fantasmic.  Perfect dinner.

Do they really need to hire bus boys at any restaurant at which I frequent?!?!

Then it was time for massive amounts of caffeine, and a dessert which was snuck in to the Bizzle:

Ok bloggies….off to get some much needed sleep after an exhausting and depressing day.  Thank you SO much for all your support and well wishes.  I swear, normal blogger boy will be back in full force tomorrow!

What are some of your ideas to call our city’s version of “The Biggest Loser”???  I want some fun an unique blogger input.  If we choose to use the name, there may or may not be a mystery prize heading your way, so be sure to include your contact information.  😉


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Ahh, Sleep.

How I love thee.  I seriously slept until 10:30am this morning, which is the first time in a looooong time.  I love days where you get to turn off the alarm, and just sleep until your body is ready to get up.  Sleep is so crucial, and I let my body have as much as possible at every opportunity.  As soon as I woke up I headed to the YMCA for a meeting about a promotional day that we are doing to help raise money for the Strong Kids Campaign.  I am so excited, because we get to plan another Spin-A-Thon similar to the one we did for Haiti Relief .  It is May 03, and I will have tons more information coming soon.  Any bloggers semi close wanna come out that day???  I will give you the royalty treatment, if so.  😉

After the meeting, I headed home to eat breakfast…which seemed odd…seeing as how it was noon.  Sleeping in = heart.  Missing an early breakfast = not so much heart.  It was time to make an old favorite from Trader Joe’s.  The best flippin’ pancakes in the world!

I tend to make a mess.

The recipe on the pancake box calls for butter and whole eggs.  I left the butter out completely, and just used an egg white.  The Chia made the batter so thick!  I am loving these little seeds!

Into the pan they went, with a spritz of Organic Pam!

While these little beauties got brown, I went to the fridge for some inspiration on a “sauce” to top these guys with.  Yesterday after spin class, my dear friend Matt was nice enough to give me a jar of HOMEMADE organic pumpkin butter.  How amazing are my friends!?  I decided to make a little mixture with that and some AB

Then it was time to flip the cakes!

I chopped up a big Granny Smith Apple, and plated the cakes.  Topped with the Pumpkin Butter sauce, with some walnuts on top for good measure. 😉

It was pretty good.  😉

Sam patiently waited.

(and was thus rewarded with an undocumented mini size Pancake just for him!!!)

After I enjoyed this yumminess, I whipped up a protein shake to take to work with me tonight.  I teach KidFit and Total Body HIIT on Thursdays, and I am always in the need of a good shake between classes/gyms.

It’s gonna by yah-mazing.  Trust.

Now it’s time to prep for my classes tonight, and answer some emails.  Here is your daily dose of dog lovin’.

They have their moments.  😉  Later bloggies!  Catch ya after class(es).


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