Back To Reality.

Well, I knew I was back home when I woke up to this:

Luckily, I also had these pups to remind me of the good aspects of Tennessee life.

I woke up with a bare kitchen, and threw together a yummy breakfast with the last of my supplies!  It was a Kashi waffle kind of morning.

“Sauce” was Almond Butter mixed with Natural Peach Jam

Also had an actual peach to go with the peach sauce.  Ok, so it was a peachy sort of morning as well.

It was then definitely time for Earth Fare!  It was good to be back in MY yummy food mart.  Loved the Floridian ones, but I do love me some Earth Feezy quite a bit.

Pretty soon I had a buggy full-o-fun:

Finished up at Earth Fare, and then headed home with the loot:

I’ve gotten several questions about my grocery bill.  Here is some advice:

  • Think about staples….it is so fun and tempting to go and buy all “fun” food and snacks, but buying alot of meal creations will make your money stretch that much more
  • Buy produce elsewhere!  Rarely do I ever get produce from Earth Fare…it is way too expensive.  In this case, I went right next door to Kroger for the veggies/fruit
  • Make. A. List.  Going into a store like this with no list is like setting a 10 yr old free in Toys-R-Us on a sugar rush.  Not a good idea.  Stick with what you need
  • Buy big!  Get items that will last several uses or make several meals/snacks
  • Have fun!  Grocery shopping should not be a chore, it should be FUN!  I swear I have the time of my life in these places.  Try something new!
  • Coupon Hunt!  Earth Fare always has a large selection of coupon books up front to loot through, and save money.  For example…I got $1.00 off of EACH of my Almond Milks, making them around .98 cents each!  Score!

My total for today (both stores combined): $76.49

This may seem steep, but it will make at least 20+ meals.

Speaking of meals, it was time for lunch!

Veggie Indian stew topped with crushed red pepper, and a new ingredient I was excited to try:

Yay for yeast!  haha  I had seen this used on several of my favorite bloggies, but when Fitnessista said it tasted like cheese…I was sold.  Also toasted up a Whole Wheat Pita Pocket for dippage:

Plus a jealous on-looker:

Dessert was simple and tasty.  Pear drenched in cinnamon:

And since I started with some doggie cuteness….gotta end with some.

Do you see the distractions I must live with?!?!?!  😉

Later bloggies.



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32 responses to “Back To Reality.

  1. What breeds are both your pups?

  2. Great shopping tips, Tyler.

    You make even the worst sounding food look delicious! Still don’t think I can try the chocolate pudding, though. LOL

  3. Nice post today. I just started shopping at Earth Fare and absolutely love it. However I never get out for less than 275 bux. In your post you mentioned 20 meals for 76 bux. Can you tell me about those meals? I’d Like to save some money!

  4. Molly

    ha my dogs are always a distraction! I always feel guilty when I dont stop everything and play with them when they fetch me a toy.
    Im going to be an obsessive mother. crap.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. So did you buy coconut butter? I didn’t see it in your stash! 🙂

    • THEY DIDNT HAVE IT!!!!! I was so depressed. 😦 Where else can I look?

      • what??? do you have a Whole Foods close by? Maybe they would have it…I’ve never looked. I’m sure you could buy it online. Or if you enter the pancake roll-up contest on Chocolate Covered Katie, maybe you could win it!

        By the way, how do you like the nutritional yeast. I’m obsessed with it on popcorn and on salads.

      • Ooh I will try that!!!! And yea, I think I am just going to have to order it online. No Whole Foods…sad day!!

  6. Ashlei

    Yeah I always hop right over to Kroger after finishing at Earthfare…you’re so right about their produce costing too much!

    • We gotta go to Earth Fare together soon! I swear it is like some sort of prize for me when I get to go every week. Haha, sad life.

      • Ashlei

        Earthfare meet up, heck yessssss!! I could not agree with you more! It’s a prize for me every time I go to Earthfare too 🙂 Especially when I snag some awesome sale stuff there. They’ve started carrying some great raw products I’m dying to try (UliMana…hellooooo, awesome! And some raw pumpkin seed buttah!) 🙂

  7. I so wish we lived closer! I say that everyday but I need a friend like you around here : ( have no friends like me that I have found since moving here in June, boo : (

    omg love the grocery goods, always think you stole my grocery good pics because I get the same things, lol!! I got tempeh today too, but got sesame garlic!!

    Yay you got nutritional yeast!!!!!! I LOVES it!!!!!

    I adore your pups, they are just too cute!!!! Love their faces!!

    Have a great night!!

    How about I forgot to buy damn avocados!!!! lol!!

    • I KNOW!!!!!!! I am very lucky and blessed to be surrounded by alot of foodie/good health friends. I totally think we should plan a road trip SOON!

      • yes road trip for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You tell me the time and place…and I am there, sister!!!!!!!

      • Ashlei

        As soon as I’m back! We’re going!

        Coconut butter is at the Natural Foods Store on State of Franklin!!$11.99 on sale <333 Have you been there!? Kombucha is so much cheaper there than Earthfare and they sell Coconut Butter ❤ Love it! Oh! And they also sell Kaia Foods raw granola in bulk – pricey, but a serving is 1/2 cup and it's hella-filling and goes a long way! Not labeled as Kaia but there's 3 of them there: Cocoa Bliss, Cinnamon Raisin, and Dates & Spices…if I remember correctly.

        Definitely encourage you to check it out! Though if you want some in the mean time without making a special trip I could swing by there today. It's on the way to the Y. That is if you see this before the class tonight! Can't wait 😀

    • Not to be “eavesdropping” in but a road trip would be awesome! Two awesome bloggies live down here Katie!! 😀

  8. Great tips! My one tip is DON”T BUY ANYTHING THAT WILL GO TO WASTE.

  9. Your dogs are so cute! What kind of dog is the little furry black one. I think he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  10. Pat Mccard

    I try not to go shopping hungery or I will buy to much. Would love to try your meal suggestion they sound tasty and I would try them if it was just me but now I would have to fix 1 meal for me and 1 for my husband.

  11. awww! Boxers are so cute. I really want a boxer pup.
    I am the queen of shopping lists, I even have a grocery list app on my phone…which I haven’t even used because I’d rather have a piece of paper in my hand. I’m old fashioned like that. I always clip coupons, and always forget about them! So annoying.

  12. Glad you FINALLY bought some nutritional yeast! Is it good?!?!?!

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