Avocado Pudding?! WHAT?!?!

I was just as confused as you guys are.  Keep reading to see the surprising results.

Well, I am walking somewhat better and not quite as old-man’ish…yet still with a limp enough to be questioned by ever member at the gym.  I chowed down on what is quickly becoming my favorite Clif after Yoga, and before Spin…

So good!  I hobbled my way to the YMCA to teach Spin.  I was surprised how “o.k.” the bike felt on my knee.  It really started bothering me towards the end, but on the whole…felt like an awesome class as usual!  We steamed up all the windows and wet the floor…so it was mission accomplished! 🙂

I went to Kroger after Spin class to get some dinner ideas.  I am completely OUT of groceries and have to go to Earth Fizz first thing tomorrow morning.

My old friend, organic Polenta!!!  If you are a fan of corn, or specifically corn bread…you have to give this healthier alternative a try.  Get the pre-cooked kind, and all you have to do is slice and brown it in a pan.  Also got some lovely veggie skewers, and some veggie baked beans.  This made for a completely random but very yummy dinner.

Once the Polenta had been browned on each side, and the veggies were golden…I plated and topped the corn cakes with beans!

Next was a dessert I have seen on the blogs, and have wanted to try forever.  Avocado Chocolate Pudding!

In my blender, I combined:

  • 1 Medium Diced Avocado
  • 1/2 Cup Almond Milk
  • 3 TBSP Cocoa Powder
  • 2 Truvia Packets

I skeptically blended it up, and expected the worst.

Oh.  My.  Goodness.   Holy guacamole, this stuff is fannnnntasmic.

I swear guys….you HAVE to try this.  Have to, have to, have to.

I would type longer, but I have this gloriousness waiting for me in the fridge.

Heres some random Avocado health benefits I found while searching for the recipe.  Quite frankly though, I will take any excuse to make chocolate pudding.


Happy Monday bloggies!  Earth Fare early tomorrow morning, can’t wait!



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25 responses to “Avocado Pudding?! WHAT?!?!

  1. I’ve seen a lot about this avocado pudding in the blog world lately. I think I need to give this a try! did you eat it all at once or is it more than one serving?

  2. That polenta would be so convenient! Do you buy it frozen or refrigerated?

    Dang it! I just ate my last avocado yesterday! I’m going to have to wait to make this! Hopefully it turns out better than my failed black bean brownies! 😉

    • Its refrigerated, and delicious! I think I am going to try some sort of sweet variation on it in the morning….

      PLEASE try the pudding, I swear it will not be an epic fail. You might want to sweeten it just a tad more to get the true pudding-esque flavor.

  3. I’ve never seen that Clif bar before. I’m gonna have to track that one down.

    Thanks for posting your playlist – there are some great tunes on there!

    now go rest yourself!

  4. Hmmm…avocado pudding. Interesting. Maybe one of these days I’ll be adventurous enough to try it!

    • We must unite! Just come to Baltimore in a few weeks. My roomie and I could use another roomie. I’ll sneak you into the events, it’s all good!

  5. I want to try this sooo bad, but damn avocados do a number on my tummy. I might just have to be really nice and make it for my bf 🙂

    Glad your knee is doing well today!!

  6. I have been wanting to try polenta! Is it in the refrigerated section?

  7. Jen

    Hey! How’s the knee?? Ok, my boyfriend is a chiropractor and he “diagnosed” your knee issues. He said it’s IT Band syndrome. Has anyone mentioned this to you? You need to stretch the hell out of your IT band and foam roll it. Also, ice your knee at the insertion point of the IT band.

    Anyway, great job again! I hope it heals quickly!

  8. Love Avocado shakes, they’re so rich & creamy! I also recommend adding Chocolate Protein Powder and using frozen Avocado pieces.. delicious!

  9. Hey sweets!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im so glad you made it throught he marathon, your right , the body is an amazing thing, and so strong!!!!! I hope your knee is getting much better!!!

    Loving the pudding!!! I am going to have to go buy me some avocados today!!!!!! I have seen that on other blogs too!!!

    Hope you have a great day!!! xoxo Get some goods at the grocery store!!!!!!

  10. I am so glad you tried this!! I had seen Alton Brown on the Food Network make avocado ice cream…but now that a “real” person has tried a sweet avocado dish and survived, I may have to as well!

  11. Lu

    I make a Butter Bean Tomato Sauce that I put over polenta that is amazing. I bet your baked beans and polenta tasted great. Hope your knee is better.

  12. Catching up on your blog after a sick day on Monday! Congrats on your race! I am totally with you on the knee pain! Today is my first day running since November! eek!

  13. Hey! I’m a new reader and just want to say HI!!!!!! and… I need to try that too, I have been skeptical too!! But everyone loves it, so I think it’s my time! 🙂

    have an awesome day,

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