Millet Kind of Mornin’

Good morning bloggies!  I know, technically it is more like lunch time….but I just had a nice little nap session with the pups, so it seems morning-esque to yours truly!

Woke up at crack thirty this morning to teach Spin at my gym in Johnson City.  The class is finally picking up steam, and we had 9 people today which made me so happy!  It is so much easier to teach to a larger class versus a smaller one.

Came home thinking about breakfast, and decided to try my new bread I picked up at the Earth Fizz:


What exactly is millet, you ask??  Well…here ya go.

I toasted up some bread, topped one slice with Natural Peach Jam, and the other with AB and some millet granola…in keeping with the theme of course.

Also diced up a mango for fruit goodness.

It was good times!  That bread is so moist and yummy, it almost has a poundcake like consistency!  Bravo again, Fitnessista.  Her choices always rock my socks.

I also snacked on this post nap/coma:

Don’t be hatin’ on my Clifford cereal.

I also forgot to post dinner last night while at work!  *gasp* So here is a recap:

Nuked a sweet potato, then topped it with some veggie baked beans!

Easy.  Simple.  Delicious!  It was the perfect dinner to heat up at work!  Yum!

Well, one spin class down this morning…and now another to go at the YMCA!  Happy Wednesday bloggies!



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21 responses to “Millet Kind of Mornin’

  1. I *love* millet bread! I just remembered to buy more yesterday…so glad I did. Never thought to put granola on my toast…Looks amazing. Must try, ASAP

  2. Millet bread…I think I might have to buy this.
    Have a fun spin class 🙂

  3. I *have* to try the baked sweet potato covered in baked beans. I saw this on HTP’s Caitlin’s page. YUM!

  4. Haha you nap a lot! I wish I had time for that!

    How is that bread compared to normal wheat bread? Was it expensive? And was it in the frozen section?

    • It’s Food For Life Brand which is the same as the Ezekiel breads, I think it was around $4.50? It’s delicious!!! So moist and sweet from the fruit juice. I cannot wait to make French Toast with it. Hey I MAKE time for naps. 😉 Especially on the days when I teach two classes and work!

  5. Kristina

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    Stonyfield Farm

  6. Sweet, poundcake-like bread? I’ll HAVE to keep my eye out for that one!

    And sweet potatoes make the BEST dinners. I love them with refried beans, hummus and salsa!

    • I know right?!?! How bad can it be if it is poundcake like at all?!? haha. YUM, I havent tried them with refried beans, but that sounds amazing.

  7. Hi 🙂

    Just came across your blog and want to say hey! I am drooling over the pic of the sw. potato/beans combo!

    Have a great night!


  8. I’m lovin’ on that Clifford crunch! And that “gourmet” granola: oooh la la, how fancy! 🙂 What a great day of eats!

  9. Do you teach at the ETSU cpa?

    • Nope. Kingsport YMCA and Johnson City Wellness Center…I am dying to get you in one of my classes! Let me know when you want to come and I can get you some passes!

      • Ashlei

        Oooh yes please!! You can totally whip my butt into shape! At the end of spin I’m always dying! Ha! I’ve never been to the wellness center, but it looks fancy. Whichever is easiest for you to get passes 🙂 Next week is spring break (yay!!) and I’ll be in Tampa (ironic, no?). After that? And perhaps a meetup at the Earthfizz for some shopping/lunch/dinner action??

      • Hmmmmm, I think you would like my YMCA classes better, they tend to be a bit more crazy/intense. Plus it is in the dark, and the bikes are new and AMAZZZZZING. Have fun in Tampa!!!!!! Hope the weather is great for you. As soon as you get back Spin AND Earth Fare are in order. Deal?!

      • And actually, if you want to come to my Saturday 10:30 spin class, or tomorrow nights HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class, lemme know and I can work my magic! 😀

  10. wow – I haven’t thought about Clifford in years! and now I’m thinking about – Sweet potato and baked beans…mmmm….

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