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Easter Shenanigans

How was everyones Easter weekend?!?!?!  I feel like a bad blogger, not updating since yesterday morning!  Sheesh.  Partook (is that a word) in several Easter shenanigans, starting with last nights Easter party.  Look at this cake and tell me you aren’t instantly in lurv.

Oh Mr. Bunny Cake….you are too cute, how could anyone eat you?!?!?!

Oh wait.

He tasted as good as he looked!

First, however, it was time to get down to some business, there were eggs to be colored, people!

Whaddya think?!?!

Egg-antics work up quite the appetite, and it was time for:

Had two slices of a pesto/pepper pie, and a nice big salad!

There may have been a sprinkling or nine of red pepper flakes.  😉

Time for random blog photo shoot time!

Did I mention that the bunny kept staring at me.

I had to take him down.

Had to take care of business!

I also got to introduce my friends to the wondermous that IS Veggie Booty!

We emptied the bag pretty quick, so I am guessing it was somewhat successful.  😉

After a night full of Easter fun it was time to head home and zonk out for the night.  Normally, Sunday morning means one thing….Cracker Barrel!  (or “The Barrel”…right, Gina?!?!)  However since we were having an early Easter lunch, I opted for a simple bowl of cereal with a nana.

Cheetah Bowl = fun times.

When lunch did roll around it was the typical Southern classics:

Here are some Blogger Boy tips for avoiding a buffet-scenario caloric disaster:

  • Small portions. There is always a tendency to want to try it all.  If you feel like this, do it….just get smaller portions.
  • Go Green. If it all possible (this time I had little option) go green and load up on veggies
  • Don’t “Hover”. Make a plate, and stick to it.  A nibble here and there doesn’t seem like much…but do this over the course of an hour while chatting it up, and you can quickly go overboard!

Dessert was present, and I sampled both cakes…but smallllll pieces, and added some fruit for balance.

It was just enough so I felt satisfied….but didn’t have the miserable, overly stuffed, instant regret feeling.  At the end of the day, it just isn’t worth it. You can totally survive situations like this by just sticking to the simple guidelines.  Don’t over do it.  EVERYTHING in moderation!

Which brings me to another point.

40 days ago I gave up all meats for Lent.  Today was the day it was over, and look what was staring me down:

Ham time!!!!

Gotta say though, I have felt better in these past 40 days than I have in a while.  Could it all be in my head???  Sure.  Point is, I felt/feel good and have decided to continue on the no meat quest. Am I saying that I am absolutely 100% vegetarian???  Nope.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with nice lean meats like chicken or salmon.  However, I simply have not missed meat in the least bit!  I feel like if you can get healthy alternative sources of protein, then go for it!  The more the merrier.

How did everyone else’s Lent give-ups go???

Since lunch provided to be somewhat of a carb/sugar overloard….I wanted a nice cold smoothie for dinner.  Add to the fact that I went on a nice long 5 mile HOT walk with my pal Susan.  Something about this hot weather…I am already getting smoothie fever hardcore.  It was time for the Green Monster!

This bad boy had:

  • 2 Cups Spinach
  • 2 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk

With some oats sprinkled on top for good measure.

Mmmmmmm, green goodness.

Topped the night off with a trip to the bizzle, for the standard iced coffee.

Great end to a great weekend.

Sorry for the massive update/overload.  Normal life/blogging will resume tomorrow.  I hope everyone had an amazing couple of days!!!  Monday…why must you show up so soon?!?!

Heres want I want to know in a nutshell:

  • Did you give up anything for Lent, if so what/how did it go?
  • Did you splurge on some yummy holiday treats?
  • What is your FAVORITE Easter candy?



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Smellin’ up the place…

Ok…I have a confession.  I have a small obsession with steamed veggies.

When, in a workplace…and in my case, a gym…people have a tendency to FREAK out when I steam veggies.  They see me heading toward the microwave, and the disgruntleness begins.

“WHAT is that SAH-MEEEEEEEUHHHLL?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Get over it people, it is Broccoli for goodness sakes.  Geez.  The flack I get for healthy eating.  That being said…here was my dinner.  Leftover Tomy Thai with an entire bag of Steamed Veggie goodness.

Which quickly turned into…

That’s how you roll people.

On the animal front, I have successfully saved and introduced another person to the Endangered Species Chocolate:

I totally made Christie save a Sea Turtle (Dark Chocolate/Blueberries)

Teri, how you have never tried these is beyond me.  If they don’t sell them near you TELL me and I will gladly send you some.  This goes to any reader out there who doesn’t have access.  EAT CHOCOLATE AND SAVE AN ANIMAL?!?!?!  What more reason do you need?!

As for my personal contribution to the animal world…I saved a Zebra for dessert, and also killed a pear in the process.

My theory on fruit (especially Apples/Pears) is that people tend to waste alot by only eating to what they consider to be “the core”.  Can I just say that tonight I ate this entire apple.  Literally, the entire fruit.  Stem and all.  So there.  😉  (The stem was tiny and almost non-existent…so pick your jaws off the floor, of course…they may hit the floor again once you see the close up Zebra goodness) :

Is there anything better than good dark chocolate?

OH, I brought in a large bag of New York Pizza Booty tonight to work….you know it’s good when the CEO eats half the bag.

….and some other staff…

Love the Booty!

This one has nutritional yeast IN it…score.

Well, time to close down the YMCA and head home so I can attempt some sleep before my 5:45am spin class.  I made a new CD, can’t wait for it’s debut!  😉  Night night, bloggies.


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“Aww, it’s for the homlies”

Hello bloggers!!!!!  What a Monday, huh?  I had an awesome, yet crazy day, which is usually par for the course as far as Mondays go.  After lunch I headed to the High School for their “yoga”.  I think they are getting a little tired of yoga, and since it was friggin’ GORGEOUS outside…we went outside and walked the track.  It was nice.  Sped down to the YMCA afterwards for Monday night spin!  I was worried with the beautimous weather that it would keep people outside and away from spin, but we had a packed house as usual.  SO much easier to teach to a full class.  World of difference.

Since Kim and I both needed to go to the Earth Feezy tonight, we decided to buzz on over to Johnson City for a quick bite to eat, and some groceries.  We tried a new place, which was an instant winner!

This place was so much fun!  Check out their site

You grab a baggie, mark what you want with a sharpie…sign your name, and get a sandwich.  Pretty neat!  They had several veggie options:

I totally just now saw the option for Crushed Red Pepper!  Gah.  Oh well, next time.  😉  Also got some lovely chippies:

And my sammie was served!

this bad boy was yummy.  Pesto totally made it!  Two thumbs (had I had both free) way up, Which Wich!

Kim got an equally delicious looking hummus sammie:

With a full belly, it was time to head to the home away from home…

Look, I finally convinced Kim to save an animal, and eat some chocolate!

Also got some new kick booty trail mix to top my oatmeal with…

Among some other little goodies…

Got some new protein powder I am excited to try, and a new flavor of booty that I tried recently in Florida!  New York Pizza!

Finished the day with my favorite VitaTop…and a cold glass of Almond Milk!

In the words of Elaine Bennis……pop the top….toss the stump!

Oh, and before I forget…upon leaving the Earth Fare Kim and I saw a giant rain purifier/jug.  First thing to come out of her mouth???  “Awwww, it is for the homlies”  Homlies=homeless “cuties”…again, in her words.  On that note, GOODNIGHT!!!  😀


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