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I’m back, FORGIVE ME!!!!

Biggest. Slacker. EVER.

Yep, thats me.

I promise though…


how in the heck is everyone?!?!  I have seriously missed the blog world so much!  I promise, no more disappearing from yours truly.  I am back to stay!

Just a little catch up for those first time readers…..

Former fatty (no, really!!! ¬†300+ lbs) turned Healthy Living Director/Fitness Instructor at my local YMCA, I am here for humor, health, fun…and anything that goes on in my crazy life! ¬†If this is your first time visiting, welcome!

Well it’s Sunday…the day we are all left collectively scratching our heads and wondering what happened to the weekend. ¬†Got my day started with a killer weights workout! ¬†I loooooove free weights, but rarely have the time with the weight classes I teach throughout the week. ¬†Sunday is pretty much the only day I can head to the free weight room…zone out…and have an awesome solo workout. ¬†Took full advantage today and worked the whole body!

Deadlifts………………………Chest Press/Flys/Chest Press
Pliet Squats……………………Pull Down Back, Row Back, Pull Down back
Calf Raises ……………………Shoulder Press Long Bar/Upright Row/Press
Squats Machine……………..Tricep Skull EZ ¬†(Dips Middle)
Weighted Walking¬†Lunges …Bicep 21’s Heavy ¬†Curl/Hammer/Curl
For anyone who is scared/intimidated by the free weight area of their gym…don’t be! I promise, it isnt as scary as you think. ¬†Get back there, and act like you own the joint! ¬†ūüėČ ¬†People are normally super friendly, and will always help if you have questions. ¬†Sure…there may be your typical jerks back there…but for the most part the good ones out number the bad.
Post gym I headed to Dunkin Donuts (shocker, I know!!!) ¬†I am conducting an experiment with my friend and fellow instructor Ginny…we are showing how healthy moderation can work! ¬†Check out our DD challenge, here!
I left with food on my mind, specifically dinner. ¬†With a crazy work schedule I typically try to use Sunday to make some meals ahead. ¬†First thing that popped into my mind tonight was meatloaf! ¬†This isn’t your typical meatloaf kids…
This ground turkey is extra lean, and a great source of protein! ¬†Honestly…there are TONS of recipes out there, and I am sure everyone has there favorite. ¬†I experimented with my own recipe tonight, and it worked out wonderfully (semi-shocker there given my track record of off the cuff recipe tries…)
You know this blogger boy cannot resist adding his trademark ingredient…
Good ole oats.  How I love thee.
I soaked some quick cook oats with skim milk for binding, as well as some straight out deliciousness!
Ok, so it may not be the most beautiful thing to photograph….but I promise the yum factor is high.
This little beauty is on its way to becoming a meatloaf (or turkeyloaf, if we are being technical)  masterpiece!
After it’s little date with a 350* oven for an hour…
Like I say, this was sort of a “whatever I felt like” kinda recipe, but I will try to recall!
Blogger Boy Turkey-Oat Loaf:
1.25 Pounds Extra Lean Ground Turkey
1 Cup Quick Cook Oats soaked in 1 Cup Skim Milk
1 Finely Chopped Yellow Pepper
1 Large Egg
1 Can Roasted Tomato Chunks (you could easily substitute plain here)
4 Tbsp. Low Sodium Natural Ketchup
Mix all ingredients, and form into a loaf on a baking sheet, around 2 inches thick.
Top the turkeyloaf with one small can of plain tomato sauce, and sprinkle with pepper
Bake at 350* for 55-65 minutes, or until the top is browned, and the loaf is firm. (teeheehee)
This bad boy would easily slice into 12-14 servings.
Voila, there you have it folks….a quick healthy dinner that will last for days!
While cooking I *started* watching the Oscars…
…..which quickly transformed into something MUCH more attention grabbing on my end….
I’ll take my Golden Girls¬†any day¬†over the snoozefest that was the Oscars…geez!
Of course, what would a night be without a little snack…
(notice the jealous onlooker. )
These fiber bars are my current ADDICTION! ¬†They taste just like my favorite Girl Scout cookie…the Samoa!
Fiber and Dessert?!?!   Sign me up.
On that note my bloggies, it is time to adjurn. ¬†Again, thanking you for not disowning me during my lapse in blog time, but I promise…I am back for good! ¬†Happy Monday eve everyone. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†I know your excited.
Whats your favorite late night snack??




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