No-Pudge Brownies….

Happy Weekend, bloggies!  I would also like to welcome everyone to the first day of spring!  Has this not been the coldest, harshest winter ever?  I for one am more than happy and excited for some constant warm weather.  Time for everyone to come out of their homes, and soak up the SUN!

For a fun weekend post, I decided it was going to be alllllll about the brownies.

These guys are all the taste and yumminess of the traditional brownies, but none of the fat!  Check it out!

Why do weekends always seem like the best time to bake/enjoy things like this?  Just always seems to happen that way. 😉

I love these brownies for so many reasons, one of the main ones being that it only requires ONE ingredient.  Better yet, that one ingredient is yogurt!  I always go Greek for that extra protein boost…

Speaking of protein, have you ever tried adding protein powder to your cookies/cakes/baked goods?  Throw in a couple of scoops to your mix pre-baking for some extra protein!  (You may want to try a neutral flavor like plain or vanilla, anything else might over power the mixture…besides, who wants “Triple Berry protein brownies?!?!)

One box of mix….

Plus the yogurt…  (I add a splash of skim milk, just because the Greek yogurt is so much thicker than traditional yogurt.  I also add a teaspoon each of Almond Extract and Vanilla Extract)

Since the mix makes “12 brownies” I make it easier on myself by baking these cuties in a muffin tin.  That way I know each brownie is a serving, and I don’t keep eating “one more bite” of an entire pan.  Not that that has EVER happened.  😉

(Never claimed to be the cleanest cook.  Disregard the mess all over the pan……I tended to miss.  Alot)

This is where it got fun.  These brownies are perfectly delicious as they are, but what puts them really over the top is TOPPINGS!  No pun intended, folks.

I made half the batch with choppped walnuts, and the other half with a teaspoon of natural PB in the middle.  Ohhhhhh yea.

It was time to bake these beauties!

The nice thing about brownie clean-up is having both a blogger boy AND a bff who is obsessed with batter.

After 30 minutes….

It doesnt get much better than this, people!

And you know, of course, that it is of the utmost importance that a brownie be enjoyed with an ICE cold glass of milk, right?

Happy Spring, Happy Weekend, and Happy Brownies!  Get out there, and enjoy this day!  What is YOUR favorite baked good?



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13 responses to “No-Pudge Brownies….

  1. My favorite baked good = blondies!

  2. Yum. I always try to add protein to my meals. I mix some in with my oats, pancakes and yogurt, whenever possible! Never though to put it in brownies too!

    Good idea too baking in cupcake pan, pre-portioned!

  3. I LOVE brownies. It’s seriously an obsession. And you have to have a glass of milk with anything in the cholatey/chewy family (cookies, cake and brownies). I think that it’s a law 😉

  4. Sharon

    UMmmmmmm. CUPCAKES are my favorite baked good. 🙂 Where do you find this brownie mix? Sara had the kids of Y5210 make chocomole ……. chocolate/avocado ………… sounds interestingly good. You guys need to test it and blog about it!

    • I am SHOCKED Sharon, shocked!!!! 😉 I did try it, and photograph it! Will blog about it tomorrow! Did you try it?!

      • Sharon

        I know, I know ……. you would have easily guessed my favorite baked goodie!! No, I didn’t get to try the chocomole or even see it, but, just hearing chocolate and avocado together sounded fab! Can’t wait to see the pics.

  5. The brownies with the peanut butter look amazing! I will have to make these sometime!

  6. Hi! I just found your blog from The Fitnessista’s list of blog reads.
    I was stoked to see that you are a blogger boy. 🙂
    Your blog looks fun and those brownies look so good. I’ve never seen that brand before. Where do you get it?

    • Any of the local grocery stores have slowly started to carry them! I got this particular box at Kroger, but they are everywhere! Check in the natural/organic section! 🙂 Glad to have you here! Keep reading and commenting!

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