Ra Ra, Ahh Ahh Ahhhhh, Romaaaa, Roma, Maaaaah!

Well folks.

I just survived my first Lady GaGa concert.

It.  Was.  Amazing.

Our day started EXTRA early….check out the TIRED but very excited blogger boy getting ready to embark on GaGa’ness…

as we loaded up the van, with all the essential goodies…

…..Including a dozen of these beauties.  Carol really knows how to travel! 😉

Don’t worry, it wasn’t ALL donut related…

Talk about a deal!  .69 cents for this beauty, when it is usually $3.00 +!  Whoever this manager is, I would like to personally thank them.

Kristie had the healthy snacks, too!  Girl after my own heart!

Along with the essential Starbucks liquid fuel!

After laughing hysterically for 4+ hours, we had arrived in Louisville, KY!  Can I just say that the only questionable part of this trip was the DISGUSTING bathrooms along the way.  *shutter*  I think I am going to have nightmares about the things I saw in those places.

We managed to stop by Ruby Tuesday for a delicious salad!

These croutons were to DIE for.  They were still SOFT!  Wow.  I had forgotten about how much I loved them until I posted this picture.

I was really impressed with this place.  Check out the side options:

VERY impressive line-up, considering most other places offering 3 styles of potato as their only side options.

Kristie and I split the Tilapia…..my portion…


Moving on. It was quite clearly almost GaGa time!

We had made it!

It was time to prepare for GAGA!

The “Yum Center” was really, really nice.  People had already started piling in HOURS before the doors were opening.

We saw hundreds of people in full costume.  Lets get down to it.  If you are a true “little monster”, and a real fan of the GaGa….you have to dress up.  It is almost a requirement.

Before we knew it, it was time to head in!

Did I mention we were literally 20 ft. from the stage?!?!?!  Talk about some amazing seats!

The following MAY be GaGa overload, but I got some amazing pictures…so just stay with me…


This woman can put on a performance.  Not only does she sound amazing live, but the whole show is not just a concert….it is a SHOW.  She continues to amaze me.

At the end of the day, this is a girl who never felt like she belonged.  She always felt like she didn’t fit in, and eventually…her talent emerged, and she has become what she is today.  Unlike most celebrities, I think that LG embraces this story, and makes it her mission to make EVERYONE feel included.

She just makes you truly feel like you can be/do whatever you want in life if you just try.  She is also very loyal and giving to many charities, alot of which she spoke about between songs.

Just a very inspiring woman.  I respect her much more now, after seeing her live!  She just seems real.

Chaos quickly ensued when we tried to leave…

…..and we stopped at WHITE CASTLE of all places on the way back to the room.  That being said, where else can you find people like this eating casually at a fast food joint?!

Only at a GaGa concert, my friends.

Well, after one of the GREATEST yet longest/exhausting days evah….time to wrap this up.  So go put on ya Poker Face, will ya?

Goodnight. 😉



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13 responses to “Ra Ra, Ahh Ahh Ahhhhh, Romaaaa, Roma, Maaaaah!

  1. Shannon

    Thank you sooooooo much for sharing your Gaga pics! I just love her and her message is amazing…love and acceptance. What’s better than that? Your outfits were amazing!! 🙂

  2. What a blast, looks like a great time, and loved your attire for the night 🙂

  3. Angie

    Love Gaga. Your outfits are great! So jealous of your fun trip. 😉 That last picture is the best thing ever!! Haha!

  4. omg i was laughing out loud at your costume…you are so bad ass i freaking love you!!!

    you had some amazing seats too mister!!! so fun 🙂

  5. klh

    Ohmygosh!!! The outfits are AMAZE!!! So glad you had a wonderful time! I am a little jealous but its ok : ) I think I spotted some Special K chips/crackers…might be my new obsesh!

    Katie : )

  6. That’s really cool that she makes her concert into a story . . I do have to admit, the video for Born this Way is a bit scary . . .beautifully done . . but scary!

  7. LOVE HER!!!!!! so glad you got to see her! Her concert was amazing!!!! love ya!

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