Wednesday Blur!

Anyone elses day seem to zap by in an instant?!

From the craziness that was work, to zumba, to cleaning this DISASTER area of an apartment…I feel like I have been shot out of a cannon.

Lets mentally rewind to breakfast when something cold was in order:

For me, breakfast is always a “will this take me 3 minutes or less to prepare/eat as I run out of the door completely frazzled and late” kind of question.  Lets face facts…time management is not my strong suit, so on days when work comes early…it has to be fast.

Clifford organic cereal, blueberries, and a nana.  Not much simpler than that, eh?

So after this point, where I am frantically trying to pull together an outfit while simultaneousness taking the dog to pee, brewing my coffee and brushing my teeth…..I somehow managed to leave the house in one piece.

Made it to lunch, which was Chefs salad bar with friends!  Gotta love this salad, I think it has evolved from a once weekly event to a 3/5 day a week thing!

The rest of the day was spend listening to literally EVERYONE talk about how Kate (Gosselin…with the litter of children) was going to be in town.

Remember this gal?

Reality star???  Yes.  Real Star????  NO.

From the FREAKOUTS of people I half expected her to be in some sort of bulletproof enclosure as she was being police escorted down main street!

Fortunately she was simply at a local grocery store for some charity (and I’m sure a teeny bit of publicity for her and her brood)

I have nothing against the woman, I just had a chuckle or two over peoples reaction to her being here.

MOVING on to something more to my liking…lets talk about my favorite Chobani of them all…

Raspberry!  Mmmmm….

And with that being said, I must leave you.  My throat is semi scratchy/sore, and I have already threatened my body that if it gets me sick pre/post/DURING the Lady GaGa concert….that there will be dire consequences.  Luckily my pal Sarah had just the boost I needed…

It is now wayyyyyy past my bedtime, so lets all go to sleep, shall we?  You may be very well reading this in the morning, but hey….if you CAN sleep…I say go for it.  I never turn down a good nap.  🙂




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5 responses to “Wednesday Blur!

  1. You are funny Tyler. I love reading your FB posts and blogs.

    How do you make your WordPress headers? I need to learn. Will you teach me, please?

  2. Kat

    haha – I never know how I make it out of the house in one piece either… and the dog thing – mine is a total priss and hates to pee in the rain (let alone do #2!) – so my morning was standing outside under an umbrella while she looked at me with the double stink eye. I yelled at her to poop already, but seeing as how she’s deaf, I don’t think it did much good :/ hopefully she hasn’t left me a present yet!

    • MINE DOES TOO!!!!! This morning he was literally standing on the porch, and looking at me like I was absolutely insane at even the MENTION of using the bathroom in the rain. 😛 I love presents, but NOT those kind. haha

  3. Agreed this week is going by at lightning speed! Hope you don’t come down with anything, everyone around me seems to be getting sick 😦

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