Oats & More!

Hello bloggies.

It is yet another dreary, cold, rainy day in Tennessee.  All I want to do is go home, crawl into the covers, and hibernate into napdom.  Unfortunately, this isn’t in the cards for me today.  Maybe blogging about my oatmeal will warm me up…

These bad boys were the old fashioned stove top kind.  I like when I actually have time to COOK oatmeal.  Today was one of those days, luckily.

Theres also something about a new jar of peanut butter that gets me down right giddy.  Anyone with me?

With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good. Or at least, thats what the jar told me.  Luckily…it was correct.

Time to prepare the goodness…

I often times find myself obsessing over random things in my food world.  Right now, I am head over heels for some blueberries.  In yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, or by themselves…these little guys are an antioxidant powerhouse.  Check out this article I stumbled on this morning about these little guys.

It was time to plate!  Presentation is everything, people!

If you haven’t tried peanut butter in your oatmeal yet, then I feel very sorry for you.  YEARS ago I remember first finding these foodie/health blogs and everyone was putting peanut/almond butter in their oatmeal.  Sounded weird, but that first bite of warm peanut buttery oat goodness is enough to change the world.  For real!

And now lets smoosh it around….

Ahhhh oatmeal, how I am obsessed with thee.

Oh Mr. Quaker…..you make me so happy.

Now…..lets all go nap.  After all, they are GOOD for you….seeeeeeee…..   (hopefully my boss will approve this)


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  1. Yay to naps! Why do americans need research to tell them to take a nap when the europeans just listen to their body?

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