Top ‘o The Mornin’

Good morning bloggies!  How goes it?

I want to first rewind just a bit to last night when I was in a complete haze as to what I was going to make for dinner.  I am in a weird place right now where I desperately need groceries, but going out of town this weekend (LADY GAGA ANYONE?!?!?) is causing me to keep putting it off.

Thus, I had to dig around in the kitchen to find something, which turned into a major comfort food kinda night.

Chicken Corn Chowder…..and…..wait for it, wait for itttt…..

Toasted cheese sammie.  Check out this cheesy goodness….

I am swallowing hard just looking at it!  Trust me, it was beyond delicious.

Making the traditional “grilled cheese” in the oven is an easy way eliminate alot of the butter and extra calories/grease.  Just spritz the bread with a bit of butter spray, and bake @ 350* until nice and toasty….mmmm….

Pretty good combo for a thrown together dinner, eh?


Now, lets fast forward time back to this morning, where it was a Dunkin Donuts kind of morning.  As some of you know, my fellow workout enthusiast Ginny and I are blogging about trying every item on the DD menu.  We only have *one* bite, we swear!

That being said, I am pretty sure we are the only ones who BRING our breakfast to a donut shop. 🙂

Clifford Crunch ( 😀 ), Strawberries, and Greek Yogurt!

If you have not tried Greek Yogurt yet, give it a try.  It is a thickened yogurt with a slightly more tart taste.  Also, it is packed with protein!

I like to combine the cereal with the Yogurt!  (gotta have some DD coffee, too!)

Had two lovely dates this morning!

Only my Ginny would bring a SALAD to Dunkin Donuts at 7am.  🙂  I love it.

Courtney was there too!  No salad for her, though.

We also savored our BITE of Donut.  Mmmmm….

Vanilla Cream…..Mmmmmm.  Life is too short not to have a bite of a donut.  Come on people.

Well, time for the day to officially begin!  Work, work, and more work!  Teaching Spin AND Total Body HIIT tonight…should be killer, I have an awesome new Back Track to use!

And just because I am curious…

Whats your favorite comfort food?





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14 responses to “Top ‘o The Mornin’

  1. Steph

    AHEM- Life is too short not to have the whole entire freakin’ donut!!!


  2. Christina

    I just had to pop in and say hi! I’ve been a longtime lurker and I just wanted to say that I am so glad you are back to regular blogging. Your blog is like crack for me, totally addicting :O)

    • Awww thanks Christina! Get out of that lurker world, I love hearing from you guys!!!!! And BWAHAHA about the crack comment. I think that has made my day. 😀

  3. Shandi

    My all time fav comfort food is Mac and tomatoes….nommy

  4. Vanilla Cream donuts used to be my favorite! The first friday of every month my mom would take me to get a donut, and I never hesitated, Vanilla Cream all the way:)

  5. Sharon

    Peter Pan peanut butter …….. I keep a 40 oz. jar under my desk at work and have a couple of spoonfuls pretty much every day.

    • YUM! Skippy Natural for me, but same peanut butter addiction. On a banana, in oatmeal, or straight out of the jar. I will take it any way it comes. 🙂

  6. Jenna's Journey

    loveee your blog you have here and such a great story! such an inspiration!
    can’t wait to follow 🙂

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