Sunny Monday!

…..with the prerequisite “sunny” that automatically bumps up the depression that is typically Monday, right?

Check out the view from my office…it’s SUN!

After yesterdays tragic weather of snow and rain, the sun was a welcome sight.

Lets rewind a bit, where the day started with some nice coffee.  Gotta love the Keurig!  Check out my Vlog dedicated to the Keurig here!

Donuts.  What else?!  🙂

Breakfast was comprised of a random mixing of objects after I found this sad guy on the verge of biting the dust…

Now I am a firm believer that you need to scrape each and EVERY morsel of nut butter out of a jar, hence…it was time for a parfait!

Go ahead, laugh it up.  I eat Clifford cereal!  Try it, and I dare you not to become obsessed! 🙂

Layered the Oikos, Cereal, and berries in the PB jar…

All together with the berries on top…

This was great!  You have to get creative with your food, it’s half the fun!

At work I snacked on an apple the size of a 4th grader….

The size comparison to a co-workers pathetic apple attempt was humorous at best…

…..I think she had apple envy.

The rest of this day has been spent attempting to form some sort of an order to my office.  I literally have things going everywhere and it is starting to drive me a little insane.  It sneaks up on me until eventually I can no longer even see or make out where my desk is.  Problem?!?!  Yes.

I think I am slowly becoming a night owl when it comes to actually buckling down and getting some major stuff accomplished.  Sometimes during the day I am so easily distracted, it seems that on the nights when I am here alone, I can get a mountain of stuff done in half the time it would have taken me during the day.

Are you a day person or night person when it comes to being productive?

In terms of working out, tonight is Monday night Spin which is always one of my very favorite nights to teach!  Gyms seem to follow a pattern.  PACKED house on Monday….little slower on Tuesday….little slower on Wednesday…etc.  I think people over indulge on the weekend, and are extra motivated come Monday.  Somehow that enthusiasm never quite seems to make it the entire week.  😉  That being said, I should have a great group of people to night extra willing to burn off some calories….and I am in desperate need of NEW MUSIC.  I need suggestions!  What new jams are currently rocking your world?  Please help, I am having group ex music block!

Lunch today was awesome as always…

(you can always tell when I am in desperate need of a grocery run…I eat out far too much!)

Yes, please.  Sauce on the side and with Broc and Carrots!

The mushrooms are my favorite part!  Yummm.


Christie had seen my Fish Tacos from last week, and decided for those!  Good choice. 🙂

There also may have been some chocolate involved.  I cannot resist Almond Joys! (which were purchased at Office Depot of all places.)

On that sweet note, I am signing off.

Remember, I need those song suggestions!  Fast paced, fun, energetic.  I am in a music slump and need your help!  I am counting on you, bloggies!



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5 responses to “Sunny Monday!

  1. Sharon

    Til the World Ends – Britney Spears ………… ? I need a cupcake! The cupcake discussion earlier makes me wanna break bad on a cupcake or 2……. sometimes I eat more than 1. I have a problem. I seriously want a running shirt that says “will run for cupcakes”.

  2. klh

    Dang that apple is huge!! The sun was so amazing to see today but it was still way too cold for my liking!
    Songs for spin or other classes?! Do you like rock or hip hop stuff at all?!
    Here are a few newER popish ones…I am sure you probably have them all tho!
    J-lo’s new one – the beat is good!
    Love Dealer – Esmee Denters (ft. Justin Timberlake)
    S&M – Rihanna
    Dont look now – Far East Movement (ft. Keri Hilson)
    Kids – Sleigh Bells

    Katie : )

    • I will try those songs!!! Thanks so much sister.

      I pretty much like any and all music as long as it has a fun beat! I am totally not picky.

      • Come burn some from my iTunes Spin and Zumba collection.

        The songs don’t have to be new to be great. For spin, I like songs that lead the workout, slow with increasing speed, for example. I also like Lyle Lovett’s All Downhill from Here. It’s hilarious to do climbs with that song.

        Do you sing in class?

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