Wedding Shenanigans & Coffee Vlog!

Good Sunday morning bloggies!  In the insanity that IS Tennessee weather…yesterday we had 60* and today…

Snow.  REALLY?!?!?! Ugh.  I guess I shouldn’t be in full force Spring mode just yet.

Ok, even if the weather is making me severely depressed, maybe the blog about the wedding will cheer me up!  Nothing like a wedding to put me in the fun spirit!

Yesterday was my dear friend Jennys wedding, and it was time to live it up! I knew it was going to be a good night when I walked in and instantly smelled the sweet aroma of buttercream icing.

Cupcake mountain?  I knew this was going to be a good wedding.

*drool*  I had to be polite though, and wait for the cake to be cut.  🙂  In the mean time…check out how cute the tables were!

what could be in that tiny box you ask?!

Score!  Along with a (sadly non edible) deck of cards!  How cute.  The decorations were amazing, including this ice sculpture:

amazing, or what?  The bride wasn’t half bad either!

Neither was my date, the bff, Steph!  Do we look fresh out of Dancing With The Stars, or what?!

And lets not forget the food…

Spring Mix Salad, Sauteed Veggies, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, and Prime Rib!  Mmmmmm…

It was a great spread!

Now lets get to the good stuff….cut that cake so the dessert madness can begin!

Which resulted in…..

Don’t worry, I think the bride shared in my cupcake obsession.

I don’t know about you guys, but simply the SMELL of that icing is enough to send me into convulsions.

They were everything a great cupcake should be!  Technically one was saved for Steph, but I maaaaaay have eaten them both.  Who’s to say.  Don’t worry though, there was TONS of dancing for a nice post cupcake calorie burn…

I even busted out some Zumba moves!  I knew that class was going to come in handy eventually.  All in all, a fantastic night with amazing friends!

This kind of partying is hard for a guy who is used to 9pm bedtimes! 🙂  Needless to say I collapsed when home, and fell into a coma like state…not waking up til after 9am this morning!  Craziness!  I turned on my Keurig and instantly whipped out the FlipCam to document it.  Coffee lovers out there, if you have not already heard of this beauty…prepared to be amazed.

There are some mornings that I honestly do not know how I would survive without it.  I got this bad boy for Christmas, and it was definitely my “Red Ryder BB Gun” type of present.  I was like a giddy 6 yr old who was unwrapping a brand new Nintendo as I tore into that gift.

You can buy the pods in just about any flavor you could possibly imagine, and they even have an accessory that allows you to use your own ground coffee.  Sweet!  I highly recommend Jamaica Me Crazy by Wolfgang Puck.  It is fantastic.  Dark roast, but smooth with a hint of coconut!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

The Florida mug that I picked up running my second half marathon is always a must.  I think everyone has a favorite mug, right?

On that note, I’m signing off.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!

Do you have a Keurig?  If so, what is your pod of choice?




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10 responses to “Wedding Shenanigans & Coffee Vlog!

  1. I love weddings, I really do! All the fun cheesy dancing, the food, cupcakes, toasts, etc. So fun! and I’ve been eyeing that Keurig at Costco!

  2. Tyler, you are looking GOOD! I love your hair! You are handsome boy!

    A cupcake mountain? That’s amazing. I love weddings!

    I am DYING for a Keurig. I get points through my insurance for all my workouts/eating vegetables and I’m saving up my points to get a gift card to Amazon to buy a Keurig. I have a ways to go though!

    • Wow, I wish we got points based on working out! I would be rolling in the points! haha I guess its a pretty nice aspect of the job though….most people don’t get PAID to workout. 🙂

      Lord, your going to make the blogger boy blush, Teri! 🙂

  3. Lauraloo

    Hellllo! I LOVE my Keurig! I cannot imagine life without it! My fave of the moment is Gloria Jean’s Cappucino although I’m in search of a new fave. My previous was Chocolate Glazed Donut – yum!

    The cupcakes looked amazing! As did you and the bff and I have to say the bride was simply gorgeous! Looks like you had a great weekend (minus the dumb snow, which we had a bit of this morning) YUCK! I’m done with it – bring on the greeeeen!

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  5. Steph

    I love our waltzing(?) picture!

  6. I LOVE my Keurig! I actually just had to get a replacement – my original Keurig went crazy and started spewing boiling water around the kitchen. Thank goodness it was under warranty! A quick phone call later the Keurig company Fed-Ex’d me a new one for free, love it 🙂 This week I’ve had the Folger’s Vanilla Biscotti k-cup, Timothy’s Sweet Summer Raspberry (kind of tastes like a raspberry latte) and today I am having Donut Shop Chocolate Glazed Donut. love, love, love!

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