Happy Friday!

Well, it’s here…the day we have all been waiting for.  Friday!!!

How in the heck is everyone?

My day started extra early with a sweatacular Spin class @ 5:45am.  They killed it this morning!  Bravo for even WAKING up to come to Spin, let alone having extra energy to burn off.  Puts me in a great mood all day long!

After Spin it was time to teach the kiddos.  I have been progressively making my elementary kids run more and more…and it is so cool to watch them progress.  Just watching them run made me hungry. 😀

Panera to the rescue!!!  I am so thankful to have a Panera within walking distance of the Y!  I wasnt really sure what I was in the mood for this morning, but luckily their advertising helped me choose a winner.

Power Breakfast sandwich?  Yes, please.

Boy did I ever savor it!  The great thing about Panera is that they are one of the few places to actually list their nutrition facts right on their menu!

Pretty darn cool (and respectable) if you ask me.

The sandwich was great!  Just what I needed to jumpstart my day.  Speaking of a jumpstart…shortly after breakfast I was able to re-charge with Ginny!

I want a DD iced coffee IV, please.  Stat.

I think it is a sad sign that we are literally in Dunkin Donuts so much that we get free bumper stickers!!!

They love us, what can we say.  🙂  To see the adventures of Ginny and I as we work through the entire DD menu…check HERE!  (only one bite per item…we are fitness gurus after all!)

After coffee the day went by in some crazy blur.  Met about the new season of “Eight To The Eights” which is a Biggest Loser style weight loss competition.  I have to keep the details secret for now, but Ginny and I will be returning as the trainers, and I cannot WAIT.  We have alot of new and fun stuff planned for this summer.

Long meetings equal big lunch cravings, so we headed to Chefs for a salad!

Outside seating = spring is near = Tyler is ecstatic.

Nothing like a big salad!

Not everyone was eating salad there though…

This place offers a “Big Chef” challenge where 2 contestants have one hour to consume a pizza roughly the size of a small house.   We got to see some guys trying this LIVE!

They even have a timer to keep it official!

I think I got a stomach ache just WATCHING this craziness.

Thats alot of pizza.  Unfortunately, we didnt stick around to see the outcome.  We had CUPCAKES to eat!

Babycakes, a local bakery has the best cupcakes EVER!  It has been far too long since I had treated myself to their delicious treats…

I only got one. 🙂

They have the best. icing. ever. Hint of almond, and so sweet!  Yum.  The cake part is good, but isnt that just a vehicle for the icing anyway?

So many choices though!

And I love the huge window that looks into the kitchen.  You get to be nosey AND drool over all the goodies!

This was just what I needed to power me through the rest of the day, and prep for ZUMBA tonight!  I promise…video and pictures of this one!  Friday Zumba is pretty much the highlight of my WEEK!

What is on YOUR Friday agenda?



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8 responses to “Happy Friday!

  1. omg i would demolish that pizza…after like, a week of fasting, but still.

  2. klh

    oh goodness! that pizza…crazy! reminds of man vs food! i’m excited to hear updates on your biggest loser event…i remember last years! happy weekend to you buddy!

    Katie : )

  3. Wow that is a lot of PIZZA!!! I wonder if they finished it?!!

    Oh cupcakes make me so happy !Yummy!!

    Happy weekend! so glad you are back! : )

    • Oh I know!!!! I dont know, apparently only 2 people have ever done it, out of hundreds! So I doubt it. 🙂

      Cupcakes make EVERYONE happy!!!! Yay for cupcakes and weekends!!! Glad to be back my dear!

  4. Thanks for visiting us at Babycakes! Love your blog!

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