Best. Nachos. Ever.

Yep, those are what are currently cooking up in my crock pot.  This morning before breakfast I decided some slow cooking nachos were gonna be just what the doctor ordered after a long day at work, and teaching class tonight.

(please excuse the DIRTINESS of the Crock Pot!  She wasnt washed very well after her last use on the outside!  Sigh.  I’m a boy, cut me some slack.)

A couple of weeks ago when I got my new crock pot, I immediately called Emily for some inspiration.  She is my go to gal when it comes to recipes.  She gave me a super easy recipe for Chicken Nachos…and the best part was…3 ingredients!  Chicken was the star of the show…

Boneless/Skinless Chicken breasts went in, along with a small jar of Rotel, and a container of salsa..

(this is where I deviated slightly.  Emily had suggested I use black beans…but I didnt have any.  I simply substituted the Rotel because frankly, I had some handy!  I have made the nachos before, and the beans are fantastic in it!)

Added that plus the salsa…and had a hot tub full of yum.

Before I left for the day, had a quick breakfast with my favorite new cereal combination!

See the Keurig popping his little head up in the pic?  I will be blogging about him soon.  He and I are dear, dear friends.

Something about the warm weather.  I consistently wake up craving cold cereal!  Bananas in my cereal have pretty much become a staple in my cereal.  I need to switch back to blueberries next grocery round! (mental note)

Soooo, as the nachos stewed at home I headed for work.  Lunch today was at another local favorite

Today I tried a new item on the menu, because…who can turn down fun items such as these:

I got the grilled variety, and a heaping helping of broccoli! 😀

These bad boys were great!  The slaw and spicey tarter sauce made a great combination.

Fish Tacos make this blogger boy extremely happy…

I clearly hated it…right?

Didnt your mama ever tell you to clean your plate???  😛

When coming back to work I had surprises!  Who doesn’t like surprises???  Especially when they are of the edible variety!

What can I say, the girl KNOWS me!  Needless to say I have been snacking on these bad boys

Mmmmmmm, I ❤ PB Bumpers.  Maybe a bit too much. 🙂

Well…almost time for class bloggies!  I am teaching Total Body tonight, and it is muscle burnout time!  Gotta plan and get it done.  Can’t wait for my nachos tonight!  Take it easy!







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6 responses to “Best. Nachos. Ever.

  1. Jess

    Is that all you did to make those Chicken Nachos? I might have to make those this weekend. Seems very simple.

  2. I heart fish tacos! I get them all the time! And cold cereal. I could eat it morning, noon and night.

  3. I tried this and it came out so good! what a great and easy recipe.

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