Guess Who’s An Uncle?


Ok, well not in the technical sense of the word….but my Kim (friend/workout buddy/co-worker/fellow icing enthusiast) finally had her baby!  Blog world, meet Emma…

Yep.  She is the cutest baby on the planet.  Contest is OVER.  Thanks to those of you who lost. 😉

I.  Want.  One.        Heck, I want 14!  *sigh*  Someday!

In between baby craziness I was somehow able to fit in lunch today at my favorite local spot…

Now, aside from AMAZING pizza…this place has the greatest salad bar known to mankind.

I loooove their lettuce.  It isn’t your traditional ice berg lettuce (puke) like most places.  This is the real deal!  I make my salad the same every time I come, and pile it as high as the bowl will hold…

Fresh mozz, navy beans, cranberries, and peas.  Recipe for deliciousness!

Gotta love a salad the size of a small car.  🙂

You may be seeing alot of these pics, I am pretty sure I should own stock in the company the amount of salads/pizza I have consumed from this place.

Zumba tonight was an epic FAIL!  We got 25 minutes into class and the stereo failed!!!!!  Ugh.  I promise, on Friday there will be pics and video.  Holly has decided to do a Zumba battle and split up the class half and half.  She wants me to LEAD one half of the class.  Can you say Oh Em Gee?!?!? hahah  This could be disastrous…so definitely stay tuned.

Dinner was simple, as I opened my freezer and got just the inspiration I was lacking…

Kashi to the rescue when I am being lazy for dinner!  Paired it with my favorite extra lean turkey sausage….  (extra crispy, of course!)

And a drizzle of syrup!  Check it outtttt…

Gotta love some breakfast for dinner!

Topped off with a spoonful of peanut butter goodness for desert.

I TBSP Natural PB + Chocolate Chunks = heaven in my mouth.  Justtttt Sayin’.

To close tonight….Steph, the bff and fellow pizza companion:

Is helping raise money for Relay For Life in the fight against cancer.  I am sure every single reader/blogger out there has been effected by this deadly disease.  It is up to US to stop it.  Together we can raise the money to defeat cancer, and celebrate more birthdays all over the world.  $1, $2, whatever you can donate would be so appreciated.  Think of how much money we waste each day on simple luxuries such as coffee, food, CDs, etc…   For more information on the Relay For Life, check here.

To donate directly to Stephs team, click here.

Have a great night, bloggies!




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13 responses to “Guess Who’s An Uncle?


  2. klh

    Ah, such a cute little bebe!! I love that you teach Zumba! I’ve never taken it but still ; ) And to your circuit post earlier…nice!

    Katie : )

    • Well I am just a Zumba fanatic, NOT instructor. Holly is letting me do one song, so I will hardly be teaching. haha I want to become certified soon, though! You need to try Zumba you will NOT regret it.

  3. ana

    Welcome back…that salad looks delish..I have a place like that here in NYC I go there so much they all know my name…..glad you’re blogging again.

  4. Mom

    Good stuff……….these people do know you are ADVERTISING FOR THEM, right?? LOL

  5. Lauraloo

    Congrats on your Uncleness! 🙂 Cuuuute baby!

    Kashi waffles are back finally?!?!?! Soooo happy! No other frozen waffle was cutting it for me so I had to cut them out until Kashi finally decided to grace us with their waffle goodness! Question though…what brand of turkey sausage do you use? I can’t seem to find a good breakfast turkey brand.

    And one more question…and this is a funny one considering you work so much! How do you make yourself take a day off from the gym? I struggle with that every time. I’ve been five days on and I’m ready for a break but whenever I get home and sit on the couch to try and relax I start to feel all antsy and guilty that I’m not there! I KNOW I need to rest the muscles but it’s just hard! Thanks in advance for your always awesome advice!

    P.S. Guess what I had for breakfast this morning LOL!

    • French Toast?!?!?!?! 😀 Love it.

      They are back!!!! I thought it was just around here they had taken them away, but I finally found them again. They are my FAVORITE frozen waffle, and like you…if I can’t have them…I don’t buy them!

      Here is a link to the links I buy…they are Jennie-O Sausage Links (I bake mine in the oven because frankly it takes left effort then pan frying them. 400* for about 20 minutes, turning every once in a while to brown them evenly. I like mine crispy!)

      Rest days are SO important, equally as important as working out in general! I try to MAKE myself take 2 rest days a week, but I normally only end up taking one. Wish I had time for more! When weight training, rest days are vital for muscle recovery. Reworking muscles on consecutive days will lead to injuries, and does your body no good! They need the rest to grow stronger. I teach an intense weight class on Tue/Thur, so I try to do no weight training on Wed or Fri. Cardio wise you can be a bit more flexible with. You don’t want to over do it, and still need a day of rest. While I agree it seems crazy to just “do nothing” you are actually doing so much more for your body when you let it rest! 😀

      Hope this helps.

      • Lauraloo

        Yes, thank you so much. It definitely helps. While I already do know that I need to rest, it makes it easier to do when someone like you reiterates it!

        Thanks so much for the link on the sausages! I’m going to go look for them and I like the idea of baking rather than frying. When I make bacon (very rarely) I bake them too. So much better and easier clean up!

        Nope, not the french toast…that will be Saturday…I had that dang meatloaf! Ha! I can’t stop eating it! I love it 🙂

        As always, thank for all the help and inspiration!

  6. Ashlei

    Yayaya you’re back!!

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