Back To Reality.

Like most wonderful vacations, Hilton Head has come to an end.  This video comes to mind when thinking of the end of the vaca:

But alas, I am back to the reality of Tennessee…which isn’t too shabby.  😉

So on your last vacation night, you are required (by law) to go out with a bang…right?!?!  Well, I think I managed to accomplish that.

We went to this little dive of a place (arent those always the best) for one farewell Hilton Head dinner.  This one did NOT dissapoint.

You know its a good sign when you have to wait in line to even get in the joint!

Needless to say it was:

A) Delicious

B) A bazillyo-trizzillion calories.

But hey, it was vacation.

On the way home, I was pleasantly surprised with how much gas stations are slowly adapting sensible food options for people NOT wanting a constant supply of Snicker Bars and 32 oz Cokes!  Found this little beauty that was perfect for the road:

Thank you, gas station.

Needless to say, I have been on major detox mode from all the seafood shenanigans over the course of the past 4 days or so.  Starting with this morning (EARRRRRRLY…4:45am!) where my amazing friend and all around fitness guru started a new 12 week weight program, which required some pre fuel!  My favorite combo commenced…

This was enough to drag me to the gym where we started day 1!

(I promise she will look more enthused at the end of this program.) 😉

I am also journaling my food, just for the extra accountability factor.  This is an intense plan!

Which led into a delicious bowl of chia oats this morning before work!

The drizzle of maple syrup took it over the top!

Also, I have been drinking water like it is going out of style!  Can we say two gallons today?!!?!

…….this presented somewhat of a problem when I had to literally sprint out of our staff meeting twice today to ensure I didn’t have an accident(s)!  Its pretty sad when you have to go relieve yourself twice, and the pregnant lady beside you holds it like a champ!  (love you, Krucker!)

To finish off the day (and which falls into the “lifesaver” category of not enough time) I heated up some standards:

And some lovely fishy.  (what can I say, the beach has rubbed off on my taste buds)

All together now…

annnnnnnnd….time to collapse.

Night bloggies!



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8 responses to “Back To Reality.

  1. Michelle

    Wow. 4:45. That is impressive. I’ve been dying over getting up at 5:45. I’m thinking about starting a food journal back up again. How long have you been doing yours?

  2. Dense Hood

    Perfect video….braggin!!!

  3. Lu

    I love that you can nuke brown rice. I’m a little lazy like that, but it’s all good. I wish I had the stamina and energy to get up at 4:45 am. You’re my hero! Sounds like your on a great workout program. Best of luck, I can’t wait to hear more.

  4. Lorin

    You’ve been gone again :/ I know you are busy though, hope you are having a fun time at work and have a good holiday weekend!!

  5. Katie

    Where did you go?? Hope everything is ok and you are just living and loving life!

  6. Nicole

    Where did you get that food log?? I would love to use that istead of trying to keep it organized in a notebook!

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