Indian Food FTW!

Nothing warms my heart more than delicious Indian Food!!!!

Check out our latest spread at my favorite (and only) Indian joint…Sahib!

To be quite frank, I am unsure on the names of these little lovelies.  I know that we had a stuffed spice and nut potato dish, as well as a vegetable medley of sorts.  With the classic rice, and Tandori Roti, a whole wheat n’aan bread.

With a *multitude* of vegetarian options, this place is fantastic!  Up until about a year ago, I had never given Indian food a chance.  Inspired by the fantassssmic Fitnessista, I decided to give it a go…and it has been a staple ever since!  My favorite is probably the stuffed potato….you can not even begin to imagine how fantastic the center is!

Bottom line, get out there and TRY new food!  Assuming you won’t like something is never a good thing…and you never know until you try!

Moving quickly on in this food-related post, I finally got around to trying a new “faux meat” substitute.

Grilled one of these bad boys with an always favorite bag of Alexia Veggies!

Once the veggies were cooked through, and the sausage was browned and diced…it was time for dinner!

Deeeeeeee-licious!  Also, the “sausages” were AMAZING!

Great new way to include some veggie protein into my diet!  Score!

Speaking of great meals, lets talk briefly about the EPIC-ly amazing breakfast that was consumed this morning.  A chocolate coconut vegan Earth Fare scone was the center piece!

Gotta love all the fresh fruit possibilities in the summer:

I was like a full fledged paparazzi with this guy!  Couldn’t stop snapping pics!

Obligatory shot of the goodness that lurked inside:

Complete with a freshly steamed/frothed coffee!

I have now successfully worked my way backwards from dinner, to breakfast.  That being said…I am done now!  😉

Exciting news coming soon for me!  I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it!  For now though, mums the word.



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6 responses to “Indian Food FTW!

  1. Ashlei

    Ahhh Sahib ❤

  2. Those strawberries look scrumptious 🙂

    I will have to give Indian food a try (with suggestions from a friend on what to try) if I can ever find a good place.

  3. Michelle

    Omigosh. That scone?!?! Holy yum!

    And I think the Fitnessista is personally keeping all of the Indian restaurants afloat by getting all of the bloggers addicted to Indian food!

  4. Karen

    OMG you left us totally hanging. I can’t wait to hear the great news….What ever it is!!!

  5. My husband and I tried the Alexia sweet potato waffle fries last night…holy yum! Highly, highly recommend them 🙂

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