Let the Detox Begin!

Well, FunFest is over.  This means there is officially no excuse for fried and/or bad foods in this Healthy Bloggers diet!!!  I am officially in post-FunFest detox mode!  Speaking of which…look at the sadness which commenced when we realized there was no more Fest to be had…

(depressing, right?!?!)  Can anyone guess the meaning behind my retro shirt?!?!  Come on people.

What else rings in the end of an amazing week long fest without some good ole fashioned fireworks?

I am loving my phone!  It almost rivals my actual camera for pics!

So goodbye funnel cakes….goodbye fried oreos….goodbye clogged arteries!  I am back on the health bandwagon!  The next morning I went with the padre and whatever-the-Spanish-word-for-brother-is to breakfast!  This place has fannnntastic whole wheat french toast!  Check it!

What a way to start a Sunday, eh?  Speaking of Sundays….it was time for my first official long run for my marathon training!  9 miles was on the agenda…and unfortunately I had to put it off until 8:00pm!!!!  It has been so unbearably hot outside, and running in the heat just compute with me!  If I am forced to run in the heat, I feel like not only do I go slower…but I just feel worse in general!  That being said, I was a total night owl…and busted out the run once it was cool out!  I have decided to start tracking my runs with DailyMile, which you can use for free…here!  I did the 9 in 1:20:32….which I was super excited about.  It was the furthest I have run since my last Half Marathon, and I am happy to report NO knee pain.  I am completely in theory that it is because of my new Brooks Addiction shoes!  I loved my Mizunos, but ever since I have switched them out…the pain has been gone.  No knee pain = happy Tyler.

With a very late breakfast, and a late night run…my eating was completely out of whack for yesterday.  Ended up having a chocolate protein smoothie for lunch, along with a scoop of a new-to-me friend:

This is a great way to add some greens to my smoothies!  The “green” taste itself is minimal…I hardly noticed it!

As I train for this marathon I cannot help but wonder…how much of my “schedule” is made for people who cross train???  As a Group Fitness Instructor, I don’t have the option of *only* running, and sometimes I teach up to 4 classes a day!  I guess my question to you seasoned marathon runners out there is this…

On the days when I am teaching up to 4 cardio classes a day…can I skip my 4/5/6 mile runs throughout the week?  Some have told me I can as long as I am cross training, and getting my long runs in for the week…and some have told me absolutely not to miss any classes.  I am just trying to figure out what works best.   Any advice??

With my first of many long runs down…it was too late to eat dinner, and quite frankly…I was exhausted.  I chugged a G2 Gatorade and promptly collapsed.  My lack of calories was definitely showing itself this morning when I woke up, so I grabbed a monster breakfast to eat at work.

Panera “Power Breakfast” sandwich, sans the meat….maple yogurt parfait….an OJ…and an undocumented coffee the size of my head.

And on that note, it is time to be productive!  Happy Monday everyone!  Indian Feast tonight…cannot wait!



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10 responses to “Let the Detox Begin!

  1. Ashlei

    Is that a Saved By The Bell shirt?? 🙂

  2. Chase

    Wait, where did you go for breakfast yesterday? I missed the name, but the French toast looks delish!

  3. Michelle

    Wow, you can tell that I’ve never watched Saved By the Bell! Or well, I watched it once when I was like five years old. I was going to guess it was from your high school. lol.

  4. Save By the Bell!! I heart Zack Morris 🙂

  5. Mj

    Those sad faces are so realistic! acting may be in your futures 😮 😛 hehehe. I just started using daily mile too! care to be training buddies? 😛 Hope you get the cross training stuff figured out~ overtraining injuries would be a bummer fo sho.

    P.S:I’m wearing Mizunos currently! They’re my first pair of real running shoes and I love em~ hope they don’t end up giving me knee pains :X

  6. Bayside Tigers!! Heck yes. This weekend all I wanted to do was snuggle up to a marathon of Zack Attack and a pint of Chunky Monkey 🙂 Luckily I came to my senses and settled for a pb and banana smoothie and a few episodes of Daria.

  7. Heyyy! I have been missing your bloggy 😦

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