Making webbed feet cool….one shoe at a time.

Can we just talk for a quick second about the freakishly amazing shoes I am about to purchase?!?!

What do you think?  I know, they look a little….ok…a LOT bizarre, but give them a chance.  In theory, these bad boys are going to eventually and slowwwwwly ease my foot back into the days before shoes!  After all…..the prehistoric cavemen didn’t have cushioned running shoes, and I sure didn’t know of any that chased down Woolly Mammoths wearing a shiny pair of Nikes!  What are the benefits of this frog like foot wear, you ask?  Read all about it, here.

Bottom line…I think they are fun times, so I am giving them a go.

Also, completely forgot to mention to you guys that I am officially one week into my MARATHON training.  Scary, eh?  I figure after 2 halves, it is time to muster up the mental strength to run the full 26.2 miles.  1 week down…14 to go.  Lets see if I can integrate my Frog Shoes into my running regime, soon!

Between buying fun shoes, I have also been doing quite alot of FunFest’in!  For more information about FunFest, check my latest posts!

“Get a little craaaaazy, get a little stuuuupid”

Even ran into the WINNER of our “8 To The 8’s” contest!  This man lost almost 60 lbs in 8 weeks!!!!  Great job, Worl!

Did I mention that this entire week is just an excuse for your friends/family to get together, and sit…laugh, and EAT!  It is most certainly fun times!!!  Tonight is the last night.  😦  Sad indeed.  Zac Brown Band will be performing, and the fireworks finale is NOT to be missed!  I will try to catch it on the Flip, for you bloggies to see in all its glory!  Who doesnt like a good fireworks show?!?!

Moving on….lets see some delicious eats as of late…

Veggie wrap to die for in 3…….2……..1:

And fries are for LOSERS!  Broccoli on the side is the way to roll…

(did I mention this gives me enough mental fortitude to consume delicious and not-so-good for me desserts while at FunFest all the nights this week?!?!)

Also, cannot leave out the Panizzle, for always coming through when I am scrambling around and don’t have ample time for breakfast…

French Toast bagel + Panera Coffee = You make my day sooooo much more enjoyable.

Also, while posting this picture I am reminded that on this PARTICULAR morning, I had a major fail occur.  For the first time in OVER a year, I overslept for one of my 5:45am classes!!!!!!!  Waking up at 7:30am instead of 4:50am = nice, but completely NERVE WRACKING!!!!  I totally did the whole jump out of bed ninja style thing.  Doesnt oversleeping suuuuuck?!?!?  Ugh, I am still upset about it.  Mostly because those people were just left hanging.  I am sorry my friends.  BAD Spin instructor….BAD!!!  Any of my fellow instructors out there overslept and missed their entire class?

Well bloggies…it is time to wrap this up, and prepare for the last night of FunFest!!!  Have a decent Saturday, would you??  😉



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17 responses to “Making webbed feet cool….one shoe at a time.

  1. Michelle

    I hate doing that! I did that for a final once. Not good!

  2. I’m sure your students will forgive you….

    I’ve seen those shoes. My boyfriend has been wanting to get a pair for over a year, it seems. There isn’t anywhere nearby that carries them (at least back then there wasn’t). I’d try them, but not sure I could do it since I have plantar fasciitis and kinda need shoes for support. But, then again, I do practically live in flip flops half the year (which are SO bad for my feet)…

  3. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about these shoes. Miss you!! 🙂

    • They are currently SCARING me, I am going to try them soon, though!!! I miss you tooooooo! Are we ever going to get to see each other for more than 5 minutes, and NOT while sweating our rumps off at the gym???

  4. hahaha ” FRIES ARE FOR LOSERS ” that is awesome

  5. I tend to not think of them as shoes but as supplements for barefoot running (not substitution for shoes). I think those are the KSOs and not the bikilas right? I have a pair of KSOs and love them.

    But…the best way to actually learn how to run barefoot (cavemen days) is to do what cavemen did: run barefoot. You’ll have to start light, especially if you’re going to train full bare, since you’ll have to allow your muscles to adapt and you’ll also have to let your feet toughen up.

    It’s great though. I elliptical, stairmaster, run, cycle and weight lift in them. I bet you could teach cycling in them 🙂 If you have questions, feel free to ask. I ran my half in Vibrams and currently training for full and hoping to run a complete 5K full bare.

  6. haha, no I’ve never overslept for a class, but I think my paranoia has always saved me. I always make sure that I set at least 2 alarms the night before teaching. Yes, I’m a freak, but I don’t want it to happen to me!!

    I feel for you though!! 😉

  7. I’ve heard great things about those shoes! My friends have said they take a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve adapted, they are super comfortable.

    Bummer about sleeping through class! Your body must’ve really needed the sleep!

  8. Karen

    Tyler..I have a funny story about those shoes. When I worked out at the Y there in TN there was a guy that came to class several times in those and we made so much fun…Secretly of course. lol Ask Rachel Cinnamon about it. Now barefoot running? I can’t imagine. Getting ready to start a running program at my Y and we are finishing with everyone running a 5k at Thanksgiving as the finale. Can’t wait!

    • Karen, LOL….I think I know exactly who you are talking about, which makes it even funnier!! Thats great about the 5K, I wish we could be at the SAME YMCA and join forces, could you imagine?!?!?!

  9. Ashlei

    You got the VFFs? Do you love them or do you love them? 🙂

  10. Mj

    lol those shoes are probably to runners what crocs are to everyday people 😛 not the sharpest looking tools in the shed(to me at least!) but probably insanely comfy and good for you~ can’t wait for the review 😉

  11. sleeping through class is my worst nightmare! I set three alarms on mornings when I have to teach!

    I want Vibrams so bad!

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